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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for some great videos and the stories behind them, "right this minute." >> a racially charged scene on a brooklyn bus has people furious. but now, there's speculation -- >> that this video is not real. >> see the clues that may point to one weird hoax. >> don't put your hands on me. >> an australian skier comes across a scary ski. >> two skis and no person. >> how one tough dude buried alive thanks the guy who saved him. >> when three dogs interrupt the game, one soccer player is
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furious. >> he goes after one of the dogs. >> see the gutsy ball boy who's he being hailed a hero. >> how to win an ipad mini. remember the homeless lottery winner with a big heart? >> i want to share it. >> good karma is paying off with -- >> a home he can call his own. >> the story behind one amazing surprise. i have a video that's upsetting a lot of different people and causing quite a discussion on-line. you're about to see why. >> [ inaudible ]. to the back of the bus. [ inaudible ]. >> the uploader put the captions up. you can tell this is becoming a racially charged discussion. >> this guy -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> the video picks up and we get a look at the people on this bus. >> people are not happy about
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this guy and what he's saying to this passenger. >> you in brooklyn. [ inaudible ]. >> is he delusional? having some sort of mental or medication breakdown? that's how ridiculous it is? >> might i point out, i think he's the only white person on the bus. >> [ inaudible ]. >> where did this video come from? >> there is speculation on-line that this video is not real. now we have done our "right this minute" detective work. the first article we found was posted on all this video was initially posted on the miss muffin prank youtube channel. >> oh. >> you guys remember miss muffin prank the woman behind that youtube channel zeda has posted strange prank videos. we featured one on our show
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where she pretended to give birth on the boardwalk. it goes further. beyond that. people who are known friends of her claim to be on the bus. we even see one of them, one of them being cashew washington, a dancer and a known friend of zeda. another people who people say is in the video ty nice, said to be her boyfriend. zeda on her facebook page claims this video was real. >> she claimed that about her other videos too. >> i'm glad it's not real. >> we reached out to the brooklyn police department. they didn't know anything about this incident. [ inaudible ]. this is definitely one of those right place at the right time twist of fate kind of moments that actually saved a guy's life. watch this. australian skier on the slopes in japan. this video from back in february of this year. parts trending now. as he's skiing along, look at that. big crack in the snow. >> look at that crack.
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>> then he goes ahead a little bit and notices a spot where the snow has gone down the hill, a safer spot to ski. skis the avalanche path down this mountain. making for good video. eventually he comes upon this. >> those are skis? >> yeah. >> somebody's skis, two skis and no person. where is the person? that's the question. look down here. those are people he notices and this is the craziest part. this was the moment his memory died on his camera. >> oh. >> this is the moment he couldn't continue filming. as he goes down to assist the video ends. guess what? somebody else had a camera rolling and we've got that video. this one just posted to the web this week. this was the guy who those skis belonged to. >> wow. >> he's buried in three feet of snow for 20 minutes. he's a 65-year-old man named grant. figure out where this guy was and able to get his head out of the snow first. this is the most interesting
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part right here when the guy asks -- >> where are you guys from. >> that's the guy that's buried. >> american, canadian. >> are you all right? >> you hear somebody say, you are one lucky man. watch. >> here we go. >> just as simple as that, pulls himself up. you can see he completely dislodged from all this mass amount of snow. >> [ bleep ] man. i cannot believe you survived without any injuries. >> look what the guy does. >> good job. >> thanks. >> oliver. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thanks them, obviously, for what they did because really, i mean, they saved his life for sure. >> that's one classy dude. >> flames bursting in front of the house in british columbia. neighbors standing around. you see a couple firefighters doing their best to get this thing under control. firefighters are having
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difficulty getting everything set up to begin attacking. once they finally get the lines charged, they start spraying some water here and immediately knocks things down. now that line is charged the firefighter turned around and see at the bottom of the street the line is kinked, wasn't spread out. not getting the pressure he wants. the interesting thing about this fire happens right about here. the firefighters are struggling with the big yellow hydrant line to bring water, they need more help and it's not there. so watch the guy with the hose, he's the chief. turn around and yell to the bystanders. >> hey. can you give us a hand? >> they're requesting help from the public. >> what can we do? they start pulling the hose, straightening the hose out and lending the firefighters a hand. seems like a cool thing to do, but it's raising some eyebrows in this community, especially with the firefighters union saying look, this is putting the public at a risk. it's also putting firefighters at a risk and this wouldn't
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happen if it wasn't for budget cuts that happened back in december. causing firefighters to respond with just two people instead of four and leaving volunteers to fill in the gaps. >> you're glad to see the people did lend a hand and help out, but they shouldn't have to. ♪ hey, everybody. we're end of the week here with another ipad mini giveaway. >> you need the buzzword and a twitter account. if you don't have a twitter account don't worry, easy to create one. the buzzword is coming up in a ril bit. you have to be 18 years old and a u.s. resident to enter. >> the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway is coming up in a little bit. soccer fields aren't just for the enjoyment of soccer players and fans. three stray dogs somehow managed to get themselves on the soccer
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field in bolivia as the actual game washappening. >> oh, ty're juspl not care les there's a game going on. they've got their own game going. >> it's awesome. of course, some people didn't like it, especially this player right here. he goes after one of the dogs. manhandles it. the dog is like huh-uh. this video is getting a lot of attention because of the actions of this ball boy here. >> he starts fighting the guy off. he's trying to protect the dog. >> the ball boy turns around, notices what's happening, runs back, taps him in the back, says something to him and then the player is really upset and everybody is saying that kid is cool. >> yeah, he is. >> the player sort of looks like a jerk. >> on-line people are loving this kid, want to know who he is. think about it, that player is well known and this kid is seemingly just a ball boy and he steps up to this guy and said, leave the dog alone.
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>> this arguably could have been the most exciting moment of the soccer match. >> they were cute. a golden cat goes after a critter. >> not a good thing for that thing. >> wait. >> see why playing ball saved its behind. >> the cat is like i swear my lunch was right there. >> and it was the lottery prank that made a homeless man's day. >> you won $1,000. >> that went viral. decided hey, let's start a fund for this guy. >> see how the internet world is stepping up to change his life.
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at it again. known for the drive-through vanishing driver prank, but also done some giving back pranks. this time we have an update. >> in march i released a video where i made a homeless man think he won the lottery. >> this is so fantastic. >> oh, come on, it's all yours, pan. >> that story went viral. rahat decided let's start a friendly page for this guy. so many wrote wanting to help this guy out. >> in 17 days the internet raised $44,000 for eric. >> that is insane. >> what they did was found him a place to live, they spent $11,000 just on rent for a year,
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$21,000 went into a account for rahat to monitor, the rest utility, insurance, appliances, food and clothing. here he is furnishing the apartment before he does the big rede reve reveal. >> guess what i got? >> what do you have? >> a job. >> a job. rahat wasn't expecting that. rahat is like let's go celebrate. >> let's get dinner going. >> i need to go to my house and grab something real quick. >> oh, my god! no, no, no, no. >> how remarkable is this? the guy goes from living on the streets to now having a home that he can call his own. >> nice place too. >> yeah this is not like some terrible -- i would live there. >> i'm so thankful, my god,
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everybody that helped me out, i thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you for sticking with me and believing in me. >> that's what we need people to do, stick with us or believe in us when times are tough. eric got a new life. to tell us about the adventure of getting him a home we have rahat "right this minute." >> thank you for having me. >> the first thing i have to ask is, what is it about eric that made you not only give him the fake lottery ticket but start a friendly campaign for him? >> i knew from the moment i met eric this guy is trustworthy. he was a genuine guy. i had the idea of helping people but with eric, i think he would really benefit from it. i feel like he deserved it. >> when you started this project did you realize it was going to go this far? >> absolely not. be it. >> can you give us an update on eric now? he mentioned he has a job? >> he is working at a 7-eleven, working to getting another job
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at olive garden. >> do you plan to see eric again in the future? >> yes. we're working on a third video. i'm not going to give too much away. >> do you know how long eric has been homeless on the streets? >> he has been homeless since 2006. >> we should say was homeless. is not anymore. >> yeah. >> right. >> oh, my god. i don't know honestly -- thank goodness people have cameras rolling because you catch moments like this one in galveston, texas. that according to the poster of the video is a black tipped shark. apparently this shark was in the shallow waters. they're not intending to harm this shark. they're wanting to measure it. watch this. they get down on the ground and hold this shark in place on the beach. measure it and then you hear the guy say -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> and the guy in the hat drags the shark back into the water, the shark flailing back and forth. a little dangerous for the guy in the hat. >> i feel bad for the shark. >> he's not going to remember tomorrow that some guy measured him. he will be fine.
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>> the shark wasn't harmed. the shark swims away. everything seems to be okay. >> that's awesome. >> the next video comes from what looks like surveillance footage in the woods in nigeria at the national park. that little critter that you're seeing crawling across your screen, that is a pengalin. look what's chasing after him? that's a golden cat. wait. see the thing that comes rolling back? >> oh, that's -- >> wrapped himself in a ball, rolls over and hides in the leaves next to the tiny tree. >> no idea where it went. >> talk about great defense mechanism. playing dead your play ball. >> here comes the cat. does it notice? >> no. the cat has no idea. >> the cat is like i swear my lunch was right here. walked over it. >> walked over it. >> sits next to it. doesn't know it's there. >> has no clue. >> survival at its finest.
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>> it's tough to get kids to eat their vegetables. these parents are sharing their pain next "right this minute." and still to come -- when you combine kayaks, waterfalls and rc helicopters you get something like this. >> boom. there's the shot you're looking for. >> oh, my gosh. >> the amazing way they catch all the thrills and spills. plus a couple of guys are cooking up something big. >> they're making a gigantic oreo. why this is a cookie lover's dream. friday as buzzword you need if you want a chance to win an ipad mini.
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closed captioning provided by d . the title of this video says it all. kayaks, waterfalls and rc helicopters producing a beautiful video. i love this because you really get to see the skill of the pilots who are flying these drones. and the skill of the kayakers.
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this is just a little behind the scenes teaser for a new web series #nylove. riding location in the community throughout the beautiful pacific northwest. brushing by that branch. you have the big expensive helicopter up there. it's a risky move. you're above water and rocks. your drone is not coming back if you crash. >> no doubt. >> the thing isn't a toy that they're flying. it's a substantial piece of equipment. look at the handle. >> that's pretty awesome. >> just like right out of had is hand. >> once they get that thing up in the air over this creek, boom. there's the shot you're looking for. >> snap. >> oh, my gosh. >> that was one heck of a fall. >> you can't get that kind of shot without these new rc drones and stuff. it's fabulous footage. two-man system. they've got a pilot flying the copter and a camera operator who uses that monitor inside that orange box to see where the camera is pointing so he's
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operating the camera wle the other guy is flying the ut. . berries from the youtube channel the virgin kitchen is known for make something really cool recipes, but get him and a few guys together away on a weekend trip and they are going to make something even i think is pretty awesome. see if you can guess as we go along the guys making the recipe. it's going to be very big. >> a lot of butter and sugar. >> a lot of butter and sugar. something i know you two like a lot. >> it's black and white. >> oreos. >> they're making a gigantic oreo. >> one single oreo? >> one single oreo and that's the size right there. >> yikes. >> see that mold. >> like a cookie cake but oreo. >> they're making it from scratch, mixing the butter and flour, adding cocoa to it, milk to make the delicious outer
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shelf the cookie. >> how do you make the cream inside. >> it's basically just a ton of butter. the dough is still wet. put it in the mold. looks good. put the little flashes on the edge of the cookie. >> yeah. the ridges there. >> and watch this. >> wow. >> here is your gigantic cookie. >> like a double stuffed. >> yeah. >> might be like a quadruple stuffed. >> so tempting to pick up the giant cookie. >> these guys are going to be enjoying a cookie that amounts to 92,000 calories. they're going to have their exercise cut out for them. >> just a little. all right, everybody. time for us to give away another ipad mini. >> now you'll need a twitter account. if you don't have one don't worry it's easy to create one when you enter. >> enter on our website and click on the win an ipad mini button and then enter today's buzzword. >> here we go. the buzzword for friday is -- ninja. >> get over to and click on the win an ipad mini button and
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enter friday as buzzword ninja, that's nin-i-n-j-an-i-n-j-a. >> and don't forget to follow us on twitter. >> good luck, everybody. ♪ it's feeding time for a baby squirrel. >> look at it holding the little bottle, holding the tip. >> why you will want to take this don't need to find a parking
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space. put it in.
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>> this is going to give you a cavity because it's so sweet. >> oh. >> i give you, meal time for baby squirrel. this is at city wildlife. they are an animal rehab center in washington, d.c. this little baby is getting its bottle. >> look at it holding the little bottle. >> i believe it's a little girl because we get a look at this baby's belly when it sits straight up. see the milk swollen belly. look at that. milk mustache. >> that's a lot of mill incoof squirrel. city wildlife gets a lot of abandon animals this time of year, sometimes they fall out of trees and they're too young and have to take them in. they're rehabbed and their goal is to put them in thwild. >> that is the cutes a otograph. >> squirrel and milk. >> could be on a calendar. >> keep that milk coming. >> call the dentist, you will have cavities just for saying that. >> sweet as can be. >> that's it for "right this
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minute." see you next time, everybody.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have the best videos from the web, right here, "right this minute." a valet has to park a pricey lamborghini at a fancy event. >> nice job. >> see the nightmare turn of events when mr. valet does a little show boating. >> no, no, no. >> a woman out with her young son is trailed by -- >> the white man in his 60s. >> what he did behind mom's back. ♪ going to be another day with you ♪ >> called a song by dog wrote because -- >> the


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