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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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businesses. who police believe to be responsible for more than 75 separate incidents... and how local businesses are staying vigilant until these suspects are caught. ((denise valdez)) > a local veteran says his source of pain relief is now in jeopardy. why va doctors in nevada aren't allowing veterans to use legal medical marijuana. ((michelle mortensen)) 12:21:53 and coming up in try it before you buy it we test out these really cool lenses for your smart phone camera and i get a little help from this guy, rick harrison from pawn stars. < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((dave courvoisier)) > a brazen burglary spree with dozens of businesses getting hit across the valley. and the suspects still on the loose. thanks for joining us ... i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) and i am denise valdez. this has been happening since last 3 months later...police are still trying to track down the pair in a crime spree authorities are calling the "nightowl- series". patranya bhoolsuwan is live near sahara and convention center
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the targets: ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) police say these criminals are mainly targeting small businesses like this one that are closed at night. and what these guys would do is use a crowbar to break through the front door.. and if that didn't work.. they would just break the glass. today police released new pictures of the 2 men they call the masterminds behind these burglaries....the y believe the pair committed most of the crimes. they say the men try to hide their faces but over time, authorities have been able to collect enough surveillance to show their features. and detectives say these guys are hitting businesses all over town from the blue diamond corridor, to flamingo and fort apache centennial hills in the northwest. the men usually hit between midnight and 4 am, getting into the businesses and grabbing whatever they can from tip jars
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utiqe near centennial parkway who's seen a rash of burglaries in her area and is now doing everything she can to keep her business safe: ((jodi marshall/benso n's home boutique: "we don't leave any cash in the store we don't take a lot of cash period but we don't leave computers we don't leave anyting in the store after hours we take everything with us." lt. nick farese/metro police: "this impact the community really badly some of these businesses could be affected by this which could impact them financially where they may not be able to open up biz the next day" )) police say they have made a couple arrests in burglary cases they believe are connected to these 2 masterminds. but so far they can't find a direct link to the they are putting more pictures out hoping to get the public's help in identifying them. if you have any information on this case you are asked to call crimestoppers. and police are also now offering a one thousand reward for
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arrests. reporting live patranya bhoolsuwan 8 news now.// ((denise valdez)) > are these guys getting help? why is it so tough to track them down? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) police say they believe the men have a getaway driver. they have seen 2 vehicles linked to the suspects. one is a dark colored jeep either a liberty or a patriot suv. the other is white hatchback crossover s-u- v..either a toyota or a lexus. so again police say someone knows these guys, and hope they will come forward soon.// ((dave courvoisier)) > the 41 day standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge is over this evening. all four remaining occupants peacefully surrendered to police earlier this afternoon. the standoff began six weeks ago... with the group demanding that the government release two
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for setting fires. the members arrested today all face felony charges... and will appear in court tomorrow./// ((denise valdez)) > bunkerville rancher cliven bundy appeared in federal court in oregon today. bundy was arrested last night after flying into portland. he was heading to where his sons are being held in a county jail. they were arrested for their role in the wildlife refuge standoff. bundy faces six charges of conspiracy to commit an offense against the united states.. the charges stem from the april 20-14 standoff in bunkerville... armed supporters stepped in when the b-l-m tried to round up bundy's cattle... which were grazing on federal land./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the las vegas housing market has come a long way since the bubble burst. ((denise valdez)) jeremy aguero of applied analysis is here to explain how far the market has recovered. ((jeremy aguero)) > for more than a decade, las vegas has been the poster child for the nation's roller coaster housing
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during the boom, overheated demand sent home prices skyrocketing, and when that bubble burst, home values plummeted. in fact, between the 2006 peak and 2012 trough, las vegas housing prices dropped faster than in any of the 30 largest metropolitan areas. the good news, of course, is those days are behind us. since hitting the low point, the las vegas house price index has recovered by 60 percent, which is also better than any other large metro area. while the 61 percent decline and the 60 percent rebound are very similar numbers, that doesn't mean local homeowners have recovered all the value that was lost. for example, if a $300,000 home loses 60 percent of its value, it drops to $120,000. adding 60 percent back only takes that home up to $192,000. that said, southern nevada has witnessed a steady rise of median existing home prices, now
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sales prices got a significant boost in 2012 and 2013 from a heavy influx of investors, who flooded the market with cash to grab bargain-priced homes. during that time, cash buyers made up one out of every two existing home sales, and distressed sales such as foreclosures and shorts sales accounted for about 50 percent of all transactions. today, investor sales have slowed to about one in four homes and distressed sales account for only 15 percent of sales, both an indication of a more stable market. residual effects of the housing crisis linger. chief among them are the 25 percent of homeowners who owe more than their homes are worth. this rate is double the national average. las vegas's foreclosure rate also sits at twice the national average, with one in 68 homes
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there is no doubt we are making progress, but we still have a ways to go before we would call the market "normal." ((dave courvoisier)) > a local > a local veteran says the v-a is leaving him high and dry. ((denise valdez)) why his source for pain medication is in jeopardy of being pulled because of his legal use of medical marijuana. tedd florendo >denise good evening. chalk up another day in the 70's and above average. but more record highs could be reached. how long will the streak of 70's last? your answer when we come
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being denied critical pain meds by the va because he uses medical marijuana. ((denise valdez)) the reason? the feds still see marijuana, even medical marijuana -- as illegal even though nevada and 22 other states have approved it's use. 8 news now anchor paul joncich is here with the story. ((paul joncich)) > the va has been giving mike potter pain meds like morphine and hydracodone for years. and like many veterans, he also uses medical marijuana to treat anxiety. suddenly last week, the va put its foot down, demanding that mike stop using marijuana, or get cut off from his pain meds. ((trk)) ((paul joncich)) after serving in the marines, 63 year old mike potter says he's been open and honest with his va doctors about using medical and ptsd. he says the va docs never seemed to have a problem with it. ((10:24:15 mike potter/veteran" "and even my doctor said, there's no problem you got a won't have any problem . ((10:22:38 mike potter: "it's been in my records for 15
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last week, something changed. ((10:24:20 mike potter/veteran" "the next thing i know i got a big problem.")) ((paul joncich)) doctors demanded that mike stop using medical marijuana. and if they found any in his system, they'd hold back the morphine and hydrocodone they've been giving him for pain that has left him permanently disabled. ((10:28:40 mike potter: "they took me off em for a week and i was going through withdrawls, i was having palpitations, thought i was gonna have a stroke or another heart attack and i couldn't take it.")) ((10:27:09 mike potter/veteran: "i don't want to stop with the marijana because it helps me with so many other problems, they're dealing with the pain with the opiates...well i've got other problems, with anxiety and panic attacks and the marijuana helps me sleep.")) ((paul joncich)) the helpful effects of marijuana are such a big part of mike's life, he's invested thousands of dollars in equipment to legally grow his own. and attended conferences to learn how to use it in his cooking. ((10:41:43 mike potter: "i can use the extra virgin olive oil with the marijuana, infuse it and use it to cook your fish and chicken...oppose d to using
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)) ((paul joncich)) now mike has two choices. quit marijuana, or go outside the va and find a private doctor for which he will have to pay. and he doesn't think it's fair./// ((paul joncich)) >the v.a. responded to this story: saying their official policy does not prohibit veterans who use medical marijuana from also getting pain killers from the v.a. but each doctor makes their own decision. michael recently switched doctors at the v.a.....which might explain things. right now representative joe heck is co- sponsor of house bill 667 that would help bridge the gap between veterans in medical marijuana states and v.a. docs who still consider marijuana illegal../// ((dave courvoisier)) > coming up next ... jailhouse yoga? ((denise valdez)) only 8news now was invited to check out this unique program that's giving inmates a new piece of mind...
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> more people are ditching their smartphones... conveince. ((denise valdez)) but that could all change thanks to a new product from m-pow. 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen is here to try it before you buy it. ((michelle mortensen)) > m-pow isknown for its blue tooth headphones ... something we may all need if those iphone 7 rumors are true ... but right now though .. they're creating a ton of buzz because of what's inside this box. three snap on lenses that can turn your smartphone ... into one super camera. m-pow ... is turning your smartphone .. into one of these. snap one on .. and in a snap ... you can snap ...
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or a super macro shot. ((so to test this out ii have to find something to take pictures of. maybe something cool ... or something famous... but where am i going to find that. hey the home of pawn stars .. that wouold work great.)) the world famous gold and silver pawn shop and the cast of pawn stars are t-v royalty. it's the second highest rated reality show of all time ... just behind jersey shore. ((we have a situation. )) rick is a big deal ... so let's just hope he's in the building. ((michelle: hey rick .. you free? rick: yeah, what's up? michelle: i was wondering if you might be willing to help me out with a little test im doing. rick: ok. )) that was easy. now off to the floor to take pics with fans. ((michelle: alright, so let's test out the super wide angle first. rick .. the superwide angle? )) next .. i get super bossy ...
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this is awesome everyone say cheese. )) here's my pic. and intern chelsea's without the lens. so far m-pow ... impresses. now .. the fish eye. ((kay everybody say cheese//(splice)// chelsea how is your pic .. not that good. )) another win for me .. i mean m- pow. one more lens to test and rick's the perfect subject ((michelle: so tell me about this ring ... it's a 2001 patriots super bowl ring .. it was a players .. so a big deal .. yeah. )) the ring might be a big deal ... but the lens isn't.. you gotta get super close for anything to come in clearly .. and that's clearly not ideal. so what's the verdict ((i'm not spending 20bucks on it .. but i'm cheap... well there you go ... but thanks .. cause you helped us out big time .. thanks for stoppin by )) ((michelle mortensen)) > did you catch that ..
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but now back to the product. rick didn't like it ...but i loved it. super cool. we got ours on amazon .. for 20 bucks. ((weather toss)) < tedd florendo ((>staying nice this afternoon and evening with 70's by late day. some high clouds around but staying dry. winds remain calm at least for the las vegas valley and we're slightly warmer than yesterday at this time. we did not reach the record yesterday but we could come close tomorrow ............................... ..........
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over the valley with the warmer temps over to the eastside where we're lower in elevation and slightly milder. cool up in mount charleston and mild in the northwest part of the valley and foothills. ............................... ........... regional temps in the mid 70's at this hour and near 80 this afternoon in pahrump and mild in laughlin late day. cooler in the central basin and warmer in death valley. ............................... .............. so warm in the southwest. complete opposite where that dip in the jetstream has developed. teens this afternoon in the twin cities and chicago. expecting near 0 temps out there. cold all the way to atlanta even and the east coast. ............................... ................. valentines forecast looks good as of now. 72 for the high and 10 above average. there will however be some gusts developing so could be breezy at times. ............................... .............. high pressure still holding through, but slightly sagging more south. rain has developed now over that ridge into the washington and oregon with plenty of clouds. their sunshine was brief. we do have thicker clouds to the north but could see some of these thinner cloud head over and give us a glancing blow. staying dry though again. ............................... .................. tonight 46 for the low and cool. mostly clear with winds staying
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tomorrow expect a high of 75 nice an sunny with possible record tying temps tomorrow. that record was set back in 1954. ............................... ............... here's your saturday forecast for recreation. 60 on mount charleston, sunny and cool with red rock near 70. should be a good hiking day. lake mead warmer in the high 70's. warm and nice with some breezes expected. ............................... ........... extended forecast shows plenty of 70's still through next wk midweek wcould see moreclouds and possible showers onursday along withreezywinds.))((dave courvoisier)) yoga behind bars.... our cameras went inside the clark county detention center where inmates are practicing yoga.... ((denise valdez)) its part of a new program.... vanessa murphy is here with this exclusive story. ((vanessa murphy)) > dave and denise, this is the first time cameras were allowed inside to see this.... we learned this isn't costing taxpayers anything....the yoga mats were donated, the instructor is a volunteer... and a lieutenant tells us it reduced house discipline by about 70- percent..... about 150 inmates are part of
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detention center which started last july... inmates stay out of trouble, they earn more freedom and privileges.... they can take classes like yoga. the administration inside the jail running the program says the yoga helps the inmates not just physically, but mentally... it's calming...they can reflect on their they got where they are....and think about better decision making. ((vanessa murphy)) and we'll have a full story on this tonight at eleven... we taled with one of the inmates who explains why he believes being in this program could change his life... back to you. ((dave courvoisier)) > it's been one year since las vegas lost a legend. ((denise valdez)) chris maathuis is here with more on the man who helped put las vegas on the map. ((chris maathuis)) we're talking about jerry tarkanian. hard to beleive it's been a year. we'll take a look back at some of the precious thoughts from former players... it's coming up next here on 8 news now.
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< news music voice over: "from 8 news now this is sports with > ((chris maathuis)) the runnin' stretch... they've only got six more games left this season and avoided embarressment last night by nipping the spartans in the final minutes. it's ugly head... and the rebels settling for three's instead of working inside they may be in trouble: (( )) todd simon/unlv coach; "the nature of how they defended us was giving us open shots and we were falling for those open shots rather then dictate what we really wanted and when those three's are falling it looks like a million bucks, but when they're not it looks like we're flat. " rebels can't settle for three's at home saturday if they expect to beat colorado state.... that'll be a 7 pm tipoff. ((chris maathuis)) there are some nfl players who just seem to have played forever. one of those is former unlv rebel keenan mccardell. he played 17 years in the league and along the way played in a pair of super bowls.
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unlv and in the nfl and now he wants to share his wisdom... if tony sanchez will give him a call. (( )) keenan mccardell/form er unlv; "i would love to i'm a rrebel at heart, to get back and talk to those guys and let them understand that there's only one way to do it and it's through hard work if he ever wants me to come back and say something to them i will." ((chris maathuis)) it's been a year since legendary rebel coach jerry tarkanian passed away. seems like it was just the other day at the strip dimmed its lights its rememberance of the iconic coach. a year later, we reminisce, remembering along with thousands of others, what 'tark' meant to this jewel in the desert. nats; "i love these kids there incredible group of kids..." all rebel fans and countless others remember the news... that shook las vegas and the basketball world. nats; an outpouring of love for coach.." brad rothermel/form er athletic director; "is the person with the most miopic vision of anybody i've known. he could focus on the next game in basketball and had no feeling for anything else that was going on..
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but that's also what made him very good." his passing hit hard... many former rebels remember their coach, like a father remembers his son. chris jeter/former rebels; "and if he was alive, still coaching l'd love for a man like jerry tarkanian, to have the opportunity to coach chase jeter and the future children." the tribute and memorial service attended by family, friends and fans will forever be etched in the minds of unlv runnin' rebel fans. voice of robert smith/former rebel; "when i think about his family i think about all the family and players he made us all family made us work hard, but now we look back and we see each other on the street or whatever and we talk about old times" he did and meant so much to so many. he will always be remembered as the coach who litteraly helped put las vegas on the map. nats music; "and did it his way..."
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watching for 8 news now at 6. paula francis see you tonight at 11. goodnight./// this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. here are our three finalists -- a junior at the university of southern california from bethesda, maryland... a sophomore at the university of california, berkeley originally from boise, idaho... and a senior at the university of pittsburgh from jamison, pennsylvania... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --


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