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tv   8 News Now at 4 PM  CBS  February 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the shooting had to happen")) police say the shooting happened in front of the house. no word yet on the identity of the suspect or the victim. the victim was transported to the hospital where he later died. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > right now we are still waiting for homicide investigator to come out and brief us with more information. we will bring that to you as soon as we get it. for now reporting live patranya bhoolsuwan 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) is this area known for drug activity? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) we talked to several neighbors and they say this area is really nice and quiet...but the house now traffic is getting back to normal on the 215 near durango after a major crash. eastbound 215 was shut down between buffalo and daofollowing a bank robbery. as you can see traffic is still moving slowly. metro says the crash happened around 1-30 at the u-s bank near russell and valley view blvd.
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a car at a high rate of speed and eventually caused the crash on the 215. the suspect was taken to the hospital with minor injuries./// ((denise valdez)) > two new cases of the zika virus have been reported in the u-s. health officials in ohio and indiana say two people returning from haiti tested positive for the virus. which is mainly transmitted through mosquito bites. ((paul joncich)) the southern nevada health district has tested two people who have recently traveled to the affected countries. one test has come back negative. the second one is still pending. as the health district monitors the virus and domestic cases... a local blood donation center is feeling the impact. united blood services says they have received fewer donations after the zika virus began spreading in mexico, central america, south america and some parts of the caribbean. ((denise valdez)) in fact, the organization anticipates a 2- percent decrease in blood donations. that's because they are advising anyone who has traveled to the affected countries not to
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((jeannine mccoy - united blood services: yes, it's unfortunate that the donor has to wait 28 days but we do want to make sure that we are providing a safe supply of blood to our community and we just want to take the extra precautions.)) ((paul joncich)) the organization is urging other healthy donors to give blood. every donation saves up to three lives. united blood services is open seven days a week. they are located on charleston... off of rainbow boulevard. ((denise valdez)) but a few things to remember... pregnant women and folks with the flu or a cold are not allowed to donate blood. also, if you suffer from other health issues, it's best to check with your doctor first. /// ((denise valdez)) > that last votes are underway in the new hampshire for the first- in-the-nation presidential primary. ((paul joncich)) republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders were heavily favored in polls, but this is the only poll that matters. cbs's danielle nottingham joins us live from derry, new
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((danielle nottingham)) > new hampshire voters head to the polls i'm danielle nottingham.... the voter precincts presidential candidates will keep an eye on tonight >new hampshire voters cast their ballots in what's expected to be a record breaking turnout. donald trump holds a comfortable lead in the polls - something his campaign is not taking for granted. "a win is going to be a win for this campaign, we're very excited to have a first-time presidential candidate do so well in the primary." gop candidates, john kasich, marco rubio, jeb bush and ted cruz are in a virtual tie. (neil) "this race is all about who comes in second in new hampshire on the republican side..." neil levesque is executive director of the new hampshire institute of politics. he says the a bulk of the votes are cast in the "golden
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southeastern part of the state. (neil levesque/exec. dir., nh institute of politics) "that's where most of the candidates have spent the last few days, and that's really - when those number start coming in, that's what you need to keep your eye on." the gop will also keep tabs on derry, nh. the mix of suburban and blue collar voters here is a good indicator of how the republican candidates will perform in the state. (nancy pierce/derry, nh) "just about everybody comes here at least once." some voters in derry knew exactly who they wanted.... dn: "why did you vote for chris christie?" np: "because i think he has the leadership skills..." "hillary." there were others, who came with a particular strategy. "if it takes a vote away from trump, then that's why i'm here." either way, we'll know the winners and losers after the polls close tonight. danielle nottingham, cbs news, derry, new hampshire./// ((danielle nottingham)) > senator bernie sanders, from neighboring vermont, is widely expected to win for the democrats. but hillary clinton won there in 2008, and is looking to do so again tonight./// ((denise valdez)) > thanks
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you can get real time updates on the primary results on our web site las vegas now dot com. just clock on the new hampshire primary story link and you will be taken to a live feed of all the candidate numbers./// ((paul joncich)) > nevada's first in the west caucuses are also coming up this month.. the democrats will caucus on february 20-th... and the republicans hold theirs on the 23-rd. both republicans and democrats have been holding mock trainings to explain how they work. you do have to be a registered member of the party to participate. we have also set up explainers on how to caucus on las vegas now dot com./// ((paul joncich)) > don't forget... we are your local election headquarters throughout the season... on air and online. and you can watch politics now every sunday at 5:30./// ((paul joncich)) > the chinese new year is kicking off today. ((denise valdez)) and the las vegas strip is celebrating the year of the monkey. that's where we find tedd florendo who's at the linq promenade.
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beautiful day outside with well above normal temps in the 70's this afternoon. even warmer for phoenix and l.a. afternoon. comfortable in san francisco in the 70's this afternoon and cooling off a little tonight. chilly still in southern great basin and northern arizona. overnight lows expected to stay cool rather than chilly by morning. ............................... ................ here's your evening forecast. staying clear and mild early since we warmed above average today. winds staying light for now, but expect them to stay gusty down the colorado river for a few more days. cooler by 8 news now at 11 in the 50's. overnight low dropping to 40's
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the forecast for tomorrow. ((denise valdez)) > the football season may be over ((paul joncich)) but the love of sports is still alive in the valley we take you to the huge celebration happening at the westgate to kick off the brand new state of the art superbook./// <
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paul joncich. now. ((denise valdez)) > the alleged victim of a former metro officer under federal indictment for excessive force and obstruction against him. richard scavone was indicted by the department of justice last month. this is a picture from his facebook page. the district attorney dropped the state charges that he was facing.
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face.. neck and back injuries from the beating during an arrest on littering and loitering for prostitution charges in january of 2015. her attorney calls her beating justice. the lawsuit is seeking 225- thousand dollars. the entire incident was caught on scavone's body camera... but metro police have denied all our requests for the video. he has pleaded not guilty.. and has a trial scheduled for march./// ((paul joncich)) > the brand new westgate sportsbook celebrated it's offcial grnad opening today. a ribbon cutting and champagne toast was held to kick off the newly- renovated race and sports book. mayor carolyn goodman, oscar goodman and commissioner larry brown were all on hand for the ceremonies.. along with westgate owner david siegel. we talked with the sportsbook director jay kornegay... he says you won't see anything else like it in the world: (( jay kornegay, westgate superbookthe superbook has always been the world's largest
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the most technically advanced sportsbook in the world. we installed a 240 foot, 20 foot high led video wall which now stands as the largest in the world. it just doesn't get any better than that )) ((paul joncich)) the newly renovated 25,000 square foot superbook is home to nevada's largest sports betting menu./// ((denise valdez)) > living it up on "fat tuesday." ((paul joncich)) we join the party for mardi gras... to see how people in the big easy are celebrating./// announcer: now nevada's first
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this is 8 news now at 4. ((paul joncich)) > new orleans has become a massive party town ((denise valdez)) the outrageous scene on bourbon street is a big attraction for both tourists and locals. thousands of mardi gras revelers line the streets of new orleans' french quarter to sip
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the parades. from the masks and head- dresses to the ornate scepters... costumes are not the exception...they' re required. ((jim gabour/new orleans resident nobody watches this parade, everyone participates. they are coming out of their houses on to the banquet on the sidewalk waiting for us to join in. )) ((denise valdez)) after all the partying on fat tuesday , the solemn period of lent starts tomorrow./// ((paul joncich)) > the chinese new year is kicking off today. ((denise valdez)) and on the las vegas strip this year's celebrations are underway to welcome in the year of the monkey. that's where we find our tedd florendo who's in the middle of promenade. < tedd florendo >what a gorgeous day today with temps well above
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winds are light in the valley but still gusty at times down the colorado river. we do not have any wind alerts however. expecting temps to stay mild then cool overnight and steering clear of any freezing temps this
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above average again. winds are light in the valley but still gusty at times down the colorado river. we do not have any wind alerts however. expecting temps to stay mild then cool overnight and steering clear of any freezing temps this time around. ............................... ......... clear in the western half of the country while the eastern half is getting all the inclement weather in the form of snow. big area of low pressure moving
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in with the cold canadian air and that's providing snow all the way down to georgia, that's how cold it is out there. more snow for areas like boston, the cape and maine again. lake effect snow expect for areas on the eastern shortes of erie and michigan. ............................... ............... back west big ridge still amplified over up to canada. we have some clouds making their no rain. ridge will begin to move a little for next few days however ............................... ...................... weekend forecast looks good with friday looking nice and more clouds over the weekend. we still stay above average but slightly cooler by late weekend with those clouds. next week bigger changes on the way. ............................... .................. tonight expect a low 45 under clear skies and cool conditions. light winds overnight with temps just a little above average. tomorrow we could reach record highs ............................... ......... extended forecast shows near record temps on some days and also above average highs for quite some times. changes by late weekend and cooler temps next week. also slight shower chances return with more unsettled
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((paul joncich)) > uncovering america's untold journey. ((denise valdez)) we take a look back to a so- called "underground railroad" you likely never heard about... as we honor "black history
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heard of the underground railroad that would bring slaves
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northern territories. ((paul joncich)) but did you know the first underground railroad actually went south to a section of florida that offered freedom. it's part of america's untold journey as we celebrate black history month. by the late 1600s, slaves head south in search of freedom . james bullock - - in 1687 the first group of people arrived in st. augustine as what would have been called fugitives. they had escaped bondage from the english plantations in the carolinas. anthony dixon - i think it is important though, that the underground railroad first came south to florida. james bullock - we don't know how many people attempted the journey. we don't know how many failed. kathy deegan - it wasn't an easy, immediate path to freedom because even once people reached florida they had to make it to st. augustine. it wasn't enough just to get to florida. but if they made it to the town
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governor., they would be given sanctuary . anthony dixon - they are given a choice. you can live in the florida wilderness , live as a maroon society, as you see fit they were also given a choice, if you would like to live under spanish rule, then you can live at fort mose. vo narr - in 1693, the immediate threat for spain was england and her growing carolina colonies. as word got back to spain that plantation slaves were seeking asylum in spanish florida, ... james bullock 00:08:21:10 - the king of spain created the edict of 1693 which to my knowledge and other scholars appears to be the first civil rights legislation in the new world kathy deegan - - as soon as word got to the plantations in carolina that there was this possibility of sanctuary after 1693 ...many people took advantage of that possibility to
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((denise valdez)) > that story of the underground railroad is just one of many untold stories about the origins of the civil rights movement in america. for more... head to our web- site...las vegas now dot com. and our very own sharie johnson tells the story of african americans in the valley... who were the first of their kind. that airs at five o'clock... and our special america's untold journey...airs this saturday at nine oclock./// ((paul joncich)) > it's a system that one agency says needs to be fixed right away. ((denise valdez)) we dig deeper to figure out why an audit came to the conclusion that the taxi cab authority be dissolved... and how it could save tens of
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this is 8 news now at 4" ((denise valdez)) > a committee of state lawmakers met today... to discuss what to do with a number of state boards and commissions. ((paul joncich)) one of the more controversial items on the agenda... dissolving the taxicab authority. patrick walker is live at the grant sawyer building with more on why it's on the chopping block.:
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been a lot of people testifying today in front of this committee. this is essentially the legislature's method of "trimming the fat." one of the hot-button issues... lawmakers are considering dissolving the taxicab authority... in part after a scathing report last month from the governor's division of internal audits. that audit recommended that the authority's board needed to "adhere to its statuatory roles and responsibilities, correct the fee structure, and adjust or eliminate the credit card fee." it says doing so would save consumers 47- million dollars a year. what today's proceedings brought to light... is a divide between the cab owners... who support the taxicab authority... and the cab drivers... who want to see it abolished. ((jason awad/owner, lucky cab: "it is clear that this taxicab
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self- funded, and had $5 million extra revenues that we can do whatever adjustment needs to be done." phillip rodman/cab driver: "the cab drivers pay the ta to exist, the ta does nothing but look after cab companies, whose interests are against the cab drivers, the cab companies want more cabs and more money.")) ((patrick walker)) the 8 news now i-team has covered the problems at the taxicab authority... including an extensive undercover investigation into longhauling practices and extorting strip clubs for cash... which led to the firing of director gordon walker. his replacement... charles harvey... resigned after 3 and a half years... citing difficulties trying to implement reforms. ((patrick walker)) there is an ironic twist coming out of the meeting. the governor's board that did the audit that recommended getting rid of the taxicab authority... is also on the chopping block. all of this is still under
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continues. paul... ((paul joncich)) are there any other noteable cuts for the committee to consider? ((patrick walker)) there are 32 entities in total under consideration by the sunset subcommittee while the legislature is out of session. the public utilities commission... which has taken some heat recently from the public... is one of them. more on that at 6. ((denise valdez)) > the d-m-v says they need more money to help cut down on long wait times summer. the d-m-v blamed hours long waits on the system's remote check in option. they're now asking for 300- thousand dollars to continue fixing the system.
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online... and walk to the window when customers are ready.. but the dmv said many didn't show up and made lines worse./// ((paul joncich)) > north las vegas police are still on the hunt for the driver who left the scene after hitting and killing a 2- year- old girl. a vigil was held last night for little evelyn green. she was hit sunday night outside of her home near lake mead and pecos. the emotionaly charged vigil got physical as the girl's mother, vicky davis stated to push reporters as they spoke with the child's father, joshua green. evelyn's mother said she got a good look at the driver... because he actually got out of the vehicle and apologized to her before taking off: (( vicky davis/mother: "the guy came out of the car he talked to me and said i am sorry for what i did like he was drunk and smelled like tequila something on his breath i am sorry for what i did he kept telling me sorry sorry sorry." joshua green/father: " i just want him to turn himself in it's hard for me to say that real hard."))
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vegas police are now searching for a full size panel style van with no windows. if you have any information you are asked to call crimestoppers./// ((paul joncich)) > police in california are investigating after a 35- year-old man was found dead in a bullet- riddled car with an uber sticker. the car was discovered partially on top of a curb at a intersection in the lincoln heights neighborhood of los angeles. police say the victim was in the driver seat of the vehicle. while the car had an uber sticker on its windshield... police are trying to figure out if the victim was actually an uber driver. (( (capt. edward pape/los angeles police) "there are obviously people that drive around with those stickers on their car. they're used in multiple things in hand to hand drug transactions, things of that nature. that may or may not be the case of this here. we just don't know..")) ((paul joncich)) los angeles police say an s- u-v was seen fleeing the scene. california highway patrol stopped the vehicle... and two men and two women were arrested. they believe the four have gang ties./// ((denise valdez)) > three people who got cancer in upstate new york worked for the same middle school.
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in whether the cases may be linked. the concerns began in a letter from the assistant superintendent was to the district superintendent. it reads, quote, "due to the similarity of diagnosis in these cases, there has been a heightened concern among building employees there may be an environmental factor triggering the cancer." though the letter is marked confidential, it is posted on the district's website. but many parents say they knew nothing about the cancer cases or the testing. (( ( reporter ) "did they tell you about the cancer cluster?" ( marc duclos / daughter attends roth middle school ) "no. i just heard from my ex-wife." ( marc duclos / daughter attends roth middle school ) "i just heard about it, went to get my kid, asked people at office, and all i got was, 'i know as much as you do.'" ( reporter ) "did you know there were a few cases of cancer?" ( woman in car ) "no. i'm not aware of anything going on.")) ((denise valdez)) > preliminary tests did not find any risk factors, but the more extensive investigation will look for carcinogens in the air and water -- as well as heavy metals./// ((denise valdez)) > two trains collide in the during the morning rush hour.
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how many people were hurt... and what made the rescue so difficult.///
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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trains collided in germany. ((denise valdez)) the trains crashed head-on just as the morning rush was getting underway. don champion reports. >hundreds of emergency responders carefully sifted through the mangled scene where two trains collided in southern germany. here, one of the train cars is barely recognizable. investigators say the trains crashed head-on just as the morning rush was getting underway. the impact derailed several cars. at least 150 people were hurt. ambulances a steady stream of ambulances were seen rushing to the scene. some of the more severely injured were flown to hospitals. german news agencies report the rail line is used by commuters who work in munich. the accident happened on a single line that runs along a river, which officials said complicated the rescue effort. no word yet what led to the collision.
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((denise valdez)) > german news agencies report the rail line is also popular with school children in the area, but they're currently on winter vacation./// ((paul joncich)) > jennifer lopez has been a big hit on the las vegas strip. ((denise valdez)) when you'll get a chance to buy tickets... after more shows are added to her residency.///
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celebrate this afternoon. due to overwhelming demand jennifer lopez has added 19 additional performances to her residency at planet hollywood. the additional dates are scheduled from may to december. tickets for the shows go on sale this friday.
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pre-sales and special offers head to our website at lasvegas now dot com and click in the links we mentioned section.//// ((paul joncich)) > celebrating the year of the monkey ((denise valdez)) the chinese new year is kicking off today. celebrations are happening up and down the las vegas strip. tedd florendo is at the linq party. < tedd florendo what a gorgeous day today with temps well above
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and go just about anywhere. the rtc's new bike rental program is on its way to the valley, and you can help decide where the stations should go. demetria obilor shows you how, in "what's driving you crazy?" (( )) demetria obilor: this summer, the rtc will launch the valley's
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it will start off downtown and then expand into different parts of town. the rtc wants your help selecting the best bike share locations in the downtown area by filling out a quick survey. first, you create a username and register. you click on "suggest a station" and select your top 5 potential station locations. the downtown area is highlighted in green. after you're finished, you can click "learn more" to find out more about the project. the rtc says its bike share program will include about 18 stations and 180 bicycles that are available for self-service rental 24 hours a day. hey! what's driving you crazy? send your traffic question to traffic eight at las vegas now dot com. ((paul joncich)) dangerous predators patrolling the las
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((denise valdez)) the i-team's george knapp gets the exclusive on how police are taking on advanced criminal organizations. ((paul joncich)) package thieves... caught in the act. coming up at 5... where these criminals hit... and how the family is working toward stopping it from
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day today with temps well above average again. winds are light in the valley but still gusty at times down the colorado river. we do not have any wind alerts however. expecting temps to stay mild then cool overnight and steering clear of any freezing temps this time around. ............................... ......... clear in the western half of the country while the eastern half
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strip in awhile, be forewarned. while most visitors and locals have enjoyable experiences at the hotels and restaurants, a new crime wave is underway, including an explosion of prostitution- related robberies, gangs, drugs, even pickpockets. our george knapp was allowed to tag along with both uniformed and plainclothes teams as they work to keep the strip safe. sgt. mike ford/metro detective: we are dealing with a mini new year's eve every friday and saturday night up here with the same amount of officers we had 5 years ago. riding with metro sgt. mike ford is always an eye opener. a few years ago, when he headed up a uniformed squad, he showed us the gritty underbelly of the strip, the part that most locals
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he recently returned as head of a team of detectives with the flexibility to follow crime wherever it leads. there's no such thing as a slow night. ford: there's so many more criminals on the strip now. it's... gk predators? ford: that's a great word for it. the mob may be gone, but organized crime is alive and well on the strip. the prostitution rings that are now prominent in most casinos with nightclubs are largely fronts for violent, high end robbery rings. ford says there are 5 or more trick rolls per night and many more that are never reported because the victim doesn't want his wife to know. ford: they show up, get to your room, spike your drink with a sedative and you wake up 15 hours later with your rolex cards, all that stuff is gone... the same gangs have their fingers in human trafficking and drug sales on the strip. we could walk a 100 foot area up here and be approached a dozen times by people trying to sell
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ome of them are smut peddlers, the people who hand out the stuff. you go to buy some dope, the person walks up to the smut peddler and brings it to you, it's all pretty linked up in cliques.... although dope is not a primary focus for ford's team, they can't avoid it. during the briefing at the start of their shift, they outlined a plan for sending an informant in to make a controlled buy of meth. mike: we're buying 20 worth? the detectives on this squad were hand picked voice of mike ford they want to catch bad guys and be proactive and want to be able to take someone who robbed somebody's mom dad grandpa.. we take them into custody the same night. the team targets some dope dealers because of the related crimes--robberie s and
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as we waited outside a notorious apartment complex, three unknown men burst in, then left in a hurry. ford's team ran them down within a few miles. mike: any guns knives drugs in the car. mind if we check. guns and stacks of cash were found. one suspect was wanted in an armed robbery case. heading back to the strip, ford told us about rings of auto thieves who prowl parking garages nightly to pick out the exact vehicle they want to steal. and, a new twist, rings of modern pickpockets who target cell phones in crowded nightclubs. ford: really good pickpockets, and they're really coordinated. you might feel a bump and you look down and your phone is gone. teams of 5 or more thieves will hit a club and walk out with as many as 40 cell phones in a night. ford:
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they fly out here for the sole purpose of doing that. one of ford's detectives spots a known drug dealer in front of a strip hotel and snatches him up. on a table in the security office is a thick wad of cash and grocery store of drugs. including baggies of fake cocaine. but the suspect offers a deal..informatio n on the location of a dangerous fugitive. the team springs into action, regroups at a crime-ridden apartment complex off the strip...and collars the suspect, who's wanted for attempted murder in another state. all in a night's work. ford: the tourists and the people at home don't come up to the strip, they don't see it and they don''t pay attention to it because they're not immersed in it everyday. ((paul joncich)) 8 news now has been working with sgt. mike ford for the past several weeks in setting up our ride-alongs, and we've worked with him many times over the last 10 years on other stories. sadly he passed away at his home
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one thing mike wanted to see happen is for elected officials and maybe some casino bosses to take this same kind of ride along and see for themselves what it is like out there at night. people have no idea./// paul joncich > that's all for us at 4. 8 news now at five starts after this. don't forget.. we're always on at las vegas now dot com, on facebook and twitter.
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investigating a homicide on the east side of town. thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) i'm denise valdez... in for paula. one person is dead... and the suspect still at large. patranya bhoolsuwan is there
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