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tv   8 News Now at 4 PM  CBS  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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(( (how relieved are you that this is the outcome?) lissa casey/ammon bundy's lawyer, "very relieved. we never wanted bloodshot and we're glad everyone is safe." )) ((paul joncich)) they all face a federal felony charges of conspiracy to keep federal workers from doing their duties through force or intimidation. the four will appear before a judge in portland tomorrow. /// ((denise valdez)) > meanwhile, bunkerville rancher cliven bundy appeared for the first time in federal court in oregon today. bundy flew into portland last night... and authorities arrested him when he arrived. patrick walker is live in the newsroom with more on his arrest... and reaction from the bundy family.: denise... cliven bundy's arrest last night may have been a foreshadowing of the end of this standoff. he was heading to oregon... where his sons are being held in a county jail... as four remaining armed occupiers continued their standoff at the wildlife range outside of burns. this is his mug shot... released today by authorities. he was arrested at portland international airport last night. he's facing six charges of conspiracy to commit an offense against the united states.. assault on a federal law enforcement officer...
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relation to a crime of violence... obstruction of the administration of justice... interference with commerce by extortion... and aiding and abetting. the charges stem from the april 20-14 standoff in bunkerville... armed supporters stepped in when the b-l-m tried to round up bundy's cattle... which were grazing on federal land. i spoke with cliven's daughter-in- law... briana bundy... who says she is shocked by the charges. ((briana bundy/cliven bundy's daughter in law: "they're pretty ridiculous... i mean he doesn't carry a firearm -- nor has he ever carried a firearm -- even to do his chores he's absolutely refused to... so that's bogus. he hasn't obstructed with any administrative justice -- he like -- interference with commerce where does that come from?")) ((patrick walker)) bundy's sons... ammon and ryan... were arrested january 26th after leaving the wildlife refuge. arizona rancher lavoy finnicum was killed in the shooting... when the f-b-i and state police pulled over the vehicle they were in.
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daughter-in-law tells me the family does not have plans at this time to head to oregon... nor have they spoken with cliven since the arrest. denise... ((denise valdez)) the criminal complaint seems pretty extensive. how far back do the allegations go? ((patrick walker)) here it is... it's 32 pages. it dates back to 1993... when the f-b-i alleges bundy refused to get a permit and pay grazing fees for his cattle... and grazed them year-round... which led to an order in 1998 by a federal judge to remove his cattle... which he didn't do. /// ((paul joncich)) toss to weather >another picture perfect day today with above average temperatures again. no record busting temps today. that was 79 degrees set back in
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today back to the 70's by afternoon and expecting another cool night tonight. ............................... .... regional temps still hot in los angeles and record breaking temps for sure in phoenix as well. cooler the farther north you go witgh flagstaff slightly warmer this afternoon. cold in the wasatch today. ............................... ............. evening planner shows mild temps again this evening. clear to mostly clear skies this evening. 62 by 9 pm and then for 8 news now at 11, looking at a comfortable 58 degrees. ((paul joncich)) > police have arrested a woman ... in connection to the shooting death of her boyfriend outside a northwest valley home. 54-year-old catherine brewington faces one count of murder with a deadly weapon. the shooting happened last night around 7:30 near lone mountain... west of the 2-15. according to metro police... a physical confrontation
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followed by an argument outside on the driveway... and then the deadly shooting. this is the 17th homicide investigation for metro so far this year. /// ((denise valdez)) > the lawyers filing a class action lawsuit against the clark county school district... believe there are about 30 victims in the case of a teacher accused of abusing students. jeremiah mazo was first arrested in 2008 by north las vegas police for allegedly molesting students. at that time he taught at simmons elementary school. the case was dismissed because of a lack of evidence. ccsd transferred him to hayden elementary. but last year... he was arrested again.. pleading guilty to lesser charges... sentenced to 60 years in prison. the lawyers say the school district didn't keep students safe. (( aaron ford/attorney, "at the end of the day if a school district is given notice, actual notice, which they had since 2008, that an individual has a propinquity to or a likelihood of abusing students, then they have a duty to not be deliberately indifferent." ))
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alleged victims filed the suit... believing the district should have warned all parents of mazo's past... preventing inappropriate sex acts at school. ccsd would only issue a short statement saying quote we don't comment on pending litigation.. end-quote. /// ((paul joncich)) > the race to the white house continues in milwaukee tonight. ((denise valdez)) the hot topic set to be front and center for tonight's democratic debate... and why one presidential candidate might have his work cut out for him ahead of the nevada caucus. ((paul joncich)) a major settlement from morgan stanley. the multi billion dollar deal the corporation is making after it's role in the financial
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist.
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bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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two hours hillary clinton and bernie sanders will go head to head for the democratic debate in milwaukee. ((paul joncich)) tonight the presidential candidates will focus on the upcoming nevada caucuses. there are also questions about how bernie sanders will do among minority voters in the south but the today the democratic socialist told scott pelley he's confident.
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place when millions of people stand up and fight back. )) ((paul joncich)) > earlier today hillary clinton's campaign received a shot in the arm with an endorsement from the black congressional caucus. between the endorsement and the debate she's looking to move forward after her loss in new hampshire./// ((paul joncich)) > meanwhile republican front runners are pounding the pavement in south carolina ahead of saturday's debate in charleston. it will be the first debate with just five of them on the stage. you'll be able to catch that debate right here on 8 news now... starting at 6 o'clock saturday night. we will also have a special edition of "politics now" immediately following the debate with analysis.. and how it impacts the nevada caucuses./// ((denise valdez)) > the state department could release more of hillary clinton's emails this weekend. this comes after a federal judge criticized them tuesday for delaying the release. the emails are from the private server clinton used when she was secretary of state. critics claim using a private server was a national security risk. the state department was supposed to release all of the emails last month but it asked
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the state department has so far released about 85- percent of clinton's emails... but the final batch is expected to contain the most sensitive information./// ((denise valdez)) > and we are your local election headquarters throughout the campaign... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((paul joncich)) > it's being called the holy grail of modern day physics... and scientists say they've discovered it. ((denise valdez)) what the detection of gravitational waves means for the future study of the cosmos. /// announcer: now nevada's first
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now at 4. ((paul joncich)) > bill cosby's wife will not have to testify against him. but a u.s. district court iin massachusetts ruled today that camille cosby is still subject to a deposition... bill cosby's attorney called the decision "critically important." he said it affirmed the confidential nature of discussions between spouses -- and the protections given to those discussions. /// ((paul joncich)) > morgan stanley has agreed to pay 3-point-2 billion dollars for its role in the subprime mortgage housing crisis which led to the 2008 recession.
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penalty of 2-point-6 billion and a settlement of 550 million- dollars for the state of new york. the results are the work of a coalition of state and federal prosecutors known as the r-m-b-s working group. president obama established the coalition in 2009 to bring wall street to task for causing the housing market meltdown. the group has previously announced settlements from bank of america... jpmorgan chase and citigroup. in a prepared statement morgan stanley says.."we are pleased to have finalized these settlements involving legacy residential mortgage- backed securities matters." ((denise valdez)) > scientist say they've finally detected... what's considered the holy grail of modern day physics. today... an internaitonal team of astrophyscists announced they have detected gravitational waves. they're ripples in the fabric of space-time that albert einstein predicted a century ago. some scientists likened the breakthrough to the moment galileo took up a telescope to look at the planets. ((
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director, ligo, "400 years ago, galileo turned a telescope to the sky and opened the era of modern observational astronomy. i think we're doing something equally important here today. i think we're opening a window on the universe, the window of gravitational wave astronomy." )) ((denise valdez)) to detect the gravitational waves... the team of scientist used a newly upgraded 1-point-1 billior dollar instrument known as the laser interferometer gravitational- wave observatory. it allowed them to detect a gravitational wave from the distant crash of two black holes. scientists say this opens the door to a new way of observing the cosmos. for them, it's like adding sound to a silent movie because these waves are the soundtrack of the universe.
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toss to weather < tedd florendo >staying nice this afternoon and evening with 70's by late day. some high clouds around but staying dry. winds remain calm at least for the las vegas valley and we're slightly warmer than yesterday at this time. we did not reach the record yesterday but we could come close tomorrow ............................... .......... afternoon temps in the 70's all over the valley with the warmer temps over to the eastside where we're lower in elevation and slightly milder. cool up in mount charleston and mild in the northwest part of the valley and foothills. ............................... ........... regional temps in the mid 70's at this hour and near 80 this afternoon in pahrump and mild in laughlin late day. cooler in the central basin and warmer in death valley. ............................... .............. so warm in the southwest. complete opposite where that dip in the jetstream has developed. teens this afternoon in the twin cities and chicago. there.
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and the east coast. ............................... ................. valentines forecast looks good as of now. 72 for the high and 10 above average. there will however be some gusts developing so could be breezy at times. ............................... .............. high pressure still holding through, but slightly sagging more south. rain has developed now over that ridge into the washington and oregon with plenty of clouds. their sunshine was brief. we do have thicker clouds to the north but could see some of these thinner cloud head over and give us a glancing blow. staying dry though again. ............................... .................. tonight 46 for the low and cool. mostly clear with winds staying less than 10 mph. tomorrow expect a high of 75
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record tying temps tomorrow. that record was set back in 1954. ............................... ............... here's your saturday forecast for recreation. 60 on mount charleston, sunny and cool with red rock near 70. should be a good hiking day. lake mead warmer in the high 70's. warm and nice with some breezes expected. ............................... ........... extended forecast shows plenty of 70's still through next week. by midweek we could see more clouds and possible showers on thursday along with breezy winds. ))))
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construction at the durango/cheyen ne intersection should have wrapped up last year, but the cones are sticking around. demetria obilor found out what's going on, in "what's driving you crazy?"/// (( )) demetria obilor: kyle says, "what's the deal with the construction at the durango/cheyen ne intersection?! it looks done, but the cones are still up. " the work happening at the durango/cheyen ne intersection is called the durango hills sewer relief project. work started back in january
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up back in december, then januarybut work is still underway. here's what's going on. the city of las vegas says the project was delayed due to an unforeseen utility conflict. the problem has been resolved and everything is expected to be finished by february 13. hey! what's driving you crazy? send your traffic question to traffic eight at las vegas now dot com. ((denise valdez)) > wanted dead or alive. a massive hunt is underway... for a destructive species of snake. ((paul joncich)) the effort to rid a unique ecosystem of
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities r their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
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choice for news. this is 8 news now at 4. ((denise valdez)) > valentine's day is right around the corner... and those of you looking to save some money by skipping the fancy dinner have a fun alternative. the mob museum is celebrating its fourth anniversary on this weekend.. and to mark the occasion.. it's offering free admission for locals on sunday. then on saturday.. they're hosting a blood drive. anyone who donates will receive 1 free ticket to use anytime this year./// ((denise valdez)) > don't count rock music legend... and las vegas headliner... carlos santana among the fans of sunday's super bowl halftime show. this year's halftime show featured performances by coldplay, beyonce and bruno mars. but santana, who began his music career in san francisco, said
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should have played a role in the show. in a post on facebook, santana said artists and groups like steve miller, journey and metallica would have made the bay area proud. the post got the attention of journey, who thanked santana on facebook, adding that they would have "rocked" the halftime show. metallica did perform saturday night at san francisco's a-t- and-t park. /// ((paul joncich)) > it's going to cost a little extra to visit universal studios in florida. according to the orlando sentinel, a one- day adult ticket to one of universal's two orlando theme parks now costs 105 dollars, up three dollars from last year. the cost of a park-to-park ticket goes up to 155-dollars from 147. and one-day tickets for children ages three to nine are now 100 dollars. in all, a family of four wishing to visit the universal theme parks should expect to pay at
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and that doesn't include food and souvenirs. by comparison, walt disney world offers similar pricing for its orlando parks. /// ((paul joncich)) > the hunt is now underway in florida... for an out-of- control invasive snake species. burmese pythons are threatening the ecosystem in the everglades. some experts believe pet owners released the animals into the wild when the snakes grew too big. and without any natural predators in florida... the snake's numbers continue to grow and grow. while the reptiles are not venemous... they bite... and crush. one python hunter... says the annual hunt... can be exhillerating when you come face to face with a big snake. (( (rahill) i had a hold of a 17- foot python a number of years back. totally ecstatic. woahohoho, this is great. //i had a hold of it and it moved me like i was a feather on a freight train. )) ((paul joncich)) the hunters grab a burmese by the neck, behind the jaw, and let it wear itself out -- then drop it into this bag.
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alive to wildlife officials. the python hunt is an annual event in hope of controling the python population. the top prize is five-thousand /// ((denise valdez)) > more and more young women are turning to heroin. ((paul joncich)) how prescription pain killers have become the gateway to the dangerous street drug.
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announcer: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 4" ((paul joncich)) as consumer and commercial drones increase in popularity... it's creating more opportunities for students. ((denise valdez)) rancho high's "school of aviation" showcased some of its robotic and programing accomplishment s, today. 8 news now reporter brittany edney shows us how they're helping to shape the future for -- unmanned aerial vehicle industry. ((blake buell, student: "we all have that fascination with wanting to be like superman, playing up in the sky." )) ((brittany edney)) instead of a cape--- blake buell is planning to use his programing skills to launch him into the aviation world.
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always grown up playing with legos and wanting to build, things like, more of a creative mind if you will." )) ((brittany edney)) buelll says he wants to pursue a degree in engineering and through his school's aviation academy... along with fellow students, he's learned the ins and outs of building a drone. ((brittany edney/reporter: " from assembly to programming, it takes students here about two weeks to get a drone up off the ground.")) ((blake buell, student:"i've always been tech savy and putting things together has always been my thing")) ((brittany edney)) these teens are catching the attention of area companies like spectral sky which uses u-a-v's to collect aerial data for clients. giving employeers a chance to hire and develop young talent. (( bill reynolds, ceo, spectral sky: "when you're a business, getting people that are interested and already have a base knowledge that i can work off, is going to be huge )) ((blake buell, student: "i like going out, meeting people and shaking hands and getting out there and showing them this is what i can do and what i can offer for you.")) ((brittany edney)) a focus on a future in flight-- with no superpowers requried. ((paul joncich)) the future- ready industry tour is the
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clark county school district. each event highlights a different career-focused program and connects students with area leaders. /// ((denise valdez)) toss to weather another picture perfect day today with above average temperatures again. no record busting temps today. 1971. today back to the 70's by afternoon and expecting another cool night tonight. ............................... .... regional temps still hot in los angeles and record breaking temps for sure in phoenix as well. cooler the farther north you go witgh flagstaff slightly warmer this afternoon. cold in the wasatch today. ............................... ............. evening planner shows mild temps again this evening.
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62 by 9 pm and then for 8 news now at 11, looking at a comfortable 58 degrees. ((paul joncich)) > metro police are looking for the burglars who have struck 75 times since november. surveillance video. police say both of the suspects are black males in their 20's with short hair and goatees or beards. police say they are responsible for this slew of robberies all vegas. the crimes have taken place between midnight and 4 in the morning. anyone with information about the burglars can call crimestoppers./// ((denise valdez)) > a wave of heroin addiction is sweeping across this country. the number of people getting hooked has jumped significantly over the last 10 years. and the faces of these addicts are also changing. more of them are younger, female, and white. 8 news now reporter patranya bhoolsuwan has a special report on how this trend is affecting southern nevada. < ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) to
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back in high school in henderson, she says most would remember her a happy student who loved her friends and volleyball. but she says for years she had a secret life..fueled by an addiction to heroin. ((aly blackmore/form er heroin addict: "i was the type that would do anything if you handed it to me i was going to do it...and 90 percent of the time it was heroin.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) and she says finding her fix was easy. ((aly blackmore/form er heroin addict: "we could walk out onto the street and find someone.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) she says her own mother, a nurse, initially had no idea. ((aly blackmore/form er heroin addict: "when everybody found out it was a big shock, nobody knew, nobody expected it.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) according to the centers for disease control, heroin use has more than doubled in the 18 to 25 age bracket. use among women went up 100 percent and whites up 114 percent. dave marlon, founder of solutions recovery, says the old socio- economic stereotype when it comes to drugs like heroin no longer holds. ((dave marlon/founder solutions
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green valley, it's showing up in summerlin, it;'s showing up downtown. the opiad epidemic is the number one health problem in our community.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) and he says since his rehab facility opened in las vegas 10 years ago...more women and more teens are coming through the door. ((dave marlon/founder solutions recovery: "i believe you can buy a 10 dollar balloon of heroin in any school in the valley today.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) marlon says 4 out of 5 heroin users start with prescription pills. something 24 year old las vegas native taylor burnett knows all too well. ((taylor burnett/former heroin addict: "pretty much everything it touched it messed up.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) 24 year old taylor burnett recently got clean at solutions recovery...after getting into drugs as young as 11. he started with pot, then pills then heroin. ((taylor burnett/former heroin addict: "it was just a dark dark time in my life, i don't want to go back to it.")) ((aly blackmore/form er heroin addict: "i went to 7 funerals in 2015 and 5 of them were heroin
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is married and mother of a 7 month old baby girl a family she credits for her new life free from addiction. ((aly blackmore/form er heroin addict: "some of us have to die so others could's a terrible way to look at it but i am grateful that i made it out.")) > ((denise valdez)) heroin deaths in the u-s are up for 3 years in a row. it's the number one killer of illegal drug users. but reports say painkillers actually kill more americans than heroin and cocaine combined. /// ((paul joncich)) > it's a nighmare at sea... as passengers aboard one cruise liner went through a harrowing experience. ((denise valdez)) how royal caribbian is trying to make amends to its passengers... after taking them through 30-foot waves... and hurricane force winds. ///
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world
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announcer: you're watching 8 news now at 4 with denise valdez and paul joncich. the news of southern nevada is now. ((paul joncich)) > she's a
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who works overtime... to ensure success. ((denise valdez)) chris maathius introduces us to mrs. holloway who's this week's teacher of the game. on behalf of channel 8... mgm resorts, unlv and silver state schools credit union... our teacher of the game is mrs. april holloway. (( )) mrs. holloway is looking to the future and she teaches with that in mind... scherkenbach elementary is lucky to have mrs. holloway on staff... she raises the kids knowledge of technology and it's uses in the world. (( )) her students are eager to learn... fequesntly going above and beyond meeting their grade level. she's implimented the gafe program... it's the google applicatons for education....
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(( )) holloway's work doesn't end with the closing bell... she works overtime and in during the summer to set up computer labs... all for the children's future. (( )) another selfless and hard working clark county school teacher and for all she does... mrs. holloway is our teacher of the game. ((denise valdez)) mrs. holloway receives -- 500 dollars to spend in her classroom and a super stay- cation package from m-g-m resorts. /// ((paul joncich)) > it's a great time to go on vacation. ((denise valdez)) just how much airfare is dropping... and what's behind the change in price.
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((paul joncich)) > the national transportation safety board is reviewing the damage caused to a cruise ship that sailed right into the path of a storm this weekend... sending passengers on a nightmare at sea. the 200- thousand ton liner set sail for the bahamas last weekend but got caught in a major winter storm in the atlantic. the vessel was battered by 30- foot waves and hurricane force winds. officials say they're reviewing the company's storm- avoidance policies to ensure an incident like this never happens again: (( bill baumgartner//r oyal caribbean cruises - it should never happen. we've got to do better. we can't ask guests coming for a dream vacation to deal with those conditions frank mchugh//passeng er - i'm not going to hold it against them i'm just never going to cruise again.)) ((paul joncich)) the coast guard will inspect the ship, before royal caribbean sails the ship out on its next voyage, this weekend. passengers will get a full
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percent off a future cruise./// ((denise valdez)) > and if cruises aren't your thing... you're in luck. the transportation department says domestic airfares have dropped to a six-year low. airline ticket prices fell by more than six- percent in the third quarter of 20-15. the average price is now about 372- dollars. expansion of low-cost airlines and plunging jet fuel costs are big drivers of the change./// toss to weather < tedd florendo >
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< tedd florendo > ((paul joncich)) > as people all over america celebrate black history month, new lessons are emerging from a small town in florida. ((denise valdez)) saint augustine was instrumental in shaping the dialogue of racial equality in our country. but it's not a story that gets a lot of attention. ((paul joncich)) this month, we've been bringing you special reports unveiling aspects of this historic city. today we take you to the 19- 60's and a neighborhood called lincolnville. by the 1960's, lincolnville had become a vibrant african american neighborhood - a stronghold of middle class values and commerce.
4:49 pm
never totally segregated in terms of living. i can recall when i was a kid on the corner of, what is now ml king and lincoln street, there were a couple of grocery stores located in the immediate neighborhood that were owned and operated by jewish families. essie bush oh we were a close- knit family of people. now i had fun in lincolnville, now otis mason we were not totally segregated, white families lived in the community as well. while its influence on the local economy grew these advances were only going to go so far in the face of segregation. otis mason i could not attend the university of florida. i went down for an interview it was very interesting about the results of my visit there. i was told that i spoke very well.
4:50 pm
thomas jackson my father was a teacher and he was told that if he participated in the movement, he would lose his job. fearing retribution many of st. augustine's middle class blacks were either hesitant or silent about the growing civil rights movement. there needed to be a new front opened in the fight against segregation, and there was no better place to do it than in a city about to celebrate its 400th birthday. ((paul joncich)) > the story doesn't end there. on our next installment of america's untold journey... we'll go back to the intense summer of 19-63. and make sure to catch our special this saturday at /// deputies... gunned down in the line of duty.
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the deadly shooting... that has one community mourning the loss of the heros. /// ((denise valdez)) remembering a vegas icon. coming up at 5... we talk to a former showgirl from jubilee... and the memories she's looking back on... as the production says farewell to the las vegas strip./// there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen.
4:52 pm
where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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choice for news. this is 8 news now at 4. ((paul joncich)) > the city of cleveland is apologizing to the family of a 12-year-old boy... shot and killed by police. recently...the city sent tamir rice's mother.... a 500-dollar invoice for the ambulance used to take the child to the hospital. today... the city of cleveland backtracked and an official apologized to the rice family and said they are withdrawing that claim. back in 2014.. a cleveland police officer shot and killed rice... as he played with a toy pellet gun in a public park. in december, a grand jury declined to indict the two responding officers in the case. /// ((paul joncich)) > authorities are releasing more details about the shootout at a maryland fast food restaurant that left two sheriff deputies dead. c-b-s reporter mark albert is in maryland where the two men are being hailed as heroes. "this one has hit us hard." the sheriff of harford county was
4:55 pm
veteran deputies gunned down at a panera restaurant. senior deputies patrick dailey had served 30 years , mark logsdon for 16. (sheriff jeffrey r. gahler/harford county, md) "deputy dailey was the first to arrive on the scene..." authorities say 68-year-old david evans shot deputy dailey in the head after dailey sat at a table and asked how he was doing. (sheriff jeffrey r. gahler/harford county, md) "deputy pat dailey never unholstered, never had a chance to respond." deputy logsdon was shot as he approached the suspect's car after the shooting. (sheriff jeffrey r. gahler/harford county, md "mark was able to return fire." "other deputies opened fire on the suspect and killed him." evans had warrants for his arrest. his son describes him as a heavy drinker with emotional problems. he says his mother called police from the restaurant because she believed evans was there to hurt her. (mark albert/cbs news/abingdon, md) people in the community are leaving flowers at a growing memorial outside the restaurant - panera says it will remain closed for now out of respect for the deputies. melissa sellers placed flowers at the front door.
4:56 pm
the ultimate sacrifice, and we are eternally grateful." alexis bobadilla worked with deputy logsdon in a youth training program. (mark albert/cbs news/abingdon, md) "did he inspire you?" (alexis bobadilla/mour ner) "he did inspire me-that i wanted to become a police officer one day." mark albert for cbs news, abingdon, maryland. ((paul joncich)) the sheriff says he doesn't think evans was targeting law enforcement officers, but the he didn't want to face arrest. /// paul joncich > that's all for us at 4. 8 news now at five starts after this. don't forget.. we're always on at las vegas now dot com, on facebook and
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ave courvoisier)) > an armed standoff... ends peacefully. what's next for the occupants in oregon arrested today...
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leading the group now faces. ((denise valdez)) the southern nevada health district... expanding it's footprint. how the move with benefit you and your family. ((dave courvoisier)) dropping the curtain at bally's. what a former showgirl from jubliee will miss most... as the show takes the stage one last time tonight./// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((dave courvoisier)) > after 41 days... the standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge is over. thanks for joining us. i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) i'm denise valdez... in for paula tonight. the four remaining occupants surrendered to police this afternoon... and no one was hurt. it all began nearly six weeks ago... with the group demanding that the government release two ranchers who had been imprisoned for setting fires. the members arrested today all face felony charges... and will appear in court tomorrow./// ((dave courvoisier)) > this all came to a head... just hours after federal officials arrested bunkerville rancher cliven bundy... when he landed in portland.


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