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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 27, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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will not cause the asian community not to go to the polls. >> we struggled for so long to register people to vote. to get them to vote.
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>> chinese community leaders think voters are strong enough to realize that lee is one politician and that his alleged behavior should not cast a negative light on other lawmakers of those running for office. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, amber. now to jana katsuyama, she's been looking into other key players in this case. including a former san francisco school board president, his son, and a sports agent for a rising boxing star. jana. >> reporter: frank i've learned that sports agent sullivan was arrested in princeton new jersey yesterday. and the fbi plans to bring him and six others from atlanta, boston, new haven and new york to federal court here. 29-year-old sports agent sullivan said he grew up in san francisco and loves his job. he was representing mayfield. mayfield seen on this video
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told fs weekly that sullivan was supposed to meet him in new york city for a fight. instead, he was arrested by the fbi . keith jackson is accused of helping with the murder for hire conspiracy, gun trafficking and drug trafficking conspiracy. jackson was well known as a political consultant who helped leland yee and had helped conservatives with issues. samsinger said that jackson always seemed to be on ice. others that knew jackson were also shocked. >> i was shocked, stuns and saddened for any allegations such as the ones that have been
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alleged are serious. >> i recall him being someone who did care about his constituents. i was shocked and i'm still in a state of shock about the news. >> reporter: according to the fbi's criminal complaint. keith jackson told undercover fbi agents that his son was shipping 300 pounds of marijuana per month. and that jackson solicited an undercover officer frequently to provide cocaine. >> we apologize there. we lost our signal with jana. we want to advise you stay with ktvu on the very latesten with state senator leland yee. pg & e said today it expects to face federal criminal charges as a result of the deadly san bruno pipeline
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explosion. the blast killed 18 people and destroyed 38 homes back in september of 2010. the utility has been accused of poor recordkeeping resulting in the lack of knowledge about its pipeline. pg & e told the securities exchange commission it expects u.s. prosecutors to file charges any day now. >> we are pleased that the u.s. attorney has presumably reached a conclusion that there may be closure in the near term here for what has been a very long and difficult process. >> pg & e released a statement apologizing again for that disaster. since the blast the company has launched a massive effort to repair all pipelines. it is also adopted new technology for finding and fixing leak s and its upgraded
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system. the livermore police department says last night that suspect robbed a woman at a bank of america atm on first street near north mines road. you see the man's red sedan in the upper right hand corner of the screen there. police say he demanded the woman's money then made off with her cell phone. porch natalie the victim wasn't hurt. the robber is described as a young man in his 30s about 5'4- inches tall. the driver accused of shooting and killing a marine reservist in fremont appeared in court today. cara liu spoke with a relative who says the reservists faced danger only to lose his life here at home. >> interests of boots haven been placed where the 23-year- old marine reserve it was killed by a hit-and-run driver early tuesday morning. there's also a bowl of his beloved vietnamese noodle soup. >> this accident really touched home for a lot of people. even if they didn't know who
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andrew was. >> reporter: his wife lit candles at his memorial. >> i miss his joked. he was always joking around. always trying to put a happy face on everybody. seeing him and noah most importantly they're inseparable. >> reporter: alexander yon faced a judge there afternoon but did not enter a plea. his family had nothing to say as he left the courthouse. he's facing charges of murder, vehicle manslaughter and possession of drugs. he ran a red light in his mini cooper and slammed into silva who was on a motorcycle. jonas is due back in court tuesday. dui charges could be added once they receive the toxicology reports. family and friends say they worried about san drew's safety in afghanistan but never thought they would have to do that here at home. >> you think it's dangerous over there. he comes back here, this is
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home. this is supposed to be safe. this is where everybody is supposed to feel at peace. one person makes a dumb mistake and all this happens. >> reporter: a tribute fundraiser is being planned for saturday morning. motorcycle riders and runners are planning to trek down fremont boulevard here to the memorial. in fremont, cara liu, ktvu news. a group of east bay service workers held a rally march in downtown oakland this afternoon calling for higher pay. >> no justice. >> no peace. about 200 members of the local 2850 staged a rally outside the mariott hotel on tenth street. hotels, restaurants, airports and o do the, t coliseum workers rallied. >> union members are pushing
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for a november ballot that would raise oakland's minimum wage from $8 to $12.29 a. researchers at arizona state kwraouft say the city's job growth was 3.9% from 2012 to 2019. only river side in southern california was higher with 4% during that time. nationwide job growth remained flat at 1.7% for the two years studied. the labor department said today first time claims fell by 9,500. this is the first week the numbers were down and they reached the lowest level in four months. fans poured into at&t park. we asked fans from each team who's better. >> the a's are a better team because we were the first time.
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hey, yo. we love the haters. haters love us. >> we have two world series in the last decade. when was the last time they won? >> the season starts next week. monday for the a's at home, tuesday for the giants in arizona. and coming up a bit later. sports director mark ibanze will have all the highlights from tonight's game. and aggressive growth in awe. >> i'm tracking more wet weather for your friday. the specific part of the bay area that had the greatest ri
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that's wireless your way. unlimited* talk, text, and data on the best 4g lte networks starts at just $40 a month. net10 wireless. in the past three hours the search shifted to a new area based on what's being called
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the most credible lead yet. planes were sent to an area about 680 miles northeast of where they had been searching. a new analysis of the plane shows that it was traveling faster than previously thought and would have burned up fuel more quickly. the shift comes even after a thai satellite found a large site in either area. the u.s. is sending in a second highly sophisticated plane to join the search effort. flight 370 disappeared without a trace three weeks ago tomorrow. there are a lot of questions tonight following a bizarre series of events in the south bay which ended with a young woman losing her life. the 20-year-old woman was killed when a train struck her car at east central avenue and butterfield boulevard in morgan
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hill. ktvu's robert honda tell us it all began with a hit-and-run accident. >> reporter: 20-year-old monica carranza was driving her mother's suv at 9:00 p.m. when it was hit by a union pacific train off butterfield boulevard. the young morgan hill woman died at the hospital. >> it's just tragic. seeing this really breaking my heart. >> reporter: police say a series of unexplained events led to her death. ktvu obtained a surveillance video taken several blocks from the scene. it shows carranza walking away. carranza headed away from the car. she had to turn away from the accident scene. the video shows her speeding away from the vehicle.
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>> she was panicked, i guess. and made a u turn and b lined it that way. >> reporter: carranza hit another suv, hit a curve and got stuck on the railroad with the trains coming. >> her wheels were just spinning and causing gravel to be pushed up into the air. >> reporter: the train crashed the suv and caused it to be pushed down the track. she survived, but not for long. >> she knew her name, some of the things that had happened. but died shortly after that. a former elementary school principal is set to appear in court in san jose tomorrow to determine if he will stand trial on drug charges. erik lewis was arrested on five charges of selling drugs. they plan to have a decision on a trial by the end of the day.
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meth, xtasy and a rape drug were all found in his home. police posted this photo of the rescued german shepherd pups. a livermore woman said she found the dogs. officers say they then lured the seller to another location yesterday and arrested him. he is identified as 30-year-old richard coleman of san leandro. >> and now they beat -- >> a heartbreaking loss for the sanford men's basketball team after making it all the way to the sweet 16 ncaa tournament. they were defeated tonight by dayton. for stanford basketball fans the season may be over but the unique brand of sanford pride is stronger than ever. >> noelle walker live from palo
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alto. there were a lot of stanford fans cheering on their team in their own disat this dis -- distinctive way. >> i should have worn my glasses if i wanted to fit in. the so proclaimed nerd squad were out in full force. cardinal red flocked the stadium. >> everybody kept asking me, are you going into the bracket or anything. >> reporter: the bracket, probably didn't have stanford and dayton in the sweet 16. >> i took dayton all the way through just as a royalty. >> we definitely have some friends. we have complicated seats for that kind of thing. >> reporter: going into the thread meant both teams were underdogs. >> we're stanford and we're
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nerds. >> reporter: but one team embraces the super academic. >> i bet it's hard to get into stanford today. >> they call it nerd nation. >> reporter: and they wear it with pride. >> there's no other place like stanford. you kind of have to embrace it because there's no, you can't get away from it. >> reporter: the secret weapon may have helped get them to the sweet 16. >> stanford in the first half did not show up tonight. >> reporter: stanford may be the more elite school. >> nerds, nerds. >> reporter: but dayton is going to the elite eight. >> basketball iq i tell you it's even. we'll leave it at that. we have street smarts. >> reporter: tyke to push up -- time to push up the glasses, get to the nearest desk and get ready for the sweet 16 run next year. the last time they won the
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entire tournament was back in 1942. there's always next year. reporting live in palo alto. noelle walker, ktvu news. the storm that moved through the area brought snow to the sierra. concord resort sent us video of skiers enjoying the snow. kirkwood has gotten 15 to 22- inches. they say all 2,200 acres are open for skiers. several other resorts are also reporting fresh powder from 7- inches to a foot. >> last night we had live storm tracker 2 shows some lit up areas. tonight we just got mostly cloudy conditions out there. let's take you to the computer model for your friday morning. first thing you notice are a lot of clouds. 5:00a.m. maybe a little drizzle but i suspect just mostly to partly cloudy as you get going at 5:00. it starts clearing up. 8:00 friday night.
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this system starts to organize. so this time tomorrow, this is the system i'm tracking that will have an impact on your bay area weekend. i'll time this one out for you. just know tomorrow, clouds in the morning. clearing, clouds and then rain as we head into saturday and sunday. i'll have the details. in the sierra will remain open after all. earlier this month the 90-year- old camp sent out letters saying it may be forced to scale back the number of campers who visit this year because of water problems. the camp was evacuated last summer during the rim fire. and the water line that carries the camp's water was damaged in that fire. the camp leaders say the problems have now been fixed and the camp will open as it has for decades. three americans held captive in iran. >> we're looking forward to something, someone to talk to. >> what they're revealing in a new book and also what they shared with
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90 people are still missing since the rain soaked hillside collapsed five days ago. 16 bodies have been recovered and identified. and the medical examiner says bodies have been found and still need to be examined. still some people are holding out for a miracle. >> we're still in a rescue mode. as far as i'm concerned we're still in a rescue mode. i haven't lost hope yet and there's a lot of people up there that haven't lost hope yet. >> authorities say they are looking into releasing the names of the people who are still missing and acknowledge
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that sol -- some of the victims may never be recovered. the centers for disease control and prevention says one in 68 children now fall some where on the autism spectrum. that's a 30% increase compared to just two years ago. ktvu's john fowler spoke with a young bay area man who says it's important to remember that these children are more than just numbers. and he speaks from personal experience. >> 23-year-old nathaniel major and his mom lisa came back to mr. amarosos class. nathaniel graduated two years ago and had something to say. >> when you have autism, you interpret the world very literally because of this, you miss out on much of the unspoken information that gives it much meaning. now that i've gotten older. even though i still have autism, the language is not
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much of a challenge for me, although it may seem like i'm more aspbergers. people have become more aware of it and more people have become diagnosed. >> there's probably some environmental changes that are shifting. because it's a really steep growth. >> reporter: nathaniel's mom says it will increase services. >> every person with autism is different. and the courts and services that work for one individual are not necessarily going to work for another. >> reporter: nathaniel's old teacher, baseball coach and mentor says he's learned a lot from this young man. >> he thought me a lot of patience. he thought me to not look at everybody the same because we're not all the same.
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>> reporter: nathaniel is graduating from college with a communications degree. he tells me he does not plan to stop speaking up. call centers like this one in concord are ready to help people navigate the process. the obama administration said yesterday it would give people a limited time to finish signing up. >> covered california says people need to begin the process by monday but they don't have to finish until april 15th. money for your commute. new details tonight on a plan to encourage car pooling and transit. what you need to know. a reminder you can get ktvu
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they were held against their will. three american hikers taken hostage while on a hiking trip that strayed into iran. now five years after their capture, those three bay area hikers are on a different kind of trip. this time it's a book tour. new at 10:00, ktvu's debora villalon on how the three of them are doing now. >> you can't write fiction stranger than this. after two years home they've resumed normal lives and careers and they're telling their story the same way they lived it, together. staying sane, surviving, solitary confinement. if it -- they listened carefully. >> we're looking forward to
11:31 pm
interrogation. something, someone to talk to. >> reporter: three hikers who took a long detour on to an iranian prison. >> reporter: only after iran convicted them of spying. >> ways to resist in difficult situations. ways to get through it. >> reporter: they spoke about how they built alliances with some of the prisoners even some of their captors. >> we saw a lot of really dark things but we also saw some of the best parts of iran in there. >> some of the women would push through the guards and throw their arms around me. that's one of the huge things that kept my spirits up.
11:32 pm
>> reporter: it's not all sad or serious. there's the time they experimented with fermentation with their fruit. >> they gave us fruit and we put it in a bottle and knew it would turn into fermentation. >> reporter: one question they always get, how was the prison food. in a word, bland. and you may recall boward proposed in the prison cell. they will be celebrating two years. the report includes a statement from the official who ordered the lane's closed on a george washington bridge saying he told christi about it. the report said the governor doesn't remember that. last september commuters got stuck in massive traffic jams because lanes were closed for four days. the scandal raised questions
11:33 pm
about christie's chances to run for the white house. you can wound up saving hundreds of dollars by taking public transit to work. cristina rendon tells about a program that's making the bus or train and even cheaper alternative for people in the bay area. >> reporter: johnson jr. always starts his way walking. >> like a 15 minute walk to the bus stop. >> reporter: to get on transportation. he works at baits summit. >> el cerrito b.a.r.t.. >> reporter: johnson keeps walking up four flights of stairs to his office but he doesn't mind the hour and a half commute. >> good morning mrs. gonzalez. >> reporter: that's because the hospital provides a subsidy for the transportation. the bay area air quality management district are
11:34 pm
launching a pilot program requiring any company in the nine bay area counties that has more than 50 employees that offer commuter benefits. one offer allows commuters to put a few more extra dollars in their paycheck. >> this is very similar to spending account. rather than useing the pretax dollars for medical cost they can be used for transit or van pool cost. >> reporter: depending on your tax bracket, employers can also choose to provide a subsidy, provide their own subsidy that's just as good. >> reduce air gas, or providing financial savings to the bay area to the region as a whole. >> reporter: and johnson already seems to benefit from using public transportation on a daily basis. >> the benefits on the
11:35 pm
environment in general are really good. >> reporter: this program is a result of a bill signed into law two years ago and companies subject to it have until december 30th to create the commuters program for their employees. reporting in oakland, cristina rendon. and go to where you can learn more about the commuter benefits program and who qualifies. you will find it in our web links section. microsoft finally rolled out some of its most popular programs. the company ceo did the honors in san francisco. the new office mobile apps include word, excel and power point. the programs are optimized for use with a touch screen and free for those who simply want to view documents. users have to pay a subscription fee to create or edit content. facebook said today it has big plans plans for the use of drones to provide internet access to everyone. mark zuckerberg says he wants
11:36 pm
to connect 19 million more people to the website. he did not verify reports that facebook is in talks to buy drone maker titan aero space. the dow fell four points, nasdaq dropped 22 to its lowest point in six weeks. new at 10:00, people raising money to fight cancer are holding tonight what they say is the world's first fundraiser to accept bit coin. the big party is understood -- underway at the big america. hat cancer sf is hosting the event to get young professionals together and do something different for a good cause. >> we wanted to do the first bit coin fundraiser in the entire world. we want to open up that avenue to fund raise and make a difference. >> reporter: this is a way to
11:37 pm
raise $500,000. the effect of the drought ripple up the food chain. how one type of fish may end up contaminating bay area seafood. the time line for when the rain will arrive where you live. and the areas that will see
11:38 pm
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new video tonight from oakland where a woman had to be pulled from the water at lake merit. it happened just before 9:00 near bellview and grand avenues. you can see a water rescue crew there from the oakland police department or fire department rather approach the woman in the water. a spokesperson for the fire department said it's not known why the woman went into the water in the first place.
11:40 pm
she's now in police custody and is expected to be taken to the hospital for an evaluation. pg & e's controversial plan to remove hundreds of trees from public and private property has been put on hold. the utility says it needs time to gather input from officials who oppose the project. pg & e says the trees need to be removed to ensure pipeline safety. but several cities throughout contra costa and alameda county are against the project. walnut creek and other cities have hired a law firm. local government workers can keep messages sent on personal devices private. last year supporters for open records won a lower court case. but an appeal found that the court should decide which should be made public.
11:41 pm
president obama met for the first time ever with pope francis today at the vatican. while the pope has not always supported ceremonial events. today's meeting was full of -- some of san francisco's top chefs are showcasing their talents tonight at taste of the nation. the event helps support charities that are trying to eliminate childhood hunger. chefs from 60 restauranted
11:42 pm
participated. people were able to taste gourmet food. >> the ability to get a little bite from restaurant they may not have been to. and in the future go try out that restaurant. and at the same time their raising money for children's hunger. >> money raised from tonight's event will go to support two san francisco organizations, 18 reasons and children of shelters. >> tiny clams that could become part of a big problem. the impact of the drought on the bay's ecosystem. >> bill martin tracking the next round of rain. how it's going to impact the weekend plans. >> in two minutes the
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a woman who was arrested three times at san francisco international airport has been
11:45 pm
arrested again. 62-year-old marylin hartman was taken into custody after being spotted in the airport's baggage claim area. hartman was previously arrested for trying to sneak on flights going to hawaii. in fact, she had already made it through security on one occasion. so far police have arrested six l.a.x. baggage handlers but they say several others have been detained and more arrests could be on the way. the baggage handlers are accused of stealing thousands of dollars in items. electronics and jewelry which were allegedly sold on craigslist. this after a couple files a
11:46 pm
lawsuit claims that explosives are polluting the lake in violation of the clean water act. >> it's just really sad that, a couple of people could destroy such a family tradition. >> reporter: the couple says they want to protect the lake and have no intention of trying to stop the fireworks. they say they just want proper permitting and clean up enforced. tourism officials say they'll wait until week in hopes of settling the lawsuit before canceling the event. we're learning of new concerns over the effect of drought in the bay. as rob roth tells us, the impact of clams could have an effect on the entire eco system. >> reporter: that's a big name for this tiny clam. biologists say there's likely hundreds of millions of them living in san francisco bay.
11:47 pm
>> there is a potential problem. >> reporter: because of the drought, biologists say in reny years fresh water flushes or at least dilutes those toxins. the more solenium in the bay the more these clams observe and it could get into the food chain. >> it could cause reproductive deformatives if those birds and fish that eat them. >> and when tissues like beaks are formed they can actually be deformed. >> reporter: biologists are concerned the low water levels will allow the clams to spread into the sacramento and san joaquin rivers. >> now the clam is here we're now going to allow it to go further up river. and by doing that, we're
11:48 pm
increasing the area that the clam is available to the level. >> reporter: biologists say the only real threat is more rain and that's unlikely to happen this season. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. last time this time we saw a few showers out there. those showers not a story tonight. by tomorrow night we'll be showing you the radar. right now we have showers north of here like in santa rosa. maybe san rafael. so the radars are spinning. we have four live doppler radar spinning in davis and up in the reno area, urea. right now they're picking up nothing. a few bits of cloud particles reflecting rain but it's not raining any where. the forecast as we head into the next couple of days will be for increasing clouds. currently in san francisco it's
11:49 pm
57 degrees. in san jose it's 58 degrees. san jose tomorrow starts off in the 50s and you end up despite the cloud cover. tomorrow is not a bad day. you end up at 59 degrees. tomorrow is not a bad day. upper 50s mid-50s. as we head into the end of the day mostly cloudy and a chance for showers. the jet stream arrives well to the north as we go into tomorrow. but it's gradually going to slide south tomorrow afternoon and evening. by saturday, the system pushes through. this main event is going to be late saturday or friday night into saturday morning. so the timing on this thing is really overnight friday into saturday morning. should be out of here by noon on saturday. maybe an inch and a half in the coastal hills. 3:00a.m. to about 10:00 a.m., san jose it's going to linger to about lunchtime. you will see that on the computer model. you will see a computer model. there's the shower, so tomorrow at about this time there's the
11:50 pm
showers in the north bay. heavy rain up here. overnight say about 5:00 a.m. there it is. it's wet. then slides through and by 2:00 it's still raining south of fremont but you're drying out north here. so after lunchtime things in the north bay are going to dry up pretty rapidly. as we head into sunday, there's your best in the weekend. that's your day. your outdoor day. forecast highs tomorrow. despite a few clouds, still 70 in livermore. 70 in morgan hill. the five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. friday night and saturday, sunday is your day. look at that monday more rain in the forecast. it's what we need. it's actually pretty good news. hay fever and pollen suffering are loving this. the rains we've had are washing the pollens into the trees. same with the grass and weed pollen. that's good. rain is always good. snow in the mountains that's what we need. >> oakland coliseum on saturday. >> that's going to be close
11:51 pm
isn't it. they'll be fine. they'll play it but it's going to be close because the rain is going to be moving out at 11:00. >> thanks, bill. they were rescued from the streets in russia and now they're in the united states. 10 dogs arrived in washington, d.c. today. reports of stray dogs being removed and euthanized created outrage. mark is here now with sports. end of the line for stanford. >> it has come to that point in the season then i guess you can say. this will conclude the men's push of the men's basketball season. as far as our men's team are concerned here in the bay area. nice little run for the cardinals but it's all over now. the tree gets planted by dayton, devin scott will stop josh hustis and the appropriately named flyers heading the other way. sebert off the glass. and there you go the cardinals though they manage to stay into
11:52 pm
it greatly and partly start chasing randall. watch him get the lay. he led everyone with 29 points. over all cardinals fall shy. kendall pollard he had 12 points no turning back. and there you go. no elite, 8-4 stanford and that always hurts. the loan pack team surviving tonight. arizona into the full court here they come. yorbe knows exactly who he's looking for. that guy. another look please. why not. 10-2 wildcat run late. will feel it as it'll be t.j. mcconnell feeling. wrap it around for nick johnson and the lay in. looking good. 15 points johnson had in the last 244 in the game. those are all the points he scored. olson loving it and still looking good on the elite eight
11:53 pm
for arizona they go. west regional final versus wisconsin for them. end of the line however for the other pack 12 entry. ucla done in by florida. and one of those games with the sharks on their home ice no less where all you can say is that shouldn't happen to them. while in game one of the bay bridge series.
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11:56 pm
all season long the sharks have had problems with the power play. usually because they don't score with the main advantage. victimized by the jets who take full advantage. four goals two of them with the sharks a man short. 1-1 with the jet's power play. brett burn will back hand his 21st of the year and it's 2-1 san jose. short-lived, enstrom scoring what turned out to be the game winner 4-3 final. get this now. not the way you want to go into the postseason. sharks have now lost four of their last six. first game of the bay bridge series you can say the giants are very much a work in progress. and the a's are very happy with the progress of their work. at least for tonight as we
11:57 pm
cannot close in on opening day soon enough. 1-0a's in the fifth. josh donaldson already had a double. this turns into a triple. coco in 2-0. 6th inning,breaking up and backing up for scott cashmere, went 5- 1/3. josh redding another healthy swing for him. best night of the night for the giants. turned out to be one of the best for the fans. you know it's bad when the fans are turning on your best player. that's the sporting life for a thursday night. but still two more games left. >> that was perfect. >> he was up there and ready to catch it. >> plenty of fans show up for these exhibition games. surprising because everybody is ready for the real deal at this point. >> it feels like it's been a long time in spring training in arizona. >> this time of year we're all complaining about the length of spring training but they're not
11:58 pm
going to change it. too big a business. >> mark, thanks. >> our next newscast at 4:30 a.m.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> today on "tmz" -- >> zac efron had another mishap. he was driving at 12:30 in the morning and ends up near skid row and then the bodyguard gets stabbed with a spear. >> like a fishing spear? >> no the transient, the old broom handles. >> wait a minute, they are making weapons down there. i have been down there before. i have never seen anyone walk around with a sword. >> sean kingston got his car repossessed. it's a white bentley. >> if you buy a bentley, you should be able afford a bent


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