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tv   8 News Now Sunday Morning  CBS  December 20, 2015 6:00am-6:30am PST

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night near the boulevard and civic center. that's where a 24-year-old man on a moped was hit by a car and later died. the 35-year-old driver of the car took off... but was later arrested near downtown. police say speed and alcohol were factors in the crash: (( aaron patty - pio, north las vegas police this is a reminder for all of us that especially during the holidays, we need to be aware of our surroundings. we need to pay attention to what's around us. holiday. this is a good reminder for all of us to slow down, and remember what's important. think about your family, your friends, and at the cost of what? you could be facing some serious jail time.)) count... this is the 13-th fatal crash in north las vegas so far this year./// ((michelle mortensen)) > police are still searching for clues in a mysterious shooting near cashman field that happened saturday morning. it happened here at this apartment complex on north 10th street near bonanza.
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walking into an apartment. older model nissan or toyota pick up truck in connection with the case. if you have any information that could help police solve this case.. please call crime stoppers. /// ((michelle mortensen)) > and peace. residents and community members held a march and candle light vigil saturday evening near m- l-k boulevard and washington.... all in hopes to end the violence plaguing our valley in recent weeks. those who marched say they are sick and tired deadly shootings and stabbings happening daily and taking so many lives.. ((lamon welch/organizer, hold my it's exactly that. this is inclusive of everyone. not just in west las vegas. even this morning we had one in bonaza. it's time we take a stand and make a difference and we want to be that voice. we want to be heard." )) ((michelle mortensen)) organizers say they'll keep one... until the violence stops and they feel more safe./// ((michelle mortensen)) > an
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who was shot last week during a domestic violence call. we now know the officer's name. metro says officer greg sedminik was wounded on thursday. according to metro .. the 52 year old officer was shot twice ... once in his armpit ... and another time in his vest. officer sedminik is expected to make a full recovery. the shooter ... 38 year old teag fox... faces several charges including attempted murder and battery./// ((michelle mortensen)) > parts of the valley saw a little bit of rain overnight. but will there be more on the way? keely breland joins us now with a quick look at your forecast. (( )) > good sunday morning! here are clouds this week. chance of showers. highs in the 50's this week. unsettled christmas .................. here is the storm that moved through last night only sprinkiles in some valley areas. most moisture stayed in the higher elevations. that now moved east we have mostly sunny skies. ................. early this week...
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high right where we should be this time of year. partly cloud the next couple of days. unsettled weather for christmas eve and christmas....that's coming up in your full forecast./// ((michelle mortensen)) > a teenage football hero. find out what this young man did to save three peoples lives. it was an amazing act of bravery ... and it's a story ... that will tug at your heart strings.
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choice for news, this emergency landing this morning after a bomb was found onboard. the plane took off from an island on the african coast saturday night with 473 people on boards. a passenger found the device in the bathroom... causing the plane to land in
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everyone got off the plane safely... and some passengers were questioned./// ((michelle mortensen)) > the city of knoxville tennessee is honoring a high school hero this weekend who gave his life to save others from a random act of violence. 15-year-old zaevion dobson sacrificed his own life... to save three girls. police say the teens were sitting on a porch thursday when a group of men opened fire on them. dobson acted as a human shield for the girls... protecting them as shots rang out: (( unidentified teen, "he is a hero. because if it weren't for zaevion, if he ran off the porch, me or her probably would have been shot." victim's zenobia dobson/mother, "i think it was an honor for my son to protect another individual." )) ((michelle mortensen)) police say the shooting was tied to gang violence... and the suspect randomly opened fire on the teenagers- who had nothing to do with the conflict. police have one man in custody but are still looking for three more.
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((michelle mortensen)) > still to come fight night in florida highlights from the u-f-c's return to orlando for another exciting event. expect dry conditions for most of the work week, but we have a little bit of moisture moving towards us. will it be here for christmas? back with your forecast, coming up. now, nevada's first choice for news, this is 8
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> aircraft debris has been found in bakersfield... after a small plane disappeared on its way to the henderson airport. the debris was found in an orchard at about 7-30 saturday night. three hours earlier... a single engine plane sent a mayday call before disappearing off radar during a flight from san jose to the henderson executive airport. it's not clear yet if the debris is from the missing plane. so far no survivors have been found./// ((michelle mortensen)) winter officially begins this week. it kicks off on tuesday. and as long as we're counting things down ... i'll also let you know we've got just 5 days until christmas. so how cold is going to be for winter and the holidays.
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breland who has our forecast. (( )) > happy sunday. here are our headlines. clouds this week. chance of showers. highs in the 50's... the whole range of 50's and unsettled holiday. ...................... today's noon time temperatures. downtown, the strip, summerlin, henderson. ..................... today's almanac...expectin g a high of 56. right at normal. comfortable. .................... nationally the east coast pretty calm. warm in the southeast. chilly in the central united states, where the jetstream takes a dip. rain continues in the west... northwest can't catch a break, drier in the southeast today as fast moving storm from last night has moved on. .................. west coast cloud cover moving into some areas. expect to see clouds on and off this week. a second storm will move towards us from the northwest bringing
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eve and a slight chance or rain to the valley on christmas day. .................. today mostly sunny skies. .................. your sunday recreational forecast. mt. charlston 54 and breezy. lake mead 80 and breezy.
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today high of 56, mostly sunny skies comfortable. ............... tonight low of 40....seasonable. .............. 7day forecast. highs in the 50's for the week. you can see warm on wednesday, and winds welcoming santa in with a slight chance of rain./// ((michelle mortensen)) > the runnin' rebels... on the road again. find out how the team handled the tough matchup with top-ranked arizona. now, nevada's first choice for news, this is 8
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coming off that home loss to arizona state... ya wondered how unlv would respond on the road at arizona. they found themselves in the desert facing the nationally ranked wildcats, who never lose at home. this is unlv's next to the last non conference game of the season... after this one they're home with south dakota then open league play on the 30th. so a chance to beat another ranked team, but arizona has won 45 straight home games. rebels fighting in the first half, trailing just two.. and isn't this kind of nice to see dave rice being 'not' so nice. lookin' at this fire and passion, that's good to see.. like it. not going to like this... stephen zimmerman bruised his knee didn't play for much of the game. early on the lead was changing hands, but now in the second, unlv playing catchup the entire time... and they never could, fell behind by 13 and tried to get back into this game. they shot 52 percent in the first half, but 34 in the second
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actually had 10 offensive boards... making baby steps. but without big zim and ben carter fouls out, it would be tough... although the rebs went on a late 9-0 run... arizona goes on to beat the rebels 82-70. unlv now 8-4 on the season. this is unlv's first loss to a ranked team this year. there were a few upsets in college hoops... the utah utes traveling to new york city to meet 7th ranked duke. anytime duke is upset, rebel fans love it. so i show ya this one. in overtime, the utes leading 73-67, but duke scores 8 points in 16 seconds. trailing by two a chance to tie, but brandon ingram misses a layup... utes win it at the free throw line. it's an upset, utah wins 77-75. so the runnin' utes win in madison square garden... could the utah football team do the same in vegas. the 24th annual las vegas bowl with the utes and cougars battling at sam boyd stadium. 42 thousand fans on hand and one giant u-s flag that covered the field. terrific atmosphere at the
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and what a start for the utes... byu implodes from the get-go.... utah forced five turnovers on byu's first five drives in the game. off the fumble.. utes up 7-0. we mentioned three pics... here is the first one, tevin carter with the pic 6 from 28 yards out... it's 14-0. another tipped ball and it's carter again... he races down to the one yard line which sets up joe williams' second td of the day... it's 21-zip less then 90 seconds later... antoher pic six... this time dominquie hatfield and it's 28-zip. then following a fumble... more utah... qb travis wilson from 20 yards out... las vegas bowl record for most points in the quarter and most pics in the quarter. it's 35-nothing and the cougars gettin' beat up... tanner mangum gets sacked three times in the first. in the second byu finally gets on the board... a 97 yard drive capped by the
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we move to the 2nd half... and byu's defense comes to life.... they get to wilson. but here comes the cougars... francis bernard takes the swing pass and he's runs 10 yards for the score 35-14 after three. in the 4th... nick kurtz on the end of the pass... 35-21... can they actually come all the way back? with under 5 to play... mangum goes deep the pass is caught down inside the five yard line. two plays later and it's mangum who is going to score... it's 35-28. but the cougs needed a 3rd down stop and couldn't get it.... the utes beat byu for the fifth straight time... this time in the las vegas bowl. the utes on top 35-28. despite not scoring after the first quarter.. a wild first quarter. (( )) tevin carter/utah; "i've never seen it happen and for us to have done it's wonderful, never seen it never expected it honestly." britain covey/utah; "sometimes you can get in the trap of being two conservative and i think we did, but we won
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we won and i'm happy." tanny mangum/byu; "it was tough to start off like that, fluke plays, probably the worst quarter i've been part of, but i couldn't let that get me done." travis wilson/utah; "we got a little too lackadasical to content with everything, but a win is a win.. it's been a greeat week out here in vegas." tevin carter... vegas must be the place, yeah i guess so it looked like it..." it was fight night in orlando.. it's donald 'cowboy' cerrone fighting brazilan hafiel dos anjos. the winner may get conor mcgregor.... that's been talked about. it'll be fun to see... in the first... rafeal kicks the cowboy in the that was it... he then attacked and didn't let up... herb dean had seen enough at 1;06 of the first... dos anjos wins by tko... fastest finish in ufc lightweight title fight history. ((michelle mortensen)) > an
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is empty for the first time ever... but for good reason. the facility kicked off it's first "empty the shelter" event friday to find forever homes for all of the pets in it's care. within 20 hours... all 150 dogs... cats... and rabbits had all been adopted. this is the first time the cages have been empty since the shelter opened in 1957.///
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> osgood: good morning, i'm charles osgood this is "sunday morning." 'tis the season for carols and mistletoe and gifts under the tree, also season for the annual
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