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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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first they announced paid parking on the strip... and now they're going after valets. we look into the employer changes on the way for people working in the valet business. ((dave courvoisier)) > and the super bowl is less than a week away! we take you live to san francisco... where chris maathuis will be all week... to find out what's still left to be done before the panthers meet the broncos this coming sunday./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((dave courvoisier)) > an alert from police about a possible school predator. thanks for joinig us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez... in for paula. authorities say some girls were trying to walk home from school into this car. ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now reporter tony smith spoke with parents who want more answers.
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trying to get some girls into his car -- last wednesday. "i told my son and he was like oh, my god, really day. he said thank god you are picking me up...." school officals say they called and sent letters home to parents. "i got a phone call from the school around 6 o'clock...." "they called me and i have to be careful with, someone was around over here. they take schools for the school, in his car." luckily, the girls did not get into the vehicle.. while there is no specific details about the driver, we are told he is an older white male and was driving a "gray mustang".. "that person, you shouldn't be doing that you know. this is anybody kids." "we shouldn't have that anywhere." reporter stand-up 26:11 "ccsd police gave me some tips for your to take home tonight, sit down with your children and talk with not only about stranger danger.
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to describe someone, know their surroundings and also their is strengh in numbers. in east las vegas, tony smith 8 news now. > ((dave courvoisier)) police and school officials tell us, they are working to ensure the safety of the students to and from school. but encourage anyone who might have seen the gray mustang in that area last week to call school police at 702- 799-5411 or crimestoppers./// ((denise valdez)) > mgm resorts international dropped another bombshell today... they're going to outsource its valet service. this comes after an uproar over the company's plans to charge to park at most of their properties on the las vegas strip. a closed door meeting was held where they found out they'll soon be working for "s-p plus"... instead of mgm. that company is based out of illinois... and we're told they'll match compensation, health benefits, paid time off, and also maintain their m-g-m seniority. the decision impacts most of mgm's resorts... union discussions are still underway at circus- circus, excalibur, and luxor. we weren't told how much valet
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just that it would be "slightly more expensive than self- parking... that maxes out at 10- dollars a night./// ((denise valdez)) > we wanted to know what you think... william says "outsourcing, wow. most know that when you implement this business model the new company has the right to either retain the employees or not." tony says "corporate be ashamed. a lot of las vegas families will suffer." he added the hashtag "boycott mgm properties." brian disagrees... saying "as a local, i could care less if they charge. i don't go to the strip often" and he doesn't mind paying a small fee as long as he can find parking quick. you can join the conversation by going to our 8 news now facebook page./// ((denise valdez)) > metro police are hoping to change a deadly trend on valley roads. in the month of january... 10 people lost their lives in crashes within metro's jurisdiction. that's why metro is joining forces with n- h-p and henderson police... to address the major factors
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month's focus is on speed... so be on the lookout for officers trying to catch people driving too fast./// ((dave courvoisier)) > o-j simpson is not excited about a new t-v series based on hi 1995 murder acquittal. "the people versus o-j simpson" debuts on the f-x network tonight. simpson's lawyer says his client is annoyed by how they're portraying johnnie cochran. simpson admired and respected cochran... and believes he's unfairly depicted as ruthless and overly ambititious. the f-x series features cuba gooding junior, john travolta, and david schwimmer. simpson is now serving nine to 33 years at lovelock correctional center in northern nevada... for a 2008 kidnapping and armed robbery conviction./// ((dave courvoisier)) > if you've always wanted to be a teacher... listen up! the western governor's university and u-n-l-v are both offering up full- ride scholarships to nevadans hoping to become teachers. before late march... so the window to apply is closing pretty quickly. if you'd like to try for the w-
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you'll have to e-mail the school... we've put that, plus a link to u-n-l-v's "teach nevada" scholarship page on las vegas now dot com./// ((denise valdez)) > downtown las vegas is ready to rock once again. when "life is beautiful" will return to town... and how you can get early- bird tickets to the popular festival. plus... is a warm up in the works tedd? tedd florendo >i hope so. we have another cold morning, with freeze warnings overnight. but a warming trend is on the way. hows the mid 60's sound? it's going to happen we'll show you when on your 7-day forecast straight ahead. <
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wife known as "the first lady of area 51" has died. her name was barbara slater, married to colonel hugh slater, who was the commander at the secret military base in the nevada desert during the years when some of the most advanced spy planes in the world were being tested and developed. this photo was taken at area 51 in 1968 when her husband received a medal from the cia for his service. for most of her marriage, barbara slater wasn't allowed to know what her husband did for the cia. during his military career, she followed her husband to italy, the u.k., to north africa and other postings. hugh slater was commander at area 51 during project oxcart, which led to the development of the sr-71 spy plane. a group of former groom lake employees known as the roadrunners gave her the title 'the first lady of area 51."/// ((dave courvoisier)) > today is the one day of the year that a large rodent makes national headlines... that's because it's groundhog day! that means people across the country watched as
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out of his burrow for his annual spring forecast. little phil did not see his shadow this morning... so that means spring is on the way. that's definitely good news for people dealing with severe winter weather lately./// ((dave courvoisier)) > here in the valley we have our own mojave max to help us figure out when spring will come. every year... school kids around clark county take part in an annual contest to figure out when the desert tortoise will come out of its long sleep. his emergence signals the start of spring here in las vegas. thousands of students will guess when he'll come out of his home at the red rock national conservation area. the winner will receive a prize package that includes a laptop, digital camera, pizza party, and a field trip! last year... max crawled out of his hole on tax day... april 15- th./// ((denise valdez)) > the popular "life is beautiful" music and arts festival is coming back for it's fourth year! promoters announced the dates today... so mark your calendar for september 23-rd through the 25-th. pre-sale tickets will go on sale this thursday at 10 -a-m.
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but you can expect it to be a good one. in the past... the festival has brought in big name acts like kanye west, the killers, imagine dragons, kendrick lamar, and the foofighters./// ((denise valdez)) > partying on super bowl sunday... without breaking the bank. michelle mortensen shows you how to slash your football budget... and how to get the best price on a new t-v for the big game! speaking of the big game... time is running out for you to enter to win 25- hundred dollars. just go to las vegas now dot com... or our 8 news now facebook page to enter. we'll announce the winner during our special newscast after the super bowl.///
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8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen has some super saving tips for you in our money matters report. ((michelle mortensen)) 14 billion ... that's what we spent last year partying it up for the big game. game. that boils down to about 77 bucks a person. but the national retail federation broke it down even more. they found... 19 to 24 year olds spent about 95 bucks that day.. 25 to 34 year olds spent 101 dollars ... on the big game and 35 to 44 year olds were the real big spenders ... throwing down 102 bucks a person last year. now if you're trying to save money ... you've got to cut your party budget. and the best way to do that is by making it pot luck. if everyone brings something ... no one's left paying the whole tab. and if your party plans include a new t-v ... the best deals are this week. but don't shop around for the cheapest price. kyle james of rather-be shopping - dot com says most retailers will accept a price match from
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just don't try to make that deal in check out. do it with customer service before hand. ((kyle: they are the ones that have the knowledge on how to quickly give you a price match ... if you fill up your cart .. the cashier is going to say you need to go over there and they are familiar with the policy. they don't have to ask a manager how it works)) ((michelle mortensen)) i'll have more of kyle's price matching tips and tricks for you online along with a fresh set of coupons freebies for you in the 8 on your side section of our website. this week ... i have deals on everyting you need for your party... like pizza.. chips... beverages .. and more. trust me you're gonna save so much ... it will be like you won the big game!! ((denise valdez)) > and for all
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call the 8 on your side hotline at 702- 650-1907./// < tedd florendo ((>fewer clouds today and staying chilly this afternoon. expect cold conditions again overnight though with temps near freezing. winds still a slight breeze out there but not windy. we're slightly cooler than yesterday at this time. we're looking right around the same temps we had this morning. ............................... ............. afternoon temps in the mid to high 40's today. certainly below average for this time of year. milder but still cool in the east part of town and cold up in kyle canyon in the 20's later in the day. ............................... ............ regional temps very cold in tonopah. chilly for pahrump and mesquite.
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and death valley. cold up in reno as well. ............................... ........... looking at the national forecast we have snow from the same system that brought us the rain this weekend. snow stretching now from omaha all the up to the great lakes. at the same time, it's frontal boundary is piking up gulf moisture from the gulf of mexico and bringing severe weather in the southeast. ............................... ............ these tornado watches stretch from mississippi allthe way up to kentucky. but we'll have to watch the ohio valley and georgia as these severe storms keep pushing east this evening. ............................... ............. back west we have a few thin clouds overhead and could see more clearer skies over night.
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system but it stays to the north, bringing snow to ely on thursday, but we'll just get clouds. ............................... ................ tonight expect a low of 31 and cold. near freezing temps and winds less than 10 mph and mostly clear. tomorrow 50 for the high sunny and cool. 10 degrees below normal and winds staying light. ........................................ighboo temps in the 50's mr all over town with some 40's for centennial hills and them.cold up in kyle canyon near freezing by afternoon. ............................... ................. extended forecast shows a gradual warning trend after tomorrow. plenty of sunshine this week with warmer temps where we want them. this weekend. superbwol sunday above average and mild next week as well the countdown is on for super bowl fifty... right here on cbs. ((denise valdez)) everyone is excited for the big game... especially our sports director chris maathuis! we sent him to san francisco... chris what's the controversy with the decor up there? ((chris maathuis)) >the nfl is golden, especially for its 50th super bowl. but don't think everything is shiny gold. super bowl 50 statues popped up all over the city and before
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two of them have been taken down
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to remove it scott scharenbroich "it was there for about two weeks or so so it was nice" this is the site today gone is gold another was removed in san jose scott. "i don't know where it went" but not the one at the civic center plaza residence love it and kids who visited today enjoyed climbing at taking pictures mike gerhardt teacher in pinole "very cool as you can see the kids are very excited about it" these kids aren't aware of the previous vandalism play along with most restaurants here are ready to enjoy just one thing> ((chris maathuis)) of course you'll be able to watch super bowl 50 right here on channel 8... this sunday./// ((denise valdez)) > while chris is in california...
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the theme is super bowl all the time right? ((ron futrell)) yes --- we've got some inside details of the cbs broadcast coming up on sunday and some predictions from sports books, and the animal kingdom --- sports is next./// < news music voice over: "from
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yes and? why do you guys keep saying that? it's the first rule of improv. by saying "yes and," we accept the reality created by our comedy partners, paul. yes, right, i know. do you? feel like a hollywood insider with prism tv from centurylink. ((ron futrell)) > rebels are on the road tonight at new mexico ---- of course, playing without forward ben carter --- out for the season with a torn acl always a tough place to play in the pit in albuquerque -- now its wise pies arena --- a pizza
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the opening tip --- the lobos send a message --- the alley oop to their big man. steven zimmerman junior slick move inside for teh freshman out of bishop gorman. 15 first half points for zimmerman todd simon --- 4 and 2 as rebels interim coach --- patrick mccaw with the steal and the slam --- then hits the tthree at the buzzer at halftime 47-43 new mexico at halftime okay --- time to jump into some fun super bowl coverage --- first, the broadcast stuff cbs has the super bowl this year --- happy to be broadcasting it here at 8news now --- chris maathuis is in san francsico covering the game --- he's loving life and living large with teh broadcast crew out there --- cbs has a lot of great things planned --- jim nance and phil sims will be anchoring the broadcast --- for sims --- he's a two time super bowl champ and it just keeps getting bigger and better.
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just totally differnt than it used to be when i played it in 1987 i sat in the stands and just talked to the reporters on media day, now look what it is, it's gonna be on prime time television. but it's amazing that in such a short time how fast its grown. )) alot going on broadcast wise here on 8 news now --- beginning saturday at 7:30, the nexstar big game special --- then 8:00 the superbowl greatest commercials countdown --- then at 9pm conan obrien will host the nfl honors award show live from san francisco --- sunday the fun begins at 8am --- nfl films kicks the day off with a super bowl 50 special --- the cbs pre game show begins at 11am --- and then kickoff will hit at 3:30 here on 8news now. if that's not enough there will be a post game show, then our local newscast where we're giving away 25 hundred bucks --- enough football fer ya???
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those crazy propositions --- the prop bets. over at teh south point jimmy vacarro has been doing this forever --- he's put together one with broncos quarterbakc peyton manning --- will the old guy (he's actually only 39 years old) --- but will he be able to finish the game? (("i made it a 4-1 favorite that he would be in there the last offensive snap and a 3-1 underdog if he gets carted off injured or taken out with a standing ovation or maybe taken out because they are behind so much. i thought this was intriguing. we put the prop up, not that we've takent this much money or written this many tickets for it. people want to be apart of something maybe historic." )) of course --- we love the critters who make their predictions. which peanut butter/banana treat will ozzie the grizzley bear chose to eat --- he's a favorite at the zoo in montana and has a 2-1 record --- and he goes after the broncos logo --- knocks over the box, then chows down on the broncos treat --- i guess that means he picks the broncos.
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--- or it means nothing. next up --- we have grady the groundhog -- this varmit is from north carolina -- and he likes corn --- but does he like the broncos or panthers corn --- and he goes against the favorite --- cam newtown cannot be happy about this that a home grond ground hog is going against his carolina panthers --- but the critters don't lie. both go with broncos straight up --- no, they are not picking against the point spread dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6. we're always on at las vegas now dot com and our app ... along with facebook and twitter. ((denise valdez)) see you tonight at 11. goodnight./// ((denise valdez)) > for decades
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