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tv   8 News Now at 630 PM  CBS  December 27, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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and if you are caught behind the wheel under the road advocates say the cost is huge. (( sandy heverly/stop dui: nationally a misdeamanor dui costs an offender approximately $10,000. here in clark county it's about 13,000 but if you can imagine being responsible for killing or injrying someone that's immeasurable. the cost is immeaserable when you take a life." )) ((mauricio marin/reporter: heverly also tells people to assign a designated driver before the partying begins. it shouldn't be the person whose had the least to drink at the end of the night. mauricio marin. 8 news now. )) ((mauricio marin)) stop dui advocates also urge people to buckle up everytime you get in a car. it can mean the difference between life and death in the event of a serious car crash./// ((sharie johnson)) > metro police are in route... after a man is found dead inside a car. the body was discovered shortly after 4:00 pm near i-15 and solan.
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police have very little information about what happened. scene... as we speak. we will be sure to bring you them... on air and online. ((sharie johnson)) > two men are dead... after their car jumped a sidewalk and smashed into some street lights. night... on charleston at mohawk street. according to metro... the car was speeding when the driver lost control.. and hit two light poles. medical responders pronounced the 31-year-old driver and 27- year-passenger dead on scene. we're waiting for the conorer to release their identies. this wreck brings the number of traffic related deaths in metro's jurisdiciton up to 123 this year. /// ((sharie johnson)) > we've learned the name of the man... who police say was shot to death at the plaza hotel by his wife. the coroner says 48-year-old david cordova of north las vegas died due to a gun shot to the chest. according to metro police... his wife... maria escalante opened fire on him...
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police say it all happned while their child was in the room. the child is now in protective services. escalante is being held without bail pending an initial court appearance... on tuesday. she faces one count of murder with a deadly weapon. /// ((sharie johnson)) > we've also learned the name of the man killed... after taking a big fall at red rock canyon. the coroner idenified him as brian tracy of spokane washingtoto. tracy was rock climbing at the time and fell more than 80 feet. people in the area first tried aiding tracy before crews could arrive but authorities say he died on scene. according to metro, tracy fell in a gully and search and rescue team had to help recover his body. /// time now for a check of the forecast... for the final week of the year. and kelly... there's a possible chance of snow tomorrow? toss to keely for weather sunny, cold day, but felt nice
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north winds blowing us over. outside, nice shot of the strip. we had a few high clouds today ahead of a storm making it's way toward us. .................... weather headlines for this sunday evening. hard freeze warnings around the region again tonight. winter weather advisories. unsettled monday could mean some snow flurries for the west side of the valley tomorrow night. and planning for new years eve. highs will be at normal. .................... you can see the high clouds moving across our satellite & radar. also areas the national weather service has issued hard freeze warnings and winter weather advisories. .................. the next three days... tomorrow cold and mostly sunny with increasing clouds as this nevada is working to cut back on the number of people hurt in fires here in the valley. the organization is conducting it's home fire campaign. the aim is to reduce fire related injuries and deaths by 25 percent. as part of the campaign... the red cross is distributing free smoke detectors... for those in need. and they're especially important this time of year. (( heather silvio/southern nevada red cross, "certainly in winter, we often will see different types of fires. from electric blankets to space
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but there's always a risk, so you definitely want to have a working fire alarm, several actually if possible. )) ((sharie johnson)) the red cross says it's always looking for volunteers to help out. if you're interested in learning more about the home fire program... go to las vegas now dot com and look under the links we mentioned tab. /// ((sharie johnson)) > presidential candidate... senator bernie sanders is making a stop in the valley tomorrow. the democrat from vermont will be at canyon springs high school at 6:30 tomorrow night. that's in north las vegas... on alexander road and north 5th street. the event is free and open to the public... but an r-s-v-p is strongly doors open at 5:00... and people will be let in on a first come... first serve basis. gem off the strip... family. we'll take you inside the pinball hall of fame... where you can take a trip back in time... machines. now, nevada's first choice for
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it's a wonderland of flashing lights... bells and bumpers... for anyone looking for nostalgic fun. 8 news now photojournalis t justin michel stopped by... to give us an up close look at the nearly 250 classic and historical pinball machines you can play. quarter machine "we have about a thousand games in the collection about 250 of them are here for the public to play" tim arnold/director at the pinball hall of fame "people have come in here and almost wet literally wet their pants, they get this look of pure nastalgia on their face, because..they havent seen a machine since they were 14 years old..and they stand in front of it and say...this was the game i was playing the first time that i kissed a girl..and was in the alladins castle in dubuque iowa..and i cant belive that i'm seeing it again.: james lucina/visiting from chicago "oh..i remeber every single one of these games..every single one of these games..this is the reason we
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this" danny carranza/pinbal l lover "time's not even the issue when you are in the are just there playing the game..its just you and the game" shayler desart/gamer "i think that i have been here at least 7 times..if i come a little bit less often, it makes it seem really special when i do come" pinball nats tim arnold "pinball has a mechanical feel to it..the ball is completely random its not this kung fu game where its punch punch kick kick left right left right puch punch kick are never know where that ball is gonna go, it could dart out of the way and go out of the way or you can save it and go on to have a great game. pinball mechanical, random, and crazy." pinball nats james lucina: " because of pinballs like e his and you know..a little bump here and there, make sure you dont tilt the machine..cause it goes ow ow ow..then you gotta put another quarter in" time arnold: "pinball started out in the 1930's as a little machine you would put on a bar top or on a cigar store cash register counter and people would come up and put a penny in it and if they got a certain total by bouncing a ball across pins..thats why its called pinball... and land it in holes, you get a certain score, you would get a free cigar or beer" pinball nats shayler desart "its different..i think its just cool because it takes it back a little bit and its not just necessarily a controller but you are seeing it happen and maybe you have a little bit more control...i dont
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danny carranza/gamer: "we always refer to each other as gdc. you know xan would be x- a-n, you know i would say xan how ya doin? i wouldnt call him mark..for anybody who doesnt know that..they didnt play games back in the 80's" ((sharie johnson)) > if you and the kids are looking for some fun while off for this christmas break... director tim arnold says... you can do with your entire family that has no admission charge. and half the games are still only 25-cents. the pin ball hall of fame is located on tropicana... just east of mayland parkway. ///
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((ron)rebel basketball hits the court again this week --- the rebels get ready for fresno this week --- and will carolina go 16 and 0 today?? sports is coming up /// now, nevada's first choice for
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tt2waty#`*4 p bt@m@[l tt2waty#`*4 p "a@mpw( tt2waty#`*4 p bm@m[\$ tt4waty#`*4 r dzhq !#4 stay intact for another season --- the only team to go undefeated, un- tied and win a super bowl --- a little anxious this year as the carolina panthers go 15
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cam newton and the panthers in atlanta ----- is newton the toughest quarterback in the league??? perhaps ever. 6 foot 5, 245 pounds.---- it is hard to bring him down --- looks like a couple dozen falcons trying to stop him short --- they do --- but newton takes a knockin and keeps on rockin' --- late in the third --- carolina by three --- the falcons have a pretty good combo here with matt ryan and julio jones ---- double coverage but jones goes up and brings it down to give atlanta the lead for good and the panthers get handed their first loss of the season --- 20-13 green bay at arizona --- cardinal win and they get a first round bye in the playoffs --- horrible game for the packers and aaron rogers --- loses the ball --- cory redding of the cardinals scoops it up --- redding shoves eddie lacy off him like he wasnt even there --- 38-8 the cardinal blow out the packers ((ron futrell)) it seems you cant go 10 minutes during a
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ad for draft kings or fan duel --- nevada and new york have both banned the games --- now illinois is jumping on board. the attorney general in illinois says daily fantasy sports betting is illegal gambling. the feds have allowed online gambling, but have left it to the states to regulate. the issue came to the forefront when an employee at fan duel said he was using the inside information he got to bet and win big at draft kings. so --- state regulators started taking a closer look. nevada officials have banned fantasy sports until they get more information. the idea here is to bet on specific players --- and you get points depending on how the players perform in the games --- your players do well --- you win money -- (i told you to take jordan reed of the redskins last night --- didn't i?) an attorney for draftkings said he will quickly seek court action to allow fantasy sports to continue in illinois. ---- state legislators may also get involved in this there is an answer here if the fantasy sports folks want to do
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good at regulating gambling --- we've got a little bit of experience at doing this over the years . during the off season the folks at draft kings and fan duel may want to contact nevada casinos and regulators to have them oversee the process and give the games at least the perception of legitimacy ---- that's not likely to happen --- but it could solve this problem. the rebels get back to work this week ---- they open mountain west conference play on wednesday against fresno state at the thomas and mack. the rebels finished the non-conference season with one of their best shooting performances ever --- 18 three pointers last wednesday against south dakota. dave rice gave the team christmas off --- but they are back to work now getting set for the ((sharie johnson)) > it's a state of emergency in new mexico. a massive snowstorm has blanketed a good portion of the state. a blizzard warning is in place
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the winter storm has dumped up to 21 inches of snow in some areas. snow drifts as high as eight feet are making many roads impassable. officials say more than ten thousand homes are without power. /// ((sharie johnson)) > while we're not seeing severe weather here in southern nevada... we did experience some freezing temperatures last night. this is video our assisstant news director joyce kotnik shot of her pool this morning in north las vegas. it has a layer of ice covering it! /// toss to keely for weather ((keely breland))
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winter weather advisories. ................. current temperatures across the valley. summerlin, the lakes. the strip. downtown. green valley. ................. across the southwest right now. san francisco, los angeles. phoenix. ely. denver. ................. almanac. highs well below normal today and cold overnight low. expecting similar low for tomorrow. .................. nationally. a lot of wild weather through texas in the last couple of days. tornados, some parts of texas still on watch tonight. blizzard warnings now for the panhandle. state of emergency declared in new mexico because of heavy
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a fast moving cold pacific storm will make it's way down the california/ nevada border tomororw. lead to increase of clouds. it has limited moisture, but snow levels will drop to 2500-3000ft as the cold pool moves. this could lead to snow showers or flurries monday night particularly on the west side of the las vegas valley. ................ the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory and hard freeze warning with conditions tonight into tomorrow. ............... tonight mostly clear. some high clouds. plan on increasng clouds and cold overnight lows. .............. recreational forecast snow tomororw afternoon for the
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............... speaking of recreational forecast, here is our ski report. go to las vegas now dot com. you can find local and regional conditions. ................ tonight 29 mostly clear. and cold. .................. tomorrow, starting at mostly sunny skies to increasing clouds. chance of snow by tomorrow evening. ................. here is the 7 day. cold mornings. highs won't quite reach normal by new years, but weather will over all be mild. increasing clouds tomorrow with possible snow tomorrow evening. if we see snow, it will most likely be on the west side of the valley.arie johnson > a non-profithands out free marijuana to the homeless in denver... but the joints are serving a bigger purpose. how volunteers are using weed... to improve the lives of those in need. now, nevada's first choice for
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away. we here at 8 news now are getting ready for the big party. you can enjoy the big bash... all from the comfort of your couch. we'll be live all across the strip, downtown and where locals are... complete with live music and strip entertainment... including matt goss, the
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10pm... and goes through midnight./// ((sharie johnson)) > and during our special, one lucky viewer will get their mortgage paid for a year. sponsor... gavish real estate... to pay up to 15- thousand dollars. we'll randomly choose 8 finalists to attend the zowie bowie show at red rock on new year's eve... and we'll announce the winner during our live special! to enter... just head to our our 8 new now facebook page. you must be at least 21.. have a mortgage or lease on a home and be in good standing with the lender and owner. /// sharie johnson > coming up tonight at 11...a push to end violence in the valley is getting attention on the campaign trail. how locals are teaming up with one presidential hopeful to give their non- violent movement more momentum. > getting a hold of an out of control blaze... the progress crews in southern california have made on a dangerous wildfire that's forced hundreds of residents to evacuate their homes. ///
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non-profit in denver... is handing free marijuana to the homeless... and anyone else who wants some. the group is called "cannabis can" and says giving out the free joints is just their way of bringing attention to homelessness in their city. along with marijuana... volunteers handed out flyers encouraging people to donate to their cause... which is to buy several r-v's and provide restrooms and showers for those in need. it's something the found of the non-profit is much needed in the homeless community. (( nick dicenzo/cannabis can, "a lot of the people we spoke with really were just like, 'if i had regular access to a shower, and a haircut my life would be so much better - i'd have so much more opportunity." )) ((sharie johnson)) while it's illegal to smoke weed in public in denver... it can begiven as a gift. the only rules are that the person has to be 21 or over, no money can be exchanged, and each person can only carry up to ounce of weed. ///
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"60 minutes" is next. we'll see you again for 8 news now at 11.///
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> kroft: tonight on this special edition of "60 minutes presents: mob stories." presents: mob stories." that's the apartment? >> that corner on the third floor. >> kroft: the apartment belonged to boston mobster and longtime fugitive "whitey" bulger, then the most wanted man in america. bulger eluded the fbi for 14 years by hiding in plain site in santa monica, california. tonight, you'll hear from the agents who finally caught him, with some help from an alley cat and his girlfriend's breast implants. >> we just rushed him. >> kroft: you mean guns out? "fbi, don't move!" >> i asked him to identify himself and that didn't go over well. he asked me to "f"-ing identify myself. and i asked him, i said, "are you whitey bulger?" he said, "yes." >> kroft: when you became a made man, when you were formally
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