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tv   8 News Now at 4 AM  CBS  February 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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game. plus -- ((vickie davis/mother i'm not going to be the same without her. how could you take my baby from me?" nat sound: crying)) ((kirsten joyce)) > a 2-year-old girl is dead after the mother says... a car struck and killed her while riding a scooter. what happened to the suspected driver following the deadly crash. ((brian loftus)) > and breaking up the school district. the repercussions a state school district had to deal with... when it was split up into smaller precints. /// < welcoe to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((brian loftus)) > thanks for waking up with us, i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) and i'm kirsten joyce. the denver broncos are this year's super bowl champions! ((brian loftus)) they were the underdogs going into this game... but as jamie yuccas reports... it came down to the defense. (announcer nats: the denver broncos win super bowl 50.)
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panthers to win their third super bowl. mvp. (miller) it was coach phillips, it was peyton, d-ware and all of my teammates of course. peyton manning is the first starting quarterback to win with two different teams. but he wouldn't say if this really was his last rodeo. ( manning) i wanna go hug my family and i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight. the broncos offense exploded panthers. bridge: the ticket was a golden one - going for thousands of dollars! but fans say it was worth it. the crowd enjoyed some of the biggest names in pop music. lady gaga sang the national anthem. (cold play & beyonce) cold play scored at half-time with an assist from beyonce and bruno mars. it was a golden night for over 70 thousand fans celebrating super bowl 50. jamie yuccas, cbs news, santa
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((brian loftus)) next year, super bowl 51 will be in houston, texas. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > one lucky valley resident had a super bowl victory yesterday! we're talking about the winner... for the 8 news now super bowl contest! ((brian loftus)) we want to congratulate diana anderson of las vegas... for winning 25-hundred dollars! we tried calling her, but no answer. so diana, if you're watching... you'll be getting a call from channel 8 later today. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather.
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what a warm weekend - a super weekend - a super sunday hitting the 70s yesterday! and t-shirt weather in santa clara. we warmed up quickly through the weekend. .......... now some breezy winds around
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mild in the 40s and 50s. .............. today another very warm day about 10 degrees above normal. < > /// > ((brian loftus)) > a family is suffering a devastating loss this morning... after a 2-year- old was struck and killed. this happened last night on thomas avenue near lake mead. police say a van crashed into a scooter and took off.
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as 2-year- old evelyn green. the mother says she was riding a scooter with her 7- year-old brother... when a van jumped the curb and hit them: ((vickie dais/mother: i grabbed her and i was like evelyn. i can feel her breathing and she was like looking at my her eyes were rolling in the back of her head and i was yelling someone help me therewas a lot of guy walking up to me. he was saying i'm sorry i'm sorry.")) ((brian loftus)) the family says they're also frustrated... because they waited for an ambulance for 15-minutes... and no one showed up. davis says she put her daughter in a neighbors car... and drove her to the hospital... where she later died. davis says the driver did stop... stumbled out of the car... and came up to her apologizing. she says he smelled like alcohol... and then fled the scene: (( vickie davis/mother: "he might want to turn himself in i time he will ge what he from me.
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((brian loftus)) the 2-year-old's brother is recovering this morning... with non-life threatening injuries. north las vegas police say... they're looking for a hispanic male in his 40's with facial hair. witnesses told police the man was driving a white windowless van. if you have any information, please call crime stoppers. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > there was also another deadly crash last night... that happened in the area of decatur and 215. police say a 27-year-old motorcyclist was killed. a witness told police he was speeding... and rear-ended a car that was slowing down to make a turn. the motorcyclist was later taken where he later died. this is the 12-th traffic fatality in metro's jurisidiction so far this year. /// ((brian loftus)) ((kirstee joyce)
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> that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > tomorrow will be round two for the presidential candidates... to see if voters will vote for them in the next primary. ((brian loftus)) what the republicans had to say in their weekend debate..
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republican presidential candidates did not hold back in their weekend debate... ahead of tomorrow's new hampshire primary. as weija jang reports... marco rubio was questioned about his leadership skills... while trump made his way back to center stage. an awkward start to saturday's abc news republican debate. some of the candidates didn't realize they had been called to the stage. but once things got underway, jeb bush and chris christie charged at marco rubio. all three are vying for mainstream gop voters. (sen. marco rubio / r-florida) "this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. (gov. chris christie / r-new jersey) "there it is." rubio: "he knows exactly." christie: there it is, the memorized 25-second speech, there it is everybody." (jeb bush / r-fl) marco rubio is a gifted, gifted politician // but we've tried it the old way with barack obama.
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debate appearance since skipping the one in iowa. (donald trump/r- presidential candidate) i would bring back waterboarding and i'd bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding. (weijia jiang/ manchrster, nh) the republicans weren't the only ones on national tv last night. the democratic front runner here in the granite state bernie sanders tested his comedic chops on saturday night live. sanders complained about the wealthy one percent getting preferential treatment during a skit about the titanic. (sanders): "enough is enough! we need to unite and work together if we're all going to get through this." earlier, hillary clinton fired back against blunt questions about her trustworthiness and the 2012 benghazi attacks. (hillary clinton / d-presidential candidate) there's more information about this than you will find on most other kinds of events. for some candidates, tuesday will be a make-or-break day for survival in the race. weijia jiang / manchester, new hampshire.
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the third presidential candidate to appear on "saturday night live." hillary clinton was on the show last fall. donald trump hosted it in november. /// ((brian loftus)) > your broken smartphone may soon be worth some cash. that's according to an apple-based tech blog. the website says apple will soon pay for your broken iphone. if true, this will be an upgrade to apple's current iphone trade-in program... where customers can put credit toward a new phone... when they trade in their older model. the apple tech blog says apple hopes the program will encourage people... to ugprade their phones instead of replacing a broken screen. /// ((brian loftus)) > besides the anticipation for the super bowl game to start... everyone couldn't wait to see the commercials. ((kirsten joyce)) we'll show you a few that had socia media buzzing.
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> millions had their eyes glued to a t-v yesterday to watch the super bowl... but also the must- see commericials. ((demetria obilor)) there were some that were downright witty... while others were a little questionable. one commercial had a group of aliens walking through a museum... and looking back at some of humans strange habits. ((sherry swensk)) but they had one thing they liked about our planet: (( "now this was a 21st century torcher device." "how long would they keep them strapped in there?" "sometimes hours at a time... pretty gruesome. and over here we have their alphabet, it was called emoji.
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vast of their emotions." "but most importantly are the avocados from mexico." )) /// ((sherry swensk)) > back down here on earth... data suggests nine months after a super bowl victory... the winning cities see a big spike in births. and these groups of super bowl babies sang it loud and clear to seal's "kiss from a rose"... that they were part of the big, super day: (( "we're all babies! we know what happened on the night of super bowl was made. the day that history and our families were made. and now that super bowl 50 is here, so much reason for cheer tonight.")) /// ((demetria obilor)) > now that wasn't the only baby commercial. doritos held it's final super bowl ad competition... of three finalists. the winner will get a million dollars:
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"and there's your beautiful baby... any day now." "really? you're eating doritos? he's eating doritos on my ultrasound. do you see what i have to deal with? "i know?" laughing "give me that!" yelling )) /// let's get to sherry with a look
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sherry swensk warm and breezy today... with temps back to low 70s and gusts to 40 mph down the river today. .. high pressure will build in stronger as the day and the week
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demetria obilor eastbound 215, the county will close one lane for construction between mccarran and warm springs. this will last through spring of
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< > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > china rang in plenty of fireworks... year. ((kirsten joyce)) the fireworks are a way to ward off bad spirits... and bring in good fortune. and today, several properties on the strip... will be celebrating the new year. this is a live look inside the bellagio conservatory. their chinese new year display will stay up through march 12-th. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > talks are still on the table... on what the next step will be.. when it comes to breaking up the school district. ((brian loftus)) the pros and cons a utah school district felt... when they split up their
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> more questions are being asked... surrounding the challenges of reorganizing the clark county school district. ((brian loftus)) as sharie johnson reports... educators hope certain factors will remain at the forefront of this issue. ((sharie johnson)) state lawmakers and local educators are mapping out a plan to reorganize ccsd. and nevada state college education dean, dennis potthoff... says everything must be considered. ((dennis potthoff, dean, school of education, nsc classes can be too small, they can be too big too and so where's that sweet spot in terms of class size, well then apply that to a school, what's the ideal size for a school, what's the ideal size for a district )) ((sharie johnson)) and there is a key piece of the puzzle potthoff hopes to see. ((dennis potthoff, dean, school of education, nsc one of the goals is try to do everything you can to try go give everybody a voice )) ((sharie johnson)) jordan public school administrators near salt lake city say not everyone had a voice in 2008
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only the residents of the cities who wanted to form we're allowed a vote. in addition to that... jordan district business administrator john larsen says the split was painful. ((john larsen, jordan public schools business administrator the first is higher taxes for everyone due to duplicated services and positions but also without equalization of funding you get a poor district and a rich district )) ((sharie johnson)) but larsen says there we're advantages. ((john larsen, jordan public schools business administrator: probably more local control with more local input, we went from having seven board members across a large district, doubling that to 14 board members, across two districts )) ((brian loftus)) utah also says the purpose of their split... was to create small districts... costing them 58-million dollars. they had less than 100- thousand students at the time. right now, c-c- s-d has 320- thousand students. ///
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> super bowl was big here in las vegas... and businesses want to make sure visitors come back. the economic impact the city is
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