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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 7, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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an outpouring of emotion tonight for a bay area teenager who was killed in a crash just weeks before her graduation. >> she had a giggle that would light up the room, and a smile that went with it. >> good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. tears and grief filled the campus of a high school tonight as a large crowd said goodbye to a young girl just a few weeks shy of her graduation. this all comes after a crash last night claimed the teen's life, while her best friend was
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behind the wheel. authorities say the driver lost control along yano road. live with the emotional goodbye. >> reporter: julie, it was indeed emotional. a sad day that stretched into the night here at rancho catadi high. a special vigil for the 17-year- old, as you said, killed just weeks shy of her graduation. when school officials said that tonight's ceremony was her graduation ceremony. on what they call the senior stage tonight, an emotional memorial to a senior who will never walk across the graduation stage. >> i thought i was tough until i came in this morning, and it's not easy.
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>> reporter: shop teacher john rossy describes 17-year-old ashley carlson as a selfless teen, always willing to help others. like everyone here, he is stunned by her death. >> i don't look at them as students, i look at them as my children, and i lost one of them today. >> reporter: her heartbroken mother comforted by the crowd was too shaken to say much else publicly. carlson's long time boyfriend shared his memory. >> goofy. >> reporter: smiling briefly when he talked about their relationship, and the first day they met. >> her smile which i saw all the way across the classroom. >> you remember it that first day. >> yeah. she looked back and smiled at me, and then waved goodbye. i saw her smile. >> reporter: that smile, his first, and sadly, his last memory.
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now here at rancho catadi high, that memorial wrapped up 30 minutes ago, while it is extremely difficult for a school to open up its campus just a day after a tragedy, this is almost too much for this school to bear. one student killed, two others injured when a drive home took a devastating turn. the chp says that speed was the main factor in that deadly rollover crash last night. >> speed is the thing that is going to kill you in a crash. you need to slow down, avoid going over the speed limits. >> the speed limit is 45 miles per hour, but neighbors say people often fly down the road. the chp estimates that the driver was going 50 to 55 miles an hour. that may not sound like a lot over the speed limit, but the
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chp says even going a little faster on such a bumpy road is very dangerous. according to recent cdc data, the death rate among male drivers and passengers age 16 to 19 is twice as high as that of their female counterparts. the cdc also says the risk goes up when teenagers drive with other teenagers, and the risk goes up further with each additional passenger. the risk of crash is particularly high among teens who have just gotten their license. a fire is thought to have started at a homeless encampment. smoke from the fire slowed traffic on highway 80. the university avenue offramp was briefly closed. a homeless man had to be rescued by being pulled through a fence. he suffered only minor injuries. the fire was under control within about 20 minutes. a live noise, and a man
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seen running triggered a lockdown this afternoon at san francisco general hospital. to one person it sounded like a gunshot, but it turned out to be a false alarm. san francisco police responded in force, and the hospital ordered everyone to shelter in place. it happened about 12:45 this afternoon. a search turned up nothing, and no one was hurt. the all clear was given about an hour later. developing news now, where a second threat against a school in less than a week has prompt the heightened police presence at all schools in one east bay town. danville police say they will be on school campuses throughout the town tomorrow after graffiti was found containing a threatening message. ktvu's ken pritchett is live from baldwin elementary school, which was the target of this latest threat. >> reporter: the principal here at baldwin put a letter out, or sent a letter out, informing them about graffiti found on the campus, on a wall that contained a threat to harm people. it's apparently a copycat of
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one of several copycats of messages. one that was originally found near charlottewood middle school last week. the question is, is this threat real? is it genuine? of that, there is no proof. but police are taking it seriously. tonight after a little league game at charlotte middle school, we found several parents who heard about it. steve lincoln says the kids are talking about it. >> some mild concern. it sounds like it could be just a prank, or something more serious. >> reporter: it is a message found painted on this creek rock. charlotte wood principal sent out this letter to parents saying what it read. quote, i will kill five people on 5-8-14. the message made no reference to the school or students. >> we received some additional threats that were either
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painted, or markerred on walls at other locations. >> reporter: danville police lieutenant says officers will be patrolling on and around all campuses tomorrow, but there is no indication that the threats are real. >> to be honest it doesn't matter whether we think it's legitimate or not. we're still going to take appropriate action to ensure kids are safe. >> reporter: he says he has heard from parents and said they should make an appropriate decision about whether to send their children to class. >> there are rumors going on among the students that sort of feed on themselves. i think we're pretty comfortable with the precautions taken so far. >> reporter: police say they are focused on the investigation into who originally spray painted that message on the rock, getting essentially this whole thing started. they are asking for the public's help with any information. in danville, ken pritchett,
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ktvu, channel 2 news. a real estate developer who was facing legal trouble was identified today as the person found dead inside a car that plunged down a ravine in marin county. the body was found yesterday at the bottom of a cliff off shore line highway. video shows crews removing the car. family members reported madjilessi missing on sunday when he didn't come home from a ride to stinson beach. one of the east bay's hottest economic regions is facing belt tightening tonight. walnut creek appears to be quite affluent, but city leaders say they have to close a $4.5 million budget gap, so park maintenance is being cut, and the new library will have its hours cut by more than 20%.
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people we talked to were not happy. >> i'm wondering why they're spending more on trying to attract businesses than they are on the people who lived here. >> the budget totals $148 million for two years. new at 10:00, those looking to leave the bay area's biggest city had a chance tonight to square off. the june primary is underway. ktvu was at that debate. live now at san jose city hall. >> reporter: all of these candidates are fighting to replace two term mayor chuck reed here at city hall. but only one of them will be chosen. tonight members only had one question. how will the next mayor close housing needs in the nation's tenth largest city.
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they wasted no time getting into what undecided voters want to hear. >> i know there is not much affordable housing. my housekeeper had very difficult time finding affordable housing. >> reporter: four current city council members and a santa clara board of supervisor weighing in on the housing dilemma. >> i think there's solutions coming down from the state. multibillion dollar solutions to replace the loss of development agencies. >> reporter: two candidates backing a housing impact fee for new developers coming to san jose. >> we have an issue coming up in front of the city council which is the housing impact fee. i'm a big proponent of that. >> reporter: another candidate on a county wide tax. >> residents are inclined to tax themselves to pay for the general benefit of low income housing, i think that's a
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benefit the residents should vote on. >> i support making sure that we don't convert mobile home communities, for example, we would lose more affordable housing stock. i support that. >> reporter: this comes as apartment rents in san jose have increased 30% in the last three years. the average rental more than $2,000 a month. sacred heart community service, hosted today's event. a man killed, and now his shooter is walking free. the reason police say they had to let him go. >> i don't understand how they could have let a man out with no consequence. >> coming up, i'll break down your chances for a damp morning, and see my interview with president obama as he ad posturepedic
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with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ tonight we're learning more about that mountain lion that forced police to close down an apartment complex last night. that mountain lion was wearing a tracking collar. >> reporter: technology make it is possible for researchers to track mountain lions with remarkable precision. that includes a young male puma
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spotted in mountain view and was finally tranquilized and released in the mountains outside the city. the mountain view lion is also known as 46n. researchers say they collared him back in january. the cat stayed with its mother in the santa cruz county area, up until a few weeks ago, when he ventured out on his own. >> a couple of nights ago, he got up to the los altos hills. >> reporter: researchers believe the cat crossed 280, getting into mountain view. >> he wandered into the los altos hills, and downtown mountain view. at that point in time, he's trying to get out. but he doesn't necessarily know which way is out. >> reporter: he largely avoided human contact. >> we can see at about 2:00 p.m., he makes a run for it and he goes over to this building. >> reporter: pumas are most
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active at night. >> the average person is probably never going to see a mountain lion in the wild in their lifetime. >> reporter: this is video of 46m on top of a cage when his brother was captured last year. researchers plan to keep an eye on his movements hoping he doesn't end up in an urban territory like this again. the santa cruz puma project is currently tracking about 13 mountain lions with gps collars that they can download data from remotely. one of two teenagers accused of killing a classmate for the thrill of it was convicted of murder today. this is video of jay williams at 15 years old, when covered his first court appearance. he was tried as an adult, and could face life in prison. another young man accused in the crime randy thompson will face a separate trial in july.
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making sure young people in oakland have a safe way to get to and from activities. a 13-year-old was shot and killed walking home from the boys and girls club on new year's eve. >> it's kind of like a spirit on wheels to us. his memory is going to go on. it's go to help other kids just like lee. lee wasn't a bad kid. he was a great kid. but there's other kids likely put in situations like that. >> the goal was to raise enough money in time for graduation to honor him. an important advisory for drivers. starting on sunday, the last exit in san francisco before the golden gate bridge is temporarily being moved. if you're not careful, you could miss it, and then be forced to cross the bridge.
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it's all part of the doyle drive retrofit project. early sunday morning, the familiar last exit just before the bridge is going to be shut down. as this animation shows, the final off ramp will now be about 1,000 feet south at merchant road. people who miss it will have to make the trip across the bridge to marin, and then turn around, and pay $7 to get back into the city. >> $7. oh, man, that's way too much. way too much. >> the temporary alignment will last for about a month while crews add safety shoulders and landscaping near the toll plaza. now to california's drought and the action needed now to reverse the effects of climate change. >> the threat outlined in a new report, more flooding, more wildfires, and longer droughts. our chief meteorologist bill martin was one of only a few meteorologists allowed to interview president obama about this. he's here now with the interview. >> i sat in on closed door
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briefings on this report. clearly, president obama is putting climate change at the top of his agenda. we focused primarily on the bay area. >> mr. president, thank you for having me. >> reporter: after that quick greeting, following a full day of briefings, i asked president obama about our drought. >> the history of water in california obviously has always been complicated. here's what we know. if we use water more wisely, if we make sure that we are dealing with climate change in a serious way, then this is a problem that is manageable. if we don't, then we're going to have significant problems. economically and environmentally. >> reporter: the president views solutions to drought conditions, which are predicting to worsen in the government report in two parts. short term, and long term. i wanted to know his thoughts on governor brown relaxing
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water quality standards, because of the reducing supplies. >> what's happened is, in the short term, we've worked closely with the state regulators to find ways to loosen up some of the regulations in order to deal with an emergency situation. but that's not a long term solution, and governor brown understands that. we understand that. >> reporter: the president told me he is hoping for collaboration, and admits financial investment may be necessary. >> we're going to have to think much more systematically about how water is used. and that involves not just california, we're going to have to have conversations between california, colorado, utah, nevada, all of those western states are going to have to be in a conversation. some of it may require new infrastructure, but if we continue to see a situation in which, you know, the sierra nevadas aren't getting water, the rockies aren't getting water, you're not seeing the
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same kinds of snowpacks, or when precipitation does come, it comes much more quickly, which means that it dissipates more quickly, in those situations, we're going to have greater and greater water scarcity, and that's going to have an economic impact, because so much of california's economy depends on water. >> reporter: president obama calls climate change one of the defining issues of our generation. we're going to put more detailed information on right now, we're going to talk a little more about our weather. we've got a system offshore that's going to bring us a few more clouds, and maybe a sprinkle tomorrow. a little bit of shower activity, it's not going to be much, but it's going to get in here tomorrow morning perhaps, and we could see sprinkle, or drizzle right along the coast or the bay. as we go into 4:00 a.m., it clouds up. the clouds thicken up. that's most of the day tomorrow. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy.
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there it is. 8:00a.m., a little something going on there. this is drizzle at best. then you've got more showers, maybe drizzle. that's about lunchtime. when i come back, i'll roll this all the way through. things start to warm up into the bay area weekend. mother's day weekend. i'll show you just how warm. i think you'll be surprised. we'll see you right back here after the break. a change in tune. the tech giant now offering its support as two new efforts are being launched to require kill switches on smartphones. plus,
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♪ they just change boots.. that's why we made the all-new jeep cherokee. with an exclusive 9-speed transmission and 31 miles per gallon highway. so you can keep going. tonight new efforts at the state and local level to force cell phone makers to add so- called kill switches to their phones. it would allow cell phone users to remotely disable their
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phones if they're stolen, making them useless to thieves. supporters say momentum is growing now to make this feature standard. >> from smartphone to dumb phone. >> reporter: a few months ago, she got rid of her iphone. >> i had like three iphones stolen. >> reporter: no one's tried to steal that? >> no. >> reporter: bay area workers say cell phone robberies are no laughing matter. >> people are hurt, they're injured, they're hit. they're held at gun point. >> reporter: plans to introduce legislation that would require all cell phones and tablets sold in san francisco to have a kill switch. >> if we have a technology to make these worthless to a criminal, that's what i'd like to do. >> reporter: users who don't want it, would be able to opt-
11:25 pm
out. changes to the way customers opt-out of the kill switch is one of the reasons apple withdrew opposition to the bill. the trade group that represents the wireless communications industry sent us a statement saying we remain opposed to requiring kill switches on smartphones. the group says hackers would be able to circumvent the kill switch. saying even though apple is no longer opposing the bill, there is still no indication it will become law. >> they clearly spend a lot of money on their lobbying activities, as well as the campaign activities. they're very well connected, and active. >> reporter: the earliest we'd see the features in our phones is july 2015. the professional networking company linked in as big expansion plans for its home.
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plans are in the preliminary stages and approval processes could take some time. linked in says new building would bring in as many as 10,000 new jobs. the mayor of mountain view calls the plans exciting, and good for his city. another step forward today in the long, and controversial process of building california's high speed rail. at a meeting in fresno, the rail authority board approved the environmental report for a second section of the high speed rail system. it will stretch 114 miles from fresno to bakersfield, near existing railroad tracks. the board hopes construction can begin by the beginning of next year. raw emotion tonight as relatives of a bay area man killed by a neighbor say they want justice. >> how is it okay to let the man go with no consequences while my brother is dead? >> why his family says they are struggling with more than just grief.
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plus, a decision to trim some trees leaves
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plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ new at 10:00, a bay area family says they want justice. that after their loved one was shot and killed after he mistakenly tried to enter his neighbor's apartment. they were very emotional. ktvu's jana katsuyama was at that meeting. jana is in our newsroom now, with why they think guillermo's neighborhood should face criminal charges. >> reporter: the friends and relatives tell me that stephen was a gentle person, and would never have broken into the
11:30 pm
person's apartment. they told the police chief, the man who shot and killed him should have to face some consequences. >> i know whatever you do won't bring my brother back, but that won't stop me and stephen's friends from getting justice. >> reporter: she and nearly 20 others tonight, asked the police commission and greg suhr why the suspect in her brother's killing was released from jail yesterday. >> we feel for all of you, but there is a system. the district attorney has to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt within the laws of california. >> reporter: he was shot and killed about 1:40 a.m. on saturday, inside his apartment building in mission street. investigators say he entered the apartment of a 68-year-old man who said guillermo broke
11:31 pm
the knob off the door. friends say guillermo was working two jobs, attending san francisco state university, and was the sole bread winner of his family from the age of 18. >> imagine this. my mom is heartbroken. >> that night, i'm not sure what really going on, but for one fact, there's only one witness and we only hear one side of the story, which is the gunman. >> reporter: at the meeting tonight, police chief greg suhr told the family that they have the weapon used in this, and they will continue investigating. live in the newsroom, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. we talked to a law professor about this case. he said it could be tough to prosecute. california has something called
11:32 pm
a castle doctrine. >> there's a specific section which protects people, if they're in their own home, if they're in reasonable fear of danger, they have the right to defend themselves. >> it can be hard for a jury to decide whether the fear was unreasonable. healthcare workers are pushing contra costa county to keep a struggling east bay hospital open. as we first told you last night, voters rejected a parcel tax to keep doctor's medical center up and running. the hospital handles 2/3 of theambulance calls. hospital leaders are calling on county workers to take over the facility. they say if it closes, patient care will suffer, especially in emergencies. >> those people who need emergency services for stroke, heart attack, or traumas will not be able to make it to the
11:33 pm
hospitals. >> contra costa county supervisors say the county doesn't have the financial resources to take over a hospital that's losing almost $20 million a year. a threatening note at a cooking school shut down part of market street in san francisco this afternoon. police got a call just before 11:00 a.m., this morning, from the san francisco art institute culinary school where a bomb threat was found. officers evacuated the building, and shut down market street between 7th and 8th streets for about two hours. a bomb squad was called in, but san francisco police say no explosive device was found. san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick took to twitter today to respond to the 911 recordings of an incident at a hotel in miami that involved him and two other players, and a naked woman. miami police released recordings of two calls made last month. in one call, hotel security described the woman in a hotel room who was referring to herself as jesus. seattle seahawks player,
11:34 pm
ricardo locket is believed to have made the other call, reporting a naked woman who refused to leave a hotel suite. today, kaepernick tweeted on 911 calls, i'm glad the truth is getting out. info that came out earlier was totally wrong. i look forward to this matter being resolved. >> reporter: the united postal service is learning, even a simple tree trimming plan can spark criticism. dirty postal trucks can eventually lead to a bird rescue. >> reporter: five black crowned knight herrons are now housed at the international bird rescue center in fayfield. all of them ended up here after their habitat was disturbed by tree trimmers. >> we saw that they eat very well in captivity, so i don't foresee any problems, but fingers are always crossed until the day we release them. >> reporter: at 13th and owl
11:35 pm
streets, the post office trimmed some trees. the concern was a colony of herrons defecating on the trucks below. >> they only nest once a year. so once those babies are gone, that's it. it's really a tragedy. >> reporter: but in cutting the trees, at least five juvenile birds were knocked to the ground. >> it's a violation of federal law. nesting birds are protected under federal law migrant bird treaty act. >> reporter: the postal service said by phone, we did not kill anything, end quote. >> be really cautious and if at all possible, trim the trees in the fall and winter months when the animals aren't nesting. >> reporter: the contractor said they were likely scared out of the trees by the
11:36 pm
chainsaw, and that he's eager to pay for their relocation. a two day conference that wrapped up today has some people asking if oakland may be the next high-tech hub. about 900 people attended the conference. the event had been held in san francisco for the past four years. the number of high-tech jobs in oakland has increased 25% over the past three years, as city officials actively work to put oakland on the tech industry radar. >> it has a great community here for today's generation of entrepreneurs. young, hip, cool, desiring affordable housing. >> tech companies say they find oakland more attractive because the costs are far lower than san francisco, and housing is more affordable. more than 100 bay area children and their families may lose their homes in a wealthy community. find out how they're fighting back, and what happens next. incoming clouds increase the chances for some drizzle.
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the areas expecting a gray morning commute, and when sunshine breaks through again. >> after the break. >> these
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here, like this. and then cover the papi. announcer: the moment babies are born, their brains are forming the connections that determine how they learn...think...and grow. in the sky. [ babbles ]
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talk and read to your children from day one. this is tomato soup. announcer: their brains are actually developing with your every word. it's free, easy, and something you can do anytime. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at we are getting an up close look at the power of last week's tornadoes in the south. this video of one tornado as it struck 9 days ago. powerful winds knocked down a row of trees next to the playground like toys. remarkably, only one death was linked to the storm in tupelo, which also caused millions of dollars in damage. president obama toured the devastation in arkansas, and tonight he is in southern
11:40 pm
california. he attended a party at the home of allen horn. also, he received a humanitarian award presented by steven spielberg's foundation. on friday, he will give a speech on energy efficiency in mountain view. an extremist group in nigeria is now accused of a new disaster. authorities say boka horan accused of setting fire to shops. earlier today, he threatened to sell the 270 girls as slaves. went to the nigerian embassy in washington, d.c. today to demand those girls be returned to their families.
11:41 pm
>> these are crimes committed against humanity. these crimes against humanity must stop. >> first lady michelle obama joined the calls. this is a picture of her holding a sign saying bring back our girls. the latest announcement by russian president vladimir putin may be an attempt to ease the crisis. he ordered russian troops to pull back. some 40,000 stations have been poised there for weeks. but the pentagon says it has seen no evidence of a pull back. he said presidential elections in ukraine on may 25 are a step in the right direction. palo alto based tesla reported a 1st quarter loss of $50 million. tesla also said it built a record 7500 model s sedans, and delivered about 6400 of them to customers. some of the losses came from the increasing cost of making the new model x crossover. those costs have reportedly
11:42 pm
gone up significantly. another cost was the safety equipment added to the model s after two battery fires in the united states. in after hours trading, shares fell 7% following that announcement. families fighting back. new at 10:00, why more than 100 bay area families may lose their home. >> tracking the chance of showers just in time for the start of your day. >> up first, traffic on ♪ ♪
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thank you! thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. chase. so you can. check this out, traffic came to stand still on highway 50 yesterday afternoon, officers chased the dog for about 10 minutes. as you see there, that dog was
11:45 pm
a little too quick for them and they never ended up catching it. the dog finally ran away to a neighborhood in downtown sacramento. more than 100 bay area kids and their families rallied tonight in an effort to save their homes. amber lee joins us live in palo alto, where she spoke with homeowners about the steps they're taking to try to stay in their homes. >> reporter: we're at palo alto's only mobile home park. some tell me, this is among the few affordable places they can live. but the property owners plan to sell. palo alto is a bastion of wealth. >> i like that it's clean, and that i can walk to a lot of places around here. >> reporter: this 11-year-old is among the 129 children who may lose their homes a short
11:46 pm
distance away. >> they're holding signs along with their families this evening. fighting to keep the owners of buena vista mobile home park from selling the property. >> it's getting harder for low income families like us to survive in this area right now. >> i'm kind of scared because i don't want to move my friends. and most of my family lives around here. >> reporter: erica group up around here and says her family's mobile home is modest, but it's all they know. next week, there will be a three day legal hearing. >> lots of anxiety, stress, and emotion. >> reporter: the 88-year-old park is owned by a south bay family. city officials say the family wants to sell the park to a development company. residents tell us the plan is to build 180 apartments. but the owners compensation offer isn't enough for them to
11:47 pm
relocate in the bay area. >> we want justice, and don't want charity. >> reporter: family members say it's important they stay in palo alto, where public schools are good. >> i really want to go to truman, and then go to high school, and then see if i can go to stanford. >> do you know what you want to be? >> i want to be a teacher. >> reporter: the residents plan to rally next monday evening before the start of the hearing. whatever the outcome, the decision can be appealed. live in palo alto, amber lee. clay aiken holds a slim lead for the congressional seat in north carolina. he has 359 more votes than his opponent. he needs 40% of the vote to avoid a runoff, and currently
11:48 pm
has 40.8%. the newest edition of the san francisco zoo made his debut today. the red panda is about the size of a house cat. looks more like a raccoon than a panda bear. it is named after the famous tanze norgai. they are an endangered species. it will be at a new exhibit called the red panda treehouse starting monday. along the coast, it was just 58 degrees in pacifica. these are the official national weather service highs today. 7 # in livermore. 73 in antioch. temperatures tomorrow, they're going to look just like these. thursday, in terms of temperatures, what's going to be different tomorrow is you're going to see more cloud cover. there's green showing up too. there's the radar picking up showers north of here. we've got a little shower
11:49 pm
activity here as well. at least the radar is showing it. i'm not seeing anything hitting the ground, but this type of activity will continue throughout the evening hours, and bring us a pretty good chance for a light sprinkle, and drizzle kind of event as we head into tomorrow morning. and late tonight. here comes that system. this is what's going to trigger the chance of drizzle, and increase the clouds. tomorrow is going to be mostly cloudy, and partly cloudy. as we head into the bay area weekend, things really start to warm up, as that low moves out, and the winds kick up. by saturday and sunday, temperatures really start to warm up. overnight lows, mid-40s, mid- 50s, something like that. some areas could get down into the low 40s. forecast model for tomorrow morning, there you are at 7:00 a.m. that's not rain, that's not a big deal. more drizzle at 4:00 p.m. it kind of hangs on. forecast highs, 71 in concord.
11:50 pm
73 in pittsburgh. 66 in oakland. temperatures tomorrow a lot like today. a lot like today. the warm up starts on friday afternoon. a little bit, and as we head into saturday and sunday, you'll notice a much more significant warm up. you see it here in the five-day forecast. a slight chance of a shower, but very slight. if we got one, it would be barely measurable. friday, clearing. a little warmer in some places, there it is. saturday and sunday, temperatures come up. mother's day, beautiful on the weekend. monday is going to be hot. temperatures get into the low 90s again. so nice weather pattern around here. really, interesting day yesterday. just flew in this morning, washington, d.c., this time of year beautiful. being at the white house all day, just a treat. when you see it with your own eyes, it's pretty amazing. >> the president is going to be in here, could have hitched a ride on air force one. joe is here now with sports. a rare double header. >> lots of baseball to talk about, because of that grounds
11:51 pm
keeping incident back in the first week of the season. they played two today. striking out michael saunders. robinson cano, and john buck. he gave up just 2 hits in 5 shutout innings. the a's grabbed a 1-0 lead in the 3rd. then added another run in the 4th. that's home run number 6 on the year for cespedes. two relievers combined for the shutout, which got the a's, a split for the day. the a's came up short in extra innings game 1. seattle leading 1-0 in the 4th. coco crisp is after it. he'll get there, but paid the price. crisp stayed down before slowly coming off the field. he left the game, and did not play in the nightcap. the back and forth game went to the 10th, tied at 4. with two outs and runners on the corners, justin smoak hit an
11:52 pm
infield chopper off of barton. the mariners got one more for a 6-4 win. the split keeps them in first play by two games over seattle. the giants headed to pittsburgh, and have lost two straight tough games. tim lincecum on the mound. having trouble finding the strike zone in the first 2 innings. when he did find it, the pirates hit him. chris stewart, and gerrit cole both score. it was 4-1 when the giants batted in the 5th. with two outs, hitting one to the wall. pablo sandoval will score easily. hunter pence, will slide in safely, but belt is thrown out, trying to go to third. belt had hit a home run in the 1st, he drives in the giants only runs of the day, as they come up short to 4-3. now it's onto l.a. for the first of four tomorrow. you can come home and be honored by your home.
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for mother's day weekend two pounds of driscoll's strawberries are just $3.99 moms love tulips. they're just $5.99 a bunch. and brew up starbucks for only $6.99. there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. five new inductees were introduced tonight in the bay area hall of fame class of 2014. jim hines, bob lattiser, tony la russa, former san francisco giants owner bob lurey, and owen nolan. for everyone, it was a time to reflect. >> as an athlete, all you can ask for from your fan base is to be loud, supportive, and be faithful. and you guys have always been
11:57 pm
there, and still continue to be. it was an absolute pleasure to play in front of you guys. >> 100% serious, i refuse to accept that on a personal basis. i'm not a player, nor remind me how bad of a player i was. but i do gratefully accept it for the organization, which is the oakland a's. nba playoff action tonight. indiana, 4 points better than the wizards. oklahoma city rolled over the clippers. richard sherman has sign add four year contract extense in seattle, that makes him the highest paid corner in the history of the league. >> can hear everybody going ooh. >> michael crabtree going ugh. thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. >> our next newscast, ktvu morning news at 4:30 a.m., and if you missed any part of tonight's newscast, catch the rebroadcast, starting in just a few minutes on tv36.
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mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> today on "tmz" -- >> kim and kanye met their match. they were interviewed by this guy. all i know he is dug deep. >> andre leon talley, he does nasal maintenance. very quick nasal maintenance. starts to cut kanye's outfit and then hugs kim good-bye. >> how does kim not notice? >> she was looking away to kanye. also, i'm never getting into new york city fashion week because of you guys. >> i don't think that's the only reason. >> adriana lima. she's doing a fashion shoot and they're directing her back to the trailer. turning the corner and she slams right into their


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