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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 14, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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homes burn as wind whipped flames advance on neighborhoods in southern california. tonight, the difficult fire fight underway. >> here in the bay area, it's the threat of fire, and keeping small fires from growing. amid scorching hot temperatures searing the bay area. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. let's get right to our meteorologist, frank somerville tonight. >> it was real hot out there today. second day in a row, we saw a record in downtown san francisco. another record fell.
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we had a few records throughout the area. san francisco, 88 degrees downtown. the old record 87. sfo breaks the record. they go to 91. oakland, 90 degrees. mountain view, 91. look at santa cruz at 100 degrees. here's the deal, temperatures, as we go into the next couple of hours are going to start to cool. we're already seeing that along the coast. there's a brisk, not a brisk, but an onshore air flow moving in. a cooling trend is underway. how cool is tomorrow? when does the fog get here, and what can we expect towards the weekend, all of that when we see you back here. developing news in southern california. high temperatures, low humidity, and winds are making it difficult for firefighters who are battling as many as eight wildfires there. the biggestk and most destructive fire is burning in carlsbad, san diego county.
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that fire has damaged, or destroyed more than 20 homes. about five hours ago, firefighters said they were able to get the upper hand, and had stopped flames from spreading. one person who lives in carlsbad said the shifting winds have been scary. >> we just packed everything, and we're out of there. >> reporter: fires also broke out at camp pendleton. one cal fire captain said conditions in northern san diego county are very dangerous right now. coming up at 10:15, we'll go live to southern california for an update on the conditions there. now to the hot, dry conditions here in the bay area on this second day of record breaking heat. we have live team coverage, ktvu's amber lee will take us to one of the hottest communities in the bay area today, but first, to asneth
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smith. >> reporter: i'm in an area off 280. it's a place known as the jungle, where hundreds of homeless live. there is a lot of dry grass and wood, something as simple as a cigarette could spark a fire fast. another busy day for san jose fire near triple death heat, and low humidity not helping in the fire fight. 40 firefighters getting ahead of this grass fire, from spreading into nearby homes. >> scary. it's really scary. because i can see all the smoke. >> reporter: it's the third fire this week by a homeless camp, just north of downtown san jose. >> you can see how the ground is scorched a little bit. that's just the sun beating down on this stuff. >> reporter: san jose fire captain, showing us what they're up against. three feet of dry brush, all ready to burn. >> it's just looking for a reason. for the folks that are down here, if they're cooking, or
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using any type of items, candles, or what not. anything. it's just ready to go. it could be a danger to other folks down here if they're not careful. >> reporter: it's that carelessness, san jose fire is worried about. given one fire this week was cooking related. >> we're really afraid of, how are we going to be able to get to those folks down there and get them out? >> reporter: san jose fire closely monitoring the area. warning those who live here, the threat of fire danger is real. >> look at how fast this could go up. fast, before you know it, probably be caught up in it. >> reporter: all of this comes at a time when staffing for the san jose fire department is down 100 firefighters due to cut backs. san jose fire will enlist help, but even then, those resources
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can be stretched then. azenth smith, ktvu, channel 2 news. allen rock park will be closed tomorrow. no one will be allowed into the park. today, it was 96 degrees there. conditions are ripe for a fire. our team coverage picks up now with ktvu's amber lee who is in antioch tonight, where she learned that related heat related illnesses often strike in the third day of high heat. >> people here in antioch told me today feels like the hottest day so far this year. i just checked on my phone, and it's still a very warm 80 degrees. >> reporter: with the late afternoon sun beating down, drivers escape the heat in their air conditioned vehicles during the evening commute. there was no escape for the road crews still working along the median of highway 4. >> you should probably break for water every 30 minutes.
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>> reporter: dr. linen, who overseas an urgent care facility, says a quickened heart rate, and dry mouth are symptoms of a heat related illness. when the temperature heats up, so do sales of fans and other cooling devices at ace hardware. >> a little personal mister to keep you nice and cool during the day. just little things like that to beat the heat. >> reporter: this antioch native tells us she's doing everything she can do cool down. he offers what he calls the four f's of heat safety. fluids, drink plenty. fans and air conditioning. family and the elderly. experts saw the sun is the strongest from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. >> i got up early, and walked
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him out at 7:00 a.m., instead of the normal 8:30, because it was going to be so hot. i made sure we were home before it got to be, it was only 72 when we got home. >> reporter: another reminder, don't leave pets or children inside your vehicle, even when you think you're just running a quick errand. the results can be deadly. >> stay with the 10:00 news for continuing coverage. in 10 minutes, we take you back to the fire lines in southern california. bill will join us with tomorrow's forecast, and the changes that we can expect. then at 10:45, protecting the bay area from a major wildfire. the training that firefighters get, and what's new this season. new at 10:00, an attack on a 4-year-old girl while she shopped with her father at a wal-mart store in the south bay. police say a female transient
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struck the girl with a crowbar. police say garate hit the girl in the head. the girl's injuries are not considered life-threatening. also new at 10:00, a sketch from pacifica police, of a man wanted for trying to lure a 10- year-old girl into his van. it happened about 1:00 last friday afternoon at the intersection of johnson, and nelson avenues near ocean shore school. police say the girl told officers the man approached her and tried to convince her to accept a ride home. he's described as about 40 years old. driving a white delivery van, with a ponytail, and wearing blue jeans. the girl said no, and went back into the school to report the incident. the man then drove away. earlier today, sean whent was sworn in as the department's new chief after serving as interim chief for a
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year. under his leadership, crime in oakland has gone down. >> we put a lot of effort into making crime reduction our top priorities. this year, we're down almost 40% in robberies. >> however, the chief says there is still more work to do. priorities include brings the department to full staffing leveling by this fall. >> today we have 115 people in the police academy. the next one graduates in july. we're not too far out from getting the next batch out. we're looking at planning for the october academy. >> another top priority, improving the police department's relationship with the community. the chief says the department is reaching out, even using social media sites like next door to increase communication. at, we've posted our entire unedited interview with the chief. a proposal to rename a school after a bay area
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activist is stirring controversy tonight. ktvu's jana katsuyama joins us live in richmond, where the school board members just voted on a preliminary action plan. >> reporter: julie, tonight, the board voted unanimously to form a committee to discuss whether to name the school after fred kortamatsu, and already it's meeting controversy. the question, and controversy is what to name the new school. tonight, at the west contra costa school district board meeting, residents spoke out. one woman holding back tears, saying her daughter supports naming it after the civil rights activist. >> she knows what fred kortamatsu is. she thinks what a great idea to name the school after him. >> his daughter also spoke,
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explaining that her father was born in oakland. an american arrested for redifficultying the incarceration of japanese americans during world war ii. >> my father's fight for justice wasn't just for himself, and not just for the japanese american people. it was for all americans. >> he received the presidential medal of freedom in 1998. >> we think this is a teachable moment, and we believe his story is one that will resonate. it was a national tragedy. >> board president, charles ramsey has received emails from opponents, one which said, we don't think korematsu ranks with martin luther king, or caesar chavez. others say the name should have a more direct tie with the el cerrito community. >> i would like to propose
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another outstanding citizens name for the consideration of the renaming of portila. >> those names included castro, and shade. the committee that was formed tonight will be asked to gather community input before presenting a final recommendation to the board. reporting live in richmond, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. we want to know what you think. should portola middle school be renamed? just head to our home page and post comments in the comments section. steve kerr replaces mark jackson. this is his first head coaching job. later in sports, mark will tell us how steve kerr's daughter may have helped him decide to take the job with the warriors
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instead of the new york knicks. 2 investigates a list of california's teachers in trouble. >> plus, a police officer arrested for child pornography. how he was caught. >> these charges are particularly disturbing. >> next, a high school heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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were new at 10:00, a phone call unveils a troubling new scam. the details of this troubling phone call trying to get young people to pay up. >> reporter: we did an online search of the caller's name, we found several complaints. this one says this is a scam,
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scam, scam. and those targeted are high school students headed for college. inside this small classroom is where dreams come true. gear up helps the students navigate the college application process. today, a senior stopped by her office, not to ask for advice, but to report a suspicious phone call. >> stating she would have to wire $300 for a security deposit. >> reporter: a deposit that if unpaid would lead to the loss of her state funded grant. >> it infuriates me. these students are excited they're given the opportunity to go to school, and then to have somebody actually feed on them like that, it makes me upset. >> reporter: the caller left the name richard lee, and a phone number to call back. a quick google search revealed
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similar complaints. >> asked to put $200 on a green dot money pack. >> reporter: she reached out to officials to find out if they had an employee named richard lee, they do not. they also never call students asking for personal information, such as social security numbers. >> told them he was also selected for a grant. >> reporter: many of them, were the first in their family to attend college, and who she considers easy prey. >> that's why i'm concerned. what i'm afraid of is they might think they need to do this in order to secure a spot at a college university that they're applying to. >> reporter: her student did not pay up and she's encouraging everyone who receives a similar call to do the same thing. i called the man, who posed as a cal grant employee, i'm still
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waiting on a call back. one college student fought back during what's become a common crime in san leandro. police say car break-ins there are up about 50% since march. allen trujillo says he caught a burglar in the act. >> he had my backpack. i'm a college student, my whole life is in that backpack. i'm like no. >> he ended up getting his belongings back. he also gave police a description to the burglar, which led to an arrest about an hour later. police are now trying to see if that man is linked to other burglaries in the area. back now to developing news. the wild fire in northern san diego county that has damaged, or destroyed a number of homes led to the evacuations of thousands of people. live now in carlsbad right in front of one of the homes claimed by the fire. >> reporter: that's absolutely right, frank, looking at this house behind me, it is in total
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ruins. even at this late hour, we have firefighters inside checking to see if there are glowing embers. in all, there were eight homes destroyed by this wildfire. also a commercial building, and a condo unit that was heavily, heavily damaged. it was quite a day. it seems as if as soon as they would get a handle on one of the building fires, another one would pop up. at this hour, the winds are dying down. much, much cooler, but there are definitely residents staying away. they're quite concerned tomorrow it is going to be as bad as it was today. >> thousands of people have evacuated. even lego land has been evacuated. how close are the flames burning to homes and neighborhoods tonight? >> reporter: in carlsbad, things really have started to
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quiet down. right now, the active flame is a little north and east of us. that would be in the san marcos area. but you're right. lego land was evacuated. 15,000 homes and businesses were evacuated. legoland actually lost power. so it was quite the day here. let me tell you. >> again, you say the weather conditions have dropped for tonight. the winds aren't gusting, but they are concerned that tomorrow could be another tough day. >> that's absolutely correct. tomorrow, they have crossed most of the schools in the san diego county, unified district, as well as other schools around carlsbad and the other communities around here, because they are concerned that the weather conditions will be as bad tomorrow as they were today. in fact, in that san marcos area that i told you about, cal state, san marcos were having commencement exercises this weekend, all canceled. just concerned that the weather conditions, the fire conditions just too dangerous. let's go back now to chief
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meteorologist bill martin. >> bill, you're tracking changes. >> the records i showed you earlier are not going to happen, nor is the air quality alert, or the heat advisory. tomorrow, a cooler day by a few degrees. santa rosa, 94 today. tomorrow, thursday 89. temperatures cooling down, especially along the bay, and around the coast. this weather system is going to get closer to us. as it does, it's going to increase that onshore flow. we already have a little bit of an onshore flow. you can see it right here. san francisco, now, at 67 degrees at the airport. downtown san francisco is still running about 70. 72degrees. so it's a warm one in san francisco tonight. currently san jose 75 degrees. tomorrow's forecast high in san francisco with that slight onshore flow, still up there, 75 degrees, but not as cold as we had today. cool down in store, and significant cooling as we go
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into friday, and saturday. i'll lay all of that out for you, we'll see you back here after the break. bad teachers in california classrooms. tonight, at 10:30, 2 investigates teachers accused of everything from aggression to abuse, and how some of them go from handcuffs right
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on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection, even a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497. the memorial day sale is ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters a mountain view police officer is facing criminal charges tonight. he is suspected of possessing child pornography. the officer has a special skill that was recently profiled here on ktvu. >> reporter: the mountain view police officer recently
11:25 pm
arrested on felony child pornography is a gifted sketch artist. kevin winn of san jose demonstrated that talent in a ktvu profile in february, when he talked about helping the public. >> on a daily basis, you've got to help people out, and do good things. >> reporter: he was arrested yesterday during a sweeping child exploitation investigation by san jose police. winn was taken into custody without incident here at the mountain view police station by officers after reportedly finding child pornography on his home computer. investigators have not revealed the exact nature of the images. >> officers would always like to know, can we identify these victims. how was this pornography obtained, and hopefully they can determine that. >> certainly troubling for us and our community, and our mountain view family, and these
11:26 pm
charges are particularly disturbing. >> reporter: it hurts bay area law enforcement. >> anytime that he's not doing that is a loss for our region related to the sketch artist. >> reporter: we have learned nguyen posted bail, and is no longer in custody. the district attorney has not set a court date yet. raymond chow's legal team is in a courtroom battle. chow and leeland ye have been arrested in a corruption charge. federal prosecutors want to keep the evidence secret. a judge will make the final decision. art lovers turned out no oakland today to welcome a new piece of public art. the i love diamond mosaic was uncovered this afternoon. it covers part of a pg and e
11:27 pm
substation. it took a week of artists ten weeks to create this mural. a teacher accused of abusing the students in her care. >> she came home with scratches from her head down her neck. there was always an explanation. >> 2 investigates hundreds of california teachers in trouble with the law, and why many of them are
11:28 pm
11:29 pm
a richmond teenager is recovering tonight after being shot right across the street from his school. police say the 14-year-old boy was shot in the leg just moments before the start of school this morning at kennedy high school. no arrests have been made, but investigators believe the shooter and victim know each
11:30 pm
other, and have been in an argument off campus. many parents heard the news, and went straight to the school to pick up their children. >> at this point, it seems to be commonplace in all the high schools throughout the country. the feeling that this has to happen at all, is just ridiculous. >> the high school, and at least four other schools were briefly put on lockdown. a man arrested during a predawn rain on the hells angels is behind bars tonight. police say charles nuche is one of several suspects. the task force moved in on the hells angels compound on tennessee street this morning. the california highway patrol is warning drivers that gas may be hard to come by on part of highway 1 in the north bay. a collision at the green bridge gas station on highway 1 knocked out gas service, and
11:31 pm
it's not expected to reopen for 4 to 6 days. with the warm weather, the chp is expecting a lot of visitors up there. the next closest gas station, bo gas is also almost out of gas. another is in bodega bay, but that's more than 30 miles away. the chp is putting up signs, and asking aaa to be prepared with extra tow trucks. 2 investigates tonight the teachers that hold the power to shape the future of the bay area, and our state. and the trouble that some find themselves in. by all accounts, the vast majority of teachers do an admirable job. >> but 2 investigates found the number of teachers in trouble is on the rise in california. eric rasmussen is here now with what he found and how the system could be changing. >> reporter: when 2 investigates examined these hundreds of records from last
11:32 pm
year, they reveal the state has also pulled the credentials for teachers for theft, drunk driving, even murder. meanwhile, the details of hundreds of other cases in here are still a secret. bay area teachers accused of sex related crimes might get their pictures broadcast for all to see, but 2 investigates found they made up just 5% of new misconduct cases made in the state of california last year. number 1, alcohol. the 2400 alcohol related cases brought to the commission on teacher credentialing was the most in the last five years. going through a year's worth of reports, 2 investigates created a database of every teacher who had credentials denied, revoked, or suspended in 2013. more than 900 names in all. >> i had my hands on either side of him. >> reporter: among them, special needs teacher, dina holder. >> a 6-year-old was pulled off his chair, thrown onto the floor of the classroom, kicked
11:33 pm
several times in the back. >> reporter: peter alford is one of the lawyers for the families. >> there was always an exmr. nation. >> reporter: mother jennifer plumber says her daughter, jordan remained in holder's class, even after complaints began to surface. the district moved holder from one school to another. >> nothing was said to us. it's a better classroom setting. >> reporter: in our database, 2 investigates found 17 cases related to child abuse, 18 for drugs, 68 sex related. a teacher from fresno, and another from los angeles had their credentials revoked after being convicted of murder. but the vast majority of cases, more than 700, came with no other specifics. 2 investigates had to file an additional public records
11:34 pm
request to find out about alexandria porter. the 6th grade teacher had been getting in trouble for years before she resigned in 2011. among a list of complaints? records show porter had claims that she asked students to kiss her. sent multiple tweets to kids over the summer. in september, the state suspended porter's credential for 90 days. >> what's to stop them from going to another district and getting a job? >> nothing. >> reporter: he says dismissing a teacher can be a difficult, and expensive process. >> you're looking at hundreds of dollars in time and effort in administrative staff. of legal staff. >> reporter: are bad teachers in some cases getting too much
11:35 pm
protection? >> we've been working the last three years to streamline the process. >> reporter: california teachers association vice president eric hines says the union is supporting a new bill that aims to speed up the dismissal process for school employees charged with the most serious offenses. >> and teachers who are accused of claims like sexual abuse, and those kinds of things are removed from the class immediately, and that they don't get in front of children again. >> reporter: a challenge advocates and administrators feel more pressure than ever to meet. that bill has made it out of the assembly, and is now very close to reaching the senate floor. >> so what are some school districts doing to stop these teachers in trouble? >> reporter: we at least know in the case of dina holder, the district superintendent told me it has since partnered with the child abuse prevention council, and has also increased training for all of the staff in the
11:36 pm
district. >> thanks eric. at, we've posted our database of teachers in trouble, so you can look for it yourself. just look for the hot topics section. if you have an idea for 2 investigates, we'd like to hear from you. email the reason cal fire was able to hire hundreds of extra seasonal firefighters. >> record breaking heat again today. but relief is coming in. the timing on fog, a breeze, and a
11:37 pm
11:38 pm
a bay area school district today backed away from plans to allow children with head lice to remain in school. they were set to vote on the matter tonight, but it abruptly
11:39 pm
pulled the item from the agenda this afternoon, saying only that the matter needs more study. state health department guidelines say children with head lice should not be stigmatized by being sent home. parents and doctors seem to have widely different opinions. >> after a child has been treated, it's certainly reason for a child to return to school. >> the best thing is to keep them home and under control, so it doesn't keep spreading. >> doctors say lice is easily eliminated by over-the-counter products. dealing with mers, the world health organization in geneva said it is still not calling this an international public health emergency. right now, there are two known cases in the u.s. tests also
11:40 pm
show two health workers were not. the death toll from the coal mine yesterday has reached 294. the state of 150 others is still not known, and hope is fading. rescue teams had to stop working today, because of high concentrations of gas. protests are spreading across turkey. the markets fell from record levels. the dow jones industrial dropped 100 points, ending five straight days of gains. shares of san jose based ciscoe systems rose in extended trading after the quarterly report beat expectations. the network equipment maker say a decline in revenue. some of the nation's largest reel taylors have abandoned together to fight --
11:41 pm
retailers have banded together to fight cyber crime. the idea is to keep an eye out for cyber criminals. companies can share their information to prevent data breaches. san francisco's cloy tower reopened today. funding for this preservation effort came from a city ballot measure that was approved by voters two years ago. a final push of training for cal fire in the north bay as they gear up for what could be a busy fire season. in five minutes, chief meteorologist bill martin's complete bay area forecast. he will detail the timing for a changing weather pattern, and what to expect for this
11:42 pm
weekend. >> and we female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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a propane tank explosion and fire sent neighbors scrambling in this oakland neighborhood today. and it was all caught on cell phone video. the explosion and fire happened about 12:45 this afternoon on capitol street, about two blocks away from lake shore avenue. no one was hurt, but the fire caused extensive damage to that garage. developing news now from san diego county. and the san marcos fire in the past half hour, 600 new mandatory evacuations were ordered, making the total now more than 20,000. a cal fire official says this fire is the most troublesome of several burning now, because
11:46 pm
it's so erratic since the winds continue to shift. eight homes have been destroyed, and the campus of san marcos has been evacuated. so far that fire has burned about 500 acres. needless to say, cal fire is staffing up for the fire season. ktvu's ken pritchett shadowed trainees near napa, where veterans and new recruits geared up on on one of the hottest days so far this year. >> reporter: dragging hoses carrying 30 pounds of gear or more. another, suiting up as fast as one can. a seasonal firefighter, his rookie year with cal fire. >> expect to be very busy with the drought, and the hail. very busy. >> reporter: during a week of training, in oppressive heat. >> it's going to be a hot and
11:47 pm
dry summer. they're feeling the heat now, so when they're actually on the incident, they're prepared for it. >> reporter: this is the final training for new recruits and veterans before monday, when the yont will be at peak -- unit will be at peak staffing. >> due to the governor's drought declaration, we were able to hire on additional seasonal firefighters. >> reporter: there are 23 extra seasonal firefighters in this group. about 300 hired statewide, because of the drought. >> typically, this time of year, we'd have about 700 or so fires for the state. already we've had over 1350 fires. >> reporter: even as this cal fire unit increases staffing, they are spreading out resources, seven engines went south yesterday to help battle the fires near san diego. >> we're preparing for the worst. >> reporter: no one knows what fire season will bring, but cal fire says up here the
11:48 pm
conditions are extremely dry, with fire conditions much like you would find in july, or early august. a warning if you plan on heading to the coast to try to stay cool. the national weather service issued a beach advisory today. they say there is the threat of rip currents and other dangerous conditions especially along south facing beaches. the advisory covers the coastline from sonoma county to monterey county and lasts through tomorrow night. it was a busy day for workers repairing air conditioners in parts of the bay area today. >> driving everywhere. >> some people turned on air conditioners only to discover they weren't working. the temperature in antioch was around 95 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. i showed you the records from earlier today. no records tomorrow, but that was two days in a row that we had record warmth around here. tomorrow's temperatures are going to be cooler than these.
11:49 pm
102 in morgan, not a record. 98 in livermore. temperatures tomorrow, in this area inland, they're still going to be pretty hot. mid-90s, right along the coast, and around the bay here, temperatures are going to cool a couple of degrees. we've got a slight onshore flow brought to us by this weak low pressure center. as it gets closer to us, it will just lift out the marine layer, and push more cool, moist air inland. as we go closer, no fog at ocean beach right now. i think the fog will be back tomorrow night. real patchy. that's the main indication things are getting ready to cool down rapidly. 79 in livermore. 65 in san francisco. so temperatures rumming counsel from those 70s in san francisco that we saw earlier. 72 in san francisco was what we saw about a half hour ago. it's calling off quickly though. san jose, 75 degrees right now. tomorrow morning, as you get going, you start off early morning in the low 60s. lunchtime in the mid-80s, and it's another hot day tomorrow, in san jose, all of that concrete at 92 degrees is going
11:50 pm
to feel like 105 degrees. so a hot day in san jose. cooler around the bay because of this onshore flow. it's going to continue to flow onshore tonight, and tomorrow. it's going to really increase as we head into friday and saturday. tomorrow, look for 3, to 10 degrees cooler, because of this increase of onshore flow. beyond that, friday and saturday, look for another 10 degrees of cooling. the story will be this high pressure center, that will weaken as we head into friday, saturday. this is when temperatures, this comes the low i showed you earlier temperatures start to fall off. tomorrow cooler along the coast. still hot inland. friday, and saturday, significantly cooler, because of this low pressure center. when i say cooler, it's not like it's going to be cold or anything, it's just not going to be like these. cooler than it was today around the bay. sonnyville, 90. around the coast, low 70s. in the five-day forecast, with
11:51 pm
the bay area weekend in view. there it is. just a little cooler. a lot cooler, right on down the line. there's the five-day forecast. i don't think we'll see any records tomorrow. i know we'll, no, i should never say that. i don't think there will be any records, and there's no spare the air day. >> we need the relief. just a taste of things to come. gearing up for summer. mark's here now with sports. a big day for the warriors. what do you think, steve kerr? >> exciting stuff. i like the move. they came through with a guy who i think is a proven winner in everything he does. the nba's game of throwns does take a major twist this afternoon as the warriors snatch the nba's hottest coaching commodity out from under the nose of the new york knicks. the warriors manage to entice
11:52 pm
kerr. kerr like mark jackson has no previous nba coaching experience, but he's a proven winner. five time nba champ as a player. gold medal winner in the olympics. also a general manager for the phoenix suns. it's a five year deal worth $25 million. to top it off, his daughter is a freshman at cal in berkely. he has a son down in san diego. the synergy is all there. kerr finishing up his television stint with tnt duties. he was quoted as saying i couldn't be more excited. it's thrilling, and such a great opportunity. the weeding out process continues in the nba playoffs. two more teams exit stage left. the spurs all together too much for portland. when i say all together, i mean their bench. how about this signature play. leonard splits the defense for a sensational slam. they pull away. get this, the spurs bench
11:53 pm
outscored the blazers bench in the series 220-77. there's your st. maries former star, patty murray, with the finger role. dismissed for the summer, not only the blazers, but the brooklyn nets. afternoon delight, or just one of -- for just one of the bay area baseball teams. colin kaepernick was
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
i guess you want to go shopping for quarterbacks in bulk, costco is the place for the city this afternoon. colin kaepernick was not pumping iron, but instead pumping a workout program he uses. he's excited about steve johnson, who he will be throwing too. >> very excited to have stevey on the team. i think he'll be a great player for us. they're all out there practicing with us. excited to have him out there. i think we have a lot of great players. hot sun, blistering bats for the giants who were seemingly powerless last year. home runs hard to come by. but man, they just keep smoking
11:56 pm
the ball out of the park. which just goes to show, you've got the right guys who don't let it get to them mentally. at&t doesn't have to be death valley for power hitters. everyone having fun in the stands, and on the field. that's a big boy homer off the bat of hunter pence. that is the deepest part of the yard. the giants were down 2-0. 2-2 against the braves in the 6th. michael morse. his 9th. 8-4 san francisco. they cruise over the braves. brandon crawford, however, will go water world here as he develops a two run shot into the old area out there in the water. kayak city. and the matinee did not have the ending that bob melvin was looking for with the a's as josh donaldson pounds one out early, and the a's, take a 2-1
11:57 pm
lead. the 9th home run of the year for him. in the 8th, cuban sensation jose abreu with a three run jack. this guy has 15 home runs already. a three run shot off luke gregerson. that puts the white sox in front for good. and the san jose sharks today have announced that they will be retaining doug wilson as the general manager, and their entire coaching staff, so it's good stuff. as far as steve kerr goes, i think a winning move all the way around for the warriors, as this guy has been a success in everything he's done. you were trying to hand me something. >> sharks owner. >> platner. >> the owner came out and said he endorses doug wilson, and tom mcclellan will be back. we have warriors, sharks, a's, news all over the board today. a little cooler tomorrow, you'll notice it through the week. >> it will feel nice.
11:58 pm
>> that's the sporting life. >> thanks mark, thanks bill. thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. >> our next morning newscast, ktvu warner bros. domestic television
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distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> lamar odom humiliated in a west hollywood club by not getting in because guess who is inside? khloe and french montana. rotten in g is denmark. >> i think they set him up to make himoo a fool. >> what gave it away? e! the cameras that were there? >> justin bieber is under investigation for attempted robbery. she had her phone out and justin


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