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tv   11 News at 6 AM  CBS  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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the stlolon tonight's caucus polls. now from your breang new leader, thiskktv 1 isisni llo.... thanks for joining us this morning. i'i'dadada nancarrow. ani'm sarah schwabe... is let's s to meteteologist ily for a lo at what's haening rit w w uthern colorado weather. were startrng out inin to0s with ouds along i-25. . nds are between@ 5-10 for most witha zy spots. eswi bping g g onabab cool temperatures with highs in the 40s and 50s. s sesill beartltlclou d we wl chances somlight spot showers in the afternoon and wi bmitosday even more limited shower chanc and temps just slightly rmby trsday,s drdrout lowing
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turn for the e of the wod s s th hig in t 60s and 70s inhrouhe wkendno otr meaningful msture chances un the next 7- da a look at t ur morning comomte th jordan erman. trfic oving g smthlythisor majoslow downsn your mor eay on your monday commute. totoet from south adem nor academy, , will tawe you out t minutes this m mning...for live trafc cocoitions 24 urs s s o toraic wch on ourpreb channel at r next traffic update is
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lae marijuana growing operatio not only put the oweringe blsls fire fighters, , tre is s/me kind of ergency. , rding to a localiririr mahawetotos s make justmetohe house, they are also c cating hazards that put t&ur neighborhood atisk. this is video from a fire two hsgo in n larkspur. thhome reportedly had a grow opation inside. the firearshall says modified homes po a thrhat to fire fighters. 53:5:500 not onlys dangerousecau ofof s sy ndit a aow sability b b then wh we haveriowhts s d ventilation system, not to mention the ants ana holol potentialay cu where w w a aume the would be a floor nmally . right now joint mariruana a sk forcis woing totoe growinpot inside of a home in colorado springs. happening today... lolol leadking a b cisi on maririana a
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11 news rerert gina esposi is live at city hall in colodo riras. gina, , at you tell us? davevesarahd i ici councilvoto t clu, e existing clubs will be forced to closesafr fi years. cotannehe ruan regulalaonwilllace about e the clubs n exsistithin city re are some of the issues that cociembe r n knight sees with existin club he'ned famili wereot given tice thaa a ub was going to be med io their neighbhbhood. he's also worrieabouthe tivity tt'gog o idthesesclub wh clu f opened, id w custers n rictring thr own pot clrinow, the sell ofof recreational p is illel in the city. knight says accog to research, so clubs are seing nini p their customers as well. don n ight,tcitytyouncil
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to gto smoke recreationally, i don't think it's the citits job to pvide them place whe they can go."$ st fl, council members voteded to put emem bann annew clubs,ut now all clubs are at risk of closing their doors. today will be e first vote, e final vote will co in o weeks. lilin colodopr, i'm na esposito, kktv, new is mni... ce are okg fowhoevealalgedly shotlocal famimi. itapafned neca and platat in n lorado springs s st night. . popoce saywo menalkein a store, shod gundot eswi family, ipcluding a small chchd. there was some kinof suggle, and on the m fia duipleim no wasasur but the cro goawh an pers bgingngonsususut is a b mn his 30s, about six feet tall with corrowswsheas wearing
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30s, about five-foot-six ihes tallal wearing all bck. if you know anything, poce. 7-00. ppeng nono..ololado cod ningng nbe s ste oppopong a boycott thth would punisis israel. / it's all srounding t ts trertmt t painns. the ate e na i coidering a bill directing public employee pension s to stst investing om foreign companies rtrtipatinin the worldwide boycott movement. /#ome crcrics accuse it t anti-semisr r liut rael ghnow...oumoretete e prepg fo their r esididtialalaucuses. at lea 150 republican delegates are up for grgbs mocrs chng caid in two of t states donald tru leads ted cruz by only 80 delegates. but, cruz claims he'e'the only candidate w o can beat the ionaire. sen. ted cruz / r-tx if you voter yonee, vote for j jn chvote foror marco ruis
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mimiigan will be theigrize for bo sides tay with 59 reblicananelelates up grab30 decric degates are line. happening today... the two year anniversary of the disappearanan of a er wee inaboumala flfl 3. right t igato arere stl g piofrid toe of plane's win the c try's ime nister says an ongoinarchchs pected to be completed lat this yeaeamore200 peopleleere on board wh t t plala vanished. new this morok... 150 members op terror organization are dead.d. after leaitrik the strikekeas confirmed yeyeerday inomalia, in eastern afri thstrike#rtedldlhi -shabapl c : heiremoval the rem of those terrorist fighters, degeadeses al shabaab ality t the s's s isoma including recruiting new members, establishing bases and planning atats" apparently, the oup was using
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attack on a ore base in the country.he pentagon says the ghte werp2eparing lalala a large-s-stdack therern car r thuned stes.s.s.s. re than two-ousand weaea arbeinld the auraliy. they were founon a s sp bound for somali.. believ to be from iran. a nal patrol foundssault esnd r-g-gonhe at 18 people weren bobod th ship... and were leto after the weapons were taken... in accordae to inqe law.t. moighway clores expected today... a crs ntinue to work at the si of a bad rockcke. ahononon thi inin.. at y y shohod know i iu're heading westhrough i0 day. but firs.. two brothers bk k e. after days alolo in the wos. w one local grouofof voluntrs l the ch to find the missi bprs plus loooue morning.g. how's yo week shaping up? hayour forect anrd is keg eye on
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we a starting out in the 20s to 30s0sith h hpds alononi-25. winds are bebween 10 fost wiwiwi a few potstudall bring seasonably cool t tperares s th highs in e 4040and esl p p py clcldyd we we bettes fore lit spotty shers in t afteron and eveng. wnesday willlle milar to t tsday with even more l mited shower c cnces andntemps jus slly rmqmby thursdaditions y out lowing sunshine andild weathetore f thend of the work week.ild temps with highs in 60s0snd 70s continueuehrough the weekend. no othe ananulsts thxt ys a okyo morni comte
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ys at your morning commutete th j/rdan shern. fiovivg ooly this morning, no r sl downs oyourajor onour nd comte. mebrows yourri timecomi uin aple mis.tith c
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condio4 hoa to afwa b chl ..your next traffic updates ming u minus. is m mngtwbrothersre wangp theirwn ds. aeang fm th lueers hd ing em ey were ie mountains da jus oue oopark. eir g s w ty we there overhe weekend. theyurvid by breangnto a n. thendight ty ept tsid eersayay sh d ve been easier if e irtayethheir car. onlyea youhi it a lre lu're i i e outbk, y've uthere f ak yo gng to di y stay the,ec linhis situion weouldave foun them." ."but, aside from sosoruises a que the
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ter mni cocodo city willtarto clr up se meleam he bebe g up. co u uon 1wswss morng.why cingmove the mps to slt bufirs.. mo hig cres expeed das s s coue to workt the site of bad ckid yho iu' heheinstugi-70ay now let'sehis er t jas own a ok ayo ing th txconar the foarafc infree nmajodede otherwise rom south to ta 15 tes.owers vd. mililn pry tooo r wilke yo22 mutesfalc to tyoarou2 mitete 's's ur drive times. webe
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e creameryhakes are so rich and crmy.i kn. finally a shefor r aficionado like myself. wait. you're a sha aficionado? t a ake aficnado. th shake aficionado. -whoa. -(uckles) yeah. wellperhapyocould be one too. go ahe. mm. there's a coolness. cold, it's cold. ok. ice creais cd? stop the psses, guys."ice cam is c/ld," says pe. print it. neslow-churn crmeryhas are re in pumvo bouro sug d alshref-price r 8 pm
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morning. here's a look in pulo right it's an . . i'm we h h 11 traffialererto tete you about this mornin i-70 injglodanyon will close r todao ews n mama r rd d pairhe uoll recalala massive @ @ rockckide closed a 20 0 le rechchf ththinterstate for about a weekektodadas closur starar at ninenend gs until four in the afternoo w wl be closed between enenod springs and dotsero. if you are headed at way today, you may want to factor in me extra timimfo alternate routes.
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p meteololist y roehler. wu areretaraing outpin the 2 to 30s wh h ds alg i-25. s betw 1010or mt a few br spotsesday will bring seasably cooo temperatures with highs in e 40s and 50s. skies will bebuartly cloudy and we will see bebeer chances f f some light spotty showers in the afternoon and evening. wedsday willlle similar to tsday with en more limited shower chancesnd temps just slight warmerby thurs conditionon ouallowing nshine andtoto$& turn for the end o othe rk wee mililtemps withigis in the 60s and 70s continuehrough the weekend. no other meaningful moisture chances un thnext 7-
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a look a ayour morningommute with j jdan sherman. trafafcfis moving along smoothly is morning, mamar slow downs on your majors early on your monday commute. get from south a ademy to noror academemeit wl takeyou abou121212utes this moin..for liveraff conditions 24 hours a day, go to traffic watch onur web chann at r next traicic upuptetes coming u 1 1
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of randomly stabbing a colorado firehiefs mong forward. coming upppv 11 news this rnn... ere e sususut t this ca is h hdidi now. t first...later this sning. one colora city willlltart to clear up some homeless cam thth havbeen ppppg up. why the city ys tryqng t tmove the camps into shelters. if y y seereing news call our newsroom a atime at
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with 4 4 4gs of internet spepe from centurylinknkfamily of foururan all be line at e sa time, streaming, gaming, or@downlding movies. yeah, , ternet's great, but i think hair a a mak went a little e o far. yeah, that's not working. i ch prefer e two-day beard,hornrnrnmed glasses, just-sle-in-his-carkinda thing. yeah, i misihe rumumed crazy uncle look. ay. be "papa giaiatt" at's's essence of this role. lika hollywywd ininder
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welcome back t11 news thisis morning. here's a look in canon city rit nonono it's's and . i'i' lar city y ans to art t earing o homeless c cps pop up around shters. take a look...hihiis in denver. the city says thcas scatterereon sewalksksose alazd. denver@ras beeng for months to o t the people living ithe camps to move in shelters. but nonoevererne rees with the shelter fe.
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i could honestly live`like t ts for r e rest of andhaha in ever dayi mean every day d wa up wi n nhingn myocket d e end of the d d i e eotsosothing to show fofoit ele w be foed obu thr bebebeings wi bebin storara and can recovedater. the e ty pted 24- hos' noti of itplans&yesterday morning. we're lelening more aboua deveping situation right now. / / e bubuau of prison is p ying5-thousandnd dollararto relatives of a who killll himself inside & lololo's supermax ison. / a lawsuit states t governmt let the man live isolitary confifiment for mohan a deca. ththuit saysorrections officers ignored signs he was dqdqdqoratg.g.reportrtshsh the prison didid ait glt in ththsettttment - wewewelet you u ow if we l lrn mor an update to rising t%nsions tween o on-e$ee countries. south korea says it will sanction 40 people and 30 orgazations,s,ostly in noror korea, as part of
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cent nuclear test `and d cket launch. day's annoucuccomes one day after th north warned g@ @ re- emptpte"nuear st alllln spse to the start annl liliryryraining drillsh e e nononokovis the ills a ainvasion rehearsal. the case again a woman acced ofof randomlylytabbing a colorado fi chief is vingorward. comingngngon 11 news this mornign... where the suspect in@nhis s se is headidi now. pluanother loooutside is momoing. are we inor a nice tuesday? emily is keepininan eyeye ouforerest, anjojoan is keeping a close lookt t e roads l
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ome back to 11 nens this
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a lo at yo morning commute& with jordan sherman. c isisosing alononsmoothly this morning, no major slow downwnononour majo earlq on your mondacommute.e.for live trfic coitions hos a day,o totora watatat on o o web chanael at r n ntraffic ups
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right now a city cououil mr says he re-e- writing a resoluluon thahagot some push ba from the community. the resolution opposes the relocation of refugees t tcolorado spr. . . city council@lember andy pico wrote but nowoways plpl has been misunderstood. he ss it wever h h h h h inntntn to refuse refugees. heheays s rmation is t issue. ""we don't get any information and that's part of the problem, there's la of mmunication d wewe kind of need to tighghn at up."." pico says his plpl is to have ty council bnotified whehe refuesesre c c cinto t city p t no.. a woman accused ststbing a fire chief undergoental mpetetcy evaluation. .
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sterday. yoll recall, this all happen in denveback in january. the e am wililhaen at th ate sp ieblo. prprutors chchged the e mama witi attemptpt murder r d d& sat. liceceay she`etabbedire chf eric tade near the department's headquarters. investigatats say the attack appepes totoe been ndomndndnprovoked. tpis attpt t expandun rights is not moving forward. . / the asure failil yesteai after testony y om survors on n violenen. / / wasashe sececd cocoecutute year a dedecratmted house p pel rejected efforts to scale back the laws opd in 2020 /#esterday, , coloratataouse commmmmme ststl l s considering a bi rememing alpermitr ncncled rry. take a look at this -- do yoyo recoize these e gs? ththsech ionfind their owner. they were brought into the humane society ieblo by someone who said thehehad d en ruing e r a a ek.
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idl weightthhumaoc wtststsfififi ththowner of the gs to find out how they ended up in is situation. happinw... as suspecteof asingngwin ddle he wawabasittttg. the twomyear-olds were flown no denvez children's hospital overhe weekendn 21-1-ar-old job ro sandovov is fafang cld abuscharges. / accordininto the aest papers, the andmother of the children took one ofhe ildrdr to ththe-in pblo o o ststecause she thought the child was sick. docts found mulitple bruises, , a broken leg, and blding on the bwhwhficers wt tonvnv a home they unthe r dd awiwi wi bruises. at@cld h a bruisis lunun and bleeding on brain. /# sananvol l lso o o sed d asalting the mother of those children last september. he wasn'n'arsted for that crime until this weekend. neneinformion in thehe wsroom thihi morning. cellhone distracacons cod be paially y blame r a susue in pedestrn deatat. a new report says pedeststan
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imed, the ice s plged and d totosts s s s re behdn the wheel than ever befofofo lololog g ead... a warning`for peoplelepraring to tthisonth. t-s-a wararng eveone to exqectctonr liat t airport... as e agency prepares for millions of spring brk avelers. the muer opassengers is re than seven percecec mpared to this time last year. the t-s-a isisdvising flyers so t to the airport extxt early. happppg toda.. i is national pancake day. / i-hois celebrati the day d even giving back. . / yououon head to i-hop for a freert s sck ofopapaakeses / in exchahae,e,ou'lbe askeded leaveveind a a nati f shrhrs als t chchen /# dationsaiaid lolly goo o caararpartners. we're learning more about a fiery as stilllaheaonnews this momo. what we w know abo t pepeleleand plane involved in the crash in
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but first.t. locacafire chief retesith st aew days notice... and nonowe'r'rlearngng little more about ththsititin. e're l lrng g g t his s emplmentcontra wititthe f f rarags. aaer lk outside this oning.. hothe rest of your ek shaping up? 5mily h h your foreca, and rdan is keepipg anye on ur m m mng drive. "ahead on cbs th morning, we're e the scenenef the "ahead ocbs this mng, we'r'r t s othe e nxderailnt in northern californrn. plus -st scott kelel shar howlw
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u at seven were s srtinint inin 20s to 3 with cloudu alolo i-25. nds are bebeeen 10 fort with a w breezy spopo. tuesy will g seonably coololemperatures withigig in the e s and s.s.kies will beartloudydydy ananwe will see better c cnces for some light spot ower the anoon and enin wednesdayay ll be similar to tueay with en more mited showererhancnc andndemps jus
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warmer. by thursday, conditionon drdrout allowi sunshine and mild weather r return for t end of the work week. mililmps with highs )the 60s and 70s continin through teekend. no other aningfululsture chances un thxt 7- da
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on yr r elylyyoyoyoyondndomomtetetetetetetetetehahahaha d d d d d d d d d dtititititingngng............ f f liveveveffff conontirs a a y, go to traraic w w w o o our web channel at next trafficte is coming up in 10 minutes. loing ahead... a meeting to learn more about some upcing construction work. it's all happening on the northwest si of colorado spris, in the rockrimmonneighbhbho. crews e preparing toeplace the idge on rockrimmon, between allegheny drivangrey eagle drive. the bridge iclosing in a lile more than a week. it'll takebaut a aonth to fix evithingthmeetinis on thursday. startivg a30 a eagliew
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vesti/&& wekingngqutiononand geininvery few awers aboutthe e e en n nirent t ththlodo sprininininininriririananuncececererererentwewe, wi justpur day notote. ty agreeeeto payim -thousand dollars in severance money. the cici oflfldo sgs ovided us with this, h hninini contrd e pararaon agreemenenththe e th c c c(riririlele in his contract it says he can get his severance paif the cityires him, bubuit does no address a severancif he reres. /in the separaon agreement, citytyty the c cef agrgr he cafaot dclcle rcstances suounding his s departe from the city. /the agreement also states chief riley cannot m me any yfgative comments about theheitit ornynywho rks for it. /#if chierilelebreaks the rul, he would owe the city 35-grand. the ci h h started a nation-wide search for chief riley's replacement. we'll keep you posted. later on today... cal leaders
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whether to b recreional marijuana clubs. coming uon1 news this morning... what some council membs are concerned about leading into the vote. but first. we're learni morerabout a fiery crash. what we w knowbout the people, and plane involved in the crash in southern colorado. now let's send this over to jamebrown for look at your rning drive mes. jes? heavy trafaic voluontinues ound the fort carson area. hwy 24 from woodland park to d dntown wiwi keou2 minus. i ifromom thr r vute 38 minutes s uebl wll b right back. ceururink prism tv h h all your favite channels, tons olive srts, d re e- all in cstal-car hd. h when and where you wan wi advanced feures
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re looooinueueo ght now.w.t' and . i'm m ave @rpd-- on a dedely anepasa. owownow thnames t edast we alalr la. -yr-old dadael murray y omom longmgmgnd6060eararajejejeaplili iro lafayettt&reifled whir@ -elaenwn. weked to a wit the day crash w e plananowow@w@a@a 12:5:527"usuf y hero wasretty y v v untntticece g wawa n nl." e s-s-has not t released the crh. happenininono a a ain crash ertigagaon. is is s at s s loooed liveveigig in n cafoia.
6:47 am
amazingly, no one was killed. itititpeneaftetethe traiai rertedly hit a tree on the tracks about 50 mileoutside of san franciscoco tannnnnnnnnnzie/pass engng"s"sn n asas knew we were le i i ard d g g r r e screams- opopopere crying for t tp" morehan 200 0 ople were on the train n en it derailelel ere's no word why a tree was on the tracks. it is something about 18 yrs, 18 is a goododumber andntoday y retirere om protball." butted: omaha broncos quarterback peyton manng g ve his last omaha and rode off into tmtmtmns. the 39eaold is goinouon t t, r leing the oncoslto a super bl l championship last mth a a aetting sever n-f-l recos.heheive-time nfl p is t oy quterbrbk wininhe sup bowl with two
6:48 am
ght now -- a new rept saysys colorado sprin is prettyoooo place to le. dodotown colorado`springs ranked number nine inhe t t ten b bt wntos 2016. that accccng to a rertrty livabilili d com it was based oa variety of things i iluding new housing and art relatete es juasweek, ineparate portrara springs w med d e fth best ple le in t t u-slater on today... cal leaders are votitin n whether toan recreatl marijuana clubs. ng up on 11 ne thihi morning..... what somcoununl memeers ararar concncned about leing to the vote. plusther lk outside ththth morning. how's y tutuday shshing up? emily has ur f fecast anan jordan ikeeping an eye on yoyo
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welcome back" a smile... it'sime, really. yet, ican do a azing thingng ananhow w w` f it can brighten someone's day. cananven changege course of o o oiviv. bubuwhatatould life`be l le if you weren able tomile? for more thahaone lln chililel, this is their daily struggle. it dsn't hto be thisay nc1999, e trainhas en helping chire expepien the sime joy s sle thth so ma of uske for graed.toearnrnow you canelp smile n ch t wld ""smsme at a time,
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m da nanca. and i'm sarah schwhwe. we are stataing out in the 20s 30s with clouds i-nds artween 5-1016ort with a few breezy spots. tuesday will inseasonably coolemperatures with h in the 40s d 50s. skies will be partlcloudy and we w wl see bett chancesor some light spsp showers in the aftnoon and eveninin wedsdaywille similar t tuesdayith even me limited shower chances and temps just slightly rmer. by trsy, conditions s s s dry out allolong sunshine a mild weatatr to rerernrnor the end of the work weeee m)md temps with highs inilhe 60s and 70s continuehrough t teekend. nonq other memeingful moistururchances
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days a a at your morning commute with jorn shshman. traffic is m ming along smoothly thisorni, no mar slslowns o oyour majors early on y yr moay commute...for live affic ndititns 24 hours a a day, g gto traffic watchchn ouou b channel at kktcom.....u r next traic date is coming up in 10 minutes. happening today... the future of retitial rijua clube tablbl
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spspng 1111s repoera si is laty y ll t t momoin gina, at are youearnrng? dave, sararaods meetetg g public, meanan meansnanyone can come she their input. there wiwi be several votes out the pot club,`t`t biggesesvote is abouou e n.if city councic votes to ban cannibususlubs, the existing clubs would be forceded to closefter 5 years if the ban fails, , ty youncnc still wants ro discuss nerules anan regulations about where the clare inhe c cy. laall, council membebe voted tout atemporararn on any new clubu. they wanted to o somemeecearcrc rightow, the sell of recreational potots illegal in the cy. the idea is that c ctomersring their owowpot t the ubs to u. t t ty cil discover r ch more what happening on the inside. don knight, , ty council
6:54 am
und out thathe clulu are no longer a bring your own, b b they a a actually &inin sale wch theheare ll reimimrsememts thfifit vovo will bebeoday, and the final vote will be in two weeks. ve in corado singsgsi'm gina esposito,o, kktv, 11ews.s. largrgmarijuana growowg operatioio not only put t growers in dang... but t so fire fiters, here is some kd rgen thth, accordg to a localire rshall. we're e e aers makeke adjuststnts to theouse, th arereo creating hazards at put your hborhood at risk. thisvidedefrom a fire twow ntnt ago in lasp. repepdly haa owh operio inin. thfi marshall l l modifd d d hos s se a tl fire fhterer 53532:00 there's just a lar n nber of riskskakd hazardrdthat we
6:55 am
hoe is designed to live eat avd eep , not bebe green hse. right now a joint marijuana task rce is wowog define rules for grgring pot inuide of a home in n lorado springs. this morning wewreearingngore abououwhat led to o locaigigorhoho' s evonon john fouou what looks like an old military shell t arkansas river in canon city. he foundtlover the weekend in canon city. he says s was shinihwhen he ca aoss it. john ok k e object home wi him d took some pictures "i calald myad and st hihia picte of it and d said that looks y y ke a mortar round, m s in theitity so he' li u need to get rid of that and gegesosobody to me get it. he called poli later@rhat night. th decided to evacuate some homes on nor ynolol a a took the devece f f detonation. . thththorning... policecere looking for whoever allegedly shot at a local family. .
6:56 am
rings last nigig. police say two men walked into small child. there wasome kind of strugglgl and d e of t t ten fifid a gun n ltltle times. o o w hurur b theheros s got away with some cash and ( personal belongis. one suspspt is a black man in n his 30s, )bout six feetall with corn-n-ws. he was weariri all black clotots. the other suspect is a white in his 303, abt fifi-foot-six inches tall, also inl black. if ynow anything, calll police... 444-7000. $& an email scam isaking the ds. crcr clala to f fm tpe federal trade e mission, and d en know your entire social security nuer. a local man llllus he has ready y ceiv two keotices. it's all part of an 11 call r actiononlert. the notices showed up in his inbox. flow feer was tolhis social securury numb w wld be put on hohd anan he would barrestededithin two days f owingore e gh
6:57 am
ysu'veveot crookup on the e loose, trying to g peoplr evhing that the federal agencies will pycally mama you a l lteteif th n nd to itouch th you. and they willllever threaten you, or d dand that you pay upfront. for more infnfmaon on these pes wf goverent imer scams, chk out a linknk onur web channel -- k-k-v d d com. right now... four more states are preparing for their presenenen caucuses. donald trump leadsed cruz by only 80 dedegatete but, cr claiai he's the only c cdidate o cacabeat the billionaire. miigananill be the big prizeze fofofoth sid today th 59 rereblicic delegates u fovrab 130democratic delates are on the e e li. . 'll be sururto yououw w what hapns t tight. w thisisisning....0 membs of a terror orgagazation are ad... after u-s led airstrikeses the strike w w confirmed yesterday in somomia, in eastererafriri. the stkekeeporordly hit an -shabab planning camp.
6:58 am
ththbase tplan an ck onla drone basesen country. t pengon sasa the tere were preparing to launch a large-scaca attack either in rica or thuniteded states. happening now... apppp has to pay 450 0 lllllldollars to setttt a case over e-booooooice e fixing. a goododmount of the money w wl back to customers. you mjght remember, apple was und guilty of conspiriri with five mor publishers to inflate e-okricece yestday e sueme cocot declined to par apppp's'sppeal. here's a look at what's coming up next t cbs this ing. "comg g , w c csed d d night's trn deramen n rn californiaiaweononhecene th t tatest. pluiplo -&and diplic relations. charlie's havana intetew th thththericic dj whwhe ba ckck cuba a isiseekend. more real ns cocong up on cbsdshis & morning, next.t.
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gogo mornin it i i tuesday, march 8th,22. welcome e "cbs this mornqng." a californ commuter train derails into r rhing water. rescuers race to get passengers out of the wreckage. > dold t tmp launcncs new attackck aftftch adviss t itasashe worst weekend of his le >> the f m arican artiti pducingn c bacacor more tnye > w skbin todadas "eye opener" wiour world in 90 skds. >tt slidoruite while. i i sn't sure wheerereererer goininin turn over or not. >> a tra derails in californrn. >> no one was kleutut you can see how serious it was. >>8& votr any other


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