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tv   11 News 630  CBS  March 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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en continuously overhe nene year or so, s swewee asked people to be very cognizant t their r r oundinpa attentioiohere theyeye drivinin pay attention hats changing outhere to keep themselvlv safe an keep everyonelse safe t vt's in the work zone." officials withth-dototayhe ternative to droppinin cimarron down totone lanan was st shuttg it down m together inhe area for o days. they say if you commute through e area, it's a good idea ton n alternana route, or plan somextra time. the e moriri for this fallen hero will be next monday. corporalalate carrigan was shot and d@llededrying to sern eviction notice ininbailey, east of dedeer. s service will be held at a a church in arvada. the man wh shsh him w willed when park ty deputiti returned fired.d& carrigan leaves behind a fiancee and four sp children. weow know the cause of this fire that happ o or the weekenenon the southeast side of coloradoprings. firefighte sayayhere wasoo much electricawiringngn the homeecausehere was a marijuana grow o`e`eti happening in basememe of the hse.
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plants tre. ththe was abt 65- ousa dollars in damage. right now,w,w, homelele camps arereeing r%red off the siwalks ininenver. the city says s n n enforcing thpublic's rht of way. denverfficials s living inin tentntisnsafe and unsanitary. they're hopipi they ll push thmelessuse shelters atevererhe city removevewas plac@dn a ststedfaci colora springs is talaing about pot clubs. they are h hring from m p%p%iaia rit now. cououil puts s ban in place, , no new marijuana ubs can u existingnglubs wououave to closedn n years. if the ban fails, council willdiscuss new gulations. totoght is n n the final say. counciwill have a second v ve in two weeks. we'll let u know at happens.
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with a light b be. the uthern-25 coorors s eing xed showers right nonoand d e
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didide. hudity is high than days in the past so fire d dger isisis deerngor n. tempererures will be chly through the evening. votersrsn n s stes are weighing in on the prpridential race tonighghthxh more tha300 delegates upor grabs. craig boswell s the latest from the w wtetete epububcan n onlnrunnnn donald trp expectctto add to his delegate lead michgan is the biggest prize tonight.t. s newsxit pollllshsh sixty
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gop - and most are looking for an o osider. hn kasich has spent more te e ininichigan than anythth caate. he is tryr_g to show how he's different from trump. )"personalttacks are just not 0 acceptab." )ted cruz mindnd voters his campai hasaslrlrdy beaten ump in six stata )now tay it is our hope th ose e mbers will go o . )wle exit pollshow repuicans in chigannd mississippi want an. a majoty o momoicoterin the tse stat wt toone present obampocies. )exit pos dememratic ters imichiganre most t coerned ababjobs and e e onomy - both hillary clton anan bernisanders have en hitti hard. . nders s ys he sees a road to victory. ) "the more delegates thatatre t there, the me sisiificant os statat a" )sanders has wononearly as many conlnlts as clclton, but the former secretata ostatat has bebe winning states with more degeges. . craiswl, cbs news,s,he
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toninit, republican n ters in ido and hawaii are also picking who they want to be the gopopomomee. i-i-i-s back opeafter is was closededgain todayayile streneararlenwood spring_ wa shutowowfor re repai after a roro slide last month. crewused aicpoter totout up rockfall tton the s spe w wre the origal slili happened. anccused dru dr nd rere for dedewiping a police e ficece ththgrand junction policic offifir was s yingngo h h with the driver aft other drivers repoed he was swerving and going into onming trafbf the suspect't'car r ew aire e and wawawaing driven on t e rim. we're told the driver failed sobrieiy tes. how drunk a person w i roadside tests couou be ging away in lorado. the statsenate gave unanimous proval today to a bill that would how impaired a person is private information. case would know how drunk the
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departmentould still be le to release statisiscs about impairment tests, but not indivi t tt resu the oposal faces one m me corded tee heading to the house. an amamang rescucaug on n camera. coming up, a car on fire and two kiki insisi. 3 e the offir's s ick k actions s ust a fefe minutes.. t first, the city hires a senior bicycle planner foro cololododoprings. whathe'll bebeoing a how much shehel be making, right
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s'itchchcenturylink ism tv, ananget thme great channsble giveveyou,u, without t vivi to o al with cable yes and? and...there's whole home dvr. plus tons of on demand optioio so you can watch w wtever, whwhever.. s an whwhdo you guys keep saying g at? 'she f fst r re improv. by saying "yes a a," weccepepthe realaly crcrted by o o comedy partrc, papa. ye right, i know. do you? feee like a hollywood insideda
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cici ocolo sprinin d d seseoror biclclplanner. katetedy w w w wedo devevep and implememe city bicycle mr . thcici wano make t rings s goldldevel b friendly community ady ysed to work for the town monument.he will l l 62-thohoand dollars. two years ago today - laysia airlinin flilit 0 vavashed - and iestigars stilildon't know what happened to the e jetliner. . latives of the viveims remain dperateteor answerer
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natstsp....praying at shrine relatives of the vicms are still ving o othe second annirsarof mh370's disae. nats up...wannn crying mily members of chche citizens on n ard the flight from kuala lumpupu to beijing prayed d r answers. na\s....mandarin mymyope is the pne ce found - she e . i heard the sech i igoin to stop - -hat c cnot happen. nats up...reunion st jtie wiwi wasasd upunion landoff the coast of africa. nata...p.pne part last week, a 3 ft ng piece of metal turned up off the coast of mozozbique - and inveators are wowog to confm it came fr the boeing7777ts..jacquiui ' arereighting to srch on' jacquita g lost hesband patrick whohwas in-flig supervisor on malaysia airlines flight 370 when it mystiously vanished f fm rarar. cquita i'i'st iginingheir last t t momemes, what are th t t tinin of? nats.....parliament malaysia's parliament held a moment of silence to remember
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confidididcrs willinthe plane e buadmits the search is the most cllenging in aviation histor tina k kus, cbs nc. auralijiis leading a deep sea searchn the e uthernininan ocean, d rewson't aininin the erutututes s th maytog. cal carnrnigay offffer is beg g ed a hpro a aeraving two kirom a burning car in monrey.he was bind the car onhe highway when it t ught on fire. he tolthe iver to pull o o the road. the doors were locked so the officererad to unlock them, unbucklelehe kids s t thei seats and pull the girirand boy to safetet "it makes your heart re and d you kind of j disregard anythi that might bebe ngerous.t's just our job. mean, that's wt t signp for whwh i started, so it's nothing special," vo oneeriously h ht, but erne in the car was tamen to the hospital for ske inlati. crews are busy r rlaci
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water pis in flint, ,@chigan. . buthe erisis that began n en the city switchededo a cheaper and dirtiewate supps r over.thththths of cldldn stl neneto be tested f lead in theieiood, andarly dedectn isis critical. nurses in flint, michigan n ldclclics veral times a week to test leavels. februy ththc-d-c set a goal for r l of flint's 80 children under the age of f x to be tested for lead exposure by april fst. . the deadlinequicy apprching on half of them have been screened.d. 1:02-1:08 8 thi haveo boil water j jt to clean my babybyp. have ngerous levels of f i i i iwater. high lelels can c c c thatat why health officialalare urging pents to screen thtir kiki. right now, there's's pre- ing`on a ae new sproutstst thisisisoff f f h te in lroado sprgs. thfil openenenis tomororw.w.
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whwhsigngn utotoy ll g 10 0 rcent off. we'rereold they'll have deaea going on moow as s well.l applhahato pay50 m mlion doars e a se over e-book prfixixi. moststf f e ney y ll go bababa to customers. apple was found guilty of cocspiri with five major publishers to inflate e-bookrices. yesterday thehe sueme courdeined to hear apple'appeal.l ce anything different when eating your kraft mac andndheese? if t you're not alone. the company started using natural ingredients backckn dececeer, removing artififial preservatives, flavors and dyesesrom its cipe. kraft launchcd a marketing campaigig this week reveveing its s ttle pepement calling it t he worlrls rgest blind tast te." rehan n m mon boxes have be solsince re changngwas mama. and today is inttional women's day-- and google i imarking it with a speciaiadood. googog went to 13 countriri asked girls and women to complete the
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press ay on the weweite's homepagegeor a video with theianswers. they're as varieieas the women. one girl wants to open her own lab.notherants to make eure girls cago to school. is ir third year we are heg st. jude ildren'sospipil give away a home. righnow, my coanchor don is in memps, tennessee. he shows us one of theany things the resesech hospital i idoing. dianne, we're inside o o of f e researchabs at st jude ital. this i iwhere theyeyandle miospos, thicility i ailable e nyear e whe caususo in an use any y me st talald witi o o of th erer th shoho cancmr cellown petrie dh, treated wit various s s. t tcan observ thos hehethces as thty bebeme unhealthy and eyeyie off. that research llllake e into clinical trls d paent protocols.s. all of t research here is arar asoon as poible with hospitals all over the world,d4o when they make a break thru here, everyrne c c
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all of this cosls money and that'shyhye're giving g away the st. judhome. tickets go on salen o s fromorrow, march 23rd, it's $100, you cod win a $350,000 use at's being built rigig now in banbing g winch on t noreaste lorado springs. we'l'lbealking abohis a months. please help us iu can. th is@just o of thehthinin th. and then there's the kids. so many kids get trtrtrd here. r now,w,e'll send it back to you.u.eporting from st. jude children's hospital, i'm don ward, kktv 11 news, ck to o u dianne tempmpatures are coooor today t when wl wewe see a wa up? and is ththe morere fire danger on the
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now,rom the 11 breaking weathehecenter, ,hief meteteologists brian bledsoe. tuesday wiwi bring seasonably cool temperatures with highs in the 40s an50s. ses will be ptly clouou and we e e e ee betterer chans memeight s o showers thehefternoon and evening. best chanwi be
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of i-25 thisisfternoon. wednesday will be similar to tueueay`yith h isolalad showowowr tw expt slightly warmer temperatures. bp thursday, conditions dry out allowi sunshine and mild weather to o tutu for the end of the work week. the weekend looks mainly dry and ld. we may seeee shower or two saturd night into sunday
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looking dry. highs will stay in n the 60s and 70 until we e t me apapeciae isture, d th is ndy lle e gh f fe dadaaypl p attenenen to the forecast and do not burn anything ononhe windy
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we havan 11 call for action alert. cocong up, these sasawiches are being reed for possibib listetea cocowhat yoneo kn, righaf
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tv1 sports with sam m farnsworth. the negotiating period f frere ency in the nfl began yesterday... but we didn't hear any major rumbmbngs
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mbybe out of respect for peyton manning's rerere]ent??? cacae today... sududnly... there's a whole lotta movement begiing defefejve linen mamak k ckson. hepeas been a top prioritytftf the brcos since the season ended. the brcos de ainnitialal offer his ageatatfl cocoine wes s [.ut y.8jackson let it t k at he isoing t tsigngnh jasonoillele jajaarararmoow with alal th i i i i the b bncos pri rarae... reports put the deal at9090li forixears... ararnd 4miof that in guguanteed mey... sopoackson igonene. and isisnds like danny trevathan isjet too far behihi... ing to reports today, trtrtrtbn is clcsingn on a foururear r al or loloer w wh the chicago bears... tervathan, who would be rented with head coacjohn fox, led e brbrcos s tacklesn o ofof thlast three seasons.. so those two leaving on their owow.. bubuhn eay is flexininins executive muscsc to o send a aew more away in order to free ucap spacac.. owen daniels, louis vasquez and aaron brewer were
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that`till give t t broos arly 8.5 million in cap space to use t ls ofofeason... major coeeeeha i i recalling one ofts sandwiwies... over cononrns s s ntiaiaia daerous bactctia. in this call for action alert, sarah swabebes tang a closos look at the r call, and where it's happepeng. starbuckckis recalling o of s pre-packaged breakft t ndwiches becau it t may y"ntaiai listeria. we're talking about t@e sausage, egg and cheddar ch sandwh an english mumuinin it comes in a six-ounce package. the sandwiches w we sold at ststbuckstes i iarkansas, tednoklalama. . e f-f-f- sayshtowy stessole sicicice fefeed by`yhe r ral no one hasasortedlgotttt sickbut t arbus is p pling therodu off its shelves. in the s sdio, sarahahchwabe, kktv 11 ws. here's what wee wowoing on for 11 n ns at ten. t t tyoeaeaier the newscaca abobo city council l about toe on potlubs in colroaoa rings. the issue is stillngked
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at ten. . people are waiting`d watating and they'r'rgettininangry they haven't received their s ste tax returns. our tty sextons gegeg to the ttom why t tre i isuch a lay y goodbybyby now, from your breaking news leadad, this itv 11 news at you wowodn't waste money buyiyi a snow blowow in mimii. so why wasteteoumoney on ovevericecemeals? instead, fusus six dollararat subway, get a sisile six meal: pick frosisiof our six-chchubs, chips and a ink, r six dollars, eveay.
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