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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  March 3, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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ring... . d d d ieget t eir first t caus l lgue *switch to o o ururinisistvanangegege chaelscae gigis you, without havingdealt c c yeand? and...there'whole home dvr. pls s omama optio so0you cananatathatever,r, wheneverer it theirst r re ofofop by sayanananesnd," acceptpthe reality eaead by ouredy partrtrs, , ulul yes,. do you? e a hollllooooinsider
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(cheers and apapapse))& captioning spopoored by cbs (bandndlaying intro music >> stephenweweome to "the sh!" i am stephen colbert. thanks, everybody!!
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heers and applse)hey!y! thanks so muc welcome to t t "lalahow,"" everybody! ipamtephen colbert. and not onlylyould i like to ome yoyoyo thehstoght, t i'd likekekeoffer a a ecial lcome to a aronaut s s skelly, whohoyesterday, returneddtotoarth after a record 340 days in sce. congratulation scott. (cheand applause) can't wasee yaa! becacae he was up the for so long, nasasas now studyiyi the efefctat prolonged weighthtness has o oththhuman dy-ynd, this i#iscatitg h hreturn t t chesesaller thananhen n lef hopefully, that extra height will give this navy caain anan asonont t mefidee.( (lghtete this extrarawowoves ly t t trary, @ @t hope he takes this opsortunity be weon all t rid at the
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until he shhnknk okay inis, 340 dayss a long time t tbebefflanen% and re-integrati with our culture ght comes a shock. so i want t help scott catcupup onof thehengs he m msese in t last year scott, m w wt writeomom of ts down okay? rst off, thanknkto taylor swift, n n leaea t t t gis s s trav in n at are calledua it's le a murder of crows. apsqof girls. squads havgoals.s. my goal to be in a squad. back in junu, peoplelelerted whipping and naeaeing. >> j: at w nice. tephen: : ip nae-nae. d now that i he done it,
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"hulu hump." what else? oh, you really do nonolike -- the iareat m mvie e lled "the mtian," reallyyakes youfeel le youinin space. anjustefore u nded, , vealed that ty p pry is dadada orlan bloom. we a thinkinof gng with te-lando bloom-ber. oh, and of coue therers s s presidential re thth y yr!$& d it's's going good.d. (lauauter) don't look it up. aughter) and you are e c#ust t time r the great ve for eaeaeatonighgh (cheers and d d ause) rsrs we have got beloved actor
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meloni! (cheers and applause) thth i il tao o e momo cent ripnt othe medal of hor, ny senini c c cdwar s anapplse) d 'll haha a mumic performance from ray lamontagn ( ( ndlayiyi ) hehe geg dowo!o! it's jon batiste ay human. say y , evevybod ( apause ) my friteaa! they're about to light this recracr, butefore they do, ope mo thing: a manhattan poli horsesehrew its officer@ to the ground and n looso#for ten minutes after beinooked by ad no offifials say y w wl never hahaen again as long as new york city \ esn't have anyre noises. @ >>nnouer: t tniniststheneelces.
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medal of honor recipienedward byers! anana musal performance by r r ntne! fefeurinjon tistetetnd "stay human"! dow isee for " "e te showith stephoerheand applse >> stephen: hehe everybody! you un whh? uot tt thh""
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but i could l tten to that sgicicin aiit!t! (cheers and apse)ott key may have missed aa lot of theherededeial rac so r,r,ut there islenty more for m top oncause in the ne feweeksp,five more states wl weigh in t t presideial elelti:: mian, ohio, , uisiana, nebrasas and floloda in floda, they wl cast t tir votes ththtradadiol y, by ti for whoever looks more like their grandson.(laughter)r)r) but even then, we still l n't even be halfway through the primimimprococ whicicmeans thth i the roado the white house! >> i just nt a job! juststete a jo@ ptephen: well, he might get on beecause nald tru's b bin on super tuday has madedeteclclr thth
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republbl party, anthat has sentnthe republican establishment into a aanic. they do not t nt to be with is guy,utututoters are e o sing this. it l le an arranged marriage. d li trump's other rriaias, thione e uld last eighd ueararar (lghter) (applausus they hav w wken up i bed wiwhh this guuy, bt t tyee n n n takg itng dowowow (laughter) instce, if t tmp is the@ nominee, republican sesete jorityr mitch mccoco ws thahahacoea rohim likeke hot rock." icicic a huge sacrice foff mee who is part tortoise.. that's his favorite baskskg spot! ght there! odayin a deseste bid totop trump from getting the minaon, thth tried aew
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>> here's what know: donald trump is anya fraud.d. >> stephen: that rightht fad g g a monsterthe p. had ly one c cice. >> "relelee thromn!" (laughter) (applause) >> s0hen: yes, they oke the sealn mittyperbaric gnitamber, he brbrght the pain >>ow, i'm far from the firststst to c cclcle thatadonald trump lacks s e temperent to be president. you y wait, it, wait, , n't a hugugsiness scecs doest t w what hs talkinabout? no, hehese't a, no, he dodon' what er happen t ttrumum aiineses hohoabout t t p univsity? d d en there'srump magazine.d ump vodkdm arump ststks, and trp p rtgage. a busine genius, he is not. >> stephenzr. trump has put s nana on some
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foexexple, four r ars s o, he endorsed mitt romnmn!! (applause) all in all, very powerl statement from a member of the repupuican establishme.. leles see how trump's supporters responded. ( roars >> stephen: oh, atight, mitt. ey want to fstn your esh. but at doesn'tean romn doesn't have a r rgh and tumble plan t/ save thehearty. hehenows there's a way to stop trump frometting t t number ofof dulegateteheeeds at thee nvention. >> i believe we can nominate a person w can win t t general election and w w will represent the values andndolics of nservatism. given the current delegate selection press, that ueans that i'd ve for marcrubio o flida and r john kasich ohio, and fofoted cruz or
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ntenenrs has the best chchce to bear. t tmp i ia given statat@ tephwhatatn sping ssagfothe world' eaeastememcyfor r o yoinououou president, ve for whicicverr candidata in your stste has the besthae of keeping tmp fromting delegateses it's a sysysm ofn emplplededy bros in n n hat rhesesit "clock bckck (laughr)r) and i know there'sangry republicic base out there, but thisisuy says it is e only to se democracy from the voters.after you u temaybe you willget a sticicr thththays, "i what mitt roey told me to."" (laughter) this game of ganging up against the populay who's winng,at's not democra.
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you honely t you are going to be beerert this than him? it like saying, "you kw th wa fixixur great white shark prlem m , get in the w wer with him.but t rst let me p o omy ham." ump p not runningng political-- thhx's the h h h.. (laughter) trump is not running a pilical campaiai. he's a qlity scontestantnt who's establishehehimself as a villain to polize dience, then do ater i takes s make ito the final trtral cncil tget the e sethat lhim ve s s sititth top chef. (applause) then you get to name a supre court stice in t fansy itit aughter) les juststay for a ainute this plala s sp trp work who th could the r rublins
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the guys who lost? thth doesn't seem righth you need someonenehoho been leletimatm chosen by rerebl v verer hold on minute! mitt, why dn't you tnk of this? mimi, , don't know if this h h occurred to you, but you fit th d dcription! oh, do it, mit don't thininabout it, just gath uppheng, t f family, er up tagg and blittnd gu and tupp, strap dog to ththcar anheadado the convon. i'm ready. (cheers and apatause) i've stiot allllinds ofstuff from 2012. i've still g g my gangnam st cd, mymyinsanity shirt and my ofalalortrait o& mitt romney on t ts just for men b. colo de horse. wewel beight back withth christopher rfni!
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itct to centylylk prism tvtt and d t the s me gre channels cable gives you, wiout having to deal with cable. yes and? and...there's whololme dvr. us tons of on mand options so y y can watch whatever, whenever. yes and? why dodoououuys keep saying ? it t t f fst r%reof i irov. by sayin"y a," we a aept e reitcreaead by o o oedy partnersrspaulv yes,p,ig, i know.. do you? fe like a hohohoood insir with prismv frfr centurylk. (cheers ananapapause) >tephen: welcome e ckck my first guest t tight is a talented actororho now starss
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television drama "undergrounun ababt a group raway slaves and escsce to freedom. >> whyou d thh? lp peopleikee? >> i got a boy. nanaen. 12 y y y old. he dsn't'tow the world is a hars andnfai place. i'm afraidhe ain't no chananng that. i suppe when i comem to it, i'm just thinknk of his ptutu. sph: ease welcome ristopher meloli. (cheers and applausese >> sphen: you're the gue. nstou sit first. >>haha you.
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might to stroro yououou fore thissnterview is over. th t t is j jt so l%l%lrious. >> it's named one of the all-time gre gooees. >> sphen: thi just came out -- christophph m%mloni's at willypypzeou. congratulationon >> tna y y v vy much. pplause)e) >> steph: it's likome alaln creaea is goinggo take over you fe and sarted with thea around d ur moouth. (cheerd applause) me just see something here. cosld i ay --eah. (applause) 's hok you test i. thanks foromimi. nice to see you. >> i'm s huge fan of yurs!
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i such a huge f f of yours!s! >>tephen: well, thank yo a a n of yours. >> i come here toa. tttne? >> stephen: that ts y urs, , thk. >> i've omeme toawn. >> ste d't t t m mto you! you'r'r ecthat thonds,ha ertnment ne ye smart, you're always sm-- (cheers and applause) >> stephen: diddife k u the to say thaha >> no. stephen: that iry nice getethat kind of s supportm somee who isis known to be a tough g gy. you have a reputation, you py lo ofoughuys. >> yeah, y y. >> stephen: i. ts showowlware u aood guy o aad guy in.n.
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at,,om befofo it't' over >> yhe's a guy c cghtt up i i i i t t slavereryst, the m mn econic system thhe the south in g gora in 1857 a guy trying to raise hisyear-old bod it' tough cicistances. >> sphph: so good guy orrad y? 're talkg slalary here a you do ha to pic a aide these days. >> well, you kw, y y do the best youan undnrnrhe circumstances. it climate change.eryoneanan d d d dhatat right for the eartuto wealwaysyso what'tt for the earth? >> stephph: no. ifife d w'sforthe eartrt w wwoulultutu allhesese lightff. >> okay,good guy or bad g g >> stephen y ym tohink i'i' a gooduy. wl, t ds onenee of the ststy, though. >> stephen: yoy actuallll in your lifve bee aough guy. were you anc? >eaee tt's how i made m my money. i came to new york be an actor and immedtely wenenen
10:58 pm
made $40 a nht thrwing pepople out b bs. ph: $404a n nght? w wn't an houjly wage? >> it wasn'n'$ it wasas cs, thomg >>tephph: ififere cominin up to t get into the cluluu wod u have l m m in? au >> no. tephen: why not?? what is it about m >> iove you, man, butut that face is n -- phph: 's wrong? this isn't c facac ou knono whait i i it's i'm not bringing any chicks tohee face. aughter) i'morry... i dot manan. (audience e e i d-- sad face. sad face. >> stephen: please leteten, bouncer manan no no.o.. >>phen: did you eveve have to rouou@unybody upp and bring the hammerererownwn >> wl,l ve you my pazazstce exri twgirls ran out on a tab so
10:59 pm
saysys y y seewo girls? s, i don't know, a l of pepele comininininnd outut soe run down t strt ar the t t gls. he sayay therrey are. he ss, you sy here andd i'll grab t che they ran out o o as i'moldingnghe girls, they're kickin and scratchihi me. theharulse pndt'sheir boyfriendsdsndo it's rr agaiait one andne of them kicks me in t t shin. i let goo of h hr. the other gets dragged in. n@w i dive through the paengewindow -- and this is probably f f le $1$1$00 bill orratevevjump throughssgegewi a i tg to gbheeys. guyuy is tryryg pshee --e guy from thehe back is puncncnc me,'m punching the driver, the giriris scratchi my face,,he dvr starts drivinander tooune, ash me agnst the parked
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lciditynd brililance i'm goin i'm g@getting paid $4040 nit!t! >> stehen: how do yu gorom at ac did you pututt the on your sume,@,@,@kl can tathgssh againin cev (laughte >> andndndre w w a smattering of sn on nhehound soo wble to skitch m way around.. >> stepheni ntntoear more stories of adveure e dd violence from y yu. we'll take a coercici break anbe bkitomre chchsthemeloninini right now, switch tot foan iphone and get one free. wow, is that right? yeye, it's basically... yes. that is s s current offer from at&t. okay siri, don't mnow everytying. lli kn youousk meto cl you at&t&tsteswithhe m mte.okayayayut h d dn.tu ioff.
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heers and applse) sdephenenwe're back with chririopher meloni. t ris chhristr?r?>>iser >ph: i iis.ah. >> sphen rlly?
11:05 pm
>> no biea ca m m whateveouan. >>tnen: chrhrtopher seeus li nep mother wld yell at you. riopherr mloni. >hristopher peterer >>tephen: d yoyot in trouble with y yr momhen youo were a k >> couldetettt over on her itas moreeachers'utside influees a a i iould ste mcase t toy mom and e@ould lie me. >> stepheh: is tha yourrst acting >> yes, she's my firir ance. > stephen:retding you were a good b b all time? yes, always.$ >> stephen: hereoure as a a baby (audience rets) ani bring outhis po. can we clos sho a thth? i bring out this pho. you look stingly ke a picturof your had today ha en put on a a child. i'll prove it to you nw. ldldldll for a
11:06 pm
(laughghgh (a0alause) i understandndou doing a projejt with bruce willis clled marauds. at was it like worojng with him? it wawa great. >> sphen that a lot of teststterone, twtw tououuys. >> yeah, we only word i big stag b bause thereas so much testosterone. come in with hazmat suuits andnd mo to put on the makeup, at's'she lylyly people couldpproh us. ye, it wasas areat@ epeence. was very funny because bce is the c.e.o. of@he b bk and he has to escort me out to have the nk, i'm an.b. guy. as he'ss escort memehrough wh hisecurity, the bad gom inino rob the b bk andndtart sprayingngng bullll everywhererere&& bruru a i have to shoot our
11:07 pm
but brucuc i ihe c.... off a bank but doesn't h h g g. was bre.t he wasas likik but i'm die hard guy. he w w naked. said, can you give m a gun? peoplelere goin bce, you're c.e.o. of baa, theysually n't ha aun. i want a gun. 0 stephen: did h g@t@t his gun? >> nl. heas unhahay. >> stephen: i i ulul dinel him a gun a then edit it out later. >>ocus oneoooongn>>epheheeaea ato get eeeet of g g ge. you we, likik wrieding,a hor@ t this ting andnagons. >> yes. >> step you know how the do thaha >> i do nw. >> stephen: diu ow forere th? >> vy inresting.g.
11:08 pm
well, you kw. you've really got to tell that guy who's the boss.>> steteen: th horse? yeah, the horse you haveveo get to k kw him. you have p him. you're courtshng, a a)ttleforeplay, y y -- >> stephen:hat's illegal in many stata >ut tephen:ot al. no a a anu u u ot gene bu rmrm >>phen: yah geleut firm. stephznwhoo@ tacacngyou these thin? wawa t bruce@ wiillis aughte bobolance. >> stephen: so,o,hat, were youou afafid of theor at firs i wasn't a bibi fan. i didndn like all that muscl andnedbility. just w wn'a fan. bb you have to go up there and shsh himim who's b bs and rid@ with a arity. t if iou don knhow wll the gnals, you're just a bigpretender up t tre, to b bin with. >> stephen yeah? en i got the eang o it.. and th one hand.
11:09 pm
s. d the -- tt'ss how i look. abablutely.. it's aaatutul, r rght? natural somminin i'llllllp it >> stephen: y yu've reallyot it i'moc in. (lghter) stephen: the@ series bginsmarch 9, 10: on wgnmeric and ittalald "underound,"" d it's about t underground ilroad, and yo charact is described as being on a tight rope of e eotioio yes. >> stetete: ananagaiai w w w don't knowowf hee aero orrr viain. no. are youu herorr a viiin?n? >enen well,l,f u goatee soe kno you're my evil t tin. (laughter) christopher meloni, thank yoso much. >> a pleasur >> stephen: christopher meloni "underground" p2emieremarcrc9 at 10:00nowgn amera.
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(c(cers and applau) >> stephen: welcomomback, everyone. let's he it for jon. batiste and stay humanan (cheers and applause) jon, sound gre tonig.. >> jon: thanyou,tephph. >> s sphen: anananu ok great,o. >> oh, man. >> stephen: dsn't't heok
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(cheers and applse) wish i could have the samam dabjashion sense you do. >> jon: stephen, whahaif i ioldd you i uld teh you to have mymy kiki ostyle in juseieit t sy steps? >> sphen: i'd say, i hopit comes th a vid. jon: yoqe in luck, because it does!jiji >> hey, everybody. i'jon baste. welce ian 101,pisise 2. fashion ti ififouant to be a goo band leader, yove g g to dresyour best. cpcphes arehe music off the you hear themith your eyespepepe yourr ears and watch. leononne namemrtfits. every ofit has a personality that's why ine names. he are se of tfitsts i've woro^ the lale show, hotot stard, business basket, yaa, haucinating rerere slimim grimace,
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ers and apse) >>phphweomack, everery. myexuest receidd medaofonor from esident obama moay ease w wcome navyvy senrhief and navy seal edward byers. (cheers and applse)@ thanks for bei he. an hon to h he you nks for ni me. sph:: you arespecifically titledh sor chief lfare operator. that is really all-compasng titlt,, warfarar oerator. who you opete?? operate warfrfe. whwh does t tt training include? what are all t thingsou're trarneto doo? >> well, if we were to siit here antalk aboutt,t, think k@uu uld run out ofof time.
11:22 pm
the first i i basic underwater al training, theneal qualifictraining aftere thth f six mon jto get your foot in th door.. teteen:hen d you fd out you would be receiving the daofono >> i found outnber. >> stephen: h do youind out? >> is a really intriguing press. the white housuscalls you, sobody onis sf, and they sasa hey t president wantsts t lko you next weekthis tend tim are youvaille? and my first reaction wasas des anneually so t tis? let me checky sdule. >> stephen: do you h he any eaeahat the p pne is t? i did i w w awawa he was going to giv a ca bututt' not tl the esident calls you that it bebomes official. stephen: there are some
11:23 pm
whh youere awardededed the mel of honononre cllsisiednd y y n'talk about it.t. walk us throughhatt hpened at day andnd ty noto breach national security when youo so. >> i'll do my best. stephen: okay. december 2 22, we reived our mission, a noail mssion, and our g gl was to briri b bk an amecan hste. stephen::fghanistst? te afgha. wnsecopterr tide ofheh had a four or f h h walk through mins dd gotot to the target building a asess >> stephph: how do you know at's your targetbuilding? i a aume a lot lo alike.>> theyo, but or nation's military has cleve ways of figung that out. >> steenen oka. i'll a#aept tt.
11:24 pm
>> so as wepproachch the building, our point man u teammate nk was pp front. a guard came outf one of the doors.s.s.s.he immediately engaged t t guard ande start sinting towd the door. it's'not your typyc!l door. was a layar of blanketet as nick starafd t t mve i in through the blankets, ii mved in behind him. as i wt ty areaf responbili, annemy onon thhe ba wall h hd hiskdy toshooooand engagag him and saw another pers movingg acrshe floor. at tt timememe youon'tnow i if that was the american hostage st scare trying to moo -- >> steenenwhatatime of day is t ts? >> middle of the nig. >> stephen: ist dark, a ligh onnside? >> it wa bitch black. the averer afgn houseasne light bulb.
11:25 pm
light bulbs.we haveg nig vision, soohat gives ushe aanta to seeee.. i saw a psoovovcross the oor. he wasasasinin towd wea& gotto mmnd straddled h h andinned him downith my legs. >> stephen: at this point you know if thth is the@ hoste oreone hos. >> iidn'tt know. ii wastrying to control him and juststight vision s si could get facial ecocoition. simultaneously, we'ree calling t,t4merican hostage, tryino somebodydyo@ reeononon backck. he finally did res b bk, about five feetwaway t meo my right. engagag the person i wasas on totof and jumped o h and on totohe ameririn hostage. you want to do t that bececec our gogos to bring this guyack alive e d we'reearing body ar so wewe accept that risk and
11:26 pm
that hapned, thereas another enemy thas to my left within arm's reach, fortunately,y, and i was able tot pin him against the w b his throro till myeammates were ablecome in a take caree of that.. >> steen: so you have your body o otop of the hooage t t protect him m ileinnnng somebo agast the wall with yourur hd, after egaging the enemy prerusly to thh? >hat't't'rrecec (appuse) steteennow, c c you tll us - -wiououving a specific anount of time -- is this seeming like is hapappening fast ou? or i iit all happenini i tion forou?u? >> thais aniqiqhing aboutut our training is we rehearse so much that it is veryy institc chiewlwl so whihi t whole sccario happened within aa minute,, minute and a half, in your mindt' veve segmented. you take one satn, handle
11:27 pm
so it slowss down. 's kind ofofike e slolo do. >> stephen: : w w knonothere are some t t tthat you can't talk about t raidd o get hohoage, but onene@ thinin iw youo want to t tk about that's portt i# to talk abo your fellll navy seal,nd this is check rirht? >> y y, annickhece wasas a true@ a arican hero, and he'e' t te hero of that operation. he gave his life to bring b bck anotherrmerican a a,rankly,, that'shat we do. (applause)>> stephph: he didot survive eagemen he did not. >> stephen: and here youre receiving the medal of honor president obaman mony, and fothe rest of your life yoyo know,, people willll be callininyoyo a he. w dodoou feel i know somee pplplin the military d d'tikee that title. how do y feel about that? >> that's not a e iould veyself. i think tha somethihi o oer pewple bestow u0onn you, a a the
11:28 pm
arehe brotrs i i wrk with... these men@ are, you know, the toststen on theacef the planet. r mentality of n nuititi never fail at anything they do is trulylyemarkle andndyou know, if itit wasn'ttt foror the, i woul't b sittg here today. thth savav my lif cuntlesss tis. >> stephen: i understandhere e someeople youuant to ge a shout outo beforee go. theres. soso my neighbors bobobnd gigi they love yo show, and theve recordededvery single one of your shows, s/`i have say congratulationon i heard you juju hadour 100th( episodeere. >> stephph: we did. y, bob andigi! (applalae) wellthank you u mhor being here a thank you for your serve t/ our coury if you goacac out, please sy safe and we're honored to havavav u. memel of hnoecipient edwawa byers, e eerybody! (cheers and applause)
11:29 pm
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tephen: here to perform "hey, no pressur" please. lclcmy w wneray lamontag! i hate to see you breakg down npressusu i i i to watch u fall apa ressure want to help you ththugh it l
11:33 pm
i wa to lift you when you fall no pressure, nonoressur anything yououant your life e mean, it can mean ananhing yout t ur l le to mean, i imean this life is full of nd tate no pressure
11:34 pm
no pressure doeatter, lososor win no pressure, no pressure it's a illusion the end no pressure, no pressure anything you wan b b you can be anythi you want to be, ou can be
11:35 pm
no prereure you need to know we areour friends no pressure no o esesre anything you want yourife to , it can meanan anything you want yo life to mean, anyththyou want to of, you cabebe athing g u wanto be, you u u be n npressure no essure no pressure nprprsure no pressure
11:36 pm
noressure cheersndpplause ) >> steen: : y lamontne's
11:37 pm
tomorrowow we'll be right back. lemme get a mcpick 2 the's a hot new dealaln mcdonald's pipi 2 menu!


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