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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  May 3, 2014 11:30pm-12:31am PDT

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. a daytime shooting leaves a motorist dead and closes a bay area freeway. tonight police are looking for shooter. investigators are trying to determine a motive for the killing. the suv flipped the side after the driver is shot dead. the shooting happened this afternoon on 580 in richmond. live at richmond police
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headquarters where she learned the victim's identity. >> he's broussard, 31-year-old from san francisco. detectives here in richmond have been working this killing for hours. a car accident that was more. >> drivers were stunned to come upon a bad rollover crash, one that closed eastbound lanes and gridlocked richmond streets. at least five bullet holes in the drivers door and witnesses who saw the suv go out of control said shots fired reporting party advised they didn't see the shots but heard them and smelled the gunfire. >> arriving officers found the man dead in the drivers seat. homicide detectives canvassed the scene. >> and people from the
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neighborhood watched expressing relief other motorist were not entangled in the violence. that could have been worse if it hit a family out here for cinco de mayo. >> pop, pop, pop. >> the driver ahead of the victim heard the shots. the windows and sunroof open. >> in this area, this is like the third shooting in this area. >> tonight investigators have ruled out road rage and say broussard was targeted with a dozen shots fired from a semiautomatic weapon. >> we don't believe that the lone occupant was firing. the suspects were firing at him. there were shots fired from a white pickup truck. >> several callerred to chp described a white truck or suv,
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richmond police are not confident enough to call it's a suspicious vehicle. they welcome any witnesses to come forward and share what they saw. >> just a short distance from that shooting a deadly accident involving a amtrak team. news chopper 2 flew over the scene at carlson boulevard south of richmond's train station. an official says the capital corridor train hit and killed a man. the train continued on the way at 4:20. new video have an apartment fire in san jose on julian street between second and third street. a woman was working on a term paper when she heard banging. she thought it was the neighbor making noise and went back to
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writing. that's until another neighbor told her to get out. god bless him. if he had not been yelling and screaming and trying to get us out i would have been oblivious, i smelled nothing. >> firefighters says it may have started with a barbecue on the roof. one family was forced out because of the damage. in san jose authorities ready for any rowdy crowds the weekend before cinco de mayo. the police have 60 officers on the street handling traffic and washing for -- watching for suspicious activity. vendors are selling mexican flags monday is the 1862 victory of the mexican army over french forces. happening now the warriors are battling in a do or die game against the clippers. whoever wins tonight continues their playoff quest, the looser
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goes home. live from san jose where members of the w nation showed spirit. >> it's been a close and exciting game, and great crowd in san jose. it's been loud. fans say they are here to be with other loyal fans cheering on the team. it's been a good series, exciting and tense. there's been distraction with the fallout from donald sterling comments and this is game 7. win or go home for the warriors and the clippers, warrior fans hopeful. >> the game is exciting, good to be here with the fans. winner take all series -- series. >> got worried when we saw kirk going to the locker room. we weren't sure what it's for. he's back out there.
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we're hoping that -- >> it's a great atmosphere with everybody out here. the fans are having a good time. >> and we've heard a lot of chanting from the crowd. they are quiet for the moment, everyone is hoping their hometown team can pull it out and move forward. we're live in san jose. ktvu. >> fred is at the game in los angeles and will have a live report win or lose once the game is over. >> the nba will start looking for a ceo to supervise the clippers after banningster tear from the league for life. the move is supported by sterlings estranged wife. sterling said -- has not said if he will fight the ban.
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>> i want to help him, urging him to come to his own rescue. but even so i think he feels that he's alone. >> v stiviano said only god knows if he will apologize. sterling has not talked to the media that the scandal broke. >> the clippers won back a major sponsor, red bull says the clippers will donate half the partnership dollars from the rest of the postseason to charity. adidas and samsung has renewed the sponsorship. he has a humble pedigree, a horse from california took racing top prize by winning the kentucky derby. >> it's california born and
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bred. >> the 3-year-old colt, california chrome pulled away for a commanding win. it's the first win for a california bred horse since 1962 [cheering] fans of california chrome and the owners hometown of yuba city are thrilled. they watched from a bar on main street and are celebrating tonight. >> this is one of the few things in a while that's been good news. >> it's nice that somebody had such an exciting thing happen. california chrome was the favorite after winning four races in a row. owners perry and denise martin knew they had something special hours after he was born. in the bay area horse racing fans watched at the track in berkeley. golden gate field showed all
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the races. a lot of fans were there. the track offered cash prices in the run for the roses hat contest. we posted a slide show of hat photos from churchill downs. new developments in the case of the south bay teenager who survived that flight from san jose to maui in the wheel well of a jet. that 15-year-old stowaway is no longer in hawaii. >> as one journey ends another begins for a 15-year-old from santa clara. he made national headlines for surviving a trip from san jose to mowy in the wheel we'll have a bowing 757. the boy is no longer in hawaii but where he will end up is a mystery. the news is reporting the boy is in the custody of santa clara county department of
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family and children service. his father flew to hawaii but was denied contact. at the family's home all is quiet. relatives peer through the mind but are quiet about how the teen had a hard time adjusting to america. his trip back to the bay area was in a more comfortable seat. a woman believed to be the boy's stepmother left and came back without talking. reporting in santa clara. ktvu channel 2 news. a response to a bay area job fair, the employer's decision that had people walking away empty handed. police are investigating a violent hit-and-run collision. the safety improvements residents are calling for.
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mother nature's destruction on camera. the video that captures the moment a
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. long line of job seekers in fremont prompting police to get involved. it was affecting traffic on streets and 880. the economy may be improving
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but there's a lot of people looking for work. thousands of people showed up in fremont to apply for jobs. >> i'm disappointed with myself. i don't know why i didn't wake up early. >> she wasn't alone. far from it. the company was planning a job fair to hire several hub workers on fremont boulevard. so many showed up the street was clogged with traffic, vehicles is backed up on the nimitz freeway, frustrated people threatened to come to blows. the job fair vent viral. that's when when police showed up and tesla call offend the job fair for now. >> instead of people coming in resume we will have another event. >> tesla said: . >> we're excited people came,
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we're excited people are excited to work at tesla. >> it was not a total bus, a passing job recruiter took advantage of the employees and did poaching for the company. we're here to help out. i was not related with what's going on out there and trying to help people get employed. >> tesla mans to hold another jab fair but will post details to register online. in san francisco police found their suspect in an overnight homicide. he surrendered at the scene. officers found one person shot to death in a market apartment. they were called to mission street this morning. police arrested 68-year-old kachpa. friends of a south bay high
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school student killed in a car crash yesterday created a memorial at north first street in san jose. the 18-year-old woman died and the male driver was in critical condition yesterday. when the cat lack slammed -- cat lack slammed into a pole. >> she was getting ready to graduate next month. one of her biggest accomplishments. >> police say the driver ran a red light and crashed into a second vehicle and slammed into a pole. the family in a second car was not hurt. the hit and run death of an oakland man brought friends and families to the telegraph avenue. bill went to the petes coffee to meet friends every morning. hoke was killed in a crosswalk
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on the way to the coffee shop a week ago today. friends wanted to honor his life. >> stories about how he taught their children about birds and they fed the birds together. he was a great guy and it's a tragic loose for our community. neighbors described the vehicle as white audi suv. police offered a $10,000 reward to find that hit and run driver. the city of alameda has taken a step toward abandoning a ban on multihousing unit. the city is accepting proposals to build on alameda point. the city wants to build 800 apartments and condos, an 83 ordinance banned that. but they are asking potential developers to apry for state exemption by including
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affordable low income housing. san francisco is working to find possible sites for the george lucas cultural museum. he's thinking of chicago and san francisco on the house the museum. sf mayor says this is a one time opportunity and he's directed his staff to come up with a list of places here. in los angeles artist are ready for a may the fourth celebration honoring all things "star wars." artist put together this exhibit. spotlights interpretations of the stormtroopers helmet. it was great to express their appreciation of the "star wars" story. may 4th is the unofficial star
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war day. it been 18 months since super storm sandy hit and a family lost their dog. they were recently reunited. the couple had gone to a local animal shelter to adopt a dog when they found their dog. reckless jumped 3-feet high when they found him. he was picked up six months ago. a wrong turn leads to jail. why a decorated marine is behind bars in mexico. >> the violence spills over, the reason for this latest eruption in ukraine in weather a few high can clouds approaching
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. a fire and street fighting in ukraine and dozens are dead. the bloodiest rush of violence in months. the official death toll is 42 tonight. it started yesterday as pro kiev demonstrators marched and they were met with pro russia separatist. someone threw a molotov cocktail in a building starting a fire. eight people jumped to their deaths. one said the violence started when to accept artist opened fire, separatist opened fire on the protester. >> there were gunshots.
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people were killed on the ground. one hopeful sign a team of international military observers kidnapped by pro russian accept artist were released today. tomorrow is a national day of mourning after hundreds, perhaps thousands were killed in a double landslide. the first slide buried 300 homes in a town of 2700 people. hundreds from a nearby village went to help when a second landslide hit. the governor's office estimates 2000 people were killed. he has declared the site a mass grave as many killed are thought to be buried so far that their bodies will never be recovered. a marine is behind bars in trayvon martin -- tee walka for -- tijuana inform what his mother said was a long-term.
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he had three guns on him and he was arrested. his mother says he suffered from post traumatic stress and gets lost easily. he went to war by choice and went to serve his country and now he's crippled, he's crippled mentally and physically. >> she says being in jail has scared her son more than two duties in afghanistan. he will have a hearing by tend of the month. president obama poked fun at his roll out of health tonight. he told an audience in 2008 his slogan was yes we can. a video failed to play and that's when health and human
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service secretary kathleen sebelius appeared. >> does anyone know how to fix this? >> thank you. [laughter] you got it? i got this. i see it all the time. >> the president equipped that gridlock is so bad in washington, d.c., one wonders what happened to get chris christie mad. ben afflak is banned from a casino in atlantic city. security caught ben counting cards. the casino appears to say aflac is welcomed back, just not at the black jack table. new developments in a hit and run crash. one killed and neighbors rattled. the changes the neighbors are
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calling for. singled and rich. the
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. i want to show you a live picture of fans watching the warriors battle the clippers, this is the fourth street pizza place in san jose. the warriors down by 3 points with two minutes to go. it's not over and fred will be live at the staples center in los angeles as soon as the game is over to give us reaction, win or lose from the warriors as they battle it out in game 7. a new development in a hit and run crash in san francisco.
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a driver has died. the collision happened at cesar chavez and folsom street. the changes some neighbors would like to see at that intersection. >> cleaning up shattered glass and sand used to soak up motor oil. people who live in these condos woke up when their building shook. >> it's a big bang, it's a big bang. >> when i looked at the windows i said oh, no. >> she saw the wreckage of a three car crash. witnesses say a black infinity was heading south when it ran a red light, hit another car and the impact sent that car across the intersect up on the sidewalk and into the wall of this building. >> a third car was struck but the driver not seriously injured. after the wreck neighbors
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rushed to help the driver of this toyota. >> he was really bad. the side of his car was smashed in on the driver's side. >> really scary to see. >> there should be steeper, heavier for this kind of behavior of drivers, the good drivers always die, are the victim. >> the women who lived in this building for 30 years says this busy intersection needs a left turn signal. >> and for the people who live here. the women say this car missed their gas power water heaters by just a few feet. >> the coroners office is working to notify the family of a elderly woman killed in a house fire this morning. it broke out on parker avenue in east oakland. firefighters say when they arrived half the house was on
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fire. they pulled an elderly woman from the home. that home had no working smoke detectors. >> police are trying to unravel what led to a hit and run crash that killed a police officer overnight. condolences are pouring in for robert sanches. he and his partner with making a u-turn when they were broad sided. the surviving officer had to use his cell phone for help. police have detained one person in connection with that crash. in southern california evacuations have ended for the fire near rancho cucamonga. homes are no longer threatened. flames burned 2200-acres, one structure was damaged. the cause remains under investigation. cal fire is gearing up for
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a rough fire season. it's been hiring and training seasonal crews since january. the drought has set the stage for a busy summer and this year it has responded to more than double the number of fires on average. fire season will start on monday for northern california, that's a month early. more details on how to protect your home. keep 100 feet of defensible space around the house. clear brush from the house, roof and gutters. and only use power equipment before 10:00 in the morning. single and rich. that's the story of a retired san diego county truck driver that won $3 million playing the lottery. kevin shelled out five bucks for a scratchers ticket. he says he couldn't believe it and saw the life symbol staring
12:02 am
at him. he knows just what he's going to do with the cash. first i'm going to get a cash and payoff my car i bought. my phone has not stopped ringing. i'm single now, i'm see what happens. >> he won't be spending all the winnings at once. he went for the annuity option. he will get $25,000 a week for 25 years. one more deer to experience the thunder over -- day to experience the thunder over the airshow. this weekend open house at travis air force base features a skydiving show by the diving knights. gates open at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. would you like to do that. i'm a big chicken. no way. drawing a big crowd, the giveaway that brought hundreds to the bay area comic
12:03 am
bookstores. >> the cooling kicked in today. mark will let you know if that trend continues tomorrow. plus when showers may approach the bay area. >> get the news to go on the
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. this is what it looks like when a tonight hit -- tornado hit. this is from inside a mississippi car dealership showing the force of a tornado that struck on monday. a dozen people inside. one telling a friend he could see the walls moving in and out. windows exploded and flying sheet metal was all over the
12:06 am
building. the good news, nobody was hurt. hard to believe when you see video like that no one was injured. >> little cooler than it has been. let's check in to find out what tomorrow will be like. a couple days ago temperature in the 80s and tonights -- 90s. the cooldown is here for the next few days. look at the temperature from this afternoon. lots of 60s for san francisco and oakland. widespread low 70s for santa rosa, livermore and morgan hill. this is the satellite loop over the past six hours, a few high clouds and the high clouds approaching the south bay. the low clouds and fog surging into the bay. wind speeds they pick up. they are a factor gusting at 28 miles an hour at fairfield, oakland winds out of the west
12:07 am
at 21 miles an hour. sfo winds gust at 23 miles an hour, that's sustain at 21 miles an hour. breezy for tonight. mainly in the 50s for santa rosa, san jose checking in 77 degrees. the forecast tomorrow, not much change, if you can't see temperature by 4:00 maxing at on the 70 degrees. for tonight we have this, partly cloudy conditions, fog redeveloping and a bit of a breeze. we have a few high clouds. for tomorrow morning overcast. temperature in the 60s and 70s. extended dry weather pattern. we have changes to talk about. overnight lows tomorrow mornings, widespread low 50s, the fog coast side into the bay and partly cloudy skies well
12:08 am
inland. here's the overall weather pattern. this is the cool weather system we're tracking sunday. a bit of a breeze out there. winds 15 to 25 miles an hour. into monday a band of showers approaching northern california. the bulk of the shower activity should be around ukiah and points to the north. there's a chance we could have a few sprinkles approach parts of the bay area. here's the updated forecast model. all the clouds tomorrow morning and drizzle. we'll take this into monday. look at the cloud cover, look at the shower activity to the north. we could have sprinkles in the north bay. look at monday, a few sprinkleds -- sprinkles to the south as well. forecast times for tomorrow, lots of 70s, once again the wind speeds pick up into the
12:09 am
afternoon hours. oakland 67, san jose 70 and san francisco 72 degrees. monday the coolest day of the week with crowd cover, a slight chance of a few sprinkles and the temperature trend up tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we'll keep an eye on the monday system. we could add a few sprinkles. want to show you a live look at fans in san jose watching the final seconds of the warriors and clippers battling it out in game 7 of the nba playoff series. just a few seconds and warriors down by a couple points. we'll go to fred and have a live report when the game is over. a 10-year-old blind girl from fresno is resting up before she takes part in a triathlon, she will have a guide help her.
12:10 am
her father says it blows his mind what she's able to accomplish. she's confident she will do fine. >> i probably will kick some butts, i've been running on the treadmill a lot, swim i think, i went bicycling over my vacation. >> her ultimate dream is to compete in the paralympics. >> some freebie fun for comic book lovers. >> today in case you didn't know was free comic book day. it means free comic books for anyone who wants one. the owner of berkeley fantastic comics says he's been participating for three years, more people showing up each year. today when our camera went by there was a long line of people waiting to get inside.
12:11 am
original lyrics for "like a rolling stone" is expected to be sold for a million dollars. perhaps 2 million. the lyrics are in pencil on four pages of hotel stationary, it's the only surviving draft to the words of the song. the owner is a complete unknown except he lives in california and bought the papers from the rockstar. the auction will take place next month. get your wallet ready. >> if i could only afford it. coming up next, we're live in los angeles. in los angeles. >> game 7 wrapping sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this?
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good evening, welcome to saturday night edition of sports wrap. it was everything you would expect an nba 7th and final game to be. it's in the final seconds but it appears the warriors are not moving on and the clippers are. the warriors and clippers slugging it out tonight. the 7th time in franchise history the warriors have been in a 7th and deciding game. the warriors came out firing. iguodala taking advantage during a turnover, green came out hot. three of his 13 points in the first half. that put the warriors up by 12. he fouls crawford from beyond the arc. crawford converts a four-point
12:15 am
play. green headed to the bench. curry is fouled by barnes. the warriors headed to half in front by eight. but the 3rd quarter was all clippers, reddick hits a three, part of a 13-3 run and the clippers have their first lead of the game. warriors battle back in the fourth quarter. iguodala hits the three. golden state by a point. 4:30 left. this was a pivotal moment. jordan blocks him, it's reddick to griffin on the lob. the clipper lead is three. the warrior years need a stop. griffin getting the hoop, plus the foul. the warriors down five after griffin missed that free throws, they come up short in this 7th game. 126-121 now the final as the warriors make the playoffs for 2 straight years but come up short this year. we'll have more later in sports wrap. next up for the clippers is a
12:16 am
quick turnaround, oklahoma city, not many do, memphis did not have an answer for the thunder, durant, 2nd quarter and memphis is up by 2. not after this three by durant. oklahoma never trailed again. the thunder stretched it out the rest of the way. westbrook with a pass to butler. the thunder wins in seven and will host the clippers on monday. >> another game 7 series in indianapolis the pacers trying to salvage their dig netty against -- dignity against atlanta. paul george with 30 points. george with the long pass to stevenson, pacers are not the sixth top seed to lose to a number 8. they stave off elimination and win 92-80 and the series and bird breathing a sigh of relief.
12:17 am
the giants on a 10-game road trip. tonight a tribute to the negro league. tim lincecum brought out the lineup card and he's seen old pictures of the way old timers are built. last year the giants suffered 40 a power shortage in the lineup. brandon belt leading off the second. that's number 8 of the year, a 1-0 game. after the braves have tied the game in the 3rd. buster posey leading off the fourth. the giants back in front 2-1. michael morse leading off the seventh. that's an addition that's been felt in the giants lineup. eight on the year for morse, a 3-1 lead. giants got only 4 hits, this was pitching and defense, crawford retires simmons and ends the game. vogelsong first win of the
12:18 am
year. romo picking up his ninth save. the giants will go for the series sweep tomorrow. the a's ran into a bad combination in boston. they faced a pitcher with a career game. the sacred grounds of fenway park. that went away for the a's in this one. jonny gomes pitching the 1st inning. that's over the 18 monster -- green monster. the pitching efforts of jon lester it's a long day. 15 strikeouts for lester. trailing 6-0, the a's made noise in the 9th. lowrey drives in punto with the first oakland run. then when the goal throw gets away. crisp sprints in from third. got the tying run to the plate.
12:19 am
uehara gets moss to end it. the a's will try not to get swept tomorrow. two bay area schools going for ncaa championships. we'll tell you about that when sports between you and me, they're, they're strange creatures. they are. they don't think like you and i. you know it. they just, they ignore us. totally. it's like we're only here to serve them. yeah, that's what i been saying. but then they turn around and fill you up with chevron with techron. i guess we're doing something right. yeah but, come on, humans? humans are weird. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. and what's up with the cat? [ laughter ]
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[ laughter ] got my eye on him.
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. as we told you the warriors have their season ended by the clippers losing in the 7th game 126-121. fred is live in los angeles with reaction. fred? >> you can see starting to filter out. there was a lot of excitement
12:23 am
as the clippers were desperate to advance, you have to remember this is a very big night for them. they were 7 point favorites coming in here. the warriors just did so much so early to dictate the tempo. they had seven players in double figures. six players in double figures for the clippers, when blake griffin came out in the last of the game it was ugly, and flukish, showing why he's a superstar coming through with play after play in the clutch and closing it out. 126-121. the warriors have nothing to be sad about here. this was a great game with great plays. 18 turnovers, it seems like it's their nemesis when they lose games 18-13 turnovers for the clippers, they played here
12:24 am
hearts out. jermaine o'neal only played 3 minutes. green, and crawford coming off the bench and scoring so well and fluid. it was a game for any team to decide and down the stretch it was blake griffin making crazy shots that sends them to oklahoma city. >> i think you're right. you can't argue with the heart of the war wears -- warriors or their heart. but the clippers are moving on and the warriors season is over, more times than not california bred horses have been a disappointment in the kentucky derby, that was not true today. california chrome was a 2-1 favorite with victorespinosa aboard. california chrome broke cleanly from the 5 spot.
12:25 am
[no audio] teams played 40 years ago when they were members of the north america soccer league. they are in stoppage time. 3-2 on the goal by chris wond loss key -- wond loss ski. they are 1-3-3. when it comes to ncaa rugby championship.
12:26 am
you think that the university of california. for the last two years brigham young has given the bears fits. the varsity cup national championship. andrew breaks loose for to try. that brings cal within two. but the bears got no closer. they lose the ball on a scrum and luke runs into the open field, splitting the defense. the cougars are in front 27-19. cal the perennial champion loses to the cougars for the second year in a row. the stanford mens volleyball team at loyola after chicago. this cannot turnout well for the cardinal. down 2-1. to serve is long, loyola has a 25-15 win. taking the match 3-1. the first
12:27 am
national championship for the ramblers. floyd may weather junior against may cana. mayweather won, mayweather 46-0 in his 16 year pro career. no rest for the kings, in the opening series against the ducks, in the final seconds of the 3rd period. kings down 2-1. they pull quick, gaborik with seven seconds left. they go to overtime. you know how this ends. kopitar reconvicted and two -- reconvicted. the kings take the opener against anaheim. in the east the bruins beat the canadiens. that's it for saturday night edition of sports wrap. too bad for the warriors.
12:28 am
you can't take it away from the clippers. >> thanks joe. >> and thank you for
12:29 am
12:30 am
>> on today's show, an actress who followed her own advice. plus south america's number one female mc and later, the trainer behind some of the best latino boxers in the sport. all this only on "american latino tv." >> ♪ upside your head get inside yourself then you're over there and tse yourself ♪ [captioning mad possible by latv] hey, guys, i'm valery and you're watching "american latino tv," celebrating american latino pride. andod


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