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tv   8 News Now at 4 AM  CBS  February 11, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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after police took into custody rancher cliven bundy... following negotiations between the f- b-i and remaining occupiers at an oregon refuge. where things stand this morning in oregon. ((kirsten joyce)) > plus... police busted a marijuana grow house... finding nearly 100 plants worth thousands of dollars. why police say this could be linked to a bigger problem. ((brian loftus)) > and the iconic show "jubilee" is taking the stage one final time tonight... after performing for 35-years. /// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((brian loftus)) > thanks for waking up with us, i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) and i'm kirsten joyce. this morning, four occupiers of a national wildlife refuge in oregon say... they will turn themselves in. ((brian loftus)) police have also taken into custody rancher cliven bundy in oregon... according to our c-b-s affiliate in portland. no charges have been filed yet... but a post on the bundy ranch facebook page...
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landing at the portland airport. ((kirsten joyce)) this all started yesterday when the f-b-i surrounded the refuge... after one of the occupiers rode an a-t-v outside of a barricade. when law enforcement approached him... he quickly went back to the refuge. the f-b-i says no shots were fired... but they did place their agents at all of the barricades. that's when law enforcement started negotiating with them. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > assemblywoman michele fiore caught a flight to portland last night... just as the events were unfolding. ((brian loftus)) she was on the phone with occupiers... as the f-b-i started to move in on the refuge property. she urged them to hold out without opening fire: (( assem. michele fiore: "i am with you in spirit, god is with you in spirit, and if we're walking out, we don't need our weapons right now. they cannot fire upon you with the world watching." // reporter: "michele, what are you hoping to do?" fiore: "i'm hoping just to get them off the refuge alive!" )) ((brian loftus)) it's unclear what role fiore will play when she gets to the refuge. now the bundy's sent out a call on social media... militia"... act".
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members took over the wildlife refuge. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > here in las vegas... one person was shot and killed after police say... it stemmed from a domestic violence incident. the shooting happened last night near 215 and lone mountain. police received multiple calls about neighbors hearing an argument... and later a single gunshot. police found a man dead in the driveway... after they say his girlfriend shot him... but she may not face charges: (( lt. dan mcgrath/ metro homicide: "she indicated that she was the victim of a domestic violence situation where she had been struck, umm, and then uh... there was not a question of whether she was the one who shot him, but i think her indicating that she had been battered." )) ((kirsten joyce)) crime scene investigators are trying to figure out... where the shotgun was fired from... and whether the man was shot in the back or the chest. those results could determine whether charges will be filed. the woman requested a lawyer and has not been formally questioned yet. if you have any information... call crime stoppers. ///
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at today's weather. sherry swensk clear and cool this morning, but not too cold.
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those 70s yesterday, but no record high of 75. we were just shy of that by a couple degrees. ............ high clouds have been slipping in and out of our skies... but we'll have plenty of sunshine today! .............. temps are in the cool 40s right now and close to 50 with dry air and calm winds. ............. more temps in the 70s again today so enjoy this break in our
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< > /// > ((brian loftus)) > more medical marijuana dispensaries in the valley... means a larger black market for the drug. ((kirsten joyce)) law enforcemet busted a valley home near pecos and hacienda... finding thousans of dollars worth of the drug. vanessa murphy got an exclusive look inside the grow house. ((sharon israel/neighbor: the last couple of days my husband went on our side patio kept saying i smell a weird smell.)) ((sharon: i said i have no idea what that is.)) ((vanessa murphy)) turns out a drug task force found more than a hundred marijuana plants and a complex
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in this paradise neighborhood. ((michael conti/neighbor: it's just a shame to see something like this happen.)) ((vanessa murphy)) metro police say the drugs have a street value of up to 300-thousand dollars. the equipment - 15 to 20- thousand... and it could all be linked to an illegal drug delivery service. ((sgt: you're literally giving criminals an open invitation right to your house.)) ((vanessa murphy)) sergeant craig lousignont says those customers are becoming victims of crimes like robberies, burglaries and identity theft since the services ask for personal information. ((sgt. craig lousignont/metro police: the criminals are growing this product using drugs and pesticides that aren't acceptable and then they're selling them on different websites to legitimate customers who think that it's a legitimate service but it's not.)) ((ben sillitoe/oasis medical cannabis: we talk about which farm they're from. )) ((vanessa murphy)) dispensaries like oasis medical cannabis on industrial near wyoming are competing with this black market.
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for the law.)) ((vanessa murphy)) c-e-o ben sillitoe points to the state and city taxes his business pays and the tight regulations. ((ben: it's completely different than what's going on inside that grow house where who knows what is going on with it...)) ((vanessa murphy)) product here may cost more... ((ben: 5.69% thc )) ((vanessa murphy)) but he says patients know what they're getting. ((ben: if it's not handled properly or grown properly, they could actually be making themselves more sick.)) ((kirsten joyce)) police say one of the best ways for a medical marijuana patient... to make sure they're using a legal dispensary... is to confirm the place has a storefront. for example -- oasis medical cannabis delivers marijuana... employees wear a uniform, have a state i-d card... and have gone through background checks. /// ((brian loftus)) ((kirsten joyce))
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< > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > the nevada ((brian loftus)) > the nevada caucus is coming up in a few weeks... and the pool of candidates is starting to get smaller. ((kirsten joyce)) who's out of the race for the white house... following poor results in the last two primaries. ((brian loftus)) and a sweet treat is coming for those... who catch a ride with uber for
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republican presidential candidates announced... they're suspending their presidential campaigns... following poor results in iowa and new hampshire. new jersey governor chris christie and former hewlett- packard c-e-o carly fiorina suspended their campaigns. fiorina made the announcement on twitter... and christie declined to comment when approached by reporters. seven republicans remain in the race... the next primary will be in south carolina on the 20-th... before the nevada caucus on the 23-rd. the democrats caucus on the 20-th here in nevada. hillary clinton and senator
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will participate in a town hall on the 18-th. those details have not yet been announced. /// ((brian loftus)) > the nevada caucus is the third state to vote for the democrats... and the fourth for the republicans. but for both... it is the first state with lots of latino voters. this weekend... a nonpartisan voter education candidiate forum is being held for latinos at c-s-n. representative s for the presidential candidates... as well as candidates for congress and the senate... will be there from both parties. there will also be training seminars on how to caucus. the event starts tomorrow from 1 to 5 p-m... and saturday from 8-to-11am. again, it will be at the college of southern nevada cheyenne campus. we have more information on las vegas now dot com. /// ((brian loftus)) > don't forget... we are your local election season... both on air and online at las vegas now dot com. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > a sheriff's office in maryland is remembering two of their deputies... after being shot and killed inside a restaurant. investigators say the suspect,
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had warrants out for his arrest when he was approached by a deputy... inside a panera bread restaurant. the man pulled a gun and shot the deputy. a responding deputy was also shot and later died. sheriff jeffrey gahler had to collect himself when sharing the news: (( sheriff jeffrey gahler: "one of our deputies was a 30 year veteran of this agency served with the court services division ..the other had served this agency for the last 16 years and was assigned to the community services division." )) ((kirsten joyce)) the suspect was killed in an exchange of gunfire. the sheriff's office was familiar with the man. surviving deputies who shot the suspect dead... have been placed on administrative leave. /// ((brian loftus)) > the holidays may be over... but a family goes big when it comes to decorating for valetine's day. ((kirsten joyce)) where the inspiration stems from... after years of putting up the decorations. ///
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ethel m chocolate factory is partnering up with uber... to bring ride- sharing customers a surprise treat. about 500 boxes of ethel m's heart-shaped chocolates.. will be randomly placed in uber cars. the chocolate is free... but everyone is encouraged to make a donation... to the local non-profit children's heart foundation. /// ((brian loftus)) > the county clerk is expecting lots of valentine's day weddings this weekend. the county says it's only going to get busier because of the extended holiday... due to president's day being on monday. they're encouraging couples to complete the marriage license pre- application on their website. last year, the county issued
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over valentine's day weekend. /// ((sherry swensk)) > yard decorating is usually something you do for christmas or halloween. but a family in virgina goes all out every year for valentine's day. as nakkell williams reports... it's a labor of love. with a name like stephanie could spreading love especially for valentine's day not be her mission? (stephanie loving, decorated yard for valentine's day): "the second day after christmas l start decorating for valentine's. it's the day i look forward to the most." loving's glen allen yard is filled four-foot hearts...flashing... with sweet valentine's wishes and it all started when she was a little kid. (stephanie loving, decorated yard for valentine's day): "when i was a little kid, you know when we used to make the brown paper bags and decorate them and stick them under the chalkboard. everybody would put their valentine's inside of there. i just always loved and was so excited to get that brown paper bag to see what was inside it." people can't resist stopping by for a little smooch in the kissing booth... (stephanie loving, decorated yard for valentine's day): "a lot people will leave coins in the kissing booth.
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there were four coins there. one was a quarter and one was a nickel. then one day i came home and one of my nickels was missing. i said somebody took my nickel instead of leaving me a nickel for their kiss." stephanie says it's a labor of love for all to enjoy whether they leave a nickel or not. (stephanie loving, decorated yard for valentine's day): "i absolutely love it. every year i try to put something new out there for people to enjoy." ((sherry swensk)) that was nakkell williams reporting. stephanie's family is inviting the entire community to share a kiss in their yard. ///
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sherry swensk warm and dry for the west and the trend is continuing as we
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holiday weekend for everyone and a big ski weekend for the west! ............. temps right now around the valley are falling into the 40s .................. warmer than normal temps will make for spring skiing rather than cold winter skiing a lot of resorts in the west... while the east stays really cold. ............ high pressure is still in place but some high level moisture is spilling over the ridge into nevada and california. even some light showers up into northern california while cold
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more on the way this weekend. .......... temps will stay extra mild for us through the weekend and into next week! ((sherry swensk))
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expect plenty of lane closures march. work at durango/cheyen ne is scheduled to end this saturday. < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > beyonce put on a great super bowl performance... but her supporters are giving her backlash about it. ((brian loftus)) what they have against the singer... that's leading to protests. ///
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((brian loftus)) > today, bally's is saying goodbye to one of its iconic productions... that's been on the strip for 35-years. "jubilee" will close the curtains for the last time tonight. caesars entertainment says in that time-span... hundreds of thousands of swarovski crystals were used on the showgirl costumes. the company says a new show featuring showgirls... is currently being discussed. /// ((brian loftus)) > youtube is turning up the competition... when it comes to streaming your favorite movies and shows. they released three made- for-youtube movies... which is part of their "red" subscription service. the service costs 10- dollars. you'll be able to watch ad- free videos, get access to youtube originals, and music. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > rallies will be held later this month about beyonce... following her performance during the super bowl halftime show. a hashtag has started -- "boycott beyonce" -- where people say her new song "formation" is "anti-cop". an online post described her performance as a "race-baiting stunt". a protest will take place next week... at the n-f-l headquarters in new
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/// > we'll be right back........///
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right here in southern nevada.
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