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tv   8 News Now at 430 AM  CBS  February 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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((demetria obilor)) > roads are going to be a wet this morning as you head out... so make sure you're careful driving out there. i'll let you know what alternates you can take.. to get around those crashes. ((kirsten joyce)) > san francisco is starting the party early... now that we're just days away from super bowl 50. the events the city has kicked off ahead of the big game. /// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) thanks for waking up with us, i'm kirsten joyce.. brian has the day off.. ((sherry swensk)) > i'm sherry swensk. parts of california are drying out this morning... after a powerful storm caused downpours, powerful winds and even snow. ((kirsten joyce)) that same system brought the rain, winds, and snow across nevada as well. we're seeing the remnants of it this morning. ((sherry swensk)) as don champion reports... one person has died due to the storm. the end of the weekend was a
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california. in some places, rain fell at a rate of an inch an hour. heavy downpours not only caused localized flooding, but also raised concerns in towns like glendora- outside los angeles. recent wildfires left hillsides bare- which could triggered mudslides and debris flows. in san diego, the rain also caused accidents. this man's car rolled down an embankment. (arturo martinez/accident) "i hit one of the bushes and just rolled down like 4 times, but i was pretty stable inside the vehicle as far as i had my hand on the steering wheel and on the roof of the vehicle" the storm also brought along powerful wind gusts. in san diego, this huge tree fell onto four cars- killing a driver inside one of the vehicles. trees also toppled on homes causing power outages. "heard a pop like in slow motion and it was down" in higher elevations, snow played a role in this 25 car pileup. forecasters say up to eight
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along the border with nevada. don champion, cbs news. ((kirsten joyce)) at one point more than 140- thousand power outages were reported... across the los angeles and san diego areas. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk it is still very wet outside... light drizzle mainly right now. waves of showers sweeping over southern nevada since yesterday around noon. some areas have seen some moderate rainfall. others somewhat light. .......... we've also had lightning and
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and good snow in the mountains... and rainbows. ............ chilly temps in the upper 30s right now and low 40s. grab a warmer coat today and maybe a rain jacket this morning because light showers are expected through the morning commute. ..... we also have winter storm warnings and wind advisory in place for today. we'll talk more about that coming up. .............. today will be much cooler than the weekend - no 70s or even 60s today. ............. look for light rain and drizzle this morning, with partly cloudy and windy conditions through the day. highs just barely making it into the 40s by lunch and maybe not
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high./// ((sherry swensk))
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< > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((demetria obilor)) > we're one month into 2016... and we've already had 20 people die from traffic-related crashes in clark county. that's 5 more than where we were last year. this comes after a man died sunday morning... while attempting to cross road... after getting off a bus. north las vegas police say a witness saw that the man was in a hurry to catch another bus... and that's when he was blind- sided by a car. the driver did stay on scene and cooperated with police. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > thieves walking up to homes and stealing your mail packages... is a constant problem throughout the valley. one company is looking to catch
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it's called the "ring video doorbell". one valley resident caught someone taking his mail package from his doorstep... just three days after installing it. someone stole his mail during the day: ((nikolaus rotzinger/caught thief on ring's video doorbell camera: "i was really shocked that it was around 3 o clock and she was bold enough just to come up to the door and not even ring the door bell see if anyone is home she just grabbed it and ran for it. in the audio you can hear that one of their doors is broken so she had to walk around the car and put it in the other side.")) ((kirsten joyce)) ring's video doorbell is activated by a motion detector. it sends alerts right to your phone when someone's at your door. it also allows users the ability to talk to the person at the door... using your phone... even if you're not at home./// ((kirsten joyce)) > many raised their glasses to celebrate the opening... of the brand new "beer park" on the strip. the special guests that were brought out-of-state for the grand opening. and a new teen driver was pulled over by police... only to get the ticket of a lifetime. ///
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saturday... to make way for the world famous budweiser clydesdales. the horses were there to kick off the grand opening... of the new "beer park" at the paris hotel and casino. they trotted down the strip... leading up to the entry way of the new beer park... where the first keg was tapped: (( marilyn bethel//local: "we came out to see the glidesdales because we absolutly love them we live here and we leave them so we couldn't miss it")) ((kirsten joyce))
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and cans of beer... as well as 36 on tap. budweiser keeps their special horses in three locations around the u-s. this group came from fort collins colorado. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > aretha franklin is launching her own food line. it will include desserts, her own brand of chili, gumbo and baked chicken. franklin says patti labelle has some competition now... after she made headlines over the holidays for her patti labelle sweet potato pies./// ((demetria obilor)) > a new driver in iowa thought she was getting a traffic ticket... after getting pulled over. but as sarah mccarthy explains... the officer surprised her with a sweet 16 birthday gift. ( nick burgess / hanna's father ) "actually, why don't you just turn left on first ave." hanna burgess is celebrating her sweet sixteen one way: ( nick burgess / hanna's father ) "kinda got a lead foot to start, but..." ...behind the wheel... ( nick burgess / hanna's father ) "kinda right in this area is where she got stopped." ...with her dad, but a traffic stop wednesday night... ( sgt. thomas grubb / cedar rapids police ) "can i have your driver's license please? proof of insurance." ...still has hanna a little traumatized. ( hanna burgess / got birthday
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think i would've been more scared if my dad wasn't there." ...a dad who called up cedar rapids police officer thomas grubb... ( sgt. thomas grubb / cedar rapids police ) "here's your license back." ( hanna burgess / got birthday surprise ) "thank you." ( sgt. thomas grubb / cedar rapids police ) "i've got good news and bad news." plan this: ( sgt. thomas grubb / cedar rapids police ) "the bad news is you're gonna get a ticket. the good news is it's to justin bieber. happy birthday!" it's a moment hanna is still a little bashful about now. ( hanna burgess / got birthday surprise ) "i was really mad. i thought it was stupid. i'm still kind of a mad, but..." ...but she says these three tickets may just help her forgive him for putting her in the spotlight. ( hanna burgess / got birthday surprise ) "i think so. i think i might be able to." ...and for her dad, it's a moment he won't forget -- all thanks to sergeant grubb. ( nick burgess / hanna's father ) "thank you so much, tom." ( hanna burgess / got birthday surprise ) "that was mean of you." ( nick burgess / hanna's father ) "for him to take the time out of his day, that means a lot."
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((kirsten joyce)) > a man's ice castle business is starting to gain national attention. where he's sending his crews to create these parks... before mother nature doesn't allow it.
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((kirsten joyce)) > one man has created a million dollar business... by using just ice and water to create these ice castles. ((sherry swensk)) and he's created an entire park for the public to have fun. jamie yuccas gives us a tour. it began as a hobby for brent christensen seven years ago. christensen: "the kids and i would go out and build igloos
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fortunate enough to stumble upon the idea of using icicles and spraying water as a way to build out and build igloos and ice rinks and// i just was fortunate enough to stumble upon the idea of using icicles and spraying water as a way to build these structures." from his backyard to now a two- million-dollar business... this year four crews are creating ice parks in canada, utah, minnesota and new hampshire.. warm weather forced a late start in new hampshire. his team of twenty artisans worked fourteen-hour days for three weeks... spraying five million gallons of water in temperatures as low as 2 degrees. this park it opened last weekend and offers chills and thrills for all ages. christensen: "we've got slides, we've got mazes made out of ice, and slot canyons and little crawl tubes." narr 7: this park
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help of thousands of embedded l-e-d lights. christensen: "they go from a white to a blue to a green and we even have them synchronized to music periodically.." work continues on the sculptures throughout the season. some will grow to as high as 40 feet. christensen: "to actually share it with other people and to also make a living from it it's - i can't think of anybody i'd want to trade places with." he's the king of ice castles... even if his reign only lasts as long as nature allows. jamie yuccas, cbs news. let's get to sherry with a look
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sherry swensk we'll start out the week very chilly and wet today... and northerly winds will set up as we start out february. those winds will help us dry out quickly over the next day or so. but it will take a while to warm up. ........... highs just in the 40s for the next couple of days. let's check the radar and see that we have rain and even some low elevation snow. we could see some flakes in higher areas around the valley for just a minute or two. ......... wind advisory until 10 p.m.
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mph. ............. let's check rain totals which have been impressive - more than a quarter inch in some neighborhoods. .......... look how cool temps stay this week... just barely getting back into the low 50s by midweek. we struggle to make it even close to 60 degrees by the end of the week. but we do have a lot of nice sunshine through the week.///
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--- squaw valley, ca --- 5 tour buses stuck in snow --- buses slid into one another --- stuck for 3 hours ((sherry swensk))
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((demetria obilor)) > one of our viewers sent us these photos... of what looks like a bad parking job. a car drove up onto another car at the smith's parking lot... near lake mead and rampart sunday morning. several witnesses say the driver turned into the parking lot too quick... and went up on the car. fortunately, no one was hurt. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > the iowa caucuses are today... but ours are just around the corner! why experts say the nevada caucuses play an important role, even though they're not the first in the nation. that story and more... coming up at five.///
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already building in san francisco. the denver broncos and carolina panthers arrived sunday... while events all over the bay area kicked off this weekend. jamie yuccas was there to see it all. the nfl experience. yeah super bowl 50! and super bowl city we want to welcome everyone to the super bowl 50 both got marching over the weekend people from all around the san francisco area came to play. like jennifer roliffe, who isn't shy about getting into the game or whos she's rooting for. (jennifer roliffe/broncos fan) this is awesome, super awesome.
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to do, after a touchdown spike that ball!) security is tight at all the events officers with long guns and dressed in swat gear are easily noticeable, but it didn't stop thousands of people from coming out. p.j. johnston/super bowl host committee we expect tens of thousands every day. probably a million people or more to the region over the course of super bowl week. (jamie yuccas, cbs news, san francisco) the bonus weekend was a touchdown for locals. they got a nice head start on thousands of football fans who will roll into town later this week. both events have interactive exhibits, games and plenty of places to take a selfie. but for most families it was all about having fun together. jamie: why did you bring him? because it's awesome. we're obviously football fans the city also got into the spirit. they re-lit the bay bridge and set off fireworks - all kicking off a week of memorable moments
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> we'll be right back./// you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ead and stay ahead.
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that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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morning in the valley! i'll let you know when you can expect the rain to stop. and the spots you need to avoid on your commute. ((michael stevens))
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more on the rainy weather
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