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f f fs the on leanchrsrsn`inhecountr, captning funded d cbs >it'sonday, mch 7th, 2016. this ys the "cbs morning newew" > nanc reagan remembered. the nation mournshe former
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itten with her roie>>ell, at that poi, iusnted toeet@onald@ biedt to her uband ath r rgann presidential library in california. teri o ota is here withh . >> reporter: you're riwit. thonlences are pouring in, th from the famous and everydayitizens who are using s devoteded nancy agan. >> reporter: a steady stam of ners spped atheeagaga presididtialrary to pa spectsor t t formerst lady ncyga >> i thoughthe broug a lot
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>> reporr: nancy reagan died ofongestive heart faire at hen ayshe s an advocate for stemm cell researcholwingor priden'siagnosos o zheimer's diasinin 94. where the two worshippedt the bellaire church, t tked about the former first lady after the services. >> sheas considerate of people around her and greed evevebodydywith a smile, aider husbd. >> repr: nancy reagan's best-known project as first lady was the just say n n caaign,, aimed atpipisnd teens ayayrom@m@drugug gh, , e hers, her admirers will remembererer for reoring gre a a egaga t hite house. president obama and first ly mimielle obama saiai in a atement nanceagan defined the rolelef fst lady.. shwilluried algs her husband at the rond reagan
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in ft, many sayphere would veno psi reagan wiwiout her. funearraemtstill beinde,ut plic wl be ablo pay their las reects befororshe is laid rest meme >> teri okita in simi vle rl us thank you. nanay reaganas accusus o lding checke pow din her yeaes in the wte house and maintain hernly mission was t protect an strengthen her sbd's prency five yeaftft he lef offi th forr prest a a anc head aer'sisse.she spoktttn a "60 tes" in 2002. >> tt is the worst part about exchge morie >> reporr: >> right.anwe had aot o omemories. >> reporter: after h death, shehampned alzimer's resechndrokeititlow repuicsdvocator smcelludies.
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newsontributor andlb st jcomnist peggy noonan, a spepeh writer for roldreagan, aboutcy reagan's lega. >>to presintial. wein with the democrata. ieanders eighth win out o o 19 contestst h also wonn sardnansasndraa but hillary clinn mainins seemingly y overelmid in degates. tomorrowte-r-rh mic lds itit imary. night, temocrara debated in flint. we jiang has o o po epr: vnt s bernie sanders and hilry inton debated in flint, r veveigseale state les knkn about the probl but ailedo do anynying about it. th candidates llededor miigan's gre. >>pl shod hel countable, wherever t tt
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just two day before vots headto t t tolol for michigan's crcrcr thndates srred oven sue important to the p pple the00ilou othe to. >> v v tave tht autut indust. he votot againhe m mey that ended up saving the aut dustry. >> if you arealki the wall street bailout, where some of yourriends destroyed this economy!y!>> yknow >>me.. i'm talking. epororr: clinton i leading in the michiganll erhopeis wkeaucuwinkaas, braska wl change votere minds. weijia jiang, cbs news, flint, chiganan onhe r r rlican si ted cruzayshereren momentum. the ween cz won coests i i kansasndaine while,d/nananarump won in louiuiuia a akentky. o pickep secd win of the primary season in er ricob trtrp @ h thet legatebu cruz is gting
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marco rubio is lging behin ithe gateouh time nning out. hesighting t notio t tt anrump voters should back d a vsoin his home s ste of florirind itststs 99-winner take all delegates. yesterday at a rally in ido, rubio talked about conservatiti movement. >> a a iti st, the conserfativivmoments w wl fundamemes end a strgtial dense trational values. >> tomorrow, cruz and the oth gop candidates will beor 0 dega in fourr states. . >>is morning, police in aho are srching for gunman who ot a pastor ithth churchh parkiki lottingot he sh in n e bkour times suny and is sppinspected to rvive. police ara searching for ke od. one elslss injured. the latt storm system
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moving inld toy.dreninraintwowoea e bledn the weather.r. on saturday, it was the wettest day in the san fncisco a aa sivie 1914. yeerthalni t bru o ather steta and geaedore an 50 miles per hour.. th searchhor a man who ll f a cruis sp ohe florida coast s be calledd ofof thcoast gud received a report late friday night from the crew of the navigatorf theee seas that p pngad falaln@ ovboar he fell from the t tth deck about 100 feett fromhe war.arch and re s s arch thuge e ekend but able t locatat hi .>> fmerside jimmy carter says he doeoe't nd any more treatment f cancer. mrcaer bke the newt a suay soo css he teac the former presidede iss 91 yeaea old. less than seven months ago,e revealed he had been diagnosed his brain. comip on the "ing
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because the more you k kw, the re likely you are... (dog whimpering) top it p png. two british adventurers havervival sryo te, ks he uast a hecopt pcked thefrom icwate off alaska lala week. they werheading for an island whenenheceamo o k for yaksksut too thin to walk . they were brought safelyo gnome. >a closer look at the usual way ral and nancy reagan met. and delyamamge in n w york city. those are some oe headnes on the morng newsstand. > new yorkrk dai news is reportrtg how office wounded and capted a man accused of rrorizing a queens neigho. ceayhe milled sh owr,lashsh aomanandd burnedomeless man anantossed oustic liquiat officers sterday. the 23-year-d spececwas
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buzzfeed repts that t pe and sexual assltre mentiojod thousands of timim in ubergr cususmer recordrd but the ride sharing s svicece sa i eceed five clmsf ra and fewew than 0 sexual asasult complaintsn t t peri buzzfe studied. the website searched a half years of da ending last august. the asciated press reports the e sing death toll l iraq's suicide bombing. at leaeaealee and 65 were hurt yesterday south of baghdad. officials say a madrove truck k to checkpot and d igbl ng respoibity. "the bosgle" ror collwon't w lminr viabout e rath boings.thunivivsisif massacsetttt dadqmouth ficials say thetming would be druptive. dzhokhar tsarnaev wastudent there.
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e "los a aeaesim rerertth offers ininlorida us an n ube an nfl nnnnba -yr-ole n n hemss faci marijijij andnd affic chargegeinlywood, & or police s s he was cooperive when hisar was p pleteteer saturday night. mason is preparing for h third season with the rams > he newortiort suspected copycat case in the crossword puzzle business. a computer engind discoved atlues tsrom ti cr aeare ler "a nd s sdicated zz"t"t tim" puzzle master isist oss, but says it's uthical. >>borrrr or takekeomeoeo elel's caty anng gp orinalhelly i# not right. >> the 6 6puzzles and questions were allted b thy rk. hels ineoince. the gtost" reportin aboutow thetory
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reagan began. ncag w wtake listcommis atzer. shshasked for h mtt lead he s seen il t at point ittete eet nagan. >> they marriein 1952 a&d were together 52 years. she e ysng we was th roheted st ild,ldren's lunch warning. thousands of poundndof a p pular brd o&hicken ngets may be contaminated. details a ead.ead.ovoved guidance to over 100,000 ople j jt li iou. gaozto t legal youannt galzoom. legal help is here. there's onlyne egg at just tastesesette es flavorf delicious. wiwi morgreat nutrition. an25% saturatededat. only eggnd's'sest. rterte tt nutrition. better eggs. lookok the wolf waw huffin' andndpuffing.
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>>re'soo t's forecast in someies around ththcountry. on the "mo a chicken nuggets reca and gasas prices j jp. jillagagr is at e new york stock exchge with that and more. good morning, jill. . >> good d rning. stksasia mostltlhigher following upbeat u.s. jobs po. thshanai comsite gained nenene1% jajan'sssikkei shed ,, snapping a fr-day winning g streakak fray's jobrerted showed stng than expectct hirings and pushsh stocks s gher than expected o ofrid. dow in65nt the week and s&p finished d points higher and nasdaq closed the e ek 125 pointnthigher than itittartrt. fsalling
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possible plaicic contntination. reca includes applegatat tural chickekenuggets in eit-ounce packages fororest t before date septber 27, 2016. they wershipd to s sen st. gege flora, indiana, massachusesese new york, pennsylvanan and texas. > e price of is ing .. jug out sicea ga the st fee e agpre e unld rerelar $1.81 a gallon, according to aaaaa anysts say the price hike is due to growing demand and higher croil prices> > > ey's "zo" e p p office dw this past weekend. in its openi weend, the movie racked up $3.7 milil in ticict sales, the best evev ,a disneynited three-y t.t.t. sese pce is don ha follow b"dea pool." ddhehe t s st e wewes. meerkat wi repted.
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related social networkin atures > uu n n knononos nameme but raymond mlinson vented mo d e-mail. tihinvtiti in 19 no way to spend anything to a specific person at specific ades reated it whehe h h wke fel govern. hed saturdrd at 74 years olol where wowod g be wiout e-mail? >> i have no idea! what a ctribution to leave hind. pretty amazizi. jill wagneat the new york k stock exange, thanks a lot, jill. ming up,rt chte tennro maria shahaova set to make an announcement this
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en the einle thehene i wasasiyg, i knew what do ave my passengers. but t en my father sank inin depression, i dn't know w w to help him.m. en he ultimatehot`himself, heeft r family dastad.., ll theational suicide evention life.
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>>he ak at today's & recast in n me citieiearound the country. peyeon manniec to out on the denv broos quarterback is retirinafter 18 nfl as he a fe-titi mvp a won t
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manning will tur40 later this h.he overcamsevere injnjies sedozens of ssing rererds. teteis star maria s srsova y be takina ge o of on mannilaoo she is h hd aews confence l.a. later today intter agent calls a major announcement. the tennis champ hasn't said what s willldiscs, but cent sing of injurqehas fueled retirement speculation. she oppepeout of a championshiplt t ek with an arm injmry and o o of f st nth'openh a ouldld ju she hafiaj anndiaomanananer win the recbos s eken >> 3-2-1! >> she doesn't look tired.d. susu swinehart logged 73 miles 1 h hrs oa treadmill! that beats the previous guinss bo recofmiles.
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momo >eses put mymyeeup and drink a o obeers and lax with my kids aneny haing out hem onhe couch. >> c cgratatations. guness het tmake i ficial, which h uld ke uto sinths. > lala gconta whirlwind wiwier t ts weekend byytaking t t ge. popo staook aip ila michign sundayayn chiko'ss nuolarngshshrainto theater with her fiance taylor kinney ang with thousands of other peoplee in an effort to raise funds for
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>here is anananr r okokokokokok morninins s s ies.s. >hiclclrn nders s ashed ovov the auto o bababat, tradedeananwall s seeeeeedududu a a astststbababababanight t f fntntmichchch. nders woyestststy's maine caucuseshis th w w in 19 ntts. ilil ted c cz z n wewewewewe conteses ikansas and maine. while donald truru won in uisiana a d kentucky. > > ncy reagagags being rerembmbmb a asomeonwh fifid the e lef fifit lala, ananr r r fificeceoyal erba. died yesterdt ththage of 94.bill pnte e oks s h be t t w house he first l ly of the united statesesnancy y vivireag! repeptete it t t a le that fiher likeke gve.. wiwindndartner tthe leadof t trererl ananit w w a long y om where
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annenerancesins s s nicknamed nanc pares iviv she left wititlalalas s s heheactrtrtrmother w wt t tou whwhwhancy w w things looood up. her mother married chicago osurgeon d dndowwcy pd a famy. she unup in hollood as suppting actren a mb films, mostototly"t"t xt voi y hear"itjas whmore bushe had r on the hd tn n uildld er nampo uon a list o commust`ymymthizizs, she asked fohis help. aat poy, i juststante to meet r nald rean. >p rorter: later s would say being his wife was the role i wanted most. ey@mriedn 52 aece @ pas ofwohiren,tyd i w afrd yoyoyouldn't me >>ep e catatofhe
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as trajectory took him awafrfr llywooananinto polics sdnce' aitwa great or great thas. f f rtoay r in my hear i afrd i'll s art to cry. >> reporr: whewhiteousus count was amazed b b their gaze. the adoring look of a woman who said her main job in life was protecting him bibi p pnte, c ns, wawaington. coming up after your lococ ws sn "cbsbshis morninin"" more on nancy y@agag.. we w wl l eawith60 m mutut" " ved e reag whiouse, pl, we w wl lblko secreta state genenal col p pelel who o rvev as sesusutu adviser ununr presesent rerean and look at their relaonip& thuglole letters. thatthe "c"corning news"
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i'm meg ololerer veve greatatayay orchera proud-symbic [me naator] itbout putting otherfirst.t. it's doing your best athater you do. 's about b bhone w wyoururlf withthin it's allf th 's'sore. it cmitmt.t. this messagegeis bught to yoby the u.s. air fce. now from your breaking news
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is in o. hello. areretarting ououin the0s and d withthomom ouou passinghrgh rnin monday will be partytyloudy with his in t0s a 60s. winds will breezy peally on the s erthere willhigh fir ngera a fl


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