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tv   8 News Now at 5 AM  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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> you might be hearing a chorus of coughs at your workplace this time of year... we break down what several different types of coughs mean... so you know what's wrong...and when to go to the doctor. /// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((brian loftus)) > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) and i'm kirsten joyce. another big political week.. here in the valley. ((brian loftus)) the democratic caucus was saturday.. and tomorrow.. republicans will head to the polls. boxes 8 news now reporter michael stevens joins us now live... michael... it was a tight race here over the weekend. ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... it really was... now the g-o-p candidates are setting their sights on nevada ahead of tomorrow's caucus...
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the durango community center... where ted cruz will be later on this morning. nevada democrats caucused on state.. but not by a large margin. percent.... while sanders took 47. took 47. clinton thanked supporters... saying she has the momentum.. to keep her campaign going to the white house.. while sanders blamed low turnout and says.. he's not going anywhere. (( hillary clinton // (d) presidential candidate: "this is your campaign, and it is, it is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. we're going to build ladders of opportunity in their place so that every american can go as far as your hard work will take you.")) (( bernie sanders // (d) presidential candidate: "we are going to see one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states!))
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35 delegates up for grabs in nevada. clinton's win means she will get the majority... at least 18. sanders will pick up at least 14. the next democratic contest is saturday in south carolina.. meanwhile... for the republicans... all eyes are now here in nevada for tomorrow's caucus. brian, kirsten? ((brian loftus)) michael.. you say sanders blamed turnout for his loss to clinton. what were the final numbers? ((michael stevens)) brian.. according to the democratic party.. 80 thousand democrats caucused saturday. in 2008... nearly 120 thousand came out to the polls./// ((kirsten joyce)) > and donald trump is looking for another win here in nevada... after he took south carolina on saturday. trump came in first place... and rubio and cruz were second and third. after saturday's results came in... jeb bush suspended his
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((brian loftus)) > like michael said... ted cruz will be here in the valley today... a day after he held events yesterday in southern nevada. first.. cruz held a rally at the draft picks sports bar in pahrump. then, he went to henderson in the evening... where he spoke at a rally./// ((brian loftus)) > and marco rubio was also here... more than a- thousand people came out to show their support at texas station. senator rubio stressed his local roots in nevada saying his dad found work here after hard times in florida. rubio says he'd fight to build a stronger military, defend the second amendment right and fight for a limited federal government. he told the crowd last night he's ready for change: ((senator marco rubio/r- presidential candidate "so if you nominate me will unite this party we will grow it and take our message to people who have never heard from us or haven't heard from us in a long time. this is the face of the new conservative movement." )) both rubio and cruz urging people to caucus tomorrow. telling supporters they can only win if they're selected during the caucus process. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > remember.. 8 news now is your local election headquarters.
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everything you need to know about the races.. on air.. and online at las vegas now dot com./// brian loftus > now let's get a look at your forecast. kirsten joyce sherry... how's the weather looking today? sherry swensk < the stars and the full moon are out early on this monday morning. temps are in the mild 50s right now after hitting the mid 70s sunday afternoon. ............ the north winds will pick up as the day goes on and will be even stronger tomorrow. ............
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until the end of the week... then some clouds, but a drop in temps tomorrow after the .. > back to you.
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((kirsten joyce)) > the man who police say shot and killed two women near the strip on friday... is behind bars this morning. police arrested omar talley over the weekend... he's facing several charges...after police say he killed melissa mendoza and jennifer chicas. police say the shooting stemmed from a fight at the miracle mile parking garage. metro police are still searching for the vehicle involved -- described as a dark grey 2015 plates. if you have any information... crimestoppers. /// ((brian loftus)) > a bicyclist is dead after he was hit by an illegal off-road vehicle early sunday morning. it happened on saint rose parkway near i- 15 . n-h-p says an off road vehicle crashed into the 59- year-old bicyclist ... the bicyclist was killed on scene... the 28-year-old off road driver was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. n-h-p says the bicyclist was his bike...
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investigated for driving under the influence./// ((brian loftus)) > a man is fighting for his life after he was hit by a car sunday morning. it happened at charleston and maryland parkway police say he was crossing outside of a crosswalk when he was hit. that driver took off...but a witness followed the suspect's vehicle...until police could pull him over. the pedestrian was taken to u-m-c in serious condition. the driver is accused of driving under the influence./// kirsten joyce > now let's turn it over to demetia. brian loftus how are the roads looking this morning. < demetria obilor >police activity along eastbound 215 near the mccarran exit. seeing some more activity on southbound i-15 past russell - no major delays, however. watch out for a hit and run
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nellis, near sams town casino. < > back to you. /// ((brian loftus)) a judge decides bill cosby's wife... must speak in court today. ((kirsten joyce)) why she was trying to get out of her r his sex assault defamation case. ((brian loftus)) this beltway bottleneck has been driving you crazy for years. demetria unveils the solution, and explains why it could take awhile before things get going.. ((kirsten joyce)) > plus... 3,2,1 liftoff.
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to space...for nasa's astronaut program. why many of them...might just have their head in the
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((kirsten joyce)) > coughs are a familiar sound this time of year... but as don champion explains...not all coughs are the same. mariel felix has had it with her nagging cough. (sot mariel felix/patient) i've been ill for a week or so now and i haven't gotten any better.. bronchitis." so what exactly does your cough mean. mount sinai urgent care doctor judah fierstein says this time of year most patients have a cold and cough from post nasal
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judah fierstein, mount sinai urgent care (feer-steen)) what starts out as nasal congestion and a mild cough that gets deeper into chest and causes drawn out illness. nats patient ((nats: wheezing rattle)) if a person has a dry cough that ends in a rattle it may be asthma. when the cough is wet with colored mucus, that can be a sign of pneumonia. (sot: dr. judah fierstein, mount sinai urgent care (feer- steen)) coughs that are particularly concerning and should prompt someone to go to a doctor earlier are coughs associated with real difficulty breathing.. nats other coughs to watch out for: (gfx) a dry cough that gets worse when someone lies down or eats.. can mean reflux disease.. . and a severe hacking cough followed by a high pitched whoop could be pertussis.. or whooping cough. nats mariel suffers from asthma. a chest xray ruled out pneumonia and determined she has bronchitis. (sot: dr. judah fierstein, mount sinai urgent care (feer- steen)) unfortunately not uncommon for bronchitis to last two to four weeks. dr. fierstein recommended an asthma medication to open her passageways.. and dark honey to soothe her
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don champion, cbs news, new york. ((kirsten joyce)) doctors say you should see a doctor blood... or have pain when you're trying to breathe./// adlib weather chat sherry swensk < we're rocking around just a little out there this morning... but winds will get breezier as our monday goes on and even
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tuesday as a weak system slides by the area. .............. right now we're in the low 50s... and winds are below 10 mph, but that should increase to 15 or even 20 by the afternoon. ............ let's check temps around the country. not too cold... but definitely cooler to the north. warm and moist air across the deep south will feed into thunderstorms and possibly severe weather today. ....... the west will keep storms to the northwest... with this little disturbance sliding by to the east and north. ............ bigger winds tomorrow to maybe 30 mph or higher... and strong along the river. temps drop at least ten degrees for a day... then they start climbing again as we get through the week.
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highs even reach for near 80 degrees again by the weekend with some extra clouds as another system moves by southern nevada./// > back to you./// > ((brian loftus)) > a man in michigan who police say randomly the weekend... morning. jason dalton, an uber driver, allegedly killed six people at three different locations saturday... including a cracker barrel restaurant, a car dealership and a town home community.
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the first victim in the shooting spree was shot multiple times. she is expected to survive. the sheriff says her quick actions saved the lives of several children including 12- year-old joi coleman: ((joi coleman, 12- year-old survivor) he shot her once, and she was still running, and then he shot her again, and she fell. and she was asking joi help me joi help me. police have not yet identified a motive. dalton had no prior criminal history. uber released a statement... saying they're horrified and heartbroken at the violence./// ((kirsten joyce)) > bill cosby's wife is set to give her deposition in a defamation suit against her husband... camille cosby is slated to answer questions under oath that allege bill sexually assaulted women decades ago. the lawsuit is brought by seven women. camille tried to delay the deposition... saying she had no involvement with the allegations in the case. but a judge ruled late yesterday it will proceed today./// brian loftus > let's get a check of your commute. kirsten joyce demetria... how are things looking? < demetria obilor
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tropicana between eastern and mcleod. things will get worse during the rush hour. work is scheduled to carry on like this through april. the entire project should finish up in october. work begins today on wigwam, west of i-15 for the county's big pipeline project. crews will work westward onto valley view. this portion of the project will take a few months. > < > back to you. /// ((brian loftus)) > making sure your bank account is always stacked full of cash. ((kirsten joyce)) coming up, how you can better prepared for financial stability. ((brian loftus)) suspicious calls hitting the valley...asking for your money. 8 on your side's michelle
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olive garden now offers catering delivery. we make the food and deliver it to your door...
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more money... starting now. ((kirsten joyce)) and there's a new phone... that can tell you who's calling even if they're not in your contact list. jill wagner joins us live from wall street. good morning jill. q: and jill -- one job that's getting a lot of interest -- astronauts! a record number of people applied for nasa's next tell us? good morning brian and kirsten! markets open this morning after their best week of the year. on friday, a mixed finish. the dow dropped 21 points. the nasdaq rose 16.// if you're thinking about saving more of your money--- this is a good week to start. "america saves week" begins today. one idea: put savings on auto-pilot. instruct your bank to automatically pull a certain amount from your checking
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announced two new galaxy s7 and s7 edge smartphones. they have better battery life... and are dust proof and water proof for as long as 30 minutes in water 5 feet deep. also... they can run the whitepages app that can identify incoming calls even from numbers that aren't in your contact list.// brian and kirsten/ q: and jill -- one job that's getting a lot of interest -- astronauts! a record number of people applied for nasa's next astonaut class? what can you tell us? a: there are more than 18 thousand applicants... triple the number that applied to the previous class...
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these future astronauts could be tapped for a mission to mars. nasa will spend the next 18 months sifting through applications.// brian and kirsten? /// > now let's turn it over to crazy? /// demetria obilor misty says, "the northbound 215 exit to charleston is a disaster! there's almost an accident there every day. you come off the beltway, headed for the right lane, but people in the left lane of the side
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about the situation on charleston/215 - it's bad. drivers exiting northbound 215 at charleston have to compete with northbound traffic on hughes park drive. summerlin/howa rd hughes will construct the improvements in city and ndot. the project will add intersection capacity by adding an extra right-turn lane and another left-turn lane. this should reduce the number of lane changes for drivers. here's the problem. the project has no start date. nothing has been set in stone. all summerlin knows is that the timing will coincide with the second phase of development at downtown summerlin - no date for that either. what's driving you crazy? remember, you can write me at. traffic 8 at las vegas now dot com. back to you. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > a strong cyclone rips through fiji. ((brian loftus)) how many people were killed in the storm this weekend... and the other damage it caused.///
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> ((michael stevens has the latest on the upcoming gop caucus)) ((brian loftus)) apple to help out the government... to help unlock a terrorists phone. the strong message to the tech director. ((kirsten joyce)) > a panda...checkin g out his winter surroundings. how this little guy makes the most out of the snow fall... no sled or mittens needed!/// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > thanks so much for joining us. i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) and i'm brian loftus. all eyes are on nevada.. in the hours leading up to tomorrow's republican caucus. ((kirsten joyce))
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michael... several of the candidates have been here since the weekend.... the others are on their way. ((michael stevens)) kirsten and brian.. i'm live at the durango hills community center.. where senator ted cruz will be he's.. hoping to get a number of nevada votes tomorrow... as donald trump eyes his third victory. ((michael stevens)) donald trump is on a roll after picking up 50 victory. but trump isn't underestimatin g his republican rivals. : donald trump, republican presidential candidate) i'm dealing with very talented people, smart people, good people.i think they'll be competing. we still have competition. ((michael stevens)) its shaping up to be a three man race between trump and senators marco rubio and ted cruz heading into tuesdays caucuses in nevada. rubio picked up the endorsement of nevada senator dean heller-- it could be key in his effort to become the choice of establishment republicans. (: senator marco rubio) "the democrats don't want to run against me, but i want to run against them" ((michael stevens)) cruz is hitting the
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a disappointing third place finish in south carolina, where he lost the evangelical vote to trump (: ted cruz, republican presidential candidate) it is becoming clearer and clearer that we are the one campaign that can beat donald trump. in fact we're the only campaign that has beaten donald trump ((michael stevens)) his supporters agree. (katreen romanoff, cruz supporters) he will do the best to save our country. more than that he's going to save the constitution. we're going back to the constitution. ((michael stevens)) overall, trump has 67 delegates, ted cruz has 11 and marco rubio has 10. cruz's event kicks off today at 11-am. space is limited, so if you want to attend you're asked to r-s-v-p. in order to do that.. visit las vegas now dot com and click on links. brian and kirsten? ((kirsten joyce)) michael.. what are the other upcoming events here in town? ((michael stevens)) kirsten, donald trump is holding a rally at the south point tonight. the doors open at 5. tomorrow..
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the silverton casino at 8-am.. and doctor ben carson will hold mountain shadows community center in sun city summerlin tuesday. that event starts at 10- am./// ((brian loftus)) > we will continue our local caucus coverage tomorrow night for the republican caucus. we will have reporters at al the front- runners camps.. and the counting headquarters... starting with the kick-off of the caucus in our 5 p-m newscast. and stay tuned for special editions of politics now at 7:30 start coming in./// ((kirsten joyce)) > hillary clinton is hoping to strengthen support after her win at the democratic caucus saturday. voters in south carolina will be heading to polls this upcoming saturday... ahead of their democratic primary. after that, it's super tuesday, on march first...when 12 states choose who they want as their presidential candidates. on the democratic side, more than half the votes needed to win the nomination will be determined in the 28 states that hold primaries and caucuses in march./// > remember.. 8 news now is your local elections headquarters.
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everything you need to know about the races.. on air.. and online at las vegas now dot com./// kirsten joyce > now let's get a look at your forecast. brian loftus sherry... how's the weather looking today? < sherry swensk the stars and the full moon morning. looking west from our molasky corporate camera... you see the moon hanging over the spring mountains. it will set just about the time the sun will be rising in the east. .................
5:34 am
low 50s and cooler upper 40s right now. we're cooling off from those mild mid 70s sunday afternoon. ............ the northerly winds will pick up as the day goes on and will be even stronger tomorrow... bringing us some cooler weather for a day or so. ............ sunny skies will stay with us until the end of the week... with some nice mild mid 70s again today. our record high is 77 and we'll be awfully close to that record./// > < kirsten, brian... back to you./// > ((brian loftus)) > a woman
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friend's baby boy... is set to be in court this morning. cynthia lavender is accused of murder. police say she was watching a good friend's five month old boy earlier this month... ....and admitted to throwing the baby and later dropping him. the infant did not survive./// ((brian loftus)) > and the father of a little boy who shot and killed set to be in court today. metro police say olin manuel's 12- year-old son committed suicide on february 13th... he died at the hospital. the gun used belonged to his father. manuel was arrested last week... and booked into c- c-d-c. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > senator debbie smith has passed away. nevada senate democratic over the weekend. smith was diagnosed with a brain tumor just before the legislative session began last year. she took a leave of absence for an operation and later returned to work on a part-time basis. smith was first elected to the state assembly in 2000 and won a seat in the senate in 2012. she won several "lawmaker of the year awards" and was the president of the national conference of state legislatures. smith was 60 years old.
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brian loftus > let's get a check of your commute. kirsten joyce demetria... how are things looking? demetria obilor < police activity is gone from 215, but these cones are here to keep you company. the lane closures are associated with the county's airport connector project. down in the southwest, you're dealing with cones on rainbow due to a big flood control/widenin g project. > < > < > back to you. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > tomorrow... you can help control the pet
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or cat spayed or neutered. tuesday is world spay day. the animal foundation will spay or neuter hundreds of pets for free... to make an appointment, call 1-844-its- spayday... we've also posted a link for more information on our website... las vegas now dot com. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > sketchy calls asking for cash... ((brian loftus)) what you can do... to get fake organizations to back off. ((kirsten joyce)) the supreme court back in session today... days after justice scalia is laid to rest... the issues the court will be tackling today...after his
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((sherry swensk)) >tore through fiji this weekend.
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reached 177 miles per hour... making it the strongest storm to hit the southern hemisphere. authorities are still having trouble communicating with some islands... and thousands of people are staying in emergency shelters after their homes were destroyed. 900-thousand people live on fiji... and the country has more than 100 uninhabited islands/// adlib weather chat adlib weather chat sherry swensk <
5:42 am
but on the windy side heading into tuesday. a weak system will increase the northerly winds and that will help cool us off for a day or so. but how long will it last? ............... those north breezes will be the strongest along the colorado river today and tuesday. today for the valley we should see winds up to about 15 mph. tomorrow we should double that.
5:43 am
along the river, gusts could get up to 40 mph. all the winds coming from a weak system sliding by and bringing even some light snow and rain showers to the north today. .... > back to you./// > ((brian loftus)) > suspicious phone calls asking for donations are nothing new ... but these calls are hitting the valley pretty hard right now. ((kirsten joyce)) and they've got a lot of people confused and calling 8 on your side's michelle mortensen for advice in this morning's "got a problem? tell michelle." ((michelle mortensen)) folks
5:44 am
from people claiming to be with the nevada fire fighters associations and they're asking for donations for the burn fund. calls in one day. she asked me ... me. and how'd they get my cell? to get to the bottom of this ... i went straight to the nevada firefighters association. they told me they aren't seeking donations right now .. and they don't do so by phone. but they were aware of a group called the firefighter and paramedic assocation that was calling our area with local numbers seeking donations for a burn fund. i did some digging into that group on charity- i found out they're based in california ... and scored zero out of 4 stars on the site. the reason....only 3 percent of funds raised go to the burn fund. so what should you do if you get a call seeking donations of any kind? first ..
5:45 am
if they can't give it to you ... don't give them a dime. second ... ask what percentage of the funds given .. .actually go to the cause. then you can better decide if it's something you want to give to. after becoming aware of this .. i also called tim szmansky with las vegas fire ... he told me no local fire departments or organizations will ever call you for donations ... nor will any local burn units. so now you know ... what to look out for ... and what to ask .. if you get a call for a charitable donation./// ((kirsten joyce)) and for any consumer problem you have... call the 8 on your side hotline at 702- 650 -1907./// ((brian loftus)) > the fbi director says apple owes it to the victims of the san bernardino attacks... to help them gain access to the terrorist's phone. he posted a message on a blog last night... saying the f-b-i can't look the survivors in the eye if they don't follow the lead. a federal magistrate ordered apple to help hack into one of the terrorist's i- phones last week.
5:46 am
attacks last december./// ((brian loftus)) > yahoo could be on the market. bloomberg reports the struggling tech company will start to approach buyers as early as today -- including verizon, comcast and at and t. the company has had a hard time competing with google and facebook.// kirsten joyce > now let's turn it over to demetia. brian loftus how are the roads looking this morning. < demetria obilor delays in the spaghetti bowl have started along southbound i-15. no delays along summerlin parkway. this spring, crews are scheduled to build the cable barriers between buffalo and the 215. >
5:47 am
< > back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > supreme court justice antonin scalia was laid to rest this weekend. his funeral service was held in washington dc saturday... the late justice's son, paul scalia, delivered mass for his father. scalia died in his sleep last saturday during a visit to texas. he was 79 years old./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the supreme court hears arguments in two cases today...its first action since scalia died. scalia could have been a deciding vote in those cases - which center on the rights of criminal defendants. president obama has vowed to pick a supreme court nominee to fill the vacancy. republicans say naming a successor should be a job for the next president./// ((kirsten joyce)) > chasing that beer with a coffee... ((brian loftus)) why you might want to pick up a cup of joe...
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party over the weekend... today might be your day... it's margarita day! the cocktail is made out of tequila, triple sec and lime or lemon juice. it can be rved over the rocks.. with salt on the rim or frozen./// ((kirsten joyce)) > if you drank a little too much this may want to reach for that cup of joe. researchers say two cups of coffee a day could cut your chance of developing alcohol-related cirrhosis..... by 44-percent. alcoholism is the second-most common cause of cirrosis in the u-s. of course, experts add coffee will never balance out all
5:52 am
and doctors say more research is needed./// ((demetria obilor)) > trending this morning... one panda is having the time of its life in the snow! the toronto zoo posted this video last week... you see the giant panda...named da mao...come outside and see all the snow. he gets really excited and tumbles all the way down the hill. and he didn't just do it once... he climbed back up, and rolled down again.///
5:53 am
there's that full moon hanging in the west right now and getting ready to drop behind the spring mountains... ........
5:54 am
candice wynants of the moon with a ring around it. she called it an "amazing moon." it always looks even better with ........... northerly breezes will help clean out the air today to really see the moon when it rises in the east tonight with regulus above it and jupiter below it. ......... winds will get gustier tuesday and temps will drop about ten degrees or more tomorrow. ......... weekend. today sunny and mid 70s... cooler 60s tomorrow, but that is normal. then near 80 by the weekend.
5:55 am
let's get a check of traffic with demetria./// > demetria obilor < construction continues in the northwest on 215 as the county works to build out the beltway. most of the work is happening at the ann road and lone mountain road interchanges right now. don't forget that volunteer boulevard is under construction. crews are widening the stretch and upgrading drainage in the area. > < >
5:56 am
((brian loftus)) > a judge won't allow kesha out of her contract.. even though she says her producer sexually abused her.. ((kirsten joyce)) coming up at 6:00... how other musicians are coming together to support the pop star.. as she tries to go up against sony. ((brian loftus)) > plus... a celebrity tells republican hopeful marco rubio, "you got it!" donnie wahlberg's endorsement of the candidate.. this weekend in the valley.///
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shooting rampage in michigan... the uber driver accused of the deadly incident.. and what he reportedly did in between firing shots. ((michael stevens)) < michael stevens is live talking about this weekend's nevada democratic caucus > ((sherry swensk)) > and... with the help of some breezy winds... we'll finally get temps back to normal ... but for how long? i've got all you need to know for your week in your weather now forecast.///// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten
6:00 am
obilor and brian loftus > kirsten joyce > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kirsten joyce. brian loftus and i'm brian loftus. another big political week.. here in the valley. ((kirsten joyce)) the democratic caucus was saturday.. and tomorrow.. republicans will head to the polls. 8 news now reporter michael stevens joins us now live... michael... it was a tight race here over the weekend. ((michael stevens)) brian, kirsten... it really was... now the g-o-p candidates are setting their sights on nevada ahead of tomorrow's caucus... in fact, we're standing outside the durango community center... where ted cruz will be later on this morning. nevada democrats caucused on saturday,, clinton took the state.. but not by a large margin. clinton took about 53 percent.... while sanders took 47. clinton thanked supporters... saying she has the momentum..


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