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tv   8 News Now at 6 AM  CBS  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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sanders and hillary clinton neck-and -neck... ((michael stevens)) > brian, kirsten... right now... a new c-n-n... o- r-c poll has caucus-goers split. 48-percent of likely caucus attendees say they support clinton... while 47- percent say they support sanders. according to the poll... clinton is holding an edge among women voters. in recent visits, she's focused a lot on women's issues. when it comes to sanders in nevada... he tops the former secretary of state among voters under the age of 55... he's also ahead when it comes to issues like the economy. yesterday... senator harry reid was in town ahead of saturday's caucus... here's what he had to say about the poll results: ((sen. harry reid // (d) nevada: first of all if you understand harry reid, i don't belive in polls. everyone of my -- they bring up a poll i laugh at them. and there's a lot of substance for what i've been saying for years. a man who ran one of the polling agency's ran an op-ed piece new york times about 6 months ago and said you can't poll anymore. so i don't believe polls. and that's been proven time and
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i'm right and the pollsters are wrong. .)) ((michael stevens)) harry reid... dodged questions from reporters about what candidate he's going to endorse. he says he doesn't want his input to sway any caucus goers: ((sen. harry reid // (d) nevada: i've been very certain that there's no complaints about the caucus being fair. i don't want anyone saying reid big footed the caucus. so i want the caucus to go forward. i want everyone to come out... have a great caucus as we did 8 years ago. )) ((michael stevens)) reid says 8 years ago... caucus... and hope this years turnout will be just as good. brian and kirsten. ((brian loftus)) michael... do the candidates have anymore stops planned before saturday's caucus? ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... both of them will be at a town hall tomorrow here in las vegas... it feature live questions from nevadans. for information about the meeting.. com.///
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force base is going all solar... at least until the sun sets. they just flipped the switch on their new 15- megawatt generating station.. which will allow the base to run on 100- percent solar energy during the day. it is the second large- scale solar project for the base. the base has robotic cleaners that can automatically dust off the solar panels. they're cleaned at night.. so they don't interfere with collecting solar energy./// sherry how's the weather today?
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clear skies and calm winds... but clouds are coming as the morning goes on. we're coming off highs in the mid 70s again yesterday, so it's mild right now. temps dropping to the upper 40s and low 50s ........... this could be our warmest day of the week and the year so far if we reach the 80 degrees we're expecting. ......... but it will be quickly followed by a cool down and a chance for showers later tonight. ........ gusty winds in the mountains today and breezy tomorrow for the valley. back to you! ((brian loftus)) > a federal
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oregon denied bail for nevada rancher cliven bundy. he's facing charges related to the 2014 standoff with the blm in bunkerville. bundy was arrested in portland.. on his way to the armed occupation at a federal wildlife refuge. a recent 8 news now story by vanessa murphy was submitted as evidence by the government that bundy has no plans of lying down to the federal government./// ((brian loftus)) > and lawyers for bundy's son, ammon, are requesting access to the refuge in order to process evidence. fbi investigators have been on the scene since saturday and believe it will take roughly three weeks to process everything. occupiers are said to have left behind weapons and explosives... and the f-b-i wants to eliminate any possible booby traps before granting access to the site. the government says bundy's
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once it is given the all-clear./// ((kirsten joyce)) > metro police say a "broadcast storm" is to blame for a 9-1-1 outage earlier this month. the deputy chief who oversees the communications center says the system may have been overloaded with information. 9-1-1 calls were dropped and once calls were transferred to henderson and north las vegas, the wait for some callers could have been up to 50 minutes. the department says it has since put several measures in place to prevent this from happening again.. but there are no guarantees./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor the stephanie street bridge is closed. expect lane shifts for the next month or so on us 95 as work continues. we're going to talk some more about this project in what's driving you crazy around 6:20 am. work is underway in the northwest at 215 and lone mountain... < > < >
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((brian loftus)) > helping animals in shelters stay warm during the winter months.. ((kirsten joyce)) in today's acts of kindness... the simple way you can help one of our recipients.. continue their good work. ((brian loftus)) > and.. superstar after superstar.. signing up for residency's on the strip... we are chatting with the men who decide who will take the stage.///
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i've watched as the house across the street has sat empty for over six years. i've watched good friends have their homes foreclosed on. people are still really suffering, and they're looking for somebody that is going to create bold change. wall street gave bad advice and bad loans over and over again, and nothing happened. people are so excited about bernie sanders because they know that he's not beholden to wall street. we need someone like bernie sanders that's going to fight for the middle class. we have to fix things now. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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are coming back to las vegas for their second residency and fans "like the sound of that." (( rascal flatts singing: "i like the sound of that" )) ((brian loftus)) we stopped by the joint inside the hard rock yesterday to hang out with guys yesterday to hang out with guys
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the joint inside the hard rock yesterday to hang out with guys ahead of their "rhythm and tonight. they sang their newest hit, which you just heard, along with an oldie but goodie, "mayberry" .. a request from our very own 8 news now crew. and that is just a snippet of what you can expect at their second gig in town. the band said they can't wait to joint: (( jay demarcus/rascal flatts: the crowd here in this particular venue.. they're ready to party and i board for all the vegas. venues. there's something uniquely special about this place. when you come in and you turn up the heat, they're ready to ride with you to the very end, one thing we learned is there are no break down sections where we do an acoustic little 3 or 4 song ditty because these people are ready to rock. they're on their feet and they're ready to have a good time! they're partying )) ((brian loftus)) rascal flatts will play 9 shows for their "rhythm and roots" residency which kicks off tonight and runs through march 5th. barrett baber... a finalist on "the voice" will open for the band. tickets start at just 40 bucks .. if you'd like to purchase some,
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((brian loftus)) > and while we were there yesterday.. rascal flatts got quite the honor.. the hard rock unveiled its memorabilia case for the superstars. they were pretty taken aback.. because it was the first time they actually got to see it.. and they didn't even know which pieces were chosen to be on display. coming up in about 8 minutes.. we'll be chatting with the guys who brought rascal flatts to las vegas.. about who they decide to sign for a residency./// sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk
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changes... and the mountains will get hit first. ......... we should keep a lot of sunshine to start the day and then increasing clouds as the day goes on. .... the winds will first pick up in the mountains and then across the lower elevations. .......... there are advisories and warnings in place you should know about. ..... a slight chance of showers comes overnight tonight and a slight cool down that will last just a day or so. .... then back to mid 70s this
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it will be our warmest day of the week and the year so far if we reach the 80 degrees we're expecting. ......... but it will be quickly followed by a cool down and a chance for showers later tonight. ........ gusty winds in the mountains today and breezy tomorrow for the valley. demetria, how are the roads this
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morning? demetria obilor expect delays o oeastbound spring mountain approaching the strip due to construction work. expect delays not only due to construction near the convention center, but also because of magic - the bi- annual fashion convention happening this week. < > < >
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kirsten joyce > you've got until the end of this month... to help animals stay warm, at various shelters. we featured nathan adelson hospice's pet therapy program during this month's acts of kindness. the folks involved with that are helping their furry friends in local animal shelters....the annual "dog bed and blanket drive"... to help keep animals warm. you can drop off your new or gently used items at all the nathan adelson hospice locations... and community partners. the donations will then be delivered to area shelters. (( lisa browder/nathan adelson hospice: the pet drive goes through the end of february.. half.. a months to go.. blankets, towels... un-opened food )) /// kirsten joyce > if you would like to nominate someone.. just head to las vegas now dot
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left corner .. and acts of kindness will be under the "community" tab. or send us an email... acts of kindness at las vegas now dot com./// ((brian loftus)) > you say construction is creating a freeway. ((kirsten joyce)) demetria found out what henderson is doing about it, in "what's driving you crazy?" ((brian loftus)) > and it's time for today's facebook contest. register to win on our facebook good luck!/// demetria,
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let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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demetria obilor jim says, " construction cones have made the merge from russell rd. to u.s. 95 south short and dangerous. you can't see traffic you're merging with, especially at night. " the cones at russell and us 95 are part of the stephanie street bridge project. jim, i asked henderson to look into the situation. henderson says it understands that the cones have created a tight merge, that's why crews put up additional message boards to warn drivers. henderson has asked the rtc to
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peak traffic to stop multiple vehicles from trying merge at the same time. the stephanie street project should finish up in april. hey! what's driving you crazy? send your traffic question to traffic eight at las vegas now dot com. back to you. (( rascal flatts singing: california to vegas! even nyc got 1 or 2 hillbillies ready to hit the road! )) ((brian loftus)) > rascal flatts sang it themselves.. we are rocking out in las vegas! that was opening night of their first residency at the joint last year.. rascal flatts is the first- ever country music group to sign on for a residency in las vegas. and since then... we've seen more and more artists make their way to the strip from nashville.. chas smith.. vp of entertainment at the hard rock.. and bobby reynolds... vp of booking at a-e-g live las vegas are here to tell us all the work that goes into booking
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((brian loftus)) > thanks for
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> the fbi wants apple to hack into the iphone of the san bernardino shooter... the tech giant's surprising ((michael stevens)) < michael stevens is live talking about the nevada caucus > ((kirsten joyce)) > and... paul mccartney who??? the diss.. that made the legendary beatles' member even wonder how vip he is in hollywood./// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((brian loftus)) > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) and i'm kirsten joyce. the countdown is on to saturday's nevada democratic caucus. ((brian loftus)) but this weekend is also a big one for
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candidates. 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live in the newsroom. michael.. the gop is getting ready for south carolina. ((michael stevens)) that's right kirsten.. on saturday.. voters in south carolina will pick who they think should represent the republican party in the general eleciton. right now.. but now.. he's not just fending off attacks from his competitiors.. he's dealing with some from president obama. ((michael stevens)) donald trump took aim at president obama in south carolina tuesday night.... moments after the commander- in-chief said this: (sot obama) "i continue to believe that mr. trump will not be president//and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people." (sot trump) "you're lucky i didn't run last time when romney ran because you would've been a one-term president." ((michael stevens)) despite the prediction, trump still commands a double-digit lead in south carolina. yesterday he and marco rubio bashed rival ted cruz for being dishonest: (sot trump) "i've never seen a human being lie so much. he lies about everything." (sot rubio) he didn't tell the truth about ben carson in iowa. he's not telling the truth about
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senator fired back: (sot cruz) if you point to the things that come out of their mouth..they don't respond on substance they just scream liar liar liar. ((michael stevens)) right now.. public policy pollying shows trump with a 35 percent lead in south carolina.. rubio and cruz are tied for second place... with 18 percent. ((michael stevens)) after saturday.. the republicans will head here to nevada... for their caucus on tuesday. brian and kirsten? ((kirsten joyce)) michael.. anytime line from president obama yet... on who he's backing on the democratic side.... ((michael stevens)) kirsten.. the president refused to say whether he'll endorse clinton or sanders.. he says he will have an opinion on it, eventually./// ((brian loftus)) > several republican candidates will be in las vegas this week and next.. to drum up support before the caucus. ((kirsten joyce)) jeb bush will be here sunday... to hosta town hall meeting at the sun city summerlin desert vista community center. it's set for 5-30. then.. he'll head to reno for a town hall on monday./// ((kirsten joyce)) > ted cruz is planning eight campaign events in nevada... this sunday, he'll be stopping in pahrump...then will hold a rally in summerlin on monday. he'll be back to las vegas on
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((brian loftus)) > on the democratic side.. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be in las vegas tomorrow. they're taking part in a town hall at the keep memory alive event center downtown. it's from 6 to 8 p-m./// ((brian loftus)) > 8 news now is your local election headquarters leading up to this weekend's caucuses.. and through the general election in november. you can find all the latest polling numbers and headlines on air and online... at las vegas now dot com./// sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk
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with a beautiful sunrise and calm winds... but clouds arealready moving in and there will be more as the morning goes on. we're coming off highs in the mid 70s again yesterday, so it's mild right now. temps dropping to the upper 40s and low 50s ........... this could be our warmest day of the week and the year so far if we reach the 80 degrees we're expecting. ......... but it will be quickly followed by a cool down and a chance for showers later tonight. ........ gusty winds in the mountains today and breezy tomorrow for the valley.
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((kirsten joyce)) > southern nevada will receive 2 point 9 million dollars in grant money from homeland security. it will be used to prevent terrorism, as well as response training for law enforcement and community groups. a total of 28 other "high- threat, high density" areas also received the grant./// ((brian loftus)) > metro k9 officer nicky is doing great in his recovery from a recent
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metro just sent us this video of the dog.. nicky is still not back on duty but his handler took him to his area command... so he could get out of the house for a bit. he was attacked last week with a machete while taking down a barricade suspect. this is one tough pooch.. nicky is expected to make a full recovery and return to work./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor accident on the pecos ramp to eastbound 215 along the north beltway. crash on northbound gibson at 215. accident up on the north side on horse and thom, thom takes you up to shadow ridge high school. back to you!
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like a great idea.. when you need some extra cash.. but... michelle mortenesen says.. beware! ((brian loftus)) the risks. you could be taking on.. if you take out a cash loan. ((kirsten joyce)) plus apple takes on the f- b-i. why its refusing to hack into a terrorists phone./// they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs.
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that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
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fast? then getting a call saying you've qualified for a loan up to 5 grand might sound like a dream come true. ((brian loftus)) but as 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen tells us answering the call could turn into a nightmare. ((michelle mortensen)) > if it sounds to good to be true .. it probably is. that's a phrase i say a lot around here. and in this case ... it definitely applies. according to the better business bureau .. folks in las vegas and nationwide are getting calls
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the number pops up as a local call. and if you answer it ... they voice on the other end of the line will supposedly offer you cold hard cash. lots of it. all you have to do to get it is pay some fees... about 600 buck for insurance and bank fees. though rhonda mettler with the bbb says some victims have been conned into paying more several times. ((one individual actually sent several money grams to the ukraine totally about 2300 ... )) ((michelle mortensen)) sadly the caller would only accept payment from western union. and that's the bad news. hen you wire someone money ... there's no way to get your money back. ((rhonda: that money is untraceable -- there is no way you are going to get that money back you might as well just give it away. )) ((michelle mortensen)) many local victims thought they were dealing with a local company since the calls came from a 702 number. the company also advertises a local address ...
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the business is actually located overseas. so how can you avoid this scam? well look for the signs. first ... no one legit is ever going to call you up and offer you a loan because it's illegal... according to the f-t-c. second ... when acquiring a loan ... if someone wants money up front .. walk away, especially if you're told it's for "insurance," "processing," or just "paperwork." legitimate lenders often charge fees.... but the difference is they disclose them and they take it from the amount you borrow after you've been approved. thirs ... make sure they want your credit history. if they say bad credit .. no problem ... it's a problem. legit lenders want to know. and finally ... never deal with someone who wants you to wire money. ((michelle mortensen)) i want to stress this ... because no matter how many times i say it .. it is never enough ... never wire money because you can't get it back!!!!! sadly i give that bad news to folks all the time .. and it is heartbreaking. ((brian loftus)) if you have a consumer problem..
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at 702- 650- 1907./// sherry how's the weather today? sherry swensk get ready for some windy changes... and the mountains will get hit first. ......... first. ......... we should see increasing clouds as the day goes on.... and maybe some mountain showers late today... even high elevation snow by tonight. . don't forget about our ski report on las vegas now dot com. the winds will be the biggest element of this storm. ....
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the mountains and then across the lower elevations. .......... there are advisories and warnings in place you should know about. ..... a slight chance of showers comes overnight tonight and a slight cool down that will last just a day or so. .... then back to mid 70s this weekend. back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > apple says it will fight a first of its
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court ruling. a federal judge ordered the tech giant to help investigators hack into the locked iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. apple ceo tim cook says the ruling is dangerous and the company plans to challenge it. the fbi wants to look into the phone to see if there is a motive or an explanation for the shooting that killed 14 people./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor accident on charleston at lamb. this crash could slow your route to us 95, so think of using alternates like eastern or boulder highway. delays in the spaghetti bowl
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back to you! ((brian loftus)) > iconic beatles' member, paul mccartney, apparently isn't vip enough.. ((kirsten joyce)) the grammys after party the legendary musician got turned away from this week.. plus... ((gayle ahead on cbs this morning, will the f-b-i be able to force apple to help unlock a san bernardino shooter's phone? we'll talk with legal analyst rikki klieman. and charlie's conversation with defense secretary ash carter. the news is back in the morning. see you at seven.
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one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. i want to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. i've spent my life fighting for children, and i'm not stopping now. i'm hillary clinton,
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online are pretty shocked about this next story.. because apparently being a beatle.. isn't enough to get into a grammy's after party. tmz reports paul mccartney and his friends, beck and foo fighters drummer, taylor hawkins, were all told they weren't welcome at tyga's party. they tried two different times to get in.. eventually mccartney said, "how vip do we gotta get? we need another hit." tyga later said he didn't know that happened .. claiming he performed and then
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sherry how's the weather today?
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more clouds on the horizon this morning... and temps in the upper 40s, low 50s. winds are light for now but that will soon change for the mountains. .... the winds will first pick up in the mountains and then across the lower elevations. .......... there are advisories and warnings in place you should know about. ..... a slight chance of showers comes overnight tonight and a slight cool down that will last just a day or so with highs dropping to the upper 60s tomorrow.
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then back to warmer mid 70s and good sunshine again this weekend. back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > pope francis will make an historic visit to the us- mexico border today... on his final day in the country. ((brian loftus)) > hundreds of thousands of people are expected to gather on both sides of the the pope celebrates mass in the crime-plagued city of juarez. pope francis will also visit prison inmates while there./// ((brian loftus)) > about 50 people from las vegas' saint anne's catholic church will be arriving there this morning.. they packed their bags and took
6:52 am
to see pope francis. juarez./// demetria, how are the roads this morning? demetria obilor < > back to you! ((kirsten joyce)) > it's time
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this is pumpkin. he's 2- year old. he's some type of pit bull terrier. pumpkin likes skiing, snowboarding, or just sitting on your lap.. after you've had a long day on the slopes. his adoption fee is 25- dollars. animal foundation 384-3333 ((kirsten joyce)) > two planes collide.. on an early morning flight. ((brian loftus)) the damage.. passengers witnessed.. while going down the taxiway./// ((brian loftus)) today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america,
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that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough."
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> the markets just opened and right now, the dow is up 134 points. it was up 222 points yesterday and the nasdaq added 98./// ((kirsten joyce)) > scary moments at detroit metro airport.
6:57 am
airlines jet clipped each other while taxiing this morning. several passengers were on board each of the planes.. when this happened. so far.. no injuires have been reported./// ((kirsten joyce)) > american airlines is suing in-flight wi-fi provider "gogo" because its internet is too slow. the airline believes it has a better offer from another competitor... and wants to get out of its contract. american airlines' contract states... once it submits an official notice that they have a better offer... gogo has a certain amount of time to comeback with another offer./// ((brian loftus)) > one of the winners of the record- breaking billion and a half dollar powerball will be revealed. the lucky winner in florida will come forward today. one of the tickets was sold at a grocery store in melbourne beach.. a tennessee couple was the first to come forward. they took a lump sum payout of more than 187- million bucks.. that's after taxes. a third winning ticket was sold next door in chico, california.. no word on that winner just yet.///
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"c-b-s this morning" starts right now./// good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, february 17th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a judge orders apple to help the fbi unlock the phone of a san bernardino killer. ceo tim cook fires back overnight saying he will resist. president obama predicts donald trump will not be the next president.
6:59 am
can we trust driverless cars to make moral and life-saving decisions? peter greenberg goes for a ride. we begin today with "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. it's not hosting a talk show or reality show. >> president obama takes a swing at donald trump. >> i hate to say, that actually is a compliment. >> he doesn't stop talk. it's not what he says, it's the fact that he says it louder and louder and louder. >> apple will fight a landmark court order to help the fbi hack into the iphone left by one of the san bernardino shooters. >> president obama fired back at senate republicans who say they won't even consider his nominee. >> the constitution is pretty clear about what is supposed to happen now. >> [ bleep ]. >> severe thunderstorms swept across south florida, tornadoes touched down.


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