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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  December 19, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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homicide near downtown las vegas. authorities say it happened just before seven a-m in the area near 10th and bonanza road. police say a person was found shot to death near an apartment complex. they have not determined the motive for the shooting. so far a suspect has not been identified but a gray pickup was seen fleeing the area after the shooting. anyone with any information is asked to call crimestoppers. this marks the 126th homicide in metro's jurisdiction so far this year./// ((sharie johnson)) > we now know the name of the person who was killed in a motorcycle crash yesterday. metro police say the crash happened at the intersection of elkhorn rd. and red cinder st. near n. buffalo drive just before four yesterday. the say the rider crashed into the side of a ram pickup as the truck was turning into it's lane. that person has been identified as 21 year old brandon michael. police say the driver of the truck erik provencal was arrested for d- u-i and is behind bars at c-c-d-c. the is the 119th traffic related death in metro's
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((sharie johnson)) > metro police released the name of the officer who was shot earlier this week.. he is 52-year- old officer greg sedminik. 38-year-old teag fox is accused of pulling the trigger. metro says he shot at sedminik once in the armpit area... and once in the vest. it happened south of the strip on thursday. fox was taken into custody miles from the original scene. he faces charges of attempted murder with a deadly weapon on a police officer... battery with a deadly weapon... and more. officer sedmink... has been with metro since 1997. he is now on standard paid administrative leave and is expected to make a full recovery./// ((sharie johnson)) > we are less than a weekend away from christmas and that has many scrambling to get their last minute shopping wrapped up. we went to the premium outlets near downtown to check out the scene. and you didn't have to look far to find some shoppers trying to finish checking off their list. and with so many people putting off their shopping...
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thi through the end of the y.ey close at 8pm., christmas eve and new years eve they will close at six./// ((sharie johnson)) > controversy on the campaign trail. as the final democratic debate gets underway... why the issues at hand could be overshadowed by accusations of campaign data theft./// ((keeley breland)) ((sharie johnson)) > stop the
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that's message right now icommunity are working to spread. a candlge light vigil and a march against violence is going on right now near m-l-k and washington. 8 news now's mauricio marin is live there with how organizers are working to stop more violence from taking place in the valley. ((mauricio marin)) dozens of residents and community members took off from this boys and girls club just a few minutes ago. marching down chanting all lives matter. they're working to support those recently impacted by violence in the community. and working to stop more lives from being lost in violence.
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the community know there is hope. using this positive movement to get people who may be scared to come out and stand up against violence in their community. some marching tonight have friends and family they've buried in recent weeks because of shootings and stabbings they want to see stop. organizers say it's especially crucial to work towards peace during the holiday season. (( lamon welch/organizer, hold my hand: "this is christmas and this is one of the most depressing time of the year especially for people who've lost loved ones to violence throughout the year. so we wanted to hold this right before christmas to remind people we still remember your loved ones and our loved ones and want to support each other and with depression being as high as it is right now this is something positive and come to gether and we're a shoulder they can lean on.")) ((mauricio marin)) those putting on tonight's event say they have to stand up for the community or else who will. working to take back their streets and get rid of the fear some people are living with because of the violence. ((mauricio marin)) the marchers will end their walk near m-l-k and carey. there they will have a moment for prayer and light candles for
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reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) > mauricio... do organizers of tonight's march and community vigil have plans to keep holding more events towards stopping violence in the valley? ((mauricio marin)) we asked about that. they're working to create a youth forum to go on at least once a month. to reach out to at risk kids and try to keep them out of gangs to stop youth violence. back to you./// ((sharie johnson)) > the third and final democratic demate is getting underway tonight in manchester, new hampshire. political analysts say voters in the critical primary state are eager to hear plans for national security, income equality, and ways to combat drug abuse. but the issues could be clouded by controversy on friday the democratic national committee discovered four of bernie sanders staffers improperly took
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clinton's campaign... the sanders' camp was then blocked from seeing any voter data from it's shared data base. it regained access today ...after reaching an agreement with the d-n-c. the data breach is expected to come up during tonight's debate. (( (dante scala professor of political science, university of nh) "for bernie sanders, it puts him on the defensive going into a debate in which he really needs to be on the offensive against hillary clinton.")) ((sharie johnson)) > bernie sanders' campaign filed a federal lawsuit against the d- n-c before the two parties reached an far, sanders' camp has not dropped the case...saying they are still reviewing where things stand./// ((sharie johnson)) > nevada lawmakers have approved a 335 million incentive package to attract electric carmaker faraday future's billion-dollar factory to las vegas. today the state legislature voted in favor of the deal after a four-day special session in carson city. nevada beat out california, louisiana and georgia in the bid
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which is expected to employ more than 45 hundred people and spur another 9 thousand indirect jobs. the state will offer 215 million in tax credits and abatements, and publicly finance 120 million in infrastructure at a north las vegas industrial park. faraday officials revealed last week that a billionaire chinese investor is backing the company, which employs former tesla motors. governor brian sandoval is expected to sign the bills./// ((sharie johnson)) > using his body as a sheild. a tennessee teenager is hailed a hero for saving his friends from a shootout. what it cost him. and why the young group was targeted by gunfire. now, nevada's first choice for news, this is 8
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tennessee teen is being hailed a hero after he was shot to death trying to save three teen girls thursday night. 15 year old zaevion dobson was sitting with friends on a porch when a group of men opened fire. he used his body to block three girls. police say the shooting was tied to gang incident and the teenagers had nothing to do with the conflict. friends of zaevion describe the
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young leader who always put others before himself. (( (coach rob black/fulton high school) "hard worker. guy that just loved life, loved the game. loved his peers and a kid of great character." )) ((sharie johnson)) > so far police have one man in custody but are still looking for three more./// ((sharie johnson)) > a major security breach at computer company... juniper networks... has u-s officials worried. the fbi is investigating the breach involving hackers installing a back door on computer equipment. that would allow one to spy on the most secure of communication s. the u-s defense department, justice department, treasury and several big companies rely on juniper networks' products. it's not clear what... if any classified information could be affected. the breach is believed to be the work of a foreign government... because of the sophistication involved./// ((sharie johnson)) severe snowstorms rolled through parts of new york, today....
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snow... in the heaviest hit parts of the region. the area is expected to get another three to six inches of snow by sunday... before warming up for the holidays. there are still two weeks left in the month, but after this weekend all the signs point to more warm weather until the end of the year. experts suggest that many parts of the northeast are on pace for the warmest december on record. last year around this time over 100 inches of snow had already fallen around the area.////// ((sharie johnson)) ((keely breland)) < it's been a comfortable saturday.
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lovely shot of the strip. ...... here are the weather headlines. chance of rain overnight. highs in 50's. and a second storm moving in with a chance or rain for christmas. .................. currently temperatures across the valley... summerlin, the lakes, green valley, nellis. ................. regional temperatures. phoenix, los angeles, san francisco, reno. .................. here is today's almanac. right where we should be for this time of the year. ............... nationally, pretty quiet along the east coast right now. the rains continue in the northwest as pacific storms move inland. storms moving into the the southwest. ................ west coast storms....
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winter storm watch for parts of northern nevada and heading north. increasing cloud cover in so nevada. the seirra nevadas will keep most of the wet weather to the west of us with a chance of rain. ................. the southwest wet weather for tonight. ............... here at home increasing clouds over night. mostly sunny tomorrow. .................. recreational forecast. .................. tonight ............... 7day forecast... christmas rain. ................ >
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war is taking over the valley. thanks for joining us i'm sharie johnson thousands of fans packed sam boyd stadium this afternoon to watch utah face off with b- y-u. that's were we find our chris maathuis our joind us live with the highlights.
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42- thousand fans packing samthousands of fans packed sam boyd stadium this afternoon to
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well have more with chris at six today's sold out game brought out tens of thousands of fans... which created a traffic nightmare. 8 news now reporter karen castro is live outside the sam boyd stadium. hey karen, how's it looking out there? sharie, traffic is moving slow. the game ended about 30 minutes ago and as you can see, it is bumper to bumper as fans try to leave the area. earlier today, we did see some disappointed b- y-u fans leave the game early... as their team was down 35 points during the first quarter. on the bright side, those folks missed the traffic jam after the game ended. getting to the game this morning was no different. traffic was backed up to boulder highway.... on russell and tropicana. it was bumper to bumper all the way to the stadium. even after kickoff, cars were lined up trying to get to a
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some fans we spoke to were stuck in traffic for more than an hour. others decided to hit the pavement and walk to the stadium after getting dropped off nearby. (("we expected it, was hoping it wouldn't be so bad here but apparently no luck." i don't know of any other way in. i don't think anyone else does so it's pretty tough. it's faster just to get out and walk. it's a nice day and good exercise, so.)) there were some concerns with the traffic because there is road construction nearby. but as far as we know, no major accidents have been reported. metro has also been helping move traffic along. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((sharie johnson)) > new years
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and one of the biggest parties in the nation... will be right here on the famous las vegas strip. but if you don't want to deal with the massive crowds.. you can have the best seat in the house by allowing us to bring it to you live. 8 news now will be live from the best locations on the strip, downtown and where locals are... bringing you live music and strip entertainment... including matt goss, the jabbawockeez... and mat franco. our broadcast kicks off at 10pm... and goes through midnight./// ((sharie johnson)) > and during our special, one lucky viewer will get their mortgage paid for a year. we've teamed up with our sponsor... gavish real estate...
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dollars. we'll randomly choose 8 finalists to attend the zowie bowie show at red rock on new year's eve... and we'll announce the winner during our live special! to enter... just head to our our 8 new now facebook page, community pride facebook page or website. you must be at least 21.. have a mortgage or lease on a home and be in good standing with the lender and owner./// ((sharie johnson)) > coming up tonight at 6...fighting through the grief. after mother of six tragically lost her life in shooting... how her family is remembering her life this holiday season. join us for those stories and more, tonight at 6:00./// ((sharie johnson)) > star war fever is taking over the world. and the force defiantly awakened in los angeles' pershing square this weekend. thousands of star wars fans gathered to attempt to break a world record for the world's largest lightsaber battle over a 24-hour period.
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with battles in three other cities. san francisco had a battle friday as well, and battles in seattle and san diego take place today. the previous record was seven-thousand lightsabers -- set at comicon in san diego. organizers say recordsetter dot com will determine if they broke the record on monday./// ((sharie johnson)) > that's it for us. join us again at 6:00./// 6:00.///
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>> axelrod: the democrats face off in their final debate of the year, but it's a computer breach taking center stage. the snow shuffles in to buffalo, finally, but no one's smiling at the weather out west. a hero's sacrifice: a high school football player dies in a shooting, shielding others with his body. and author mitch albom on the failure behind his grand-scale success. >> the effort that i put in, to achieve what i've been able to do in the world of writing, is a direct result of my failure.
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