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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. great videos are coming your way, "right this minute." i'm pretty [ bleep ]. >> an injured scientist clings to an easy ledge after falling 70 feet in a crevasse. >> it goes down to what looks like some sort of abyss. >> now he tells us the amazing story of how he got outll by himself. >> i knew any mistake, any sort of rest or anything would just -- i was going to die. >> you can't say she fights like a girl because this champ -- >> is throwing haymakers like a windmill. >> the only thing this winner
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loses is her clothes. a worker is loading a mail truck when -- >> this happened. >> see who caught her going all postal on the packages. why there's nothing better than a cookie in bed. and see how you start doing this. >> back, back, back. >> and you end up like this. >> oh, my goodness. if you think you're having a bad day, check out the day that a guy named john all had recently. >> i'm pretty well [ bleep ]. >> i'm in a hole. thankfully i didn't keep falling. >> oh, my gosh. >> he is in a 70-feet crevasse. he was mountaineering in the himalayas. john is an associate professor of geography and geology at western kentucky university, doing some research, taking some snow samples and he fell 70 feet and the crevasse doesn't stop there. it goes down to what looks like some sort of abyss.
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>> trapped here on this ledge. my arm, i can't use. >> he's able to sort of latch on to a ledge. >> somehow climb out that way. >> oh. is he alone? >> he's by himself, yeah. his arms are messed up. his ribs are messed up. >> i can't go that way at all. >> that's like certain death. >> you can see how he was kind of wedged here watch him. >> i fell from this ledge. oh. >> you can see, you c hear the agonizg pai he trying to move his articles and legs. >> how the [ bleep ] do i get back up there, though? >> somehow john was about to get to the top by himself and make it back to his tent. he was eventually airlifted to a hospital in nepal. after all this, we've been able to actually track john down from nepal. he's joining us right this minute. first tell us how did this happen? how did you fall down in the hole it there and how long were you down there? >> i was walking across the
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snowplane and plunged through a crevasse. thankfully i got caught on the ledge about 70 feet down. biggest problem because my ribs were so broken and my right side, i had to do everything with just my right foot but not the upper part of my right leg and my left leg and then my left arm. that was awkward. >> somehow climb out that way. >> so it probably took me four or five hours to climb out. i kept moving sideways slightly up, slightly up, until i found an area there was enough hard snow i could get an ax in and pull myself up and over. >> were there moments where you thought this was the end for you? >> i knew if i fell any time, after four or five hours, i would fall to the bottom of the crevasse. any sort of rest i was going to die. the second it got late afternoon it was going to be too cold. i would have gone hypothermic and died. >> how did you get help? how did you get to a hospital? >> i couldn't walk. i literally rolled as much as i
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walked back to the tent. thankfully then i could reach the satellite and call for a helicopter rescue. i had to wait another probably 16, 18 hours. >> are you taking somebody with you next time? >> well that's the thing. if somebody else would have been with me we both would have died, no question. i would have fallen in the crevasse, they would have fallen on top of me and we would have killed each other. >> tell us how you're feeling now. you have quite a few injuries. >> i am broken. amazing how broken a body can be and still be functioning. what you're about to see you can't unsee. but the video is so good you just have to watch. >> live in the hood. >> a fight here at a gas station. looks like some guys, looks like some girls. looks like the guy is initially trying to break some things up. >> whoa whoa whoa. >> kicks at the girl in the long dress and she goes nuts on this
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guy. >> [ bleep ]. >> she's got that big flowy dress on, but not for long. >> oh! >> yeah now she's topless and she just starts dropping bombs on this guy. >> [ bleep ]. >> took down two twiguys it loo like. not giving a care about her state of undress. it gets worse. because now -- >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, the whole dress comes down. >> oh, my lord. she is butt naked running around a gas station parking lot flailing her arms. >> the dress came down. she stepped out of the dress. >> yeah. >> to be a little more free to kick butt. >> she's definitely free. she's like let me take off my earrings, my wig, let me take off my clothes. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, my. >> she goes marching through like yes, i just kicked butt naked. >> if you're those dudes first off they were trying to kick a
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girl which you should never do and then they got beat up by her and she was naked. >> only in the hood. one of the easiest ways to shop these days is go on-line, have something sent to you and you pay the high shipping and handling costs, right, so that your package arrives at your door safely. but sometimes this happens. >> oops. >> this video is being shot by an employee of an on-line merchant in clinton, mississippi. they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars making sure their items arrive to their customers safely. but as you can see in this video, they can't do anything about the workers from the u.s. postal service and how they handle it. according to the usps this is a local supervisor from the post office who's taking these items at the actual merchant's office, their building, and throwing them into the back of her truck
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right in front of the other employees. >> just not efficient in any way. you're making a giant mess, going to slow things down when you need to sort and deliver this stuff. >> when the u.s. postal service was made aware of this video, they did release an official statement. they said that the postal service takes seriously all issues regarding customer service. we extend our apologies for this incident. the video is disappointing and does not represent the kind of service we strive to provide our customers or the manner in which the majority of our employees handle packages. >> no, but was this woman reprimanded? >> according to reports this incident is still under investigation. >> what's there to investigate? it's right there on video. >> pretty cut and dry. what's the mystery. >> it is true. that's her. >> right there. >> that's why they're going broke. they don't even know how to investigate a video. got a couple of videos from dash cams on russian roadways
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and you will be amazed they have miraculous endings. the first one is a police chase, a dui driver is being followed by the police car. watch what happens when the police car catches up to the suspect. see that. >> oh. the suspect is in a pit maneuver. >> did look like it executed a pit maneuver against the police car. the police car runs over that fence and looks like it goes into a short gully. the police officer is uninjured. didn't need to go to the hospital for treatment. >> wow. >> that's lucky for them. did anyone end up catching this yahoo who's allegedly drinking and driving. >> was caught, the driver was detained for dui and leaving the scene of an accident but they said that charges could be reclassified to include assassination attempt on the life of the interior ministry. >> wow. >> that sounds pretty serious. they bumped him off the road a la "dukes of hazard" style. they hit the guardrail like a ramp. >> this video may be difficult
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to watch. appears to be dash cam from a utility vehicle or a bus. there's a little girl, 3 years old and her grandmother crossing the street. they see this vehicle is stopping but watch what haens. >> oh, no. >> that -- that poor little fee driver immediately pulls over, jumps out, so does his passenger. people on the side of the road at this bus stop, stop and come to render this little girl aid. miraculously this girl did survive, suffered multiple head injuries but she is expected to be okay. >> just can't be too careful, especially if you have a little kid with you, you have to make sure it's the absolute safest time. it's an emotional moment for this bride. >> but not because of the romance of the wedding, but because of this. >> the special guest that makes her big day even better. and a cliff jump turned close call. >> oh, [ bleep ].
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>> wow. so close.
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well, this seemed like a good idea until it wasn't. >> oh, [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> wow so close. >> oh. >> so close to disaster. >> these guys are part of birdhouse productions an that was really close to that guy
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whose name is turk becoming a kabob. this happened two summers ago when they were out in bermuda filming a different video i showed you guys last year with a bunch of girls jumping off the same exact cliff. they thought it would be really cool if we caught a shot of her jumping over -- >> except he didn't go way over. >> because it didn't go way close to the cliff which he was supposed to and they didn't realize that measurements were a little off until turk was already flying down into the water. >> i think you would do more planning when doing a stunt like this, right? >> fortunately he was just fine. he was very close to the sail. >> but they got a great shot. i mean, if you're out there shooting this kind of stuff and that happens, you know. >> that's true. >> [ bleep ]. get your hankies ready because we're about to witness the beautiful wedding of this
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lovely bride sarah. you're going to get really emotional, but not because of the romance of the wedding. but because of this. ♪ >> oh, my gosh. ♪ ♪ >> who is that? who just came home? >> that is her best friend and brother daniel. he's an active dutiy marine and he had just sent a letter to sarah saying that he could not attend the wedding, that his heart was broken and, in fact, the night before this moment, she was with her mom kind of in her lap crying over the fact that her brother daniel couldn't be at the wedding. but at the last minute, daniel got one day's leave so he traveled the distance, made sure that he was there.
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>> what happened? >> just last minute worked out. >> oh, my gosh. >> i made it. >> thank you. >> need a little touching up. >> she's sobbing and he's just rubbing her back, rubbing her back. this is cute. he does this brotherly thing. we're going to have to touch up your makeup. >> ladies. >> are you coming to the wedding? >> oh, i'm here. >> how much time do you have? >> i have to go back tomorrow. >> oh, my gosh. what a great moment to have for your wedding video. >> this was shot by andrew didsway from snapback studios. >> nicely choreographed, the whole thing is nicely choreographed. >> jax the dog is starving. >> what was that dog eating? >> see what saved him next "right this minute." >> and still to come -- it's tony hawk versus a mini cooper. >> coming at each other. a game of chicken. >>hy thistunt is raising the
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ba snorkeler swims among the jellyfish. >> this is like a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. >> how is she not getting stung. >> see what makes her underwater adventure so apagz. amazing. hey there.
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jellyfish lake off the island of halau. this is nana out there with her gopro camera. it's called jellyfish lake for a reason. you're seeing that here. >> how is she not getting stung? >> they don't sting. these are golden jellyfish and nana says in her video here that she felt very free, very serene
6:21 pm
during this experience. she says that these things are actually harmless, but also that they are very fragile. she was being extra careful while out there and urging others to be wary of where your flippers are. pay attention to the little one. there's even -- you see they're all different sizes here. >> yeah. >> look at the little one that gets right in front of her goggles there. they look like space creatures. >> they do. they're beautiful. >> they're incredible. >> this here, look at that little one. comes down right in her face. checks her out while she's checking it out. see you later. >> this one almost lands in her hand and keeps going. >> you can see how careful she's being. ♪ >> so gorgeous. >> awesome. this is like once-in-a-lifetime. >> like cauliflower. if you're bored with your existing workouts and want
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something a little unconventi unconventional. this first one by jordan carter she's a model and she on youtube shares snippets of her daily life. in this case she decided to teach us how to work out your booty while you're brushing your teeth. >> let's get it started. so make sure the toes are pointed out. you go down and squeeze all the way up. make sure you flex your butt. >> i think this would be more effective for your legs if you strapped 40 pounds of silicone to your chest. if you don't have that is it just as effective. >> make sure you always squeeze your butt and always hold it tight. >> it's actually hard to watch this. like really distracting. >> sure. well here's the deal, regardless of her appearance, i think this could be a good exercise for all people. >> two minutes better than nothing? >> i guess. >> yeah. >> how about this. the yoga to deepen your straddle on the wall and this is by keno yoga. she's about to demonstrate what this looks like. get on your belly and place your
6:23 pm
feet against the wall. >> that alone is impressive. able to make a square out of her legs. >> you've seen nothing yet because that's just the beginning. she then challenges you to push back some more and you end up like this. >> oh, my goodness. >> ouch. >> i feel like i'm going to see this challenge with the videographers, the cameraman here in the next break. they're always doing on set call settics. >> boys, ready, go . ♪ >> you got to ease into something like this. >> i was about to ask, how long do you have to do yoga before you can do this? >> most of us are probably ten years away from being able to do this. >> i might be ten lifetimes from being able it to do that. >> thanks so much for watching, everyone. the pig is snoozing but that doesn't mean she wouldn't like a snack. >> you've seen this little nose start wiggling. you can tell that the pig smells the cookie.
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>> right. no shame in turning down a dare. tony hawk, the name that is synonymous with skateboarding he's become a household name. i don't care if you're into skateboarding or not. everybody knows who tony hawk is. the guy is a legend, still out there skating, raising the bar, pulling off the stunts like this one. >> whoa. >> coming right at each other, a little game of chicken. tony hits that ramp goes right up and over this little mini
6:27 pm
hard top coup. he says it's real. i was scared. his idea. looks all legit to me. tony really getting some air and some distance over that thing too. >> what's most impressive part the timing. you have to time it perfectly. >> it's tony hawk. these guys took the necessary time to calculate this and make this all happen safely. don't go do this. the next thing you know over the next few months we will be loaded with videos kids getting run over by cars. >> you are not tony hawk. >> leave it to tony hawk. think you guys might agree with me that nothing awakens the senses quite like the smell of a fresh baked cookie. >> yeah. >> what you're seeing is a cookie and it's being placed at the snout of the napping pig. all you see is phoebe's snout sticking out from under the blanket. cookies awaken pigs.
6:28 pm
you see this little nose start wiggling. you can tell that the pig smells the cookie. here comes phoebe. phoebe is officially awake. watch phoebe try to get this cookie. chomping and chomping so loud. you would think the cookie is made of pure molasses. ♪ >> the chomping and the slurping and the mouth and the nose. the whole thing is just awesome. this is on the youtube channel prissy and bomber. you might remember these folks. they've taken care of about 300 different rescue pigs. if you're a fan of pigs you can donate to prissy and bomber pig pen at prissy and
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>> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've been searching the web for great videos and we've got them for you, "right this minute." >> a girl is playing in a public pool when a man -- >> notices there's something wrong with the girl. >> how he got the shock of his life when he went to help her. a secret camera captures a strange entrance. >> who walks into a room like that. >> why the dude in the dress is not the creepiest thing about this video. are you ready for a pie-thon? >> massage. >> why the


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