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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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welcome youou >. pelley:y:here's a lot on the line and s seone on the phone. hello. this is mitt romney calling.>> pelely: alstonight, storm puel the southern plains. a a iledrug testeans a huge financial lolo foraria sharapov d the e me changer of sketbaba: >> the wayayayph curry plays, it's pretty fun. captioning snsored b bcbs thth is the "cbs eveveng news" with scoco pelley. >> pelley: this a critical ninit t r the e publicanpresidenen nominatatn. we're gogog tod out ethehe the trump exprprs has bebe raraed by \@e combin attacks of his opponts and the leaders is own par 0 g.o.p.elegatat a a ap rgrabs four statat, includin miigan, the first contest inin anndusl ate.
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litt s. but maocrubibibibilargelel he s sti.going tigig, trleadcrcr b d d.. major ettne & orr: avors l l u u uin misssippi a aichigan, donald trump looked for big viories, steadying a campa endured a week ofriticism and ballotox d deats. in an interview with cbsbs affiliate in kamazoo, trpp defendnd h h h hd and aggressive language at the last g.o.p. debada i i itroit. >> i was attacacd d ry vicicusly by thiguy y bio whohoh doing veryryadly in evevy p ll, and bzbz cruz. and d u have to, y y knono you have to fight baba i think i i opinion. so far it's workededor me. at can i telyo >> hello. is itt romney. reporter: 2012 g.o.o. minenemitt romney made good on his promise to wage an anyonon but-trump cacaaigngnrecording bocalls on behalf o& john sich and m mco rubio. >> i iwe rublicans were to chse donond trump as our nomine i believe the prospects
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would be greatly diminished. >> reporte t bilinintrump in his home state of flora, rubio denied media rep he might drop out befefe next t tsdsz's vote. >> that's totally e. >> rorter: the rub campapa actud crcz's c cp of spreading the rurs, something cruz denied today, but cruz is making a strong play in florida to try tdoomomubio to defefe i iyou n't want to see donald truru as thnominee, a a if you dononant to seeeeilry clinton as the president, whic ishe inevivible result of dold trump bei tomomee,,, comemeoiususlut t s snd totoerer >> reporter: rubio's camp is braring fofoa longhgighththt runains confident about its prospects rere rubio o o sers belieie ty are wellhead in the abseneee vote, ve the best state-wide organizationonnd gontetetent trump attacks,s,heirs anan othe, are working. >> pelley: and that big vote in florida comes next tuesday.
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jor. 16mocric delegatat a a a stake vight in mhin and ssissipppp nancncncrdes is s veringnghose ces. hello wt is t`j`j`jfa strqdqd >> reporter: if the polls arar right, michigan will serve up clinton's 12th win tonight. >> 4he p pls are now open. >> reporterj missisiippi h h 13th. heral michigan rally, clintowarned supporters s t to becomemeomplacent. >> the soooor i become your nominee, the more i can begin turn my attention to the republicans. saers investut heavilyn mimian.. e ats manucturinininsese was s naral target for his iqiqs ofofree ade. >> s h h supportqdqdqdtually every one of these dastrous trade agreemem. >> reporter:ut clinton threw a ench in that message sterday. >> i voted for theuto obilout.
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>> t tt is aolutelfalsls orter: sananan was forced to spend the f f day of thee race explaining g s s tes s om seven n n s ago. >> and of course i voted to defend the autobininstry. >> wknkn, rnie, we kw! >epororor t tiling in the delegate count, he's running outut of pces to sta comebebk. jeff weaver his campaign manager. if you don't win in chchan, what does s s say about the o.hex st belstt >> i don't think it says anything abouthose stas. sm, we narrowly lost mahuses.atid thasay abt mainibob new hampiri2or vermont? reporter: sanders won big in all the. in fact, he'won nearly as many atesess s inininha bututhe's won in the l@rgest states, a toght, s, , , s re in oh, the veh largesstst whwh l l lng in th polls aheaeaofext week's imary. >> pelely: ncycythanks. tururnonototoohohdickerson, anchchchf`"f"fe the nation."." john, what do you expect tonight?
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looking for,r,r,tt, is i ithere is any weaeaess in donalaltrump.p. he's eececd to do wellllt he's beeeeattacked in a much re eorororl l y y t last week or so. in missssspipiwas s d cruz able to cobvbvce the mor nservative electorate there that he's thgenue conservative and not trump? michigan, mitromneyeys fariririon. so d d h criticiof trumpmp affect the way people voted who ma up p eir minds inin last fefedays, or iererany idenen t t t tesesesescks h`ve tru strong centererhe cacaes w wl bebebeng the same sifting of the results for some clue ofofow to bebe trump in t next week ithose winner-t-te-l contests. rumpmpmpmpin ohio d florida, iwill be nearar impossssleleo stop himim >>ellel9 johhahas very mumu. in atherermportant story tonight, a u.s. army veteran who served in iraq and afghanistan was s ababababeath todod by aa palen whvisiting thehe israeli tal city of jaff
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margaret, , at can you tell us?? eporter: well,8-y-y--old ylor f fce was fally sbbed just outsisi tel aviv todaisis haseen runnnnis uncocoirmed eyewitnessideoeoeothe allegeller runnini awawa frfrne. was gunnd killed, t not before heinjurerene o o os. forcwas in i iael to study tech start-ups heasasusinde atatanrbivirsitytytyd rdininin his onle bio, hee a weoi go o d rvededn the s.y in b iraqnd ahastan. now, scott, whithouse has aladadbebebethththerrorrratck, and d actually took place vice president joe biden wawain isrl foan officici visis.. ininact, he was juju ae awayay when it happpped >> pelley:y:argareenna toninit. margaret, thanyou. tonight the e uthernrnlalaar getting pobe vntntnt weather, including tornadoes,
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yesthav a aoror repr: bysptptpt ceclhone video oa el clou it to throuou hood county, texas. en i iwas s s , damaged homes uld be seen for miles. in nearby stephenville, throof washeered off of ts apapent buildidi, le furniture and belongin exsed. offifir barrrrrrwilson hdd oplelevacuate. stataedoingoor to door.% thors that wererlock started kicking them in,fffec seeing where th damamamaas and who wurt. r rororr:r:e didn'tavto far. lives ithis buildg, too. what did it sosod like?? >ototf loudind, evhingrashindownun u.i i s waininfofofortmeme cra dn. lululuidn't.t. everyoneade it o%o okay. >> reporter: t f same system ininng rain and winds as hh as 70mph to the dallas- fort worthphrea.0 rocked this sasastation ng back ananh re it toppled over. >>he wininwas bling really hardrd
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fell down to t e pump epepter: watererose quickly in dallas suburbs, leadingo rescueue notust frfr carbu frschoolus x childr were e ken fromomom thigigiggh water to fety. despitetextensnse dama l leethis, the only sto-rated deh so far is a man whose canoe capsized near houston.scsct,t,he teaeaisisisisisrr yet. the stem could dump upupo aa foot of rain as it mes on to louisiana and arkansns oveveth xt two days. >>ley:y:y:uel,l,l,nks.s. ll, it wasasasasnsnsaiai northern c ciforninithat m m havesed a commut tra t t t deililast night. john blackstone is in alameda county. >>orr: thdriorda learqhksththth disabled five-car commut train. e e et c cen part, fting the cathatd some 50 feet down a steep bank into stlowing river. last night it was scene of
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>> we'rereaving a difficult time figuring outut we're goingo acacss anybody on thisisin. reporter: t t call to t l shiff's depame came juju aft 7:00 p.m.a a mmutut trainrying 214 peopop had r off the tracks. >> aththomomt i alalalal something was wrong, so i ld on to the rara. d right thhe flied over.>> rter:r:ead car nded seam. ter s nguickly.. iusprayayayhat everyo was going totookit wasascary. it still scary. bububuou k k somomody was watching over us tonight. everybody got t t. >> repor officials s spuct a mumuli caused the crash tete a soggy weekenenin theanan cisco y a ea w wh three to four inches of rain fainghin e canyononhere t t train derailed. thtrtrwere a few injursr but none was lifthreatating. sheriff's deputy j.d. nelson. >e've hadine ople that ntnto o e hoslital i call i ia a a r racle.
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work finishehed the track cleared ononhtand,d,cott they'r'rhoping to have the l le openennd ready for service tomorrow. >> pelley: jn blackstone, thanks. ononall reetetodaydystks clos lowerinint cause ofof the e onomic slowdown in chinana the cocoununtntnvnrnrnvt there istruging to manane enormomo debtshakakakk mamas d growing pepeeption t t tit m m not be equal to the task. seththoaoas in beijing.. >> r%r%rte at this beijing job ersearching for wowo totds it's getngngouer. doeseshinanawiwi e o omy afafct you perernallylin anyny way?y? "yes, i can feel the pressure,"0u u sisiold@ "t`e enomy i islowininandd industries a f fing lololololo changes." >> they've spent massive amounts money buiuiininunnecessary ings. reportete peking ununersity fince e e essochchchpepe says china faces a debt crisis
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trillions ofofolrs for iffy inststnts arebsbsikikrere estate a shihiing. bebjing has nevereretten its ms aroununthehoeoe debt. til does, ts will continue to gegewoe. >> reporter: now china is trying to rebalance i i ecoco, leading to massiveveayoffs in govement-owned iusies. but ididhe back drop o olabor protests..... >> c inas fufufucupapae. >>ter: state media hasun a s,ewewf glowing, g gd-news stories.president xi j jpipgisititit state media outls ininebruary, gingnghe preo plgege loloy to the c cmunist p pty. itn efforl to corol the stand project atilily.`" >> the fearbisishat it'sll possible for beijing to mismanagagththprocess and for it to be mu more didiuptive than expepepe.. reporter: c`ina's'sovovnment has tried to convincnce d at its economymys not in
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ififhat's just wisisnking. seth doane, s newsbeijing. >> pelley: a t t tblbler for mehahadied. elizabeth h hf earned two ngressionanagold medfor her wowo a aa world war r military pilot. she was s and w wl be buried hher native mneso. strohfususnd w wen lr, however, are not eligible to beburied at amerera's srie militaryemetety. at i ia battle that is not er.r hehe's d d m mti > e einhaon was one ofofsefefe the warme semortalaled in n ws reels. >> firststoman in the history of amamica totoly m mitary aift. eportehas aasas women's air force seseice@pilolo one of about 1,000 w signeup dung worldar ii i enen shortatataf f le pilils s rced the military to do w wit h h nevevedone. >> the traing program
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over rhe country. >> reporter: the wasps we not sent into mbat b b r rained atesidid her misisas ttrain mail@l leilils thth needed d er fresher urses on plas@or totoearn aboboew plalathat were coming out. >eporter: h graramother diedast ye at 95. werher r shsh?>> h h wishehewere to be irn arlington, , mememe.. eporter: 3he h eveftftft -w-wtten i ytructit the direct of arlington deni the requt, sayinserving thwasps isot se acvey y rvice a m mbebe t t deparof d t t t tz said no t/ therong fa. sexm ananananer discscmimimions the onssue that d d n nowotm m b military, hangups aboululuroro of fomen j )the e >> reporter: elaine's family turnedo ngressssman nanaha who b bamamono of thehehefirsrsrsma cbat t ts,p folllllla path first blalad by e e sps.nk abohe iro...
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eyeye openg upupll pososions r won to s sveveveuniforor at the same time they're closing the e e e toingtgt on th eees who pavedheheay. >> repororr: oiciaia at ararngton say alalng to beuried there would seseaprecedt for hundre o o ouous o o americanske theirchcht miho s sd@inininar i i i i that w wld increase the waititg time for burial, which already n n n p to ten monthththth at a aut howowononaibi harmon'n ashes hava been store inininranddaughter's'sloset,t, waing tototoa b g placac dadid mamain,ncbs news, lington n n onalalemememy. pely:y:odod there's a newew warning about the zikakaus, and d onrsrsrsl ououof lov with m mia shapova, when t t
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byika a s. was thearniododod woheheththrganation,n( d d applies t tnearly 30 untrie themericaca drdrjon lalaok@k@k@k@k. ll o othis ns is alarming. >> 2eporter: mgaret chan, director general of the world healalanization, says zi virus is s sh a threat w wneed immediacacon. zika has b b bfounin@vetal brain tissue, and just last ek scientntts proved ththvirus nn cacaing g rtrtdefectand miscarri. . ch said sexu transmission is s rereommon pviously thohth inininion, ninincouns repo an increase i iguillain barre syndroro, a neneneog condition that can affect anybody, not just pregnantmeme most patients ver, bututt can cause weakss, paralysis ananeven deahhh e world health organizizion now sasareant n shou
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outbreres and.prprnapw whose sexuxuartntns s y have been exposed to zika s suld practice se sex or abstain from sex during the pregnancy. >> pelley: jon, thanks very much. and wewel be right bk. we'll l right bacac the roleu pl in life are tf whatat makeou, yoyo you're not going to let anhingngngp p u sidelinene thtt's whyhyourinkurur n nririous s s s s ,9 9 s ofofrotete and itamamsmand minerararara come on grandma! v-ng gou the senenenenen gy to get ckdoin.. whwh you love.e.e. the #1 doctct recommenend d.d.d. ensurere alwaystay dad ge e osshar,know. he ran that company.
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that's n%iummlevel protectiwi. >> pelley:ponsors are showing no love for maria sharapova. she tht first tenni supepetasuspended fodoping re's a a a lafce o os sports.orter:r:he five-tirandhhh am winner shshshtewoyeerdadawith nounceeent thahatested positive in nunuy for usg a banned substance. >> iadada huhu mistata, ananii let my f. leleththspor >> reportrr: thehereg g questiti imeldonium, a hrtrt medicine wch improves bloooo floo.. was orilly veve sovi troto proce stanana
5:22 pm
banned by y e e ti-doping agag this yeyr. sharapapapd been t ting e ug sin 2 26 r lololo magnesium, heart issues and risk of diabetes. fo o oerererernaonon atatates have been caught usin ug in ththlast two momths.s. ova is the w wld's`` hihiesespapa female athlete, a of,the $29 mililononhe made last year, , 3 million w%ren enenrsemtstsne. ree of h%h m mn onso, including nike, g heuer, a a a rsche e e all cuttitg offf@b@ ivals s t star. jon weweweimwithspsptsts illustd:" >t's not t wait and s%s...$ hours thereisisisis frhehet. that sends a very p/werful message. reporter: despite thehe cococorsy, fellow athlete serena wiwiws tanding by her friend. osospeoplelelee surised and shocked by mia, but at the time, i ihinkople wewe happy thahashe waup front
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i would d itch to crest hdhdvewhat i wng befe. >> p p py:y:y:kykyho way. that is stststcurry of the golden steteararors hitting his 300th three por this seasasasasase chanans the e y the eaeeees ayay. here's'seff gl.. >> reporter: o o oe c/urt, there is no o ot safom stephen curry. o it's good! eportetetee's a relatively
5:27 pm
hitiing big threes, includininin thisisame-einninininintete >>ang!baba , what a shot t om curur..epepepr:s shanyprprededt for is >>o, n/no o all.l0 reporter:im bontempmp the tionalastbalalwrer foror the "washingngngstst >> everybodydys juaptivated byhihiguy who looks ke you coululwawaway y@m on the street and you wouldn'tice he'snne he's going out on e court and dominating everyone. >> it's s nny, my y n now doesn't w nt to dunk. hehehets to shokt ththes. >> yeah, that'the impact. at ald anyone wants to do shoot azazthininrs. orororrys on pacac iiiiirerepointers. e old cordrd 2 2 2 2s own frfr last yeyeye i like to shoot tall at a high level. >> reporter: a soft-spoken s currs part of baetball blood. his father dell is a sharp- shooter.
5:28 pm
show wt press conferences. many remember wasot an imdiate nba hit. he battled bad anknk injuries. itics say he b nefitof softer defensiy, as if any defensivcoulstop this. ails i >> rorter:t do y makakth critici? >> their opinion matters, bu they're trying to viewewhe g ge rough e e y theyeylayedeit and it's jusust mething you n >orter: thihiis the way steph curry plays itit >> the way steph cur pys`s`s` is p vy fun. >> repepter: with m y ththtrical t tee, steph cuy is nding the definition of aa basketballllupstarn >> it't'good! eporter: jeff glor, cbs
5:29 pm
>> pellele news a a53 expect delays on i-25. how yourrive couou get a at t longer near a busy local interchange.
5:30 pm
you've eeethe crews s w w w wand the signs starng o up, but now major r ange a busy interchange could seously affect your commute. we're talking about`tht cimaon d i-i- hange e ar downtown n lorado springs. that's where 11 neneeportrr dustuzuzk jojos us liviv duin, what can dririrsxpect toee? ovov the next co of f eks s they can expectoto see e workrkhat's been foced off the eewa here fororhe lasyear, to movonon i-25 and cimaon. arting sunununnight t iver can n pect to o o lananancsures oveveveveven i-25ststting w wh && southbouou sidid the e osures will be from 9 p- to 5 a-m. the speed limit through the area witltlrop om 65 5 to5 whilthe lanes are e - - -0 striped to prer future work... those lanes will also get nrowe this is phase one ef the 113-miioiodollararar project.


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