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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  December 18, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((paul joncich)) > we're getting our first look at the man suspected of shooting a metro officer yesterday. and 8 news now has obtained exclusive video of what appears to be the suspect running away from the scene. good evening.. i'm paul joncich in for dave tonight. ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez in for paula. the shooting happened yesterday shortly before noon at the emerald suites on las vegas boulevard, near silverado ranch. ((paul joncich)) 8 news now reporter karen castro has more on what the video shows. karen? ((karen castro)) the surveillance video is from the gas station directly next to the emerald suites. it reportedly shows the moment when police are notified that the suspect, 38- year-old teag fox, ran across las vegas boulevard. as we found out, an eyewitness's quick thinking helped police follow the suspect's tracks. ((karen castro)) take a close look at top left corner of this
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it reportedly shows the suspect accused of shooting a police officer making a run for it.... cutting through this gas station on las vegas boulevard and agate avenue. a man dressed in dark clothing is seen running across 6 lanes of traffic. metro investigators say the police shooting happened next door at the emerald suites. arnold machado and isaac ali work at an auto repair shop next to the gas station and heard the gunshots. ((arnold machado - eyewitness: i started walking up the front to tell issac that i heard gunshots and that's when we saw a guy sprinting like rushing he kept looking back. isaac ali - eyewitness: next thing you notice is a guy running behind me literally like five feet away. )) ((karen castro)) the security camera captured the suspect running away at exactly 11-47 in the morning. two minutes later, an eyewitness is seen talking to a police officer and pointing in the direction where the suspect was last seen. ((arnold machado - eyewitness: once he was starting to cross the street down the las vegas boulevard on agate, that's when one of the customers went to
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somebody was sprinting away, the cop had his gun pulled out on the side.)) ((karen castro)) the video also appears to show the same man notifying a police cruiser... that eventually makes a u-turn. moments later, a number of metro cruisers are seen headed in the same direction. ((arnold machado - eyewitness: a lot of fbi's undercovers, it was packed with cops. isaac ali - eyewitness: they had about 40-50 cops out there and then a lot of cops were here so we were kinda secured i guess cause they had everything shut down.)) ((karen castro)) after hours of searching, the suspect was taken into custody. he is behind bars and faces four criminal charges... including attempt murder with a deadly weapon on a police officer reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now./// ((denise valdez)) karen, was this video used during yesterday's investigation?
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this surveillance video was handed over to investigators yesterday, while the suspect was on the run. we're told sheriff joe lombardo was here and also saw the footage./// ((paul joncich)) > we're going to see a dip in temperatures this last weekend before christmas. meterologist tedd florendo is live with a first look at our neighborhood weather forecast. tedd? > let's check out your first forecast. we warmed up a little today, still a little on the chilly side but a little more near seasonal temps, that means near average temps which are typically around 56 degrees this time of year. milder in phoenix and la if you're traveling to will not be
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like we saw yesterday. ((denise valdez)) > old saint nick made a stop in town early for one single father of two. so what was on his sleigh? ...a house full of furniture. ((virgil mcdowell, single father of two: i'm on the verge of tears tell you the truth because this has been a real hard year and just drop in the 30's again by morning but will not be the coldest morning of the week like we saw yesterday. ((denise valdez)) > old saint
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for one single father of two. so what was on his sleigh? ...a house full of furniture. ((virgil mcdowell, single father of two: i'm on the verge of tears tell you the truth because this has been a real hard year and just to give them a christmas like this, only god can do this for em and i'm just so happy for them right now )) walker furniture continued their "home for the holidays" giveaways today. virgil mcdowell received living room, dining room and two bedrooms of furniture. he has full custody of his young sons after their mother died from heart complications. that was just five months ago. and walker was happy to help after getting lots of requests... from people in need: ((patti gerace, marketing director, walker furniture: we recieved over 2,000 letters this year and that's the largest number of letters ever, it's a lot of people and a lot of help and we do what we can to give back ")) this is walker furniture's 22nd year of giveaways. they also teamed up with the las
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hands and star nursery for toys, food and even a christmas tree plus ornaments./// ((paul joncich)) > running into roadbumps. ((denise valdez)) the major concern in carson city that's stalling the faraday deal during this special session. ((paul joncich)) plus... are you ready for the las vegas bowl? we're live downtown as utah and b-y-u fans arrive in town for the big game.///
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((paul joncich)) > nevada lawmakers have run into a few speedbumps in their efforts to pass legislation that would pave the way for a billion dollar facility to be built at the apex site in north las vegas. ((denise valdez)) the special session was expected to conclude by today but stalled because of concerns about water law and otheer technicalities. ((paul joncich)) today members of the public had their first chance to speak up about the plan to bring faraday future to southern nevada, george knapp is at the legislature in carson city and joins us with the latest. george knapp so much of what transpires here at the
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public view so, last night, when concerns over water law stopped the faraday legislation in its tracks, a small and select group of folks work through the night to come up with language that would satisfy most of those concerns. this afternoon, a new concern that has been simmering below the surface for weeks came bubbling up. . it came during the public testimony portion of the process.....a parade of private citizens and pro business groups spoke about the bill, mostly in support of it. among those speakers were two officials from the city of north las vegas, both of whom had been directly involved in creating the faraday deal in the first placel. they told the state senate that the bills as written essentially handcuff the city the hook for potential liability if things with faraday go amiss, but at
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ability of the city to raise money thru bonding capacity. ryann juden and darren adair told lawmakers that north las vegas has compromised on many key pointr the last several weeks but that the provisions in the proposal would leave the city in a terrible bind. ((ryann juden/asst. city manager nlv: this language further restricts north las vegasand our ability to solve some of our problems. north las vegas should have skin in the game, and we concur. we believe through the last few days we've made multiple concessions and worked on different agreements with snwa and other regional partners to insure this project moves forward... to our area.")) george knapp ((this is breaking news on 8
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((paul joncich)) > metro police are investigating a deadly crash elkhorn and buffalo. 8 news now reporter mauricio marin is live at the scene. mauricio, what can you tell us? ((mauricio marin)) we're told the crash happened just after 3:30 this evening.
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on the scene. eastbound and westbound lanes of traffic have been shut down. ((denise valdez)) > tighter security at disney land. ((paul joncich)) the new policies you'll want to plan for before your next visit to some of america's most popular theme parks./// < (("you're watching 8 news now at
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nevada is now.")) > ((denise valdez)) > many of the nation's top theme parks are changing their security measures this holiday season. if you're visiting disney, sea world or universal studios, the line may be a little longer to get in. anna werner has the story from orlando: < the happiest place on earth is trying to keep it that way. (nat) disney is installing metal detectors to crack down on security at its florida and california theme parks. (park visitor- it definitely speaks to the times. but it doesn't bother me.
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have to wait a little bit longer to get in somewhere because i feel safer." disney officials said they've already added "..visible and non visible security measures." including more law enforcement officers and specially trained dogs. guests, 14- years-old and older will no longer be allowed to wear costumes. and toy guns - including water pistols - have also been banned, already removed from disney store shelves. in a statement, disney says: "we continually review our comprehensive approach to security and are implementing additional security measures, as appropriate." (gfx1 out) other major resorts including universal theme parks and sea world have also begun taking similar precautions. "venues are continuously enhancing their emergency plans." mark herrera is a venue safety and security educator. (mark herrera, dir. of education for the int'l. assc. of venue managers: when you have situations that occur nationwide, such as the most recent terrorist attacks, they revisit their emergency plans and they basically fine-tune them. and they're very comprehensive. increased security hasn't
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fitzhugh family, who drove 20- hours from indiana to orlando for their disney vacation. (fitzhugh family: do you worry about somebody doing something?" (beth) "i mean, you can't always be worried about what's going to happen. what's going to happen is going to happen." > ((denise valdez)) that was anna werner reporting. as for those other parks, universal studios says it's testing the use of metal detectors at its theme parks. and sea-world says guests should expect a "thorough bag check" and the use of a wand or metal detector at its parks. ((paul joncich)) > now lets get a check of your forecast with tedd florendo. ((denise valdez)) he's live at the toys for tots benefit at the orleans. < tedd florendo cool again today, but with mostly sunny skies and winds remained nice and calm again. a little warmer than yesterday at this time but still chilly at times. we're now entering near seasonal temps seasonal temps at this hour.
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................. weekend forecast looks milder saturday with a little wind. some locations could get a chance of showers saturday but the system coming in not carrying a lot of moisture with it and it will zip across the region fairly quickly. cooler sunday but till just few digits below seasonal temps. ............................... .................. radar looking clear right now.
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upriver we're keeping our eye on the rain moving into the northern california expecting to bring more snow to the sierras and tahoe. again could see winds ahead of it a little tomorrow but not wind advisory criteria. we will get a slight chance of some shower specifically get a slight chance of some shower specifically tomorrow evening. ............................... ......................
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news now to tell you about. due to the president's end of the year briefing today, "the young & the restless will air tomorrow morning from 2:37 am to 3:37 am./// ((paul joncich)) > wonder if there are more utah or byu fans downtown. ((denise valdez)) it's the final official event prior to saturday's bowl game. chris maathuis is live with some ute and cougar fans. we'll go live to fremont street./// ((paul joncich)) > marching
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nevada's first choice> ((paul joncich)) > marching bands and fans are gathering down town for tonight's bowl prep rally.
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maathuis tonight... hangin' with the fans, bands and mascots. ((chris maathuis)) the teams skipped this event... theyr'e getting ready for saturday's bowl game. mascots, cheerleaders, bands, and fans are here. ((chris maathuis)) coming up at six... everybody is talking about the
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including the coaches and players. you'll want to see what and who they know about the movie. so until then, "may the force be with you"... reporting from fremont street. ((denise valdez)) > most places require it... but exactly who and what does renter's insurance cover? coming up at six... 8 on your side's michelle mortensen digs through popular policies to see why your insurance might not cover everything.. or everyone... inside your apartment.///
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days away from ringing in 20-16. ((denise valdez)) and the las vegas strip will be hosting one of the biggest parties in the nation. but if you don't want to brave the crowds.. you can havethe best seat in the house by allowing us to bring it to you live. 8 news now will be live from the best locations on the strip, downtown and where locals are... bringing you live music and strip entertainment... including matt goss, the jabbawockeez... and mat franco. our broadcast kicks off at 10pm... and goes through midnight./// ((paul joncich)) > and during our special, one lucky viewer will get their mortgage paid for a year. we've teamed up with our sponsor... gavish real estate... to pay up to 15- thousand dollars. we'll randomly choose 8 finalists to attend the zowie bowie show at red rock on new year's eve... and we'll announce the winner during our live special! to enter... just head to our our 8 new now facebook page, community pride facebook page or website. you must be at least 21.. have a mortgage or lease on a home and be in good standing with the lender and owner./// ((denise valdez)) > thanks for
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((paul joncich)) > the cbs evening news is next./// hi, would you please do the following so are threatened with mass violence. investigators question the owner of an e-mail server. also tonight, severe storms hit the west. in the northeast, old man winter does a rip van winkle. trump on putin: >> reporter: he kills journalists that don't agree with him. >> well, i think our country does plenty of killing, also. >> pelley: and steve hartman
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