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tv   8 News Now at 4 AM  CBS  December 28, 2015 4:00am-4:30am PST

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m... we are just seven weeks from the nevada caucuses and a big push today from bernie sanders. where the democratic presidential hopeful is rallying voters in southern nevada. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) devastating, powerful storms continue to pound the south. how many deaths the system is being blamed for this morning. brian loftus and a man's body found in a car stopped along the interstate... and a mystery remains. what police are telling us... all ahead./// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((brian loftus)) > thank you for joining us at 4:00 this morning, i'm brian loftus. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) and i'm patranya bhoolsuwan in for kirsten this morning... you're taking a live look at the interstate heading back into california at primm.
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finally thinned out after the long holiday weekend. travelers on 15 had to wait a little bit longer to get home... with road warnings all the way back to las vegas about the delays. demetria is just ahead with your full traffic report. music ((brian loftus)) > getting right down to business... democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders has a big campaign appearance planned in southern nevada today. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) sanders will be at canyon springs high school in north las vegas at 6:30 this evening. doors open at 5:00 and people will be let in on a first come... first serve basis. the event is free and open to the public, but an rsvp is strongly recommended./// ((brian loftus)) > before sanders' rally... he'll meet with a group of local activists about plans to end youth violence. the group, "hold my hand", will meet with the senator for vermont -- a big surprise for them that their efforts would gain the attention of a presidential candidate. 8 news now's mauricio marin has their story: (( )) ((mauricio marin)) all lives matter. that's the message a small group
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pushing for along m-l-k boulevard near washington just one week ago here in las vegas. now...they're message is getting the attention of at least one presidential candidate. ((april smith/anti- violence advocate: "we did it because we got tired of people talking about well we should do this and nobody every stepped up to do." )) ((mauricio marin)) april smith and others from the march have been invited by democratic bernie sanders to talk about problems disproportionat ely affecting communities of color and working families. the organizers of the march say...they organized because they're fed up of the youth violence claiming lives of many in ther neighborhoods. (( april smith/anti- violence advocate: "we don't think that youth go through anything but the truth be told they go through things just like adults go through things just on a different level." )) ((mauricio marin)) smith says she plans to share the problems she's experiencing first hand with the presidential candidate. saying mislead youth often end up in gangs and dead from shootings and stabbings plaguing communities. although smith still hasn't decided which candidate is getting her vote.
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addressing the issues that affect her and so many others. ((april smith/anti- violence advocate: "unfortuantley we live in a world where it's not just going to be zero violence. however if we come together not as a community but with the focus on a solution and not just always looking at the problem." )) mauricio marin 8 news now. ((brian loftus)) the community discussion is free and open to the public. it's at the doctor pearson community center in north las vegas. doors open at 10:15 a-m. the program is scheduled to begin a half hour after that./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > the wave of destruction from powerful storms across the south continues this morning. this is video from blanchard, louisiana...wher e there was major damage to multiple structures after storms moved through over the weekend. there is no confirmation yet of any tornadoes...but a strong cold front and squall line of thunderstorms ripped across the state. louisiana is not out of the woods quite yet... severe weather warnings are
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((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > that massive squall line extends into the midwest..nd the storms have caused serious flooding in missouri. the road closures have forced a declaration of emergency. at least a dozen homes were flooded. in total, the mammoth storm system has killed 24 people across the country... including four soldiers in missouri./// let's get to ashley conroy... in for sherry today, with a look at today's weather. ((ashley conroy)) here's a live look from our caesar's cam -- cold morning out there right now -- we had those north winds coming through over the holiday and it's really going to make things cold to the start to our week this week..... ............................. here's our current temps -- near freezing on the strip right now -- 33 degrees. seven hills only 29 right now. 31 in henderson -- kyle canyon
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start to the day up there.... so if you're getting ready for work this morning and heading out here soon -- you'll want to make sure to bundle up. ........................... our regional temps around the southwest -- just 38 in los angeles right now -- very cold for their standards -- 40 degrees in phoenix -- 16 in flagstaff and just 8 degrees in cedar city... cold temperatures all around our region. i'll have more with what's in store for temperatures today coming up -- brian back to you. < > /// > ((brian loftus)) > nevada highway patrol is still working to determine what sparked a deadly motorcycle accident involving three bikes on us-95 outside of searchlight. we're told the crash happened in the center median near mile marker 30. one motorcyclist was pronounced dead on the scene. it's still too early to know the identity of the victim -- that will come from the coroner's office./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > metro investigators tell us two men
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jumped a sidewalk and smashed into some street lights late saturday night. it happened shortly before 11:30 on charleston at mohawk. detectives believe the driver was speeding and lost control. the driver and his passenger -- both young men -- were pronounced dead on the scene. there have now been 123 traffic deaths in metro's jurisdiction this year.///
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< > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > some big court appearances are scheduled for this morning. the man accused of punching another man resulting in the victim's death outside the paris hotel will be arraigned before a judge. 23 year-old deangelo mathews is accused in the deadly fight which happened hours after the big mayweather - pacquiao fight in may. mathews was only recently identified as the suspect in the case... but police didn't have to go far to find him. he was already behind bars on charges related to a home invasion shooting in august./// ((brian loftus)) > and the mother of two accused of crashing her car the day before halloween...
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her kids in the car, has a preliminary hearing at 9 a-m. nevada highway patrol says christal mallett sped through a construction zone reaching speeds of 90 miles per hour before crashing into a wall near decatur and alta. the children were not in their seatbelts and were both injured. troopers later discovered that mallett did not have a licencse or insurance./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > we have learned the name of the man who died after falling in red rock canyon on saturday. 25 year-old brian tracy of spokane, washington fell nearly 100 feet while rock climbing. it's not clear if saturday's high winds had anything to do with the fall. tracy fell into a gully and search and rescue teams had to find him. other hikers in the area tried to render aid... but we're told tracy died before rescue teams could reach him./// ((brian loftus)) > a big new year's eve safety event to tell you about... all the details on that, plus our new year's eve plans when we come back.///
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tt2waty#`*4 p bt@m@[l tt2waty#`*4 p "a@mpw( tt2waty#`*4 p bm@m[\$ tt4waty#`*4 r dzhq !#4 ((brian loftus)) > we are just three days away from las vegas' big new year's eve celebration. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) naturally, a lot of people are concerned about safety... given the current state of affairs in the u-s and around the world. a press conference is scheduled for this morning to discuss southern nevada's plan to keep you safe. ((brian loftus)) clark county sheriff joe lombardo, las vegas mayor carolyn goodman... and clark county commissioner larry brown will meet with the media this morning at the rio. we plan to be there and we'll have the scoop for you later on
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((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > one plan to keep us safe has already been announced. for motorcycle riders... there's a special program to get you and your bike home safe after the new year celebration. the company "hog hauling" is providing a tipsy tow for the biker community. the free program will run from 6:00 p-m on new year's eve... to 6:00 a-m on new year's day. so if you're a biker and plan on going out to celebrate... write this number down. it's (702) 586- 0536. /// ((brian loftus)) > of course... our new year's eve parties are some of the best in the u-s and las vegas strip. if the massive crowds aren't your cup of tea... we want to invite you to spend the night with 8 news now. we'll be live all across the strip, downtown and as well as some top local spots. you'll get a front row seat to live music and strip entertainment... including matt goss, the jabbawockeez... and mat franco. our broadcast kicks off at 10pm... and goes through midnight./// ((brian loftus)) > and during our special, one lucky viewer will get their mortgage paid for a year! we've teamed up with our sponsor...
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to pay up to 15- thousand dollars. we'll randomly choose 8 finalists to attend the zowie bowie show at red rock on new year's eve... and we'll announce the winner during our live special. to enter... just head to our 8 new now facebook page. you must be at least 21.. have a mortgage or lease on a home and be in good standing with the lender and owner. good luck!/// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > imagine one man's shock after stepping off his flight... into a party in his honor. why he was the subject of celebration and what he got... for really doing nothing. ((brian loftus)) scandal hits the sports world and the nfl's biggest star. who's accusing peyton manning of cheating... and his response./// anchors
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((demetria obilor)) > the sports world is still abuzz this morning... after a bombshell report has linked multiple nfl mvp winner peyton manning to an illegal doping ring. an upcoming documentary implicates manning and several other sports stars in the ring. the repot by news agency al jazeera alleges that manning and the other athletes received human growth hormone from an anti aging clinic. manning himself has slammed the report and says he is so mad he's considering legal action. his team, the denver broncos said in a statement that they support their quarterback 100-percent and they don't believe the allegations. the report claims the shipments
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here's where it gets into the woods a little -- manning has not denied that his wife has received medical treatments from the clinic in question -- but he did deny ever taking any of his wife's prescriptions./// let's get to ashley with a look
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today's weather.
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> ./// ((brian loftus)) > the red cross of southern nevada is working to cut back on the number of people hurt in fires here in the valley. the organization is conducting its home fire campaign. the aim is to reduce fire related injuries and deaths by 25 percent. as part of the campaign... the red cross is distributing free smoke detectors... for those in need.
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this time of year: (( heather silvio/southern nevada red cross, "certainly in winter, we often will see different types of fires. from electric blankets to space heaters, that sort of thing. but there's always a risk, so you definitely want to have a working fire alarm, several actually if possible. )) ((brian loftus)) the red cross says it's always looking for volunteers to help out. if you're interested in learning more about the home fire program... go to las vegas now dot com and look under the links we mentioned tab. ///
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< > < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > one man got a massive surprise at the end of his flight to atlanta sunday morning. ((brian loftus)) yeah... he was met by a welcoming committee -- because he was a special passenger and he didn't even know it. larry kendrick of mississippi was met by music, fanfare and city leaders when he walked off his delta flight...which is
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apparently what made him so special on this particular day is just pure chance: (( kasim reed, mayor of atlanta: "we are so delighted to be a part of this historic event. today we're marking aviation history as the city of atlanta and hartsfield- jackson airport, becomes the first airport in the world to serve 100 million passengers in a single year." )) ((brian loftus)) and there was more than just fanfare for kendrick... he was given two round trip tickets to anywhere delta flies... and a new car! airport officials used statistical modeling and arrival and departure times to identify him as the 100 millionth passenger./// ((brian loftus)) > can anyone stop star wars at the box office? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) doesn't look like it... but jennifer lawrence's new film still had a solid showing. that, plus stephen colbert gives his real thoughts on donald trump.
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it comes to the box office this past holiday way, the force was definitely with star wars. and late show's stephen colbert comes clean about what he really thinks about republican front runner, donald trump. cbs news correspondent chris martinez reports. ((pkg script)) nats from premiere star wars continued its march across the world, making its red carpet premiere in china sunday. nats from "star wars" "the force awakens" is shattering records around the globe. even though it has yet to open in china the world's second largest movie market. the movie hit the one billion dollar mark at the box office sunday.making it the fastest movie to reach that milestone ever. nats from "joy" in its debut weekend, "joy," about the inventor of the miracle mop, finished in third, raking in17.5 million at the box office. (wipe vo) "late show" host stephen colbert appeared on cbs' face the nation sunday to talk politics. he says he doesn't respect donald trump or his policies but
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voters. (very top of colbert interview on face) sot: (stephen colbert/"late show" host) "there is a populism to trump that i find very appealing. and it's only this: the party elders want him to go away, but the people have decided that he's not going to." colbert and other late night comics have honed in on trump this campaign season. (wipe vo) and judge judy is moving a new home! cbs'
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