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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  March 7, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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( ba playi intro music) ba pying e sh" eme) (cheers anapplause) >>tephen cololrt, everyby! heers and applause) sphen:: hey, everybody! nice to s%e you!! heers and applause) welcomtoththlate show." thank you so much! (cheers and applause)) goone welcome to "the late sw," evevybody! thank you so much! what a beautiful crowd! thank you so mucuc
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i just wt tohrow down aurf board and ride the wave of your energy forhe next hour!! as i was saying, welcome the te sho" m ahdas beautiy w cititwa't i ( ( eersnd applaus)spring is he e rds are pipi. the ga bomin r)r) jon:t's blog,llrigh and inctions a loenin d i te... because, starting today, the n.y.p.d. has announced they'll no longer arst people for petty crcres like littering, public drinking, and u unation. (cheers and applplse) >> jon: could be dangerous!! >> stephen: wch means one inimes sare baa, baby! (c(cers and applauae)
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aughind,awbrrsilnow stveummo. t ws f lowevel fendwhused to cart off handcfs, and bawsws r anyone intntthat sort t thing. fr now on,nyone the police catctclittering will just recee a summonlihis. >> jon: oh! (applausus >> stephen: convenient. i'm a little conceceed about the ming.g is it wise to lift restrictions on public drinking and urition the week before st. patrick's day? >> jon: i dot know aut thatne steentolly in nw york, se seek high ground and start piling sand bags. spspking of crime, it would be a serious one e you misse
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that is network-level segue. couldn't make s.e.c.ways like at on basic cable. (laughter) first, i'lbe talkiki to the ar of the new netflix series "flaked", mr. will aett! (cheerand applause) such a funnyuy! >> j: is funns some vibebe teen:ndn m hai'lle ed b b-timn.b. l-ar, ,he d d of d elf,ir charles ley! (c(cers anse)) i shook h hand. >> jon: you gotta box out! >> stephen: shaking h hihi hands s like sking hanan with aennis racquet. (laughte and, from "new g gl" andndhe newfilil"hello, my name is dos," we've got max greenfield! hes s d applausesi isn't atreat! (band aying) hey! that joyful noise i ijon batiste
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say hi, eerybody! thth're about to beat with their rhythm sti, but before they do, one morthing: this morning, , b dylan announced a nealbum and d mmmm tour. or he was ordering a cup of coffee. it'sard to tell what that guy's saying. >> aunon epn w aett! max greenfield! and charlesarkleyeyfeinnatiiey hu(band playing)
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owep crt heerand ause >> stephen: stephen (stephen singing) >> stephen: j!ja ckpo (ches apause >> stephen: did anybody wch the big "downton abb" finale last niit? (cheers and applause) did you watat, j? >> jon: no,o, went to watat up on "the revenant" (laughter) >> stephen: they'rere very mila eakiki o& i irereblbl r we like watch and dokn w, nalru.mao ruo has being gohard afdona tmp, en min n ons hand ani di't'te show friday, so ib%fn fdays ncncp's reonse.. but n't care, thiss at i do for a living, 1nd there's no
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abl%this: hit hands. body h h ever hit my hands. i have neverereard of f isis look at thohhands. e theyeyeyll hands? and heheeferto my hands ---- if theararsmall, s s shing el must be small. i guarantee you ere's nono problem. i guarantee you. te: guants yo if ecthe'lmae th republicans e the party of -- (laughter) (applause) 'll makeure theepubca arehee ptyfe bigigi tent.(lgh anani'm su it't't'ue. why uld a gugugugu a smama pepes puhis namegiant letters onhe tip o skyscraper? it g tan something,, , right?
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at lst hdnise ten ies ghertica hey! hey, no! (cheers and applause) that's different! thth's differt! i guaranananu. i guarane you. (applause) thifnt (lghter) buld, the isise i#ut there, ahe peoe e ve the right to know the si of your "execucuve branch." so i'malling on you to release e long form. or the sho form. no judgment. (laughter) all kidding aside, i im not putting anankidding aside.e.
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er. t's s er (cheand apause) donwhe caneach e button! we have no idea! the russiansould launchhnd he would be trng to r rch thee button! (laughr) ieven worsen the lioln-douglas bate, en abham lioln s id:o ericwhr r ey be frorr ute slav hasver la ouzemycoln lo and yes,he bea matchhe apes." pplai catelhaes are abluteegitite kes makg abt prential debate right n@w! for thososof you who've been following american democracycyor the last 240 y yrsrswe have officially hit a bew low i political discourse. let's go to the art. yes, we've sunk below "swi boat," bow "secret mususm,""
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illegitimate by," and, oh, 'vshatted uge tt of char d bro intthe rdh low the ed s slivan ea pt thsubway lines. past hillary clinton's secret email server, pa the founding fathers spinning in their graves, and into the center of e eartxt the it is, stopping at presidentialenis measurirg cont pret lowth qte tow ru. ti hav'tage unun fold ng statement t t"veved a one longng . t 'snly rc l beigac will
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e new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium lel otectionon cece is smises totoe e ebiest tec wiot accatof up toeet. ros butdondinitel anscols e closed. ll'spso grt a c cd and ce. mama forl, real li ifouisplacac dier cd,n free i
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you swch i righ a. yoreac frze it, on fdier
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tt0w!thi@- tt0w!tx#hi!!el@- &l tt0w!tx#hi!!ed@-&$( tt0w!tx#hi%!)8h-t t tt0w!t!thi%!kz[5( tt0w!tx#hi%!n-h-.\$ tt0wx#x#%!0ph-0;< tt0w!tx#hi%!s"h- i\ tt0w!tx#hi%!ueh-#+, tt0w!tx#hi%!7hh-?)x (cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome back. myirst guest tonighthts a very
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ta ty nse "flakakplea welco wl arn eran) so nice to have you on. >> it's a pleasure to be here. >> stephen: so few of my guestsakaktime to wear a dodolereaste jacket on the show. >> well, i like the keep it pret cl.z sphenyou d u looike youe reaon y bu caslly. a casual c cpt (lauauaur)r) i'm a huge o o yours. >> no, thahat true. >> sphph: it is true. you e so damn funny. >> okay. >> stephen: i'll tetl you what like about the prmces you you playe of m for arrs b, o m m fritearacters heerd ause)
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anovecfi ts treething dra yo tha rr it --augh orit tcastg?g? (l(lte i d't knonoat you'r talkingdabout, steve. t i like it, a lot. , y rst aihi mbinn ttu a ryonfen i j intoxicating. >> stephen: it makes you vot for them. (cheers and applause) ju confidee! >> yeah, confidence e really -- >> stephen: but although,'ve got@to return t t compliment. >> stephen: o o.. this is -- forget them! this is a a area t tt y're kind ofccustomed to becauseou have a knack for the same sort of area.
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idioth's forite.>>. phenl-ntione poorly-inford, high-status iot is my favorite thing to play. >> sure. s sphen: but for me, it's like a confession. >> is it? steph: (laughter) >> steen: yeah. because people sometimes think i'm smart. >> yeah.h& >> steph: : 'sy attempt to confess most o the time i'm just a confident idiot. i bull (blee you with my confidence. >> you can defefitely convince people you're smart andndou have soseing goin o evenhoh umb ot you. >teen: who knows.that's t tick. >> t t tis thehe tck. i cococo sortfhe@m hal coerinwhatoi onrighw w th t ptial electi, ifound i a
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s and apause) >>te: iste?ist tooe? >>teeni dot kbecae i vewag f i finily noi toun ahe as tod. ph:ouncnce's t gog un?>> h he announced he's going to r r t t. i feel lik sph: door'sva mh? a po vacuuseenreed. >> sphenen ynow biionaires >>ot. >>teph: do y y really? do you know billiaires? >> i do. stephen: aree they nice op? >> veryice, seeming... (laughter) >> stepeen: because we're going g g need some long green. >> we got green, no problem. oh, you m mn money... (laughter) that's going to be harder. >> stephph yeah. we have o billiononre ithe bill coany here. >> is that true? >> stephen: she saishe was a llionaire. i don't know if she is. > that must be the best seat then. >> stephen: l's talk and"flaked" for second. you play a charact namedhip.
10:55 pm
great, liv i viclirnia s se. >> stephyingo geis lifeack together, ting toea gogo g.. >> he's trying tbe a goo guy.. he thinks life is kind of okay. he's not overly ambitious and he's kind of living t this exnded adolescence and created is pona f himself in venice, california. nobody knows what tt is.s. a vy sort o cool, bea ar par of lngeles a you can go wveou wt to. heasedhis perna and can live the,ig fis amad.d for,e'ndnd o mfta>> sphbut hiriridisne cfortab . he lip whe youfris afraid you're going to sop a girl he likes but can't make a a c cta wh. >> tt's ght.tephen: let tak attt >> what l you tked to her yet>>eaortf.
10:56 pm
u ow, n a loto go on, to be honest with y y, except for a loof sunsets. kind of mysteriou& >> i like that. wow. for you. obviously, dudud come on for you. what can i d help? >> she's looking f places i marvista. >> that's t good. it's the other se of lincoln, now you will never see her. >> yeah, i feel like i'm ady losing her. >> donon get ahead of yourself.fplenty o time toose her. firsu t get (applae) >> that's chip.`. and, yeah, he's a little less like some e the oth characters i play. >> steen: is he clos to you? is he professiol at all? >> n >> s sen no? no, but there are certain elements ofy life -- you k kw, i wrote it and created it with my partner mark chaplain and, yo know, t t areefinely
10:57 pm
brght in, b far the most personalhing i've ever worked on. you ow, it i a comedy, but there is a lot of heart there and some of it was kind of rough, and that's an interesting experience for me. >> stephen: one thing that i ticed you have similar in common withourharacter is that youou arr a veryan person. tnk you. teen: th tng 's shockgut its relso a cadia whothan. eah. heanpl) wellanu!te: d smtul. ias ju vedheost tan caan aughter) by me. >>tephen: byou.i l ltle lag. m o osi a lot >> sph:hat' nice. yeah. sphen: yoacourrwn ? es, i d oach my kid in e. steenwa to thathen wco bacrom cocial llight steph: back with mo
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(cheers and applausese >> stephen: we're back with ll arnett. (cheers and applau) you were sayingefore the break yo coach littltl league.e. >hat's true. >> stephen: your own skids? for my own kids. i have two guys. wee noin o fourth season two6 seasons of t bl a aecond asonfall. >> sphen dohey calloucoonhe fld?>>o, owh kid'tall m c e hekids do.>> s sph: wn k souou ar tn tyo h co sphenikow pharma on mainreet? >> yeah,ettingicorice whips? stephen: do you like hingngng kids? >> sometim i i tnk may like it more thanhe kids and when t season is over i get ki of b bmed out. but it's so much fun. i get really excited whe kids
11:03 pm
>> stephen: yeah. sometimes you're like -- i coached little league soccer for a while a getting theids to pay y tention to where the ball was ononhe field. >> it's the best. >> stephen: we would put 20 balls onhe field,here would so many ballsoun't y4entioto a onef them i so lk at t joy thes e hang youo, iant atld joy >>no 's kd of h hdd to rture th. teph::h. dodiou ling andult? (laughtetete >> uh. io. mea it' i and evhibu's ao ---- a ses kof ag. >teenyeyezeze en a kid, i didn' i dn't know mh, but the fact atathe world was so unknownwn de it kind can of a e eiting mystery, you k kw. >eah,h,ea , ,ouu know -- no, it's true, buthen you grow u and it's, like, you f fd out that driving isn't thatun, and tha you kn, that sex isn'teal, it's just a story they tell you to
11:04 pm
>>tephen: yeapooky ststf. >> yeah.h. (lghter) you k it's funny, i often wish there was somemeere that i could go to sortf gack to that innocenceceyou know. >> stephen oh, buthere is... thes mylanket fort.t. >> you havelankett fort? aur) steeneso. in trer erythinasese a..ytou k wheu a chil i is@ t blaet ft. (laughter) >> can we go there? >> stephen: will...
11:05 pm
heers and applause) (laughte>>,ll yesteve?>> stephen: yo s sllwe? ye. >> s sen: h,,an. these k kds d dnhe stre, th toeehat garbag le e dp. hat true? yeah. yeah, i heard that, too. tephen: ye? and you know w wt? stephen: what all teachers live in the school. >> stephen: yeah, yeah. you know, i saw myath teacher the grocery store. >> oh, my gh.
11:06 pm
scared. >> hey steve? >> sphen: : ah, will? are e&u stillll aake? >> s sph: uh-huh.h. you kn that -- that d ds and cats c c get marri? >> steen: yeah, but the cat is always the girl and the dog is always theoy. >> you know what elsey cousin told me? >> stephen: : ur cousin alan? yeah,ou k k myoun -- aughter) >>ea 'sot fivow eniv (lghr) yeah. : e beea st. y y llhe me tete: at he s? he3tol that ladadiese to get completely naked to p pe. >> stephen: what!
11:07 pm
are ey nad on t tat couch they havee in their bathrooms? >> they gta be.e.i meahe be. >> ste: whs inin tere, bet 'r tired fromg r clothe offoeegh ou kw,m, know, you d touou kw,ike if f warap u u a carr thin my couou lif te:a! al? y llke a st au ste that'ss s song. yeahah hey,y,y, younoif y@u youryes op whenouneeze, uie aur) >>n't ow tha>> s sen:eah. i alho yousnsnsn wityour esou
11:08 pm
>> sphen: yowantnot . (l(lghter) >> thanks foroticing i was so hury aughter) tephen: mmm...yeye, yeah.0 >> hey steve? >>tephen: yeah, will. i got a question for ya. >> stephen: okay. why do adultsts drink alcohol? it tasass so. >tephen: they neeeeeeo drink it. otrwise, 4 4y don't knowoh toaugh ppususus` orlp. or do se (lauauter) >> steve stmen: yeah? n i t t ya soothin >>tephen: will, you can tell
11:09 pm
this is thelanket fort. thinevev lestt& . >>toleasebebrohe rdwa store (audncts) >> stephen: u areoio . gh > know. >> steph hy... tomorrhehe getp, wao loohe nnalogphicicmymyeepsn theeast?t? dthav purf rstyg do ey haves of - >> steph: tigersn eve pa! awome! (crying) oh, ste, i'm realal g@io missou in ja! >> stephen: >> stephen: "flaked" is available onononflix thi friday. wi arnett, evevubody! we'll be rigack.
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(cere"anapause) teen: w wco back everybody! myext guest tonight already introduced himself!
11:14 pm
barkley! >> wcome! >> steph: what's uwiwi you? >> i'm getting ready forar dns. i'm glad you didn't ask m m to sleep th you. >> stephph: we were just a& blanket f rt having fun. didn't y u do tt when yoyoyore a kd? >> alllloopeople havo makee up games and stuff. rich people get to go hiking and things like thatat blblk f fks, ,& just get a tent alanket to hang up and a s sck d sep the there for the night. >> stephph: sounds likeun. it was. i i ve beee bless. i hadwo youngng brothers. spent a lot o o time in the blant fort. >> stephen: tt conversation em famamiar to yououou all? >> well didn't have -- w wad twinkies. that'sretty much it. not a lot of conversatatn.
11:15 pm
tell you that. >> my pleasure. >> stephen: u're one of m fafaritetetes figures bause yoyore notot only a hall of famer basketbaba there a aome things you're not great at athletetally and ides like to point out -- >>ikehat! >teph: we havavof golfng.>>y. teise wgo... .. heerand plse) i cat belie!w can you b thisrefn ete anhae a swing that terrible >>ot a mlloc >> sphen: i i theenl block? >> i sucucuc a gf. (lghgh steenanan i he ment blockt basketbaba. >> oh, you were never any good at basketball. (laughter) i i ve t y, thohoh.
11:16 pm
i love to golf and i love to fish. iust am a lot betrt fishing than am golfing. >> i've ner seen cast. t's esy.. >> stephen well, golfs easy, too. i i n't undersrsnd why you cankk all thway bk, go halfway stop a then kind of whackt. you@uld do that s se e ive with a putterer >> no, i've jus got mentata are you goo at glf? >> snoooo th's why i like you. >> wshshld plala s se time. >> s sphen: i wouldld lovee to play some time. do you do charity tournanants? >> i d >> stephen: no charity tonamentn6 (lauter) >el d n't lik doi chararyournrments because've tual hit few people. aughghr)r v vry nerveacki bec once you hitheheirst person -- >> stephen: you get a taste for r ood. >> nol you get really nerus after thatecause you're,ike, i could aual really hurtt somebody. ion't likikplpling inin f f
11:17 pm
u played yourr entire ceer in frontf crowds. >> that was'se you being on tv. u've done thio lgt's liki clllkwork.k but for some reason i choke der prsure ohe golol cour. that's t t only wapo elain it. >> steph: you'rel oadcasti.rch s sectionday is ts sunday. >> this su.>> sn: people theirketsard. is tre m m outr 'sngngo dina ypar? o,rea bch me,n m mpinionth iproboblylyliteamth can g t final four and p problylyly ten thatan a aually win t t tourmeme. ths gogog d bone of the funnest ntwe've`ever d. mebobo mig gss a g it ght. ere io favavriri h lina
11:18 pm
ca--e, sawarren buffet sasa he'dd give a llion doll the person who got the swuwu 16. thth's the safest bet e er.>> stephen: n onean pctct this is t tirst t -- we hbhb bn dodgg this@ theixth year, i think, ananth the most wid ope it's ever been. caused toe like fiver six teams aree head andphouldersp above evererody else. thisiseaeas beenllrazy. ste: wy y youhihi ople go so mad f marchch madness? >> number e, it's really exciting for yr college. you know, like, this is theime your cololge -- homany peopopopopbeuse unless you're at cererin schools, y y're n gogog totoet an opportuty to spe your college on television unless you're at nor carolina, dukekemichigan state those type of tea, yououet to s them all the time. but now monmnmth has a good chanan -- >> s sen: it's a regiol tournament all over r e cntry. >> yes. >> stephenenhow a a these
11:19 pm
is iamoke-filled room, a computer? (lghter) what a a the staards b yhich the teams make it in? >> it is a a a bunch of athleti directors in a room. don'n'know if erer is smoking going on, cigarking or dpinking or anythinlikehaha d if they are ing to do osehings, i would like toe on the cmittee in the future. (cheheheand applause) >> stephen: but can you campaign? is there -- can you c cpaign -- >> no, y ct cagn. >> ste: can you argue beforo the committee? no, yoy can't argue be e comomttee. somebodydyomplai everyearr gototeftt o o. says, waiai a aine, you't mplain i i y'reumber9, you k kw, wveot siight am they alwayay s,ll,lthth tot l out nobo groinh'm nu9 a al likeu'reornt 'rot in te t t ht teas,houldust shhh h u ers and plau
11:20 pm
upupup yeah.h. sphen y, lasasr,were trtsh talking stef curry anan warriors sayjump shshshsh tms cldldld noto al the k k >> steen: and d u we,,tt ickckckerrong about at >> iasyng. >> sen::hey me y a shirthieredd enouou wear tt says "mp ootiti t --aonalal chamsiip jpm soo n,ha bkleyzero erd apause ni o youo wrha n.b. >>phyou readyoumum board thiea ey'r're er tea t t . telllou t nowowhere nog in thehe champiip this yeaea (audieiee reacts) ste: are you a betting man? >> of course, i am. >> s sphen: what do y yant to bet? >> make it light on yourrself. >> spheneni i t youou a rounun of golf. 66 >> stephen: that's a d
11:21 pm
>> stephen: the soarnlnl naacp sunuay begins this weekn turn networks and cbs the gre@eatatharlesarklkl, everybod (ches and d d au)
11:22 pm
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with psmv fr cevlink. heerapapapsese >> steen welcoac everody! next t isis golden globo anem nominated acthose new films called "llo, my is dos". ease welcoco maxaxreenfiel (cheers and applause) >> thahas nic >> stephph: people like max greenfield! isn't atice? (cheers and apapause) d i n understutd why t tey do.
11:29 pm
"hello, my name doris."." nk youo mumu. u've said nice things aboututp the movie.. stephen: i tweeted nice things about the movie whenn i saw it last spr@ng >ontcir film festival. >> stephen: yes. thank y for having me. i'm soxcited to be herer. stephph: obvbvusly, you're npt alone aboutut the e eititent. cheers s d d plalse)@ tephen: well, t t all we have timee for. ththk you so much for being he ax. auauter) okay. so, in theheilm,,ayiel plpls -- she's ann o oderoman, middle-aged woman- >>urerer >>teph: -- who is workingng at some mia comomani yk at. >>es. >> stephen: you're bright as a shihy newi, young thi therer shalal in oveith y righty. yeslses. hehemomo jsed awayynd
11:30 pm
eseseshehink mhe new w i g i h%hfe : bsoly eriz by you. . teenand nvo ndz s teteend h he aa ene ersh ends s sngthonheop nervous ououou m? letjujuet o you ybu& enh pfoh,h, o! okay sen: ,,o! i'm soo>>t'kay.y. 's - >phmeelel m so so sorry! i'm orry. >> no -- stephph: go dos,top it! op. >> s s h: o o o. you did that on purse, didn't y? >> steph: no.yeah you did.. tephen:o, no, i dn't.yore a li. >> steen: nono'm non that's okay. >> steph: oh!
11:31 pm
the s sriptptou have toake t with sally field d r you get toak o with sally field, what didou thk? i'm going to be the new burt reolds? >> immediatelyly (laughter) howeveve i don't think aone described burt rnoldld as a shiny young ime. >> stephen: there was a time, young man. dedeverancwith th@eutoffff >> so much less hair. >> stephen: they can p tha in a post- (laughter) hat'right. >tephen: you n make out wqwh sally field. those scenes areevercotae. you kn, you-- with anybody. >> stephenfni wouldldl knowauauter) butou andnd will ha vryni momt t helaet tt. >> stephen: uh-h. you hese it, gothrough itnd youththarar momehenon'tactuly dit t t dto lksutting upe ana y bot kdf okat each oher like, so , ye, it's goin t t tappenn
11:32 pm
>> ste:hmm d e p point,'lll put u up herere'sllward tecical and theheheheal ouo ittn isasi tepheneah cled, @eulled& frechth thk we botad momen o ,h, ts i igoing to be a loveienee. leles dohat o moreim >tephen yeah. itas n ne.e. st thatn the sday. >>teenhecondndff shshtititiovie youus t? es ph: a g2eaeaway toeak es. t ly ws. i t sethe t f t st of the mtndeded being blein >>en i rsnd youou a ag acr whavouomdce@e aboutow st o or yo rfnce t yes ph: inhisoe, say as brbrbr a s nedimeecause're sonegeticc
11:33 pm
sora to y bec yre sorighthinin what ihhierso gao yu? o awe clwayspuouac >>ph mm. ich ofton th "newirl." (c(cers and applause) ja has bne of our directoranroducers who is wonderfufu and i respect mh, he dicted lototf esodes i i e first seon -- >> sen: yh. -- and i had been following that dection from the veryry beginning. >> s sng for the fence. runs. > stepn: yeah. and came in, i think, five episodes in, and overheard a conrsio that he s havingngith somebody e eabout the performance i,i general andnhe was, like,e, know, just go small and naturalnd we can alys bringoup. d d emember thiin are they talb.. (lte ann wwve timeakee dpisoossne,,
11:34 pm
i'veootten dreio like maan y y b more of hnn ing oro t t t ifd wean b%b. aur) >> ste: h wst is puttingnges ininhe sts, n. i'm nghe pple what they wawaahiny n n dime. >> a shinyime. (lau t i aays knowhen a piece e direcon likeh tha, i feel lik i'm definitely on the right track, maybe'mindg sososoing. >> steteen: i have been told you have an impression a aour characterchmt onw girl" doing mpression of john avol doing s p prforncee as r rert shapipipin "an american crimetory." was i told correct that you have this impmpssion? (lauauter) el yah... (laughter) it's theheest peeormance onv t now. john travolta is one ofy favoritectors. >> s sphen: yeah, w w hadad him on the show.
11:35 pm
we have a new babyyy aome, andn i'm tired. so i decided i w uld do j hn travoltainintakes andhdh see if ananody noticed. >> stephen: okay. peaking of directions, the directororhat we yelleded i i from video vilge, max, canan we d d one take when y're in character,r, please? becauae, u u i was playing travoltahrouout a t of thehh takes.s. stephen: yeah?h? o, uh... (cheheing) phen. fore i take anyiminal case, ddike to as arhr likeo ask t clien one qutionon now, theon't'te a
11:36 pm
did t(cheand apauau) ig (ches anapapausese >> stepheheoodbye mraulding!g! "h, my name is doris" ope this friday!


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