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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  December 28, 2013 11:30pm-12:31am PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. a red-flag warning in the middle of winter. >> our department is on a heightened level of alert. >> firefighters are keeping an eye out as a combination of dangerous weather conditions sweep across parts the bay area. good evening, i'm ken wayne, heather holmes is off tonight. fire danger probably the last thing on your mind on this chilly winter night, but much of the bay area is under a red-
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flag warning. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo faces the areas with the most danger and we begin with debora villone on this unseasonable alert. >> reporter: ken, this fire station is lit up for the holidays, but santa is not all that is red. the warning issued this evening lasts overnight and into midmorning. >> this was some wind will burn crazy. >> reporter: this chief doesn't recall a red- flag warning ever this late for northern california. but what matters are the conditions; not the calendar. >> i should see green grass, but it's still brown and with the drop in relative humidity, it can quickly grow into larger fires. >> reporter: like two fires last month. in napa and sonoma counties. fires taking hold at a time most folks were planning for thanksgiving and not clearing fire breaks. >> when the inversion is
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really strong, you can really see it stratify. >> reporter: because of winds gusting along ridge tops and canyons. red-flag doesn't change operations much for local departments around the bay area, but calfire has ended its season and scaled back, sending temporary crews home, parking engines and grounding aircrafts until next spring. southern california with its year-round staff keeps more in take the, but a big fire to the north might find agencies making due with less calfire muscle than they are used to and to think during december last year a series of storms had bay area fire crews scrambling on calls for flooding and power outages. now instead of sandbags it's red-flags. >> alameda county is under a red-flag warning until tomorrow morning. >> reporter:
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it was a fire season that started early and ended late, and the numbers reflect it. calfire tallied 7100 wildland fires, that is 2300 more than last year. reporting live in castro valley, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. one of the largest of the wildland fires broke out in contra costa county in september, the morgan fire burn more than 3,000 acres off morgan territory road outside of the clayton at the base of mount diablo. investigators determined that the fire was started when someone was target shooting on their property. no charges were file. our team coverage continues with meteorologist mark tamayo. >> ken it felt strange making the fire danger maps, but it's our riality, with the winds stronger in the higher terrians. the current wind gusts, mount tam 23 miles per hour and fairfield 26 miles per hour. so that red-flag warning in
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place right now for the north bay hills and east bay hills and this by the way, was a picture snapped up at mount tam earlier today. in terms of the details of the red-flag warning, as i mentioned in place until 10:00 tomorrow morning. we had the northerly winds kicking in and typically we have the winds october, september and october, but winds could be gusting to 35 miles per hour and very low humidity. right around 15%. as a result fire danger a concern increasing over next few hours across the bare, coming up at 10:35 35, we'll take a look at areas near 70. that another is component with our forecast, the warm temperatures and i will let you know if we have any rain chances for the rest of 2013. the unusual weather in the bay area is prompting air quality managers to issue spare the air alerts on almost a daily basis. the one scheduled for tomorrow is the 7th consecutive alert and the 22nd since november. the alert makes the use of fire
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pits, woodstoves or manufactured fire logs illegal. violators could be fined up to $500. ahead at 10:30 a piece of california history revealed because of low water levels of how a lack of rainfall has led to a fascinating discovery at folsom lake. the family of jahi mcmath is moving forward with man to take the 13-year-old girl out of oakland's children hospital to keep her on life support. as tom vacar told us that the family is facing the monday deadline when the hospital has the legal right to take her off the ventilate error. children's hospital is the scene of conflict over deep beliefs science versus the power of prayer. the court-ordered monday deadline is approaching quickly. >> i'm optimistic in my faith that god is going to make another way for us. she is making little movements. >> it's time to find peace in this very tragic situation and
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move on. >> reporter: but the family hoping for a miracle recover using group funding site go fund me is trying to raise $20,000 to transport jahi to a long-term care facility, because the family says the insurance company won't pay. >> there is a place in los angeles and a place in new york, which is the reason for the fund and the po box. >> box. >> the children's hospital director tried to have a discussion with the facility that the family would like to move jahi to. >> reporter: nonetheless jahi's mother remains determined. >> thanks to everybody out there who has been sending their prayers and sending their cards and their letters. she reads every last one of them and that gives her strength to keep going further. >> i don't think it's a a responsible decision. that is my opinion, but it's up to the baby's mother and her family to make the final decision on that.
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>> we declare her brain-alive. >> reporter: a conflict of believes where life may or may not be happening in the balance. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. jahi mcmath's family released a statement saying, "we believe in this country a parent has the right to make the decision concerning the existence of a child, not a doctor who looks at only lines on a pair, we're working every minute to preserve our rights in jahi's existence and it's our fundamental constitution right, as it would be yours if this horror every befell you." you can see almost $6,000 has been raised since the page was launched yesterday. the family is hoping to raise $20,000 before monday when children's hospital can legally take her off life support. patients oballegiant air were stuck for almost 1 hours at oakland airport after the airline delayed their flight. flight to eugene, oregon was supposed to leave at 7:00 a.m.
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it finally got on the ground at of:40 this evening. inga spokesperson says the passengers were put on another plane as soon as pob, but that wasn't enough for some passengers. >> they told us if we didn't get a refund we could get another flight with them in the future, but after an experience like this, i don't know if i would want to. >> a group of passengers banded together to decide to rent a car and drive to eugene, include a talladega boy and his father, a college student and a 19-year-old woman and pregnant woman. investigators are trying to fig out what caused a house fire in oakland. crews got the call for a single alarm fire at a two-story home on hanover avenue near lake merritt. firefighters say the flames started on the first floor and they managed to contain the fire before they spread. no one was home at time and there are no reports of injuries. a man hosting a birthday party for a friend was fatally
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shot last night in oakland. it happened just after 11:00 p.m. on 96th on and off near bankcroft avenue. police say the victim was standing outside of his friend's east oakland participant building when someone opened fire. the victim was taken to the hospital, where he later died. so far police don't have a motive and have not made any arrests. the killing was oakland's 88th homicide of the year. six people have been arrested in connection with a series of christmas eve burglaries in newark. on thursday, we told you about armada torres and her two children who woke up find christmas morning to find the gift understands the tree gone. police and firefighters scrambled to raise money for new gifts fort family. police have not said the that if the suspects who hit the torres house are the same ones, but say that the suspects were involved in several burglaries that night around newark. >> christmas may be over, but there is a warning from police that thieves could still be targeting your house for new
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and expensive gifts. your curbside trash could be telling thieves exactly what to look for. new at 10:00s ktvu's noelle walker is live in san francisco with what you need to know before you put out your garage. >> reporter: ken, the days between christmas and new year's eve we're still basking in the holiday glow, but that could be dimmed pretty quickly if you leave your gift boxes out on the curb and leave yourselves open to thieves. christmas trees are getting their last days under the lights and some have already been stripped and tossed to the curb, along with the boxes that were ripped open with despite just days ago. >> we have a pile of boxes continuously out of the house are:00 tomorrow's trash could be tomorrow's treasure. >> the san francisco police officer carlos says that big box on the curb is like announcing to thieves what you got for christmas. >> if you have a big-ticket item like a nice cardboard box displayed in front of your house for pickup, you are basically telling the suspect hey, here is my 55" flat screen
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tv. >> we saw it before christmas with grinches stealing packages. police suggest taking items to the recycling center yourself, or waiting until just before pickup time to put them out. >> we're asking our customers to break down the boxes, stare them up, so they fit inside the recycling bin. >> reporter: and it's best to break down and invert boxes left on the curbs, so the produce logo is hidden. >> if they see something that they like, they are willing to take that risk. and if it's your neighbor, next week it might be you. >> reporter: the officer says be vigilancant and if you see someone walking or driving in your neighborhood who doesn't belong or seems suspicious call police, because having a patrol car drive up and down your street can be a good deterrent too. live in san francisco knowle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. today marks the end line
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for unemployment benefits. what it means for more than a million americans. >> and the tips juror jesus strikes again in arizona and how the unsuspecting bartender split
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. today 1.3 million americans are lose their safety net which came in the form of long-term unemployment benefits. as sunlen serfaty reports it sets off the beginning of a new round of fighting on capitol hill. >> reporter: this is what the last six months have been like for paul hallasy. >> i have answered over 500 want ad. at 52 he has been out of boric in educational publishing and another another blow. he one is of 1.3 million americans losing unemployment benefits. on average they have been getting $300 each week, hallasy's check wasn't nearly enough to cover the $1100 rent on his new york apartment and now it will stop coming. >> i won't be able to buy food. i won't be able to paypy bills. >> reporter: are congress failed to pass an sequence, teeing up a nasty fight for the new year. >> it's going to be classic messy washington politics over an issue where the two parties don have a united view.
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this is one of the issues that the right flank wants to fight on. >> reporter: some republicans say it's time to end the program all together. >> when you extend benefits to 73 weeks or 99 weeks, it encourages some people to stay unemployed too long, and that makes it increasingly hard for them to get back into the workforce. >> reporter: democrats say benefit checks are spent right away, spending that is necessary to boost the economic recovery. >> this is what these people need in order just to get by and it's what the economy needs in order to keep its momentum. >> reporter: but the political blame-game doesn't help paul hallasy's new reality. >> it's extremely stressful. >> reporter: sunlen serfaty, washington. >> in california, 213,000 people are losing their benefits today. the current unemployment rate
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is at 8.5% according to the state department, 26% have been out of work for a year or longer. alameda police are hoping that the plus, can help themloc a 68-year-old woman who suffers from the early stages of alzheimer's disease. she is about 5' tall, way wage about 110 pounds. holbrook may be with her lab. she is actually 5'5". the obama administration reports that the federal health care website is working as it should. the white house said a team of experts continued to work throe the holidays on any continuing glitches. the site handled 83,000 users at atime. meanwhile republican leaders continue to predict problems with the affordable care act. when coverage begins january 1st. >> folks in obamacare and the affordable care act believe
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that they have purchased something that they haven't really purchased they have a health care coverage with fewer doctors, with fewer hospitals, with fewer clinics being able to see them. >> americans can sign up for coverage through march 31st. there is still confusion about the basics. a panhandle young democrats found fewer supports obamacare than the affordable care act, which of course are the same thing. the latest figures from state's website show 428,000 people have signed up here in california. covered california says those who have applied need to pay the first month's premium. police officers will not take effect unless the insurance company receives payment by january 6th. it's too late to finish an application on-line to get coverage that starts with the new year. if you have an incomplete application you must call or go to a certified agent. a new york times investigation about benghazi, libya, concludes the attack on the u.s. embassy was not the work of a-qaed. >> the attack on september
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11th, 2012 killed ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans. according to the times, months' of investigates found no planned attack by al-qaeda and any other organized terror and appears to be as the obama administration said by an anti- islamist video in the u.s. that went viral. a republican congressman has blasted today's report calling it "misleading." reports of military sexual assault have jumped more than 50% this fiscal year. the associated press found that more than 5,000 reports were filed by september 30th. compared to about 3300 the year before. military officials say the higher rates suggest more victims are willing to come forward and that they have more confidence in the system. congress has been pressuring the pentagon to increase prosecutions since a string of high-profile accusations and arrests. the starts of 2014 brings with it a major change for the boy scouts of america, with the
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organization poised to accept openly gay young people. the new policy follows a may vote when 60% of the scouts 1400 member national council approved the change. there had been concerns that theip collusion of openly gay scouts might spark massive defections. however, most major sponsors including the romeab catholic church and mormon churches are continuing to work with the scouts. >> a chinese ice breaking ship sent to antarctica to rescue a trapped research ship is now stopped by thick ice. the snow dragon is about seven miles from the russian research vessel. the captain. snow dragon says the vessel is not trapped, but can't move forward. it was the second icebreaker sent to get the rusein crew. now a third and even larger icebreaker is on its way to the scene. the russian ship got stuck christmas eve, 15 days into its research mission.
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post holiday shoppers hitting stores around the bay area on the first saturday after christmas. there was a steady stream of traffic at emeryville. we spoke to shoppers who were either returning christmas gifts that weren't quite right or looking for post-holiday bargains. >> i would expect all of the stuff they didn't sell during christmas to be on sale, so i can get it on. >> you see 50% off victoria secret. when do you see that? during the season. >> according to a report by spending polls, jewelry was the clear winner in holiday-related shopping categories. clothing retailers saw modest growth over last year and sale for luxury electronics were flat. a new york plan is celebrating after waiting almost all of 2013 to collect his lottery winnings. marvan rosales was cleaning up greensboro from hurricane sandy in october, 2012 when he found a ticket in a pile of leaves. the ticket was worth $1 million, but he wouldn't prove he was the rightful owner and under new york law he had to wait a year to see if others
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claimed the ticket. no one did and today, rosales finely got to take his after- tax money home, a pay out of about $780,000. an engage ring lost just a month before the wedding has been found six and a half years later in the back of a friend's car. it happened in south carolina, the ring was lost in 2007. adam tiller and his then fianci leslie were riding back from a friend's wedding in other friend's car when leslie took off her ring. >> i had taken it off and i was trying to clean. it i thought it fell into my lap and thought when we pull in the driveway i'll find it. >> but the ring wasn't found until their friend who was still driving the same car took it into get services. a technician discovered it when he removed the backseat to do some work. an aelderly woman fends off a robbery attempt, thanks to some advice from a salesman. plus a deadly train fire leaves more than 20 people
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dead, the one thing that may have kept them from escaping. a new honor tonight for pope francis, the surprising title he was just different by a well-known american magazine. another round of warm temperatures for today. coming up, the neig
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disaster on the rails in india, where flames poured out of the window of a train car with dozens of people trapped inside. according to train officials least 26 people were killed. they thought about 60 people were inside the car when the fire broke out. it was believed that the car was located as that is custom
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at night on train. some special were able to escape by breaking winds and jumping from the car. initial reports suspect an electrical short circuit could be to blame. we're learning about the suspect at a center of a nationwide manhunt after he allegedly killed a police officer many mississippi. the fbi says the man tried unsuccessfully to robbed a bank in atlanta, hours before attempting to rob a bank in in mississippi. cheryl arnold was working in the management office of an apartment complex yesterday when a man wearing a mask held a gun to her head and demanded money. arnold didn't have any money in her desk and couldn't get into the safe, but she took advantage of one fleeting moment. >> he walked around to the front of the desk and i grabbed the fire extinguisher and blasted him with it and just kept shooting at it and the
11:56 pm
whole room was covered with the fire extinguisher dust and he ran out the door. >> arnold says the fire extinguishyer salesman left her an extra one and told her to put it by her desk in case of a robbery attempt. when arnold called him to tell what happened, he started to choke up on the phone. the tip for jesus customer has left a monster tip for a bartender in scottsdale arizona. the bartender says some men came in and bought a round of shot as you after signing the bill, the men gain to act a little peculiar. they wouldn't let me see and what was going on and the girls were gasping and i looked down and it was $2,000. jonas says she shared some of the money with her co-workers and plans to use the rest to pay off christmas gifts she bought for her two daughters. the big tippers hit harris yes steakhouse in san francisco the secret tipper hasn't officially revealed his identity, but
11:57 pm
there are reports that he is former paypal executive jack selby. when it comes to the best dressed man of the year, conventional wisdom might suggest george clooney or justin timberlake, but esquire magazine went a different way this year. the magazine noted pope francis has gone for a humbler dress breaking with tradition and one noted that the humility of the his dress is a visible display of his concerns for the poor. rallying for recovery and how raider nation is stepping you and helping a young woman injured by a stray bullet. how low water levels have uncovered a piece of cank's past in folsom lake. rivalry
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good. good answer.
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. a teen driver is in the hospital of a car was driving careened off a cliff many southern california. this dramatic video captured first responders frantical working to free the 19-year-old man stuck inside the vehicle as waves crashed over them. it land yesterday in palos verdes. the driver was airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries and investigators believe he may have intentionally driven off the edge in an attempt to take his own life. a 19-year-old woman struck by a stray bullet is getting well enough to leave the hospital soon even though had he is still paralyzed. as katie utehs reports. >> dominque has hope. we all have hope for her. >> reporter:
12:01 am
dominique rammiero is facing physical therapy and medical bills one right now her cousin says she is worried about where to live. two weeks ago a stray bullet traveled through the wall of her family's home. it went through dominique's arm and lodged into her spine. she has currently paralyzed from the waist down. she doesn't want to go to a place that was once called home why she was shot. john muir medical center will discharge dominique soon and the family is struggling to find a place for her to go. >> you can't come here because your arm is still in a cast. or you can't come here, because you don't have any insurance. you can't come here because you can't afford to be here. additional support is coming from a family of a different kind, the raider nation. >> the tailgating group make
12:02 am
oakland better also known as the 66th street mob. >> we're not just tailgaters, but community-driven tailgaters. >> reporter: they are collecting donations at tomorrow's raiders game. domnique's family is working on putting together t-shirts and created the teal ribbons that i'm totaled is her favorite color. so if you see someone in the stadium wearing one of these ribbons know that they have donated to dominique's cause. >> we're raider fans and we're fans for humanity. >> katie utehs, ktvu channel 2 news. it's been a difficult year for bay area commuters, but the last transportation dispute is almost over. on january 8th, the ac transit board is expected to approve a new contract ratified late last night by the driver's union. atu members narrowly approved the deem. they get a 9% raise over three years and will contribute to their health care coverage. muir beach opened to the
12:03 am
public for the first time since undergoing a six-monrestoration project. the $4 million makeover envelopeds a new parking lot, new restrooms and extended bridge overlooking restored we hadlands. restoration of the marin county beach was largely funded by settlement money from the oil spill of cosco bussan. the rainfall has caused folsom lake to drop to levels and now parts of a mining town are starting to reappear. >> it's terrain that is usually submerged under folsom lake. they heard about the reemerging of the town and they went for a short hike. >> i always love stuff like this. it's history. >> we just came out here for a family thing and it's pretty cool how a lot of it is still here and there is still a lot of it around. >> reporter:
12:04 am
along the retreating watered front are stone foundations believed to once support a winery and dairy and even an old well capped with concrete. the ground is covered with rusty nail and other debris, little bits of history left behind before the area was inundateid in 1955 with water from the manmade lake. >> i like to think about what a beautiful valley it used to be. mormom island was once home to as many as 2500 people with four hotels a school and even seven saloons. >> some of the foundations have started to emerge, most of the town is still underwater. park rangers say people are welcome to scout out the reemerging relics, but add you should look, but not touch. it's considered an historical cincinnati and it's illegal to remove anything from the area. kevin oliver, ktvu . 49er fans are brag on a
12:05 am
billboard outside of seattle have foiled a plan by seahawks fans. the display changed and red "super bowl fail, touchdown fail, and photo-bomb fail." fans went ahead with their photos and say they are working on their own new stunted. a spectacular sight caught on-camera and why officials say they can't tell exactly what this is. and the weather was ñioczñz!ioczñz"ioczñioczñz$ioczt
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river otters in san francisco's aquarium are enjoying a holiday treat, in manmade show of the at aquarium is adding 6 atom pounds of snow to the otter exhibit. otters like to play, dig and sometime munch on the snow pack. the staff biologist says the best time to catch them at their most playful is in the morning when the snow is delivered. the event continues tomorrow and on monday. that might be the only snow we see around for a while now. let's check in with mark tamayo. >> that is right, ken, not only in the bay area, but out towards the sierra. the mornings have been cold enough if we had the precipitation, but the afternoons have a completely different story. heights from today, lots of 60s, warmest locations in the low 70s. warm-up as advertised is going to stick around as we heed into your sunday. timelapse from this evening, look out towards the bay bridge you just beautiful, but we have
12:09 am
the haze, the spare the air alert, but mostly clear skies for tonight. in fact, on the satellite, the main stormtrack to our north. winds have been picking up and we talked about the winds with the red-flag warning, strongest for the hills and especially out towards the delta, fairfield, winds out of the north sustained 23 miles per hour. and that is doing a number on the temperatures. in fact, we'll take a look at some of the current numbers. towards fairfield, 62 degrees and antioch, 61, but where you have the calm winds a lot cooler, lower 40s for sant rosa and napa, and san josi in the mid-40s. for tonight, clear skies, breezy in the hills. tomorrow, hazy sunshine. once again we have the spare the air alert in place. here is our live camera out towards san francisco, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, on track to reach the lower 60s. the extended we're waiting for the rainfall, but no raindrops in our five-day forecast. maybe just a little bit cooler with partly cloudy skies. here is a look at the overnight
12:10 am
lows. coolest locations, lower 30s, but with the winds up, we'll have lower 40s towards fairfield and antioch. san josi, 37 and san francisco start out your sunday, 44 degrees. warm weather pattern that sticks around for the rest of your weekend. high pressure is offshore is rebuilding and that is going to generate the northerly wind. we talked about the high fire dangers, especially with the gusty winds in the hills, tomorrow 60-70 degrees. these are all just minor changes and no dramatic tympswings. forecast highs for tomorrow, spenceon beach, 64, santa rosa, lower 70s florida, 70 fairfield 70 degrees. for the last sunday of 2013, look at these very warm temperatures, palo alto 68 degrees. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast, and into monday,
12:11 am
the cold mornings stick around, especially in the wind shuttlered sheltered arabs tuesday night as we do zoom in and take a look at the forecast, partly cloudy skies and temperatures mainly in the low to mid 50s about. but no umbrella needed for new year's eve or even january 1, 2014. we're waiting for the rainfall. it's an unusual weather pattern, but even the duration. not much change in our weather story at least until next week. thank you, mark. take a look at this unusual sight, a surveillance camera caught images of a fireball in the sky near north liberty, iowa. many believe it was a meteor and the national weather service told the des moines register it won't be able to determine for sure what the
12:12 am
flashing of light was because of its location in the sky.
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the toyota sportswrap brought to you by your local toyota dealers. toyota let's go places. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. the usf men's basketball team may be the wild-card in this year's west coast conference and they opened the wcc in a thriller. they are in portland, pilots have the ball here. kevin bailey for the pilots was
12:15 am
unstoppable in the first half. portland led byat halftime. we cut to the final minutes of regulation. it's tied at 66. holmes one of five usf players to score in double figures, but kevin bailey with another up his sleeve. seconds in regulation, adams made one ballot basket for usf and this is. the off-balance 3-pointer to tie the game with .2 seconds left. let's go overtime. chris adams, timing is everything, baby. then in overtime, avery holmes comes through again. holmes big time 3. usf was a 76- 73 lead. it stayed close, but dons with the back breaker here. usf opens the wcc with an overtime win in portland.
12:16 am
in the kennel club, it was a bit calmer during the christmas break. brownridge is open, and gets the catch and shoots. that is 3er. zags put together another run and santa clara goes to clark. clark with the drive and the double pump. clark 22 points. zag's david stockton 24 points and it's the bulldog's 19th straight win and david stockton is the son of former utah jazz great john stockton. visitors are going to have a fight on their hands at the pavilion. these youngsters haven't seen calles at home this seasonment they are 8-0. today furman
12:17 am
paladins never saw what hit them. 18 for cobbs today. cal led by 18 at halftime. look out, here comes tyrone wallace. jeff powers making six of his 7 seven 3-point shots. they open the pac-12 conference schedule thursday at stanford. coach rick pit know and the 6th-ranked louisville cardinals faced john calipari's wildcats. russ smith, you are so vicious, for such a little guy. 18th-ranked kentucky beat louisville. louisville. kentucky wins 7-66. also today stanford women finished off fresno state and
12:18 am
st. mary's beats gonzaga in overtime. well if louisville's junior quarterback bridgewater decides to enter the next nfl draft, he a wanted to send this video to all 32 teams. louisville bridgewater threw three pd passes and ran for another cardinals win 12 games for the second time in school history. senorise perry busts up the three canes touchdown there. louisville beats miami 36-9. raider fans, would be the he look good in silver and black? yeah. >> in the beautiful wild wings
12:19 am
bowl in tempe, jake waters threw three td passes. lockett made ten catches, 116 yards and three touchdowns and wildfires beat michigan. it's not a good sign when the highlight of a bowl game is the venue. yankee stadium hosting the pinstripe bowl. notre dame against rutgers. this game featured eight field goals. notre dame's folston scores the touchdown and the irish win the pinstripe bowl to finish 9-6. belk bowl, the belk bowl is in charlotte, sponsored by belk department stores of course. cincinnati against north america. tar heels led at halftime. ryan switzer ties the ncaa record with his fifth punt return for a turnover in a
12:20 am
single season. north carolina wins. bearcats close with the 9-4 record. coming up, 49er don't whitner says carson palmer is a marked man and we'll hear from marked man and we'll hear from the components of did you get chips for the party? nope. [ ding ] cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven? boom. [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. ♪ he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop!
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. 49ers already clinched a playoff spot, but if they beat arizona tomorrow, and seattle loses to st. louis, then san francisco will clinch the nfc west division and a first-round bye. the they visit the cardinals and expect more hard hits from donte whitner or don't hitner as he liked to be called. he told me he thinks he is being targeted by referees, but he hasn't been fine a single
12:24 am
dollar this season. tomorrow they face arizona quarterback carson palmer and donte says they can rattle that guy. >> defense affect him before and after the snap with rush. you know, so we have a good front four, you know? we want to get after him with those four guys and know that they will do the job of putting pressure on them. he can counter, that with not letting the rush affect him, but it's hard when you have guys in your face. that is the game play each and every week. knock on wood, we have remained fairly healthy and it's helped us. so as we get ready to go into playoffs, health and playing well is two key ingredients to winning football games and ultimately reaching the super bowl. >> and ktvu channel 2 presents a double-header at 10:00,
12:25 am
carolina against atlanta and niners and cardinals at 1:25 people. arizona can still make the playoffs by the way,. we'll have a full one-hour point after show at 5:00 p.m. dwight clark joins mark ibañez in studio and joe fonzi is live in arizona. >> raiders must beat denver at coliseum to improve from last year's 4-12 season, but most exciting part may be the celebrateiar of the super bowl xviii championship team. some key members attended last year's retirement announcement by nnamdi asomugha. lester hayes was there. all three phrases of the game dominated in this one. the other signature play was this incredible 74-yard touchdown run by marcus leaven, the raiders second super bowl championship and third one overall of it's been a 30-year drought for the raiders, which makes this one even more
12:26 am
memorable. >> times have changed. it's a lot of missed tackles now, but of course, our teams always tackle well. staying low, not for just three- quarters, but you have got to finish in the 4th quarter. >> i think you are rank with the teams of awesome time that played sports. >> you can go back where we dictated to them. we wanted to be in control and tell you there are certain things that you can't do, but you can try. they wouldn't work because we knew that hey, you are going to play the way we want you to play. >> well, he brought penn state from the depth of scandal and sanctions and now bill ebrine is in charge of rejuvenating
12:27 am
the houston texans and espn reports that they working on contracts. bill o'brien was offensive coordinator in the new england patriots. rhonda rousey beat tate with an arm bar hold in the third round. although tate becomes the first person to last past the first- round against rousey. rousey refused to shake tate's hand and the mgm crowd booed rousey. 49ers and cardinals, 1:25 here on channel 2 tomorrow. >> got to win it if they want to win the division. >> thank you, fred and thank you for making kutv your source for news. watching our bro-craft tonight, join us at 7:00 a.m. for all the overnight news and we're always here for you at
12:28 am and mobile ktvu. thanks for joining us. a live picture of the beautiful bay bridge at the embarcadero center, all lit up and overlooking san francisco bay. have a great night. good. good answer.
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