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security guard and a man. and that the guard felt his life was in danger and shot him. it started near apartments located around this corner, and the scene ended here in the street on durango. here's some video of the scene from earlier. police tell us the man who was shot was taken to trauma at university medical center and at last check, he was critical but stable. and the security guard has been talking with investigators. it's unclear what security company the guard works for - or what he was working to protect.... but again we are told this started in the nearby apartment complex. a lieutenan says he has learned two shots may have been fired, but he provided limited information here at the scene saying it is early in the investigation since detectives have more than fifteen witnesses to talk with. ((vanessa murphy)) and i want to show you....centennia l hills hospital is right across the street here and there is a large area blocked off in front here, but police tell us the hospital has nothing to do with this.
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((dave courvoisier)) vanessa, what happens from here? ((vanessa murphy)) the goal for police tonight is to investigate to find out whether this was self defense or a criminal act. they present the case to the district attorney's office which makes the decision on whether to move forward with charges. back to you./// ((dave courvoisier)) > metro police are also investigating a double stabbing tonight. it happened around 8:45 near the polo towers on the strip. there was an altercation between a group of men... at some point two men were stabbed multiple times. they were rushed to the hospital in unknown condition. three black men between 25 to 30 years old are suspects... they remain at large. if you have any information call crime stoppers./// ((paula francis)) > the east coast is bracing for more bad weather tonight as powerful storms move northward. at least six people have been killed and dozens more injured. strong winds tipped a truck on the george washington bridge in new york city.
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a tornado hit waverly, virginia. the line of storms generated as many as two dozen tornadoes yesterday. tedd florendo has been tracking this storm line... that's still very active. ((tedd florendo)) paula the good news is the tornado alerts, that's watches and warnings have now expired. however we are still seeing severe weather, now up to new york and boston. ............................... ................ severe thunderstorm watches continue for those areas where still run the risk of damaging winds, downpours and even good size hail. the severe weather threat expected to end tomorrow as those strong storms continue their northeastward movement. ............................... ........... futurecast and storm prediction centers forecast all areas there will be a lot more tranquil tomorrow as that storm system heads up to canada and loses more steam. ((dave courvoisier)) > governor brian sandoval is making
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after word leaked out today that he could be on president obama's short list of nominees to fill the supreme court seat left vacant by justice antonin scalia's death. sandoval, of course, is a former united states district court judge. he left that post to run for governor. sandoval would be an interesting pick for the president... the governor is a republican, obama is a democrat, and the republican- controlled senate has said they won't seat a replacement in an election year. sandoval also has an endorsement reid: (( sen. harry reid: "i know if he were picked, i would support the man. he's a good person, he has a great record, and he's been a tremendously good governor in spite of having to deal with some very big problems there." )) ((dave courvoisier)) now, this could just be a political play to pressure the g-o-p to hear a nominee... but if sandoval were to pursue the lifetime appointment it would make an immediate impact on our state's future... and potentially the republican
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((michael green/unlv associate professor of history: "it's possible that the idea of appointing brian sandoval to the us supreme court is designed to put him on the political sidelines, but there are some who believe that was some of the idea when harry reid helped engineer his appointment as a us district judge and apparently that didn't work." )) ((dave courvoisier)) sandoval's name has also been floated as a potential presidential or vice presidential candidate down the road. if sandoval were confirmed to the supreme court, lieutenant governor mark hutchison would move into the governor's office. his office issued a statement this evening saying he has not been contacted about the vacancy on the court./// ((paula francis)) > we report on far too many deadly car accidents here in the valley. last year alone there were more than 120 fatal crashes on our roadways. tonight we want to share a story of a young woman who could have been among those statisitics... but instead she's a success story. patranya bhoolsuwan is live near sahara and valley view her story.
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((patranya bhoolsuwan)) we hear so many stories of victims, survivor. it was at this intersection in january of 2013... that jamie farrar was hit by a vehicle while crossing the street. she was in a wheelchair at the time and in a crosswalk. despite injuries she will live with the rest of life, she says giving up was never an option: < ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) a wheelchair stranded on the road is what's left of a crash that left jamie farrar in critical condition. ((jamie farrar/survived crash: "it was the most horrific thing i have ever been through in my life...words can't describe the pain that you went through.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) that was her 3 years ago right after she was hit while crossing the street near sahara and valley view living with cerebral palsy, jamie was in her wheelchair, she was also in a crosswalk. the injuries left her with 3rd degree burns covering a fourth of her body. ((jamie farrar/survived crash: "they didn't think i would make it to the hospital.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) but this is jamie today.... ((jamie farrar/survived crash: "i made it, i made it and i am doing exactly what i wanted to do.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan))
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at unlv with a goal to be a social worker. her other passion: raising awareness about safety on the roadways...espe cially when it comes to distracted driving. ((jamie farrar/survived crash; "for whatever reason, they don't stop, they don't look, they don't look for people like me.")) ((brenda farrar/mother: "it makes me mad, it breaks my heart.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) brenda farrar says despite what happened, her daughter never gave up trying to get better. and now jamie, along with her family, are hoping to work with the city of las vegas to put in more crosswalks and more traffic lights to prevent accidents. ((brenda farrar: "i am so proud of jamie...we tell her there's a reason why she's still here.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) farrar says she's not ashamed of the scars on her body...they are reminders of how far she's come. ((jamie farrar/survived crash: "i would say to people don't give up hope and anything and everything is possible.")) > ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) jamie also wants to thank her uncle whose medical background is helping her through this. in december jamie will be graduating with her bachelors degree in social work.
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experience.// ((paula francis)) patranya, injury-wise, how is jamie doing? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) due to the burns, she has nerve sensitivity that will likely last her the rest of her life. she also was told she would not be able to walk again... but jamie says this past christmas, she was able to take a few steps with help from her family.// ((dave courvoisier)) > no one trash talks quite like conor mcgregor... and he unleashed some new, golden quotables today... you don't want to miss it coming up in sports. plus, two different public health dangers... one common theme. the i-team's george knapp uncovers the similarities between the government's response to asbestos in southern nevada... and lead in michigan.///
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investigators from severaldetermine if criminal charges should be filed in flint michigan related to the contamination of that city's water supply. ((paula francis)) tens of thousands of residents were exposed to dangerous levels of lead in their drinking water. it appears that state officials knew about the dangers but failed to act.
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nevadans, the circumstances in flint sound all too familiar. for more than a year, the i-team has been following the story of how nevada officials have handled a different public health concern--asbest os. george knapp is here with the latest. ((george knapp)) in michigan, the issue is lead in the water. in nevada, the concern is asbestos in the air. the substances are different but both are major threats to public health over the long term. what's even more similar is the head-in-the-sand approach taken by health officials in both states. in his younger years, former nevada congressman jim bilbray was an avid hiker in the hills around boulder city. after he developed breathing problems, it took years of misdiagnosis for doctors to finally figure out his condition was likely caused by asbestos in the desert dust he inhaled long ago. jim bilbray/former congressman: 3235 i have to go to rehab a couple of times a week, breathing exercises, which i have to for the rest of my life. you cannot get better.
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how does bilbray's health problem relate to lead in the water supply of flint michigan? when the story about flint first broke, it struck a chord with unlv scientists rod metcalf and brenda buck. rod metcalf: it's dj vu , i mean, is what i thought. brenda buck there is no amount of lead that is safe, which is exactly what we are dealing with here, with asbestos. it's been more than five years since the two medical geologists first found evidence of widespread natural asbestos deposits in southern nevada. their team also detected a suspicious spike in asbestos related disease. state health officials here reacted to the asbestos news in much the same way officials in michigan reacted to lead in the water supply---they ignored it, stifled the evidence, then attacked the credibility of the scientists who found it. internal emails obtained by the i-team reveal that, contrary to their public statements, nevada
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the publication of the asbestos data because they disagreed with the findings. they also plotted to attack the credibility of the scientists and launched a p.r. campaign to sway public opinion. dr. rod metcalf: 2805 ish it's easy to get upset at a personal attack on us, question our integrity or competence but what really upset me is they didn't question their own knowledge. brenda buck: 2925ish that's what's so heartbreaking to me. the emails suggest they are so focused on attacking us, instead of getting to the bottom of the question-are people getting sick. how much asbestos are people being exposed to? one reason state health officials have been able to dodge the central issue is that it takes years, even decades, for asbestos disease to develop. the true costs are not immediately obvious. it's the same story for lead. the full extent of the damage from drinking flint's water
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it is much easier to measure lead in the water, or in a person's body, than it is to measure asbestos exposure from the air. buck and metcalf say that's the central unanswered question. brenda: 2422 what we need here.and which we keep repeating over and over is we need to find out how much asbestos is in the air and how much people are getting exposed to when they do activities out in the desert. for example, the horse park in boulder city is surrounded by asbestos. so is this elementary school.and the nevada state college in much exposure do people get from routine activities at each location? rod metcalf: we should look, and that's not happening. in michigan, once the story exploded and the state could no longer ignore the problem, federal agencies entered the picture. in nevada, when state health officials were confronted at a public meeting in boulder city back in september, they vowed to
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azzam..nat pop.i don't object to it.. so, did it happen? no. state epidemiologist dr. azzam did write to the epa and ask for help, but the carefully worded request did not seek intervention by epa scientists, only information that could be used by the state to reassure the public. in emails to the i-team federal epa officials confirmed that the cavalry is not riding to nevada's rescue after all. still, buck and metcalf took one more stab at it. they went over the heads of the state health officials who had tried to shut them down by writing directly to governor sandoval. the response from the governor's chief of staff was a let down---it praised the work of the two top health officials for quote " working tirelessly to protect, educate, and serve the people.." rod 2920 ish i don't think they've changed their stance from october 2012, they've learned nothing."
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the director of the sprawling health and human services department for the state, is stepping down to take a job at unlv. her agency, however, still clings to the idea that asbestos poses no risk. now, other agencies are side- stepping the health department. the city of henderson and state division of environmental protection are leading the way toward a comprehensive field study of asbestos risks. we will have more on that in the days ahead. in the meantime, we've compiled our previous asbestos reports in one place on our website. "from 8 news now, this is your most accurate weather now with tedd florendo." ((tedd florendo)) ((>beautiful this afternoon with temps warming up slowly. still near average today but
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compared to earlier this week. winds less than 10 through many neighbohroods except the colorado river. warming for the weeekend. ............................... ...... warming trend is part of our weather headlines. staying dry... for now. especially since february is supposed to be our wettest month. 80's return as well and you'll see it on the 7 day. winds also return next week and we'll tell you how high. ............................... ............ afternoon temps in the 60's through many valley neighbhordhood s with warmer temps on the eastside of town where we're lower in elevation. temps also stay cooler in the northwest and and foothill neigbhoords in the 60's as well. not quite warm but more average temps for this time of year. ............................... ............... regional temps also stayed cool but mild down the colorado river valley. warmest temps in laughlin and death valley again. cooler temps over the hump in pahrump and chilly for the central part of the state and northern sections. ............................... ........... storm reports show the trail of destruction from that system bringing all the severe weather. wind damage reports from florida with some tornados reported in those locales with multiple
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also reporting tornado reports as well through the carolinas and virginia. ............................... .................... red boxes here are tornado warnings now. through virginia mostly but not in d-c right now. we do however have mutiple tornado watches in d-c through pennsylvania, jersey and down to the carolinas. this will be an area we'll have to watch this evening. snow on the backside off all this is coming down in michigan. ............................... ........................ notice the isobars not as tight or close together like up in the northwest. high pressure comes in again the next few days and when it's almost directly overhead prepare for some 80's this weekend. ............................... .............................. 47 degrees for the low tomorrow morning that's still chilly. mainly clear and look for light winds. 75 for tomorrow and warmer. 10 degrees warmer than normal.winds stay light here, breezy down the colorado river. ............................... ...................... neighborhood by neighborhood highs in the mid to high 70's tomorrow, with warmest temps over to the east side of the valley. cooler in kyle canyon tomorrow. ............................... ...................... extended forecast shows warmer weather with 80 on saturday.
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the mid 80's or more. back down to the 70's on sundy and even cooler early next week. a warning tonight from health officials and the lgbtq community. the southern nevada health district says there's a 128% increase... in syphilis cases.. in clark county since 2012. sharie johnson tells us why
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((sharie johnson)) health officials say the primary and secondary stages of syphilis will respond to a penicillin treatment. but if untreated, summerlin hospital's dr. ion alexie says it opens the door to serious health problems. ((dr. ion alexie, infectious disease specialist people can get troubles with the liver, with the brain, they can get dementia, they can get strokes from it, you can have an inflammation of the blood vessels )) ((sharie johnson)) warning signs include rashes and legions on sensitive sexual organs, the palms of your hands and soles of your feet. but most people don't know... syphilis isn't only spread through intercourse.. ((dr. ion alexie, infectious disease specialist oral sex and also by kissing because some people have the )) ((sharie johnson)) the health district says it's a nationwide problem affecting ( ) and officials say the reason for the increase could be from sex or that more people are getting tested. sharie johnson, 8news now. ((dave courvoisier)) doctors say the best way to avoid this disease is to use protection during sex. for more information on free
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and click on links we mentioned./// ((paula francis)) > ufc fighter conor mcgregor doing what he does best. ((dave courvoisier)) he's promoting next week's fight like nobody else, chris. ((chris maathuis)) he's the ufc king at promoting.. and he backs it up. when you fight mcgregor, just like when you fight mayweather... it's a big payday. it's a celebration. plus... the las vegas motor speedway has learned the hard way... i'll explain coming up in sports. "from 8 news now, this is sports with chris maathuis."
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tough sell but not any more... ticket prices are inching up ever since rafael dos anjos got hurt and they announced nate diaz was his replacement. diaz is a loose cannon and mcgregor is a master promoter. there isn't a better self promoting fighter in the business. today the two verbally sparred. conor is the ufc's cash cow... when you fight the feather weight champ you're payday instantly goes up. or as he says it's a
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he said it back in september... and repeated it again today - kind of. conor mcgregor/feather weight champion: "i can make you rich, i change your bum life, when you sign to fight me it's a celebration... you ring back home, you ring your wife, baby we done, we're rich baby, conor mcgregor made us rich, break out the red panties, we're rich baby... if you show up you fight, you're in congratulations, you did it... ya know most when they get that red panty night they ring home to their wife, baby we did it.. nate rings nick baby we did it... i'm happy to give nate the paycheck." tickets for the fight are still available... but prices are going up as fans anticipate next week's showdown. ((chris maathuis)) the prep basketball semi finals get underway tomorrow in reno... the two boys teams from las vegas are gorman and coronado. the cougars are making history... they've never been to state and this is a chance to not only go,
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they open with carson tomorrow. jeff kaufman/coach: "i think we are going to play the game a little faster than they like to play it. we got to focus on them because our goal is to get to friday night. i can tell you right now, we don't want to see reno. we want to see gorman." jake desjardins/sr. forward: "it's definitely cool to be first. it definitely makes me proud to do it for my coach to give him his first as well." cougars and senators tip off tomorrow night at 8 at the lawlor events center. ((chris maathuis)) the las vegas motor speedway is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. it's also celebrating something else.. something that fans can certainly be thankful for. ((chris maathuis)) nats this is a night mare... the first race at the speedway was in '96... the city had never dealt with traffic numbers so large. richie clyne/former owner: "the first year itself was a nightmare different agency fighting over control of streets and which was there, nobody was in sync." ((chris maathuis)) many race fans spent hours waiting to get in and waiting to get home chris powell/gm: "i'd get these letters afterward saying i sat in traffic for hours and hours." ((chris maathuis)) the cluster of lights tell the story..
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loathed the experience..... but not any more... those hours are now minutes. chris: 'people now can really drive to the speedway right before the green flag and drive in without stopping." ((chris maathuis)) the sounds have changed... it's no longer this. nats but now it's just this... nats and that's a good thing. richie: "one word to describe the traffic headaches, would be nightmare and today it would be pleasure." chris: "i don't know what the word would be but i'd say fluid. because we're able to keep the cars moving now." ((dave courvoisier)) > our strange stories for wednesday right after this.///
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strange stories for wednesday... ((paula francis)) > a pair of twin sisters in utah are now the proud parents of two sets of their own twins -- each. that's 8 children total, 4 sets of twins for those who are counting. both of the women initially had difficulty getting pregnant and pursued fertility treatments. now they say they'll be careful not to have more!/// ((dave courvoisier)) > a florida man admits he made a stupid mistake by not putting his s-u-v into park... the next time he saw it, it was in a canal.
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embarrassment, his wife insisted on calling the local news station. the vehicle was pulled out by a tow truck./// ((tedd florendo)) > a british man has legally changed his name to "bacon double cheeseburger". formerly known as simon smith, mister cheeseburger admits the idea came about after a night of drinking. the man says he still uses his given name on his resume... but that most everyone in his life has been supportive of the switch./// ((dave courvoisier)) > that's all for us live at eleven. ((paula francis)) the late show with stephen colbert is next.
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