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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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((paula francis)) > all new at 11... firefighters are battling a massive blaze at a warehouse in a los angeles suburb. thank you for joining us, i'm paula francis. ((dave courvoisier)) and i'm dave courvoisier. this is in the rancho dominguez neighborhood of compton... flames were shooting through the now-collapsed roof of the building. it's not clear what started the fire or if anyone has been injured. crews are in a defensive mode now and the flames are believed to be contained./// ((paula francis)) > the mystery remains as to what caused a young woman's bizarre death at the d-hotel over the weekend. ((dave courvoisier)) 26 year-old kalli medina- brown of california was discovered dead in a laundry chute... but investigators are not calling her death a homicide. ((paula francis)) tonight, medina-brown's best friend is speaking out: (( sierra roraback/medina- brown's best friend: "in order to have closure on the situation and sleep a little better or something. we have to figure out who did this, we have to figure out what happened." )) ((paula francis)) friends called the young woman responsible and believe she was
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here with in town. it still isn't known she ended up in the laundry chute. the d issued a statement saying they're saddened by the incident and cooperating with the investigation./// ((dave courvoisier)) > having your baby left with severe injuries after a daycare visit would be traumatizing for the then to be questioned as suspects by police... that's another challenge for the family. ((paula francis)) vanessa murphy talked with parents who say this is exactly what they went through. she's here with their story. ((vanessa murphy)) this family has faced challenge after challenge.... and it started with a phone call....after a routine daycare visit. first, these parents learned their baby had critical injuries... then - they say they felt like they were treated as suspects..... and it turns out - this is how an investigation for a situation like this works. ((jessica lopez/mother: we knew since the beginning...)) ((vanessa murphy)) jessica and danny lopez say they knew a worker at an unlicensed daycare hurt their baby jonathan after he was taken to the hospital in critical condition last november..... ....but the parents say
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((danny lopez/father: we felt so bad what was going on, plus that, on top of it, it was really hard.)) ((vanessa murphy)) they say detectives questioned them, their two other children were placed with their grandparents, and jessica and danny couldn't be with them unsupervised for more than a month. turns out this is routine for an child abuse investigation like this one. ((dustin marcello/attorne y: it can create a really tense environment where the parent's angry. cps is doing what they think is necessary. police detectives are involved.)) ((vanessa murphy)) attorney dustin marcello says police need to question those closest to the child and child protective services can act fast to make sure children are not in danger. ((dustin: they don't have to have found you guilty or even think that there's probable cause to even think you might have done something.)) ((vanessa murphy)) last week, north las vegas police arrested that daycare worker...alejan dra robles. they say she admitted she dropped jonathan because he kept crying. ((jessica: yeah, he cried...he was a baby.)) ((vanessa murphy))
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now the lopezes say they don't know if he'll be able to see, hear, or walk. ((jessica: our life will never be the same. )) ((vanessa murphy)) a spokeswoman for north las vegas police says detectives never want to traumatize parents any more than they already are in situations like this.... but they try to eliminate every person close to the child as a suspect to help ensure they arrest the correct person. by the way, that unlicensed daycare has been shut down. the lopezes say they were aware it was unlicensed but they knew and trusted the owner. ((dave courvoisier)) vanessa, how is baby jonathan doing tonight? ((vanessa murphy)) dave, the last update from his mother was that he is not doing well..... his mother is asking for prayers for him and the medical team taking care of him. we first talked with the family friday... they have a gofundme account to help with expenses.... and since our story aired, more than a thousand dollars has been donated.... we have a link on our website at las vegas now dot com.
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((dave courvoisier)) > g-o-p frontrunner donald trump held a large rally in las vegas this evening. less than 24 hours before republican voters head out to caucus sites across the state. it's part of the last-minute push by the candidates in nevada. ((paula francis)) your local election headquarters has you covered. patrick walker has more from the south point arena. ((patrick walker/reporting: "donald trump made his final pitch to southern nevada voters. speaking to a sell-out crowd here inside the arena.")) (( walking up to podium)) ((donald trump/(r) presidential candidate: "oh, you better get out tomorrow, you gotta vote tomorrow, you gotta vote, vote, vote!" )) ((patrick walker)) just over a month after his last appearance in las vegas. also at south point. donald trump took center-stage in front of a raucous pre- caucus crowd. ((donald trump/(r) presidential candidate: "we're going to build the wall, and who's going to pay for that wall?" crowd: "mexico!" donald trump: "who?" crowd: "mexico!")) ((patrick walker)) trump's hardline stance on immigration. bringing praise from maricopa county, arizona sheriff joe arpaio. ((sheriff joe arpaio/(r) maricopa county, az: "i hope people will understand where he
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president of the united states.")) ((patrick walker)) going into tuesday's caucus. trump's supporters are. like the candidate. are feeling very confident. ((dylan seebert/unlv student: "we're just trying to piggy-back off of south carolina, and new hampshire, and keep that going, and bring it on to texas, it's really what we're looking forward to.")) ((patrick walker)) but not everyone at the rally agreed with trump's points. times to have people removed. ((donald trump/(r) presidential candidate "the guards are very gentle with him, he's walking out with big high fives, smiling, laughing, i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya.")) ((patrick walker)) besides immigration... trump focused much of his time on stage on foreign policy and relations... saying it's time to end all of the "bad deals" u-s leaders are making with the rest of the world. ((patrick walker/reporting: "trump will fly to sparks for a noon rally tuesday. then. he'll fly back to las vegas for a watch party at treasure island starting at 8 p.m. at the south point arena, patrick walker, 8 news now." )) ((paula francis)) > near the bottom of the pack, ben carson has secured just three delegates through iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina...
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in nevada. dr carson held a private town hall meeting with supporters this evening at sun city anthem in henderson. he fielded questions from prospective voters for an hour. here's his take on fighting terrorism: (( dr. ben carson/ (r) presidential candidate: "we need to start preparing our people, because i guarantee you san bernardino is not the last of it. that's the beginning of it and we have to know how to fight back." )) ((paula francis)) carson has three events in southern nevada tomorrow. at ten a-m, he's hosting a town hall at sun city summerlin. at 5:45, he'll give a speech at coronado high school... that's followed by his caucus night party at the embassy suites convention center on paradise... from 8 to 11./// ((dave courvoisier)) > five candidates remain in the republican race. ohio governor john kasich campaigned in virginia today. meanwhile, senators ted cruz and marco rubio took their message upstate. cruz held a rally in las vegas this morning before moving into rural nevada...
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a "real clear politics" average of several recent polls has cruz finishing second to trump with about 23- percent of support. ((dave courvoisier)) > senator rubio is right on his heels in that poll... with an average of 19-percent. rubio racked up endorsements from four leading republicans, including senator heller, today and has become a favorite of establishment republicans. the florida senator campaigned in minden -- south of carson city -- this evening. rubio will hold a rally tomorrow morning at the silverton las vegas at 8 a-m. doors open at 7./// ((paula francis)) > there were many upset democrats on saturday... who didn't caucus because of long waits. state senator mark manendo told us today he's working to address his constituents' complaints: (( st. sen. mark manendo / (d) clark county, district 21: "people were very angry. i have very good friends of mine that just said 'mark, thank you for making sure we got here, we can't stay, we have to go. it's just too hot, we can't stand any more.' )) ((paula francis)) there wasn't
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outside for hours -- mostly standing -- and there may have been a shortage of volunteers. now, there's talk of a possible change to the process: (( manendo: "there was a lot of people who were very adament about going and switching to a primary." )) ((paula francis)) mandendo says there might be a bill in the next legislative session to have a primary again. there was talk about it last session as well./// ((paula francis)) > 8 news now is your local election headquarters for tomorrow's caucus and the entire 2016 campaign. watch a special edition of politics now tomorrow at 7:30... and your complete caucus coverage at 11./// ((dave courvoisier)) > politics and the sports world collide... chris maathuis here with a preview of sports. ((chris maathuis)) get this, the republican candidates weigh in on the rebel program... something has got to be done, and they'll tell us about it coming up in 15 minutes. ((paula francis)) thanks, chris. and those annoying robocalls are
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8 on your side's michelle mortensen may have found a way to stop them for good./// ((tedd florendo)) gusty winds return tomorrow, with more wind alerts. we'll tell you what to expect. forecasted winds breezy in the valley with stronger winds for the colorado river tomorrow. your forecast straight ahead.
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robocalls? don't we all? since the start of the year ... the 8 on your side team has noticed an increase in complaints about them. ((dave courvoisier)) so our consumer advocate michelle mortensen started to investigate the robocall problem... and may have found a way to stop them for good. michelle? ((michelle mortensen)) it's true. and even better ... it's free. i'll have details for you in a moment. but first ... let's just talk about the problem. like who's making the calls. i found out .. and i'm naming names. when your phone rings? do you know who's calling you? ((i don't really know )) lots of folks say they don't ... because robocallers are taking over the phonelines ((the calls are very annoying )) ((it's almost every day)) ((they never give up )) ((they call my mom, they call the house they call everybody )) ((they're a pain )) a pain that's growing bigger than the lines for a powerball jackpot..... according to this guy .. alex quilici. he's made it his life's work to track those annoying calls.
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problem is to start measuring it )) his data shows americans get about 1 in a half billion robocalls a month. that's more than the whole population of china and the continent of africa. and here in vegas ... we really get hammered with those calls. check out the data ... in novemebr ... we got 7 million 353 thousand 5 hundred robocalls. that's 5 robo calls for every person in the city. then in december ... the number grew by 2 million. ((it's a massive problem )) so who's doing the dialing? ((three quarters of the top 20 robo callers are people trying to collect on some kind of debt.)) these companies are the worst offenders nationally .... but locally ... it's a bit different. ((the number one robocaller in las vegas is the clark county school district. )) seriously! this number ... the substitute hotline ... called folks 386 thousand times
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who else made the list? a lot of debt collectors ... some known scammers ... a non profit ... the democratic party ... and an escort service. ((i don't know what they are reminding people about but it was unique to nevada )) knowing who's calling isn't just interesting though ... alex says it's the key to stopping them. ((we try to fool calls we recognize as robocallers )) fooling robocallers is one of the many things alex's company youmail does. it's a voicemail service for landline or cellualr phones... and it automatically stops any known robocall number from coming through the line. see they created technology to tell certain numbers ... your number is no longer in service. it was originally created to avoid an annoying ex .... but now it's stopping annoying robocalls. alex says his users are definitive proof ... it works. ((we see a big reduction over time ))
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this youmail feature is free. its basically a voicemail service .. that blocks robocalls .. and any other number. you can learn more about it ... and who's behind all the robocalls in our area ... at las .. in the 8 on your side section. and i was given a chance to go over january's numbers for vegas...and get this ... not only did we get more robocalls last month ... 15 million ... our area code ... is also responsible for making robocalls. 13 million came from a 702 number. i'll also have that data ... plus the numbers for 50 cities nationwide ... online for you to check out. /// "from 8 news now, this is your
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tedd florendo." ((tedd florendo)) beautifu l and clear but the winds the big issue today with gusts up to 40 in some locales earlier today. temps stay warm and above average gusts down a little but still expected to be a slightly breezy tonight. cooler than yesterday at this time. ............................... ............ low 70's this afternoon and still above average again through many parts of the region and chilly up in kyle canyon. cooler for the northwest sections of the valley and foothills but still mild. warmer to the eastside where we're lower in elevation and in henderson. ............................... ......... regional temps staying warm for
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expecially warm for laughlin and death valley. cooler up in the central and northern part of the state today. chilly up in ely this afternoon. ............................... ........... we of course have wind advisories. one for the lake until 6 then we have a wind advisory for tomorrow for the lake mead and the colorado river valley. which begins adn 6 am until 4 pm tomorrow. ............................... ............ here's what to expect. p.m. gusts between 25 to 30. then easing off by early evening. tuesday breezy again for the valley. windy at the lake and colorado river. hence the wind advisory. cooling down to the mid to high 6o's by tomorrow and wednesday. ............................... ......... clear skies right now. system to the east close enough to bring those winds but it will generate severe weather for the southern plains and deep south for the next few days. we'll cool off to the 60's but then high pressure off to the west will again anchor in and bring warmer temps late week. before more wind this weekend. ............................... .............' tonight the low will be 46 breezy at times. with winds between 5 to 20 and
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tomorrow only 64 breezy and cooler and that's near average for temps. ............................... .............. neighborhood by neighborhood in the mid 60's through the valley and high 60's for the east side of town. ........... extended forecast shows warmer temps late weekend an dmore higher clouds. 70's again early next week with dry weather expected for at least until late next week possibly the suspect in last week's deadly strip shooting is due in court wednesday. tonight.. more about what happened friday... that left two women dead and one man, critical. patranya bhoolsuwan has that. < ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) in this arrest report, police say omar talley appears to be the
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near the las vegas strip early friday morning. investigators say it all stemmed from a fight in the parking garage of the miracle mile shops.. police say surveillance video shows tally following another car onto the strip.. before shots were heard near harmon and polaris. ((deandre graham/brother of omar talley: "it was one stupid night, one stupid night you know.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) in an exclusive interview with 8 news now, talley's younger brother, deandre graham tells us the news came as a shock to his entire family. ((deandre graham/brother of omar talley: "he's not a violent person, he doesn't go out looking for trouble.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) 27 year mendoza.. also 27.. are the 2 women shot to death. they were visiting las vegas from northern california. their friend jerraud jackson was critically injured. a go fund me page has been set up for mendoza. her family told us that mendoza and chicas were in the wrong place at the wrong and caught between a fight between talley and jackson. ((tracy pachote/auth of melissa mendoza: "it was intentional. patranya: "so they were targeted "right.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) talley told police
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that night because he was drunk and smoked marijunua.. his brother says the family has his back. ((deandre graham/brother of omar talley: " he got 100 percent support we hear to support we even support the victims.")) ((patranya: "in this arrest report, police tracked down talley in his girlfriend's car during a traffic stop. he now faces a number of charges from murder with a deadly weapon to attempted murder. back to you.")) ((paula francis)) police are still looking for the gray camry with california plates./// dave courvoisi)) > politicswill take center stage tomorrow. ((paula francis)) especially for a few candidates who are runnin' with the rebels. chris maathuis here to explain. ((chris maathuis)) now housing and balancing a budget is certainly important... to many fans they want a winning rebel program. so can the politicians help lend support? you'll hear what they have to say. plus.. history was made tonight in the nba..., sports is next here on channel 8. "from 8 news now, this is sports
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they say denny's 7-pepper spicy skillet is crazy spicy, but how crazy could it be... denny's new crazy spicy skillet. denny's.
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((chris maathuis)) the rebels will look for some magic tomorrow night when they face boise state on the road. maybe the rebs are catching the broncos at the right time, boise has lost 3 of its last 4 games. unlv is a 6 point underdos... but they've already beaten this team once... in january here at the mack,
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the game is on espn u at 8 pm golden state in atlanta tonight... we only show this one because history was on the line. steph curry and the warriors looking for win number 50. well it's not really a surprise... curry with 36 and golden state makes history as the fastest team to reach 50 wins. they beat the hawks 102-92. those great bulls teams in the mid 90's started 49-6, through 55 games. what a weekend for a pair of former unlv rebels. this is the northern trust open final round here on channel 8. that's ryan moore on the par three, 16th... and just like he drew it up.. first ace on the 16th at riviera since 1985... trivia answer... last to do it was mike donald. moore with a final round eagle and 4 birdies, but also 4 bogeys. then another former unlv rebel.. adam scott with shades of greg norman... double bogeys and bogeys, but then comes back and nails birdies on 17 and 18.. two of the tougher holes... and finised one stroke from the lead. bubba watson ends up winning ((chris maathuis)) there are two boxers from las vegas that are both making headlines and
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jessie vargas fights on hbo next month in washington dc. but over the wekeend it was las vegan jessie magdaleno who is 23-0 with 17 knockouts. the super bantamweight beat up rey perez.. and he did it with a powerful numbing body shot in the 7th. with the k-o he's in line for a championship fight against nonito donaire. this is why the sport of boxing isn't growing like mixed marial arts... too many belts.. and fighters seldom fight the best opponents. and there are too many boxing organizations... take for example jessie magdaleno. he's in line for a title fight... but maybe not. he's the number one ranked wbo super bantamweight guy... organizations... look where else he's ranked... wba has him 3rd, the ibf has him 5th and the wbc has jessie 10th. so he's ranked anywhere from 1st to 10th...that's one reason why boxing is suffering a bit. ((chris maathuis)) with the into las vegas, they're certainly focusing on the economy, job creation and the housing market. but we are reading between the and found they've got a soft spot for the unlv basketball program.
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bless the great state of nevada." trump; "nev ah-da" ((chris maathuis)) republican candidates are in las vegas for a big tuesday... they're walking into a firestorm... nothing to do with the balancing a budget, but building a program. it's gone from 20 wins, to 18 and 16 so far this year rubio: "this is a pattern now and i think we're at a point where we start asking about accountability." ((chris maathuis)) he remembers his parents working hard to make sure they could afford rebel tickets. rubio; "my father was a bar tender at sams town in las vegas, my mother was a maid at the imperial palace hotel." ((chris maathuis)) the imperial palace is now a memory, and this once proud rebel program is at a cross roads. rubio; "it's incredibly disturbing you guys have to be seeing this, it's every single day." cruz; "when any one points out their record, they simply start screaming lier, lier, lier." ((chris maathuis)) it's every day, every minute... fans want something better.. they want a winning program.. and you can sense it. kasich; "the intensity, some of the intensity that i feel is pretty remarkable." ((chris maathuis)) unlv needs to make a decision, do they hire an
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coach and hope, or do they find the funds and seek a game changer. because, sitting in 7th place in the league is no longer accetable. kasich; "i think it's funny, i think it's funny, i think it's ridiculous." ((paula francis)) > our three strange stories for monday right after this./// news music
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our three strange stories for monday... ((tedd florendo)) a home in oklahoma exploded after thieves stole a gas stove. the homeowner came home, smelled gas, and walked away from the house. it blew up just seconds later. scrapes and bruises. no arrests have been made. talk about lucky ((dave courvoisier)) believers are thanking a higher power after a car burst into flames in tennessee... the driver was rescued... and a book in the passenger's seat was untouched. that book? the holy bible. it was the only item in the car that wasn't burned./// ((chris maathuis)) people at the nashville international airport had to shield their eyes when a man got in the security check line with absolutely no clothes on. a fellow traveler snapped pics... the man was booked on a public indecency charge... and reportedly this wasn't his
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((dave courvoisier)) > that's all for us live at eleven. ((paula francis)) the late show with stephen colbert is next.
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>> jon: stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause )
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(cheers and applause) >> stephen: thank you, ladies and gentlemen! thank you, joe! thank you, john! thank you, mark! (cheers and applause) hey! (cheers and applause) welcome to the late show. i'm stephen colbert. (cheers and applause) well, there are some big science stories in the news right now. this has been the hottest winter on record. scientists have discovered gravitational waves. but tonight i want to talk about a more important story: horses can read our minds. (laughter) don't panic. they'll know. a new study from the university of sussex found that horses can recognize human emotions based on our facial expressions.


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