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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 13, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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he day. chase freedom. so you can. records fall as the bay area sizzles again today and we are tracking warmer weather for tomorrow. good evening everyone. >> i am julie haner. let's get to bill martin. >> bill, it sounds like it is going to be hotter tomorrow today. >> we had a big record in downtown san francisco today. 90 degrees today broke the record of 87. right now in san francisco, over here we have temperatures in the mid and lows
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70s at this hour. richmond breaks the record. oakland here and mountain view and santa cruz, look at santa cruz at 90 degrees today. tomorrow will be warmer than today. along with the heated advisory, you can welcome another spare the air day. these things go together air quality gets poor and especially in the inland bay valleys. we got another shot of record tomorrow and the air quality and the heat advisories going in effect tomorrow and how hot it will get back in your backyard, i will let you know. >> we'll see you then. now to ktvu, she has learned the south bay busy answering calls with heat related problems. >> reporter: they're prepared for medical call related to the heat and if needed.
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they have another at least five ambulance on hand in response to heat problem >> breaking sweat comes easily for these 7th graders. >> it is a warm day out here and they're working hard and gator raids. >> coach wilson is not taking any chances to beat the heat before the heat beats all of them >> you can understand the signs and kids getting nashs. >> santa clara paramedics says she responded to a handful heat related emergency today. >> we do get busy, it is not only people in their homes getting hot, it is people out working on construction sites and commute traffic with the windows down. they just become hot. >> the call is from mainly people who did not have air-conditioning and became dehydrated. one called from a boy
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suffering from heat seizure. >> a young child spiked the seizure today. >> they're keeping an eye on the heat wave and hopeful that the call volume won't get any higher. >> the heat problems can definitely lead to death for people of all ages if they don't cake common sense precautions. >> so far it has not been too bad, they expect to see more patients as this heat wave continues. reporting live in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. developing news now, emergency officials in southern california tonight have lifted evacuation orders from more than 20, 000 homes. those homes were closed to a wind wild fire of san diego, the fire started
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around 11:00 this morning and burned within a few feet of some homes. it burns about 800 acres and only 5% contained. there is no reports of damage. here in the bay area a car accident of the east bay started a fire that caused major problems on a busy road way. it happened at 5:30 tonight which runs between pittsburg and concord. it did not take long to put out the fire but all lanes of the road were closed in both directions backing up traffic in 90 degrees heat. authorities say the road will remained close to traffic until sometimes tomorrow morning. pg&e says the power grid should be okay during this hot spell but it is asking business owners to cut usage of peak hours. pg&e is asking residential customers to keep their thermostat at 78 degrees while
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they're at home and 85 degrees while away. at, you can get weather conditions any time and you can find information on cooling center where you can go to beat the heat and look for the heat section under hot topics. new at 10:00 a mysterious virus known as mers. this is come of cases in the u.s. and warning others having suspicious symptoms. ktvu heather holmes is live tonight at sfo. travel lers will soon see the poster there. >> reporter: these new signs are being posted. they warn travel ler s of the symptoms and how to protect themselves. >> >> the fight against the mysterious and dead levi russ comes to san francisco international airport. more cases of mers, federal health officials are
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warning sfo travelers about the virus. >> it is kind of scary. >> yeah, i would not want to get it. >> the center for disease of control prevention is posting this health advisory and alerting people especially those traveling to saudi arabia to be aware of those potential danger. >> i am glad people are on the look out for it, something needs to be contained. >> it was confirmed today two healthcare workers in florida are exposed to mers are now being treat and raising concerns of the ability to stop the virus from spreading. >> we are on watch. >> san francisco public health officials have been monitoring the situation since the first case was reported in the u.s. since 11 days ago. it was originated in saudi arabia and spread into southern eastern countries. and there is fears of the spread of the virus. >> airports are the main place
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where people can get infection so it is important for child to know. >> the virus can spread from person to person and that's believed to only happen after close contact. the risk of the general public remains slow. there is novak seen for mers and while it has been found in camels and experts they admit they are puzzled as to how the virus spreads to humans. erroring live at sfo, ktvu channel 2 news, heather holmes. more details on the healthcare workers in florida exposing to mers. they're being held in isolation. tomorrow the world health organization is expected to announce whether mers has become a public health emergency after its meeting in geneva today. today the court heard from the man who says it was his
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decision to close access to martin beach. that man says if he was a property manager who owns the property at martin beach. he theed yesterday that he did not remember much about blocking public access to the beach. today the property manager says he never talked to him about it but he did con salt with attorneys before closing the gate in 2010. new felony assault charges been filed of a san jose officer. 30-year-old jeffrey accused not guilty today. the santa clara district attorney's office says it learns about the new allegations while investigating the rape case. he pleaded not guilty. he's free on $100, 000 bail.
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an 8-year-old girl sexually harassed. the school will transfer the boys to another school. the boy touched her daughter inappropriately multiple times at the elementary school. he was suspended for a day and went back to her daughter's third grade class. her daughter does not want to go back to that school. new at 10:00. a new trikt ticket in plant for the 69ers stadium. some people will have to pay higher prices for a best game. the team is calling it variable pricing but some fans is calling it an end around and they're not happy about it. live in santa clara to explain how it will impact a single game ticket sales for the match ups. jana. >> reporter: season ticketholders will get the cheapest ticket about $85 on the low end. not all the games are equal.
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ever since the nfl changed the rules on variable pricing, the 49ers are following what others are doing. >> the new stadium is adding excitement for the 49ers faithful hoping to grab a seat for the upcoming season. >> they have announced for the new pricing games' tickets. they decided to move to variable pricing. we asked the 49ers chief operating officer, of why of the change. >> we are not the only team in the nfl are doing it. half the team os f the nfl will have some form of variable pricing. >> tickets will be sold at one price for single tickets. fans say they worry the variable pricing that'll mean they'll no long ter to be able to afford
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tickets. >> i don't think it is fair no matter which teams are playing. >> a lot of people don't have money right now, the money is up and downright now. >> it is bad for fans but it is good for sports franchise. >> 99% of the stadium is held by ticket seat holders. he says that most of the benefit will go to those season ticketholders. the new prices have been posted on their website. reporting live in santa clara, ktvu channel 2 news. magic johnson responded to today to comments made by the owner of laclippers, donald sterling. he criticized sterling in an interview. >> he's got aids, did he do any business, i like? did he help anybody in south la. >> i am not a guy that holds
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grudges and all that. yes, am i upset? of course. >> sterling's wife shellie is now upset of the nba and she's accused the league of being sexes. a dead dog left on the street for days. >> i feel bad. >> what police say kept them from being able to respond. >> starting friday, people around the country will be able to test to 911 but not here in bay area. why messaging your emergency won't work here. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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it's a challenge to replace clothes that are too small or worn out. i grew 3 inches last year. i don't need anything fancy. i never had much to begin with. when i look nice on the outside, i feel better on the inside. to help, sleep train is collecting new clothes for kids big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's day a little brighter. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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it is happening at all hours of day and night dangerous drivers caught on camera and people living in the neighborhood say they are fed up. the drivers are doing donuts and causing damages and sleep less nights in a neighborhood in oakland. christine tell us what neighbors want the city to do to make their streets safer. >> on any given night, the sound of screeching tires break the silence, cell phone videos capturing those random calls from all hours of the day. >> the family and her neighbors are fed up of people doing donuts in front of their home. >> in our particular
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neighborhood, we have children and family. >> you can see the marks here. they're faded now but a lot of times they are a lot worse. >> speed bumps are not slowing down the problem on 67th avenue. this is a picture of damage in january. >> they came and they lost control of the car and crashed. we had just put it up. >> the accident knocked down the pole, she feels it is a matter of time before someone gets hurt. >> you have to be careful crossing street. >> police know that side shows are illegal. residents want a round about installed. >> that's not something that's $30 or $40, 000. why cannot we get it here? >> a solution for sleep less night for problems they hope will soon get a permanent brake.
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in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. eddie and dreeny died nine days ago. plant caused the plane to flip upside down and cut the ribbon. the plane hit the runway before stopping. it was too late. today friends gathered for a memorial service in half-moon bay. >> in this case, there is no fire trucks, they were minutes away. a minute away is a lifetime. . >> if the truck were there in 30 seconds, there would be no fire. >> the 77-year-old was a legend in the air show community and a wem known part of the half-moon
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bay community. . a coupl sentenced today after pleading no contest after stealing from passengers who were diverted in sfo after last summer of the plane crash. he worked at sfo and caught up on surveillance video and taken luggages. san francisco police are searching for a suspect in a brutal stabbing. investigators chavez attacked the woman on the street sunday night. police say the suspect and the victim knew each other. chavez pear robin perez is wanted for attempted murder. we have videos tonight showing vandals in antioch weeks
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ago. police released the video today. that's when someone drove around in southeast antioch breaking windows and trucks in several homes. anyone with information is asked to call antioch police. teachers in trouble from theft and drunk driving and physical abuse. >> she came with scratches and bruises of the whole nine yards and there was always an explanation. >> this parent says her daughter's teacher were just moved from one school to another. ktvu eric rasmussen spent two months digging through records of discipline and what he found and who's really teaching your kids. two investigates tomorrow night at 10:00. . ocean beach was packed today with surfers. when it is hot it is one of the few places guaranteed to be
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cooler. a life guard told us they did not see any problems out there tomorrow. let's check in with bill martin. >> bill, you are going to take us through the first part of tomorrow. >> we are going to start with tomorrow, we are going to start with records high. these highs from today will be a clips of tomorrow's forecast high t. tomorrow mid-90s. so the ridge of the high pressure continues to send everything north and underneath the air is sinking and the winds are going offshore. one more day of very warm and hot weather. one more day of bad air quality and heat advisory and one more day of possible record warmth. 68 right now in walnut creek and 77 in livermore. we got a little bit of sea breeze right now sko so it is cool along the coast. the next 24 hours of this high pressure is going to stay put and as it
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does the winds are going to stay offshore. wednesday promises to be the warmest or hottest day of the year and certainly of this week. this is the forecast highs. when i come back we'll talk more of the heat advisories and the on shore winds that's going to trigger themselves by tomorrow night and clearly changing things around. it is going to get hot and going the other way. i will be back hereafter the break we'll talk all about it. we'll see you here. during a hottest part of today, the cyclist is competing. the race started and ended at the top of mountain diablo. the heat had thousands of spectators cheered them on as they made their way up the mountains. the spectators also came with plenty of water. neighbors are calling it disgraceful of a dead dog lying on the sidewalk. tonight at 10:30, we ask why that dog was not
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recovered for weeks. we learned it is not annize isolated case isolated case. i took
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a small group of demonstrators gathered in oakland tonight to speak at the lady college commencement ceremony. protesters are angry of the unreported immigrant occ. one speaker identified himself as undocumented that he would feel threatened and would spoil his graduation
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if he spoke. nigeria gave permission for a drone to be used similar to this one. they released videos of some of the girls yesterday and family members have identified 54 of the girls. nigeria officials say all options are open to free nearly 300 schoolgirls. a lot can happen in a year, just ask 90 soldiers from the california national guards arriving back in the bay area today. one of them was meeting his son for the very first time. ktvu rob ross was at oakland international airport as they return. >> i am anxious and nervous and everything. >> she made a sign for her daddy. >> i want to give him a big hug. >> then they arrived.
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>> the 90 soldiers from the guard unit based in vallejo returns home from afghanistan. >> i am excited and overwhelmed. the unit was spread all over afghanistan and their mission was to decide which military equipment should be shipped home and which should be destroyed. for these soldiers that job is done now and that 6-year-old girl finally got her daddy back. >> oh, it is the best feeling. i took about a year off from my life and now they're all here and it is amazing. >> this sergeant from pittsburgh got to meet his son. >> he was born two days before i left and i never got to chance to see him and this is my first time seeing him. >> oh, he's beautiful and wonderful. >> remember the woman who made the sign for her husband, she was busy the last time we checked. once they got home is to get reacquainted with family. >> it is really to unwhine and
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relax. i am not going to say alcohol is involved but that'll be later. >> it is unlikely that the soldiers will have to return, their mission accomplished now and now it is time to go home. at oakland international airport, ktvu channel 2 news. well, a slit surprise, we hit the stral looking for snakes and who's in danger. texting in 911 of the rolling out new service allowing you to check of emergency and why it heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you two dead dogs left on a busy
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oakland street but what happened next left people outrage. it took several days and a lot of phone calls before someone from the city showed up to take the animal away. ktvu finds out the problem stems from a staffing shortage from the animal shelter that we told you weeks ago. amber is live now. >> reporter: oakland police owe oversees the animal shelter. at one case the dog were left there right there on the sidewalk where there is a lot of pedestrians. >> unexcusable and upsetting and offensive of words that neighbors use to describe this photo at 92 nd avenue in front of a post office. >> i felt bad when i saw the dog on the sidewalk. >> the t-shirt someone placed
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over the dog. neighbors tell me people in the area called the police a week ago but animal control did not come pick up the dog until yesterday afternoon. >> it is really bad. >> the police department said in a written statement, we apologize for the delayed response and are working diligently to address staffing shortages at the animal shelter. they're currently three full-time positions that need to be filled. a source telling me currently at any given time there is only one or two officers working out on the field. >> i feel bad for the shelter because i know the people that are there are working hard but i also think it points to the need that's out there. >> this long time shelter volunteer asked us not to reveal her identity, she's concerned of retaliation by the police department for speak out. it is critical that the hiring
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animal control officers is a priority. those officers run the front desk and do all the field work. >> it is body on the ground and it is the people that's doing the everyday work. >> a source tells me the police department accepted applications and will be conducting interviews and background checks bu process is slow and could take several months. ktvu channel 2 news. new information tonight on recall calls being sold without repairs. the team found several cars on used car lots that had recall notices. something easy to discover by searching the vehicle and identification online. today we talked of the mother of the two daughters who were killed of the car. she says she support legislation forcing repairs before cars can be
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sold and vented and hopes legislatures can overcome oppositions from cars manufactures. >> as far as as i am concerned, they need to step up and address the issue. >> a bill by state senator aims to close the loopholes is scheduled to heard in committee next month. this was a quiet day in wall street. the dow jones moving up to 19 point to a new all time high and nasdaq drops at 13. the app allows users to sent texts or video messages of self destruct after a few seconds. the blink app will shut down in the next few weeks. analysts say that's a sign of what yahoo really wanted was the company's talent and not their app.
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yelp is offering users a new way to book a table at restaurants. businesses have to set up through the account and after that the reservation appears on the business listing. yelp has a different reservation service but the company says this new tool is a good option for smaller restaurants and nightclubs. across the country we'll offer smart phone users the technology for texting 911 center. texting can improve communication. ken wayne learns that technology won't be available in the bay area. >> 911 center in some cities across the country will be able to receive emergency calls by text message starting friday. >> just think about how great it will be someone can hold a phone and stream the video to dispatch and relate the information.
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>> it can help in situation where victims are afraid to talk. >> stead of trying instead of whispering they can text us. >> we are fast texters, too. it will be good. >> city like aspen and colorado and frisco texas will begin 911 text service on friday. it won't be available here. >> we are up sdp and ready to go. the chp confirms to ktvu that the emergency services have yet to put a plan for using 911 texting. bay area police departments still do not have the amendment to receive those texts. what happens if you try to text 911 on friday? >> what happens is you get a text back that says make a voice call for 911 to help, text 911 is not available. >> we found some teches in
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california who cannot believe that california is not ready. >> there is no specific timetable on when california will be ready for 911 texting. police say it can be a year or longer. ken wayne ktvu channel 2 news . a landmark ruling will force engines to give people to say what information is revealed online. today ruled by the court of justice of the union says search engines such as google must act when individuals ask them to remove links to out dated or objection materials. the rule applies only to the citizens of eu. google calls the decision quote, disappointing. obama presented the nation of highest honor to a soldier who risked his life in battle in afghanistan. child white put himself in a line of fire to save fellow soldiers but he
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could not safe six of them. white wears a bracelet with their names. >> this is more precious than the medal symbol just placed around my neck. honoring of the names of my six fallen brothers. they are my heroes. >> white has promised to look after them. you may not like the heat but snakes, well, they do. we'll tell you how to keep yourself and pets safe when a rattlesnake stops by. the hotter temperatures expected and when the sea breeze will cool things
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a man driving a stolen dump truck and claiming to b smashing to baltimore station today. he finally surrender peacefully and the investigators suffers under mental health issues. there is words that justin bieber is a subject of a criminal investigation. los angeles police confirmed tonight they have interviewed the victim of an attempted robbery by bieber. there are reports that the alleged incident happened last night at golf complex and bieber attempted to take someone's phone after the owner took pictures of him. bieber has not been interviewed. he's the ceo of next door
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and he's accused of causing a car crash on highway 101 and leaving the scene in last august. another driver crashed into the center median and broke her wrist. we asked his attorney that if it is possible that he did not notice the crash. >> he witnessed a car and spinning out of control in front of him on highway 101 and he took no time to check his mirror to see whether or not a crash occurred. >> according to the police report, he did not call the law enforcement because he was certain that someone else would call. he stated that he was in shock and did not know what to do. two north teens accused of throwing water bottles. that's the recommendation report from the highway patrol. the boys should be charged with fell
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assault with deadly weapons. the county district attorney has the final say. a two billion dollars win fall is giving state lawmakers options when it comes to spending. governor jerry brown releases the budget proposal today. along with the unexpected boost tax revenue the state is spending more on medical. brown also wants to increase spending for courts by more than 8% to boost education spending on k through 12 of 4%. the governor also wants to put 73 million into the state's under funded teacher pensions saying that'll also help students. >> to get what they need, they need teachers. teachers get what they need by having a pension. the pensions have to be paid for. >> brown did not propose that we
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spend in for pre-kindergarten. state lawmakers have until june 15th to pass the budget. senate bill 270 was passed by the senate earlier this year. in addition to banning plastic bags, the bill is said to be heard by the assembly natural resources committee tomorrow. it has been a mystery for 500 years what happened when columbus ship of the wreckage choub in santa maria. when temperatures will start to ease a bill.
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east bay leaders are fighting to keep the doors open at a doctor's hospital. today supervisors held a meeting to discuss the meeting. the board is hoping to find the group willing to put up millions of dollars to keep doctors open. they say time is running out. if a solution is not found by next month, that hospital will close in july. the bay area heat is bringing out a surge in snakes and it is more than just your garden varieties. some can be lethal. ken pritchett is life where pet owners are being told to be ware of rattlers. ken. >> well, we talked to a cyclist this afternoon and he sees rattlesnakes crossing the road here. there is more sitings where these wide land meeting urban areas and experts saying
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we are seeing more snakes because of the heat but also because of simply more snakes due to the wet year we had right before the drought that boosted the population. >> this is a big rattlesnake and it is a big one at t >> this warm weather is definitely making my life a little busier. >> we are in belmont at a neighborhood that borders open space. >> they get several calls a week for rattlesnakes in places like this. >> there is rattlesnakes and baby and adults. >> hot weather brings snakes out in the morning and evening. >> todd says he gets three or four a year. >> one time in our backyard and. . >> dogs that are fear less and ending up at the veterinarian. >> it has been a busy
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rattlesnake week for us. >> he says this this 8-year-old pit bull was brought in this morning and you can see the bruising from a nasty rattlesnake bite on his under side. she's being treated with anti- venn non and time is of the essence but most dogs do recover. >> the best advice for dog owners keep them on leash. most dogs are curious and when they hear a snake, they'll go up and that's how they get bit. >> there is a vaccine that's available for dogs. the best advice when you run across a rattlesnake, leave it alone because that snake want to get away. ktvu channel 2 news, ken pritchett. today the riders had to
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climb 4800 feet of mountain diablo in 90 degrees temperatures. the overall race leader after 3 stages is bradley wig wiggins. tomorrow is stage four and riders will ride along highway 1 from moneterey. the final stage will wrap up next weekend. record warm again and possible record warmth again tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be the warmest day and the heat advisories stays in effect and goes in effect tomorrow. we also have unhealthy air mainly in the south bay valley and the east bay valley. when you get down in the eastern
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zones, that includes livermore valley and gilroy and morgan hill. as i mention all the wind at tt surface continuing to go offshore like this and that's keeping the fog away. that's going to change. as we head into tomorrow night and thursday, the winds are going to start coming this way, you know that's a cooling trend, that's going to happen. before tomorrow it gets downright hot, maybe 100 degrees in some places and antioch right now is 77 and livermore. tomorrow is going to be in the upper 80s or 90s and lows 100s possible. we are going to increase temperatures and it is going to be warmer still tomorrow. again, a heat advisory. it is going to be 73 in san jose right now downtown san francisco is 70 degrees. you are going to end up possibly with the sea breeze
11:50 pm
with a lower 90s in san francisco. that's going to feel hot inside all of this concrete. and upper 80s and lower 90s. very few people in san francisco have air-conditioning. when you get 90 degrees in the south market area, that's real hot. the forecast highs tomorrow is 95 napa and 97 in vacaville. mid-90s and lows 100. hottest day of the year and hottest day of the week, 99 in pleasanton and 99 in heyward. tomorrow night the sea breeze will b more robust. hot tomorrow and the sea bruise breeze returns tomorrow night and thursday. friday, temperatures start to cool further and a warm run of temperatures and we'll see a couple of records tomorrow.
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today is warm and tomorrow is going to feel hot. >> and hotter. >> thank you, phil. >> opening day at the national park is early this year, it starts this friday, the park says cable will be ready a week earlier than usual. people can apply online for permits. the entire hike from the valley to the top is 17 miles in about 4800 feet up. explorers believe that they have found one of the ships of christopher columbus in the water of haiti. the ship drifted into a reef and had to be abandoned, an exploration team discovered in 2003 but the finding concluded that the finding had to be in santa maria. all right, mark is here now, green color of baseball and right now they're doing it. >> man, they're on a row and the
11:52 pm
a's is just flat out polarizing the white sox tonight. hitters love it, at least the a's did it anyway. 11 runs and 17 hits. machine like fashion tonight. let the hit began. in the big gap and left center field. he had a couple hits and phil in the fifth inning and josh r showing off with his bat and deep over and out. that's it brandon ma had a double and two dingers. not to forget of the unlefty. 11-0. you know when a perfect night it was for baseball in the bay area, the a's would tell you. the giants had what you would call a minor
11:53 pm
problem. here is your ball game. freeman and base hit right field and apparently beats jason heyward but misses the tag. he did not get them. he did not argue with that after the game. the braves scored two more and bj up with an rbi singles and 5-0. giants not in the ball tonight. mike meyers giving up three hits and no runs and the giants are shut down. we had some wilds going on in the nba playoffs tonight and one of playoffs tonight and one of those games the clippers and's .
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supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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melt down like the clippers did tonight. a 7 point lead and 49 seconds left, clippers allowing the thunder to come back and take the game in the series league. kevin durant streaks for two, okay, down only two. chris paul is upset. the ball goes
11:57 pm
out of bound. after review they give it the okay. russell and westbrook attempting the three and trying to be a hero and he's fouled by chris paul. he hits all free fro three. paul turns the ball over, that's your ball game, thunder scores the last eight straight point to win it. back east, the wizards have the pacers blown out on their own court. john wall with 27 points. as there is john wall in the lead. gortat 31 points rebound. for them the california dreams. arriving preparation for this saturday's running.
11:58 pm
that's the sporting life, he will go off for a big favorite, too. >> yeah, first time in history if he wins.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> donald sterling is insane. this whole thing with magic johnson. >> how do you call this guy and say, you -- can sit next to me during a barbara walters -- >> he probably thought he called magic up and because he was donald sterling that magic would capitulate to him. >> i mean, his balls, they may sag, but they must be like this. >> we got video of justin bieber riding horses at the lazy k ranch. >> oh no! >> you get so baked and going, let's get horses.


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