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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  February 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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from both camps.. and where the final results are coming in . ((denise valdez)) plus it's not just a big day in nevada.. the polls just closed in south carolina for the republican primary. an update.. as the race is called. ((dave courvoisier)) and get ready rebels.. they are taking on their rivals.. the u-n-r wolfpack tonight. what you can expect from the thomas and mack./// now, nevada's first choice for news, this is 8 newsnow, weekend edition ((dave courvoisier)) > the caucus is over and a winner has been declared good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez. hillary clinton has been declared the winner in nevada ((dave courvoisier)) we have live team coverage.. with reporters at both campaigns.. and at the official counting site. and that's where we find 8 news now reporter karen castro. ((karen castro)) this is where all the precincts statewide reported results... and results starting coming in from some of the smaller precincts at around one this
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hillary clinton was declared the winner shortly after 50-percent of the precincts reported resutls. both candidates were neck in neck through out the day. in fact we're told at least a handful of deck of cards were handed out. one was actually used in pahrump. even after her win, results were still coming in. at last check 85-percent of the precincts are reporting with clinton at 52-percent and bernie sanders at 47-percent. we saw long lines at polling sites around the valley. here's what we know so far about who turned out at today's democratic caucuses. (( )) ((karen castro)) the nevada democratic party says 31- thousand nevadans pre- registered for the causes. that number is expected to be a lot higher with polling places doing on-site registration. in all, there are 17-hundred precincts in nevada. about 12- hundred of them are in the southern part of the state. we do expect to learn more about turnout. senator harry reid is holding a
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it at 6-30 at the container park in downtown las vegas. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) thanks karen./// ((denise valdez)) > right now we want to send things out to patrick walker. who's been following the sanders campaign. patrick.. sanders congratulated clinton.. but mentioned the wind is at our back -- still very optimistic?/// ((patrick walker)) (((bernie sanders/(d) presidential candidate) i believe when democrats assemble in philadelphia in july at the convention we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states.)) ((denise valdez))
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patrick./// ((dave courvoisier)) > we're also live at the hillary camp. paul joncich is with clinton supporter snow. hey paul. (hillary clinton/(d)
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your campaign, and it is, it is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. we're going to build ladders of opportunity in their place so that every american can go as far as your hard work will take you."
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republican results.
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and hillary won in nevada. /// ((denise valdez)) > from the democrats.. to the republicans. ((dave courvoisier)) coming up a winner is announced.. in the south carolina primary. plus.. sharie? ((sharie johnson)) share is live after a girl was hit by a truck .///
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near the las vegas strip. investigators say 27 year old melissa yvette mendoza and 27 year old jennifer margarita chicas were shot and killed.. outside the cosmopolitan hotel. the violence started inside the miracle mile parking garage.. across the street. minutes later.. people called police about gunshots by the panaroma towers. they found one of the victims inside a car at the cosmo's valet with a man who'd been shot. the other was found lying in the street. metro says they are looking for a dark gray 2015 toyota camry driven by a black male in his early 20's connected to this incident.///
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court justice antonin scalia was laid to rest today. pallbearers carried his flag-draped casket into the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. scalia's funeral service was the first for a supreme court justice to be held at the nation's largest roman catholic church. mourners from both sides of the aisle including vice presidents joe biden and dick cheney.and senator ted cruz came together to say goodbye. scalia died unexpectedly last weekend while on a hunting trip in texas./// ((denise valdez)) > the democratic party is in the spotlight here in nevada but donald trump is also making headlines. ((dave courvoisier)) the associated press just called the south carolina primary... in the billionaire's favor. trump is projected to win with 34 percent of the vote... marco rubio and ted cruz... are tied for second.. with 22 percent. this is the second straight victory for the real estate mogul... he also took first place in new hampshire./// ((denise valdez)) > nevada voters..
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others news this saturday. a girl is in the hospital.. after police say.. she was hit by a truck. ((dave courvoisier)) it happened this afternoon.. near elkhorn and fort apache. and that's where we find 8 news now reporter sharie johnson. sharie? ((denise valdez)) > still no
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locations across the valley. ((dave courvoisier)) people waited in long lines.. while the democratic party.. dealt with some computer glitches. 8 news now reporter brittany edney joins us now live from caesars palace... brittany.
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there was a huge turnout at del webb middle school today with people filling up the gym, classrooms and cafeteria.. i have to tell you though, it did start out a bit rocky as the checkin times were ranging from 1-2 hours for attendees. some people expressed frustration over those long lines since it was outside in the sun with no where to sit... but once everyone got inside and to their designated areas... things went a lot smoother. u.s. democratic senate leader harry reid was also there. he spent the afternoon chatting with students and caucus goers enjoy... as for first time caucus goers, i spoke to several who said it was a great experience. one gentleman said he was even able to sway a few people over to his candidate... and appreciated how the crowds seemed so receptive. ((sot scott greenspan, first time caucus goer )) ((brittany edney)) and to
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open mindedness, another woman i spoke to, says she came in completely devoted to one candidate... only to change her mind during the caucus... so we definitely saw a lot of healthy debating go on today... denise and dave, back to you. ((dave courvoisier)) > plenty of you took to social media to share your experience at the caucus. these are pictures people sent us.. with the hashtag n-v- caucus. you can see long lines.. people voicing their opinions.. and more. keep those photos coming.. and we'll keep sharing them on air.//// ((dave courvoisier)) > now let's send things over to tony smith ((denise valdez)) he's got a check of your weekend weather./// brian brennan
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weekend and through much of next week as high pressure develops over the region. temperatures will be ten or so degrees above normal next week with locally breezy north winds at times. ---------------------- in the short term...through monday night -- a ridge of high pressure is expected to develop over the area during the next 48 hours keeping well above normal temperatures along with light winds over most areas. winds down the colorado river will generally be in the 10-15 mph range saturday with an increase into the 15-25 mph range sunday. the models indicate the ridge strengthening monday off the west coast with a piece of energy diving southeast along the front side of the ridge. this energy is expected to
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of the cwa as is pushes through monday...but we could see a few lower clouds across lincoln county...but most areas will continue to see periods of high clouds. the main concern with this feature will be an increase in north to northeast winds monday afternoon across the eastern half of the area and especially the colorado river. winds should generally remain in the 10-20 mph range with gusts possibly up to 30-35 mph down the river. -------------------------------- ----------------- the long term will start with a shortwave trough diving through utah and colorado tuesday morning. will keep the forecast aligned with the majority of the deterministic models and the short-range ensembles with keeping the northeast forecast area dry. however, the trough passage will crease northerly winds, parcularly along the coloradover wilao drop temperatures a
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maybe wnesday, yet remain above normal for this time of year. otherwise, the trough pushes east and allows ridging to build across the western conus andld strong through friday, with light winds and mratures warming back to 10or so degrees above normal. next weekend, a srtwave trougg will start to edge shore along the california coast. this timiappears rather weak witltle in the way ofecipitati ttial, exceptr maybe the sierra to southwest winds codck up a bit, but right now thein feature seems to be an crease in cloud cor forturday.------------------------here's your weather now - your st accurate forecaspowered 8 news now.ernight: mostly clear, with a w around northwest wind 5 to 7 mph. sunday: sunny, with a high near .lm wind becoming north rtheast 5 to 7 mpin the ternoon.nday night: mostly ear, with low around1. ght north northeasticoming north 5 to 10 mph after dnight.nday: sunny,i a high near.rth winmphmoa clw51.tuey, tuesday ni5wednesd: sunny, th7wednesday night: st with a low arouthursday: sunny, with a high near 76.ursday night: mostly clear, th a low around 52. iday: sunn th a high near .>hanks>dave crvoisier)) > now lets ntn over to jon tritschth spor.///jon tritsch)>on a day where the world turns to nevada for only seems right gas and reno uit out one court in a matchup labeledthe governor's seriestheolfpack won the first owdown in january in what was almost too close toall..65-..nevada and lwill be back it boxing ea h out like bernie and hillary tonight.. favorites.. 's been a miserable year witlot of regrets..
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((denisealdez)) > clintontakes nevada..but not by a landslide. we'll check in with all our crews.. as our live team coverage continues./// now, nevada's first choice for news, this is 8 newsnow, weekend
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weekend edition ((dave courvoisier)) > 8 news now has you covered.. with everything you need to know about today's democratic caucus. ((denise valdez)) we have live team coverage.. from both campaigns.. and the counting site. let's check in with each of them now.. karen..
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((dave courvoisier)) > thanks so much for joining us.
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more of your democratic caucus coverage on air at 6pm.. but it's always on... on the web. at las vegas now dot com. ((dave courvoisier)) see you at 6./// > a juvenile is badly hurt...
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>> axelrod: the night belongs to the front-runners.
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donald trump finishes first in south carolina. emotional farewell to supreme court justice antonin scalia. the harrowing final words from the doomed ship "el faro." >> the clock is ticking. >> axelrod: and a suburban village deploying big-city surveillance tactics. is this the town that knows too much? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. and this is our of a western edition of the broadcast. in the first southern contest of campaign 2016, donald trump won the republican primary in south carolina. about 2600 miles away in the first western contest of the year, hillary clinton won the democratic caucuses in nevada. we'll have more on the democrats in just a moment, but first, let's go to major garrett, who is covering the republican race for us tonight and is in


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