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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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marijuana grow house. where in the valley the suspects were operating... and what else officers found inside the home. ((denise valdez)) evacuations at a strip hotel. what has police and firefighters clearing floors of the luxor. ((dave courvoisier)) a local 5th grader... honored by first responders and his classmates. ((13.00.12 "thank you a lot, for saving my life.")) ((dave courvoisier)) the life- saving steps he took... when he saw a friend in need of help./// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((denise valdez)) > thanks for joining us... i'm denise valdez... in for paula. ((dave courvoisier)) i'm dave courvoisier. metro police... on the scene of a marijuana grow house in the southeast part of the valley.. vanessa murphy is at the home near pecos and hacienda with more on the invesigation and an exclusive look inside the home... vanessa? ((vanessa murphy)) you can see how complex this grow operation was inside the home... this is the equipment police removed...along with the
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neighbors say they had no idea... to my right - there's security....this is a gated community... down this way - an elementary school... and police say this probably was going on for at least three months. take a look at this video from inside the home.... police say the people growing marijuana inside this house weren't even owning or renting the place.... it's bank owned...someone from the bank came to check on the place , found a lot of marijuana, and called police. a drug task force made up of federal and local agencies went inside... a sergeant tells us at least 114 plants were found with up to a 300- thousand dollar street value...and 15-20 thousand dollars worth of equipment. we even saw calendars on the wall a schedule for the grow. police tell us a bust like this is significant because they believe it's tied to an illegal drug delivery service.....and people buying marijuana that way....some of them medical marijuana patients, are becoming victims of crimes like robberies, burglaries and identity theft.
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craig lousignont/metro police: the criminals are growing this product using drugs and pesticides that aren't acceptable and then they're selling them on different websites to legitimate customers who think that it's a legitimate service but it's not.)) ((vanessa murphy)) the advice to medical marijuana patients - go to a legal dispensary to purchase marijuana through that legitimate business. as for this grow house, police tell us arrests are pending. we'll have more on this story tonight at eleven. reporting live, vanessa murphy, 8 news now.// ((denise valdez)) > an early morning home invasion leaves two people fighting for their lives tonight.. metro police still searching for the suspects - who shot a man and teenager. 8 news now reporter tony smith is live near hualapai way and desert inn where it happened? tony - any description of the suspects? ((tony smith)) at this point
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but investigators are following leads and hope to make an arrest soon...but until they are captured folks living in and near this community are on high alert. "it's awful. the invasions are getting more and more." folks in a summerlin neighborhood shocked by the news of a home invasion. "to have this happen here it is kind of scary. it is such a nice neighborhood." metro police were called out to the home within the rosemont gated community - early wednesday. they found a man and a teenage girl shot inside. things like this don't happen here in summerlin." "that's the first time in the 5 years, i've seen crime tape in this park and that's what concerns me." investigators say they found a handgun at a nearby park that is believed to have been used in the home invasion. metro police believe the victim knows who did this.. which has neighbors worried. we spoke to the man who used to own the home.. "i sold it to them and they closed on christmas eve. reporter: to hear this happened in your former neighborhood. former owner: crazy because we never had any problems like this
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while but never had one problem. "no place is safe anymore." "it is a wake-up call for me because i felt so safe that i can just come to the park and sit. but what i think i might want to warn people that watch all around you always. because you don't know who is watching you and who might follow you." ((tony smith)) police are asking anyone -- who might have been up early this morning to call police. we are live in summerlin -- tony smith 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) > earlier this afternoon... several floors at the luxor were evacuated... after suspicious items were found in a vacant room. investigators were called at about 11 this morning... found the items. as a result... evacauted.. but no injuries were reported.
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police determined the suspicious items...specifica lly a liquid... were not hazardous. investigators say they aren't releasing any more details on what it... because it's an on-going investigation./// ((denise valdez)) > supporters of rooftop solar will have a chance to make their voice heard this week. the public utilities commission will hold a hearing on friday... to discuss whether people who installed their solar panels before the net metering cap hit last year... should be able to take advantage of the old, more favorable rate structure for the next 20 years. during the hearing... there will be opportunities for public comment. n-v energy has told 8 news now in the past that the reason for proposing the new rate structure was to stop having non-solar customers subsidize the rooftop solar customers./// ((dave courvoisier)) > unlv is mouring the loss of former football assistant coach rich abajian . the 62-year-old died last night of an apparent heart attack. aside from being a longtime supporter of rebel sports... abajian is credited with creating the southern nevada sports hall of fame... honoring the likes of jerry tarkanian...
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abajian himself was inducted in 2008. he was also a partner in findlay toyota and served as chief operation officer of the findlay automotive group./// ((denise valdez)) > switching gears now... most of us are loving this great weather. and a sweet spot in henderson is hoping to get you outside for the most romantic day of the year. tedd florendo got the sweet assignment of checking out the happenings at the ethel m chocolate factory... tedd? < tedd florendo >what a beautiful day outside with well above normal temps in the 70's this afternoon. even warmer for phoenix and l.a. especially flirting with 90 this afternoon.
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san francisco in the 70's this little tonight. chilly still in southern great basin and northern arizona. overnight lows expected to stay cool rather than chilly by morning. ................ here's your evening forecast. staying clear and mild early since we warmed above average today. winds staying light for now, but expect them to stay gusty down the colorado river for a few more days. cooler by 8 news now at 11 in the 50's. overnight low dropping to 40's by morning with more sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow.
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graders at steven schorr elementarty school are in the spotlight today. ((dave courvoisier)) one is credited with saving the other's life two weeks ago... when he began choking in the lunch room. patrick walker is here to introduce us to the valley's newest hero. ((patrick walker)) it really makes you think... if you saw someone in need... what would you do? for one schorr elementary fifth grader... there was no hesitation in answering that question. ((steve schorr: "we have a lot of people here today...")) ((patrick walker)) heroes come in all shapes and sizes... ((steve schorr: "...that are here for a very special reason.")) ((patrick walker)) one walks the halls of steven schorr elementary school. ((steve schorr: "captain sprague, can you bring your men out here with you?")) ((patrick walker)) when 5th grader kyle sucaldito began choking on his lunch... it was his friend gabriel wallace who jumped into action.
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lunch: "it felt scary, i couldn't breathe, i was, my throat started to get sore a lot.")) ((steve schorr: "gabriel, out of the clear blue sky, came over to kyle, and what did you do?" gabriel wallace: "i did the heimlich maneuver." steve schorr: "he did the heimlich maneuver.")) ((gabriel wallace/saved friend during lunch: "i did that and then i realized he spit the food out, and then i realized he was actually choking and then a teacher came and i told her.")) ((patrick walker)) as gabriel's proud mother looked on... clark county firefighters presented the 5th grader with a medal... for his bravery and willingness to jump right into action. ((heather wallace/gabriel's mother: "when they told me, i was completely blown out of the water, he went above and beyond for a friend.")) ((patrick walker)) what impressed the adults at the school the most... was the fact that gabriel used the heimlich maneuver in the first place. nobody could figure out where he learned it. ((gabriel wallace/saved friend during lunch: "i feel like i always really knew it or i just saw it from tv.")) ((patrick walker)) that detail... doesn't matter now. kyle's just happy his buddy didn't hesitate.
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lunch: "thank you a lot, for saving my life.")) ((patrick walker)) gabriel's favorite animal is a shark... and m-g-m resorts gave both of the boys v-i-p passes to see the shark reef exhibit at mandalay bay. dave and denise... he's a pretty level- headed kid... and he took all the excitement in stride today./// thanks ((dave courvoisier)) > free chocolate for valentines day. ((denise valdez)) what you need to do to score a sweet treat this sunday. ((dave courvoisier)) > the 2016
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courvoisier)) > the 2016 presidential race now shifts it's focus to south carolina and nevada... following last night's new hampshire primary. donald trump scored a decisive victory in the crowded gop field... winning 35% of the vote. ohio governor john kasich placed second... and ted cruz came in third. carly fiorina and chris christie have since dropped out of the race. on the democratic side... bernie sanders overwhelmingly defeated hillary clinton by more than 20 percentage points./// ((dave courvoisier)) > and come next week... sanders and clinton will be here in las vegas. the two will take part in a town
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just two days before the nevada caucus. no word yet on where the event will be... but the candidates are expected to discuss issues affecting both nevada and the latino community. the republican caucus will happen a few days after... on february 23-rd./// ((dave courvoisier)) > don't forget... we are your local election headquarters throughout the season... on air and online. and you can watch politics now every sunday at 5:30./// ((denise valdez)) > the weather here in the valley is warming up... ((dave courvoisier)) so for valentine's day... why not head outdoors with that special someone. tedd florendo is live at the ethel m chocolate factory... to tell us about something fun to do this holiday weekend. < tedd florendo >what a gorgeous day today with temps well above
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above average again. winds are light in the valley but still gusty at times down the colorado river. we do not have any wind alerts however. expecting temps to stay mild then cool overnight and steering clear of any freezing temps this time around. ............................... ......... clear in the western half of the country while the eastern half is getting all the inclement weather in the form of snow. big area of low pressure moving through the great lakes mixing in with the cold canadian air and that's providing snow all
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how cold it is out there. more snow for areas like boston, the cape and maine again. lake effect snow expect for areas on the eastern shortes of erie and michigan. ............................... ............... back west big ridge still amplified over up to canada. we have some clouds making their way into norther california but no rain. ridge will begin to move a little for next few days however ............................... ...................... weekend forecast looks good with friday looking nice and more clouds over the weekend. we still stay above average but slightly cooler by late weekend with those clouds. next week bigger changes on the way. ............................... .................. night expt low 45 unrar skies and cool conditio.ght winds overnight with temps just a little above average. tomorrow we could reach record highs ............................... ......... extended forecast shows near record temps on some days and also above average highs for quite some times. changes by late weekend and cooler temps next week. also slight shower chances return with more unsettled weather and clouds. > ((denise valdez)) > and speaking
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the chocolate factory is partnering with ride factory is partnering with ride to bring "uber chocolate to
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on valentine's day... 500 boxes of ethel m's heart-shaped chocolates will be randomly placed in uber cars... to surpise unsuspecting passengers. the treats are free... but everyone is encouraged to make a donation to the childrens heart foundation... a local nonprofit helping children with heart conditions./// ((denise valdez)) > tracking kids rooms... just got a little easier. demetria obilor explains in today's "whats trending". ((demetria obilor)) > trending today... forget the pink and blue... target is launching a new bedding line for kids...and it's gender neutral. the pillow fort collection will feature tree and bicycle themes in neutral colors... there will be over 12-hundred pieces of furniture, toys, and bedding... that aren't specifically designed for boys or girls. it's due in stores february 21st. the retailer removed the boys and girls signs from its toy and bedding aisles last year. ///
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tribute to one of vegas's first. ((dave courvoisier)) the difficult route a local man was forced to take... on his way to becoming one of dealers on the strip.///
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ella fitzgerald... the first black female grammy winner. ((dave courvoisier)) all this week... we've been looking at african american "firsts" in our state that overcame racial barriers to succeed. sharie johnson joins us with a "first" on the las vegas strip. ((sharie johnson)) it became "the strip" in the 1940's... but it took 20 years for african americans to even be allowed as guests. then in 1970...a decree was passed allowing minorities to be employed. that's when an aspiring dealer stepped on the scene. ((nats of money )) ((sharie johnson)) april 1970... the stardust resort and casino had openings for dealers. ((john edmond, first black bacarrat dealer: when i walked in, the casino manager, he says, yes, what can i do for you, i said i'm a dealer i'd like to audition for, and he cut me off, he said craps or 21, and i said no, no, i'm a baccarat dealer
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edmond was fresh out of a brand new training program for minority dealers. his game of choice... considered a "rich man's game"... came as a surprise... until his audition when he won over frank rosenthal... who at the time... ran the pit. he never said the job was edmonds's but instead... (( john edmond, first black bacarrat dealer: he did say, well we got our crew but i tell you what, why don't you go to harrison frank and get your tuxedo sized up and when i walked outside the hotel, i jumped in the air and says i got it; i got it, i'm a be a baccarat dealer )) ((sharie johnson)) the rest was history sending a shockwave through the gaming industry. ((john edmond, first black bacarrat dealer: man, they got a black guy, a baccarat dealer at the stardust ((sharie johnson)) edmond easily made thousands of dollars a day... playing with the who's who of dealers. ((john edmond, first black bacarrat dealer: for example on my crew was the president's son, mayo's
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)) ((sharie johnson)) so edmond gave me a crash course of the game. ((john edmond, first black bacarrat dealer: i'm putting it all in, what?! i'm all in (laughs) see you're a high roller players hand, oooh )) ((sharie johnson)) the first time i lost, but the second time i won... $10 whole bucks... that we pretended was 10,000. and today edmond invests his wealth back into the historic west las vegas community where he grew up. ((sharie johnson)) edmond owns nucleus investment corporation and edmond town center in north las vegas. he says his baccarat dealing days taught him the value of customer service./// thanks ((dave courvoisier)) > mastering a very difficult skill. ((denise valdez)) what it took for this swiss skier... to finally capture this stunning video of a trip down the mountain./// ((dave courvoisier)) > caught
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having sex on the high roller:
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why an attorney says the felony they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities r their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
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at 5.")) > ((denise valdez)) > looking good in freezing temperatures is no easy task... but with the help of his smartphone... one skier seems to have mastered it. check out nicolas vuignier's signature slo- motion swirl shot. the swiss skier did this with an i-phone... a string... and lots of practice. and yes... he says it is as difficult as it looks. it took him nearly two years to perfect this move./// ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((denise valdez)) > the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. ///
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