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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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number of shootings in the valley this evening... at least four are confirmed. thank you for joining us, i'm paula francis. ((dave courvoisier)) and i'm dave courvoisier. we know at least one incident resulted in a man's death. the events do not appear to be related in any way. ((paula francis)) vanessa murphy is live near washington and jones with the latest on this string of violence. ((vanessa murphy)) dave and paula, for the last three shootings tonight, all at different locations and as you mentioned unrelated.... i am told no suspects are in custody and all three victims in those shootings are expected to survive. this is the scene of the latest shooting we learned about tonight. you can see this marker here on this garage... police tell several shots were fired... and you can see a bullet hit this here... no one was hurt inside this home though..... metro police tell us this was a drive by shooting here in this residential area near washington and jones. after eight this evening, police
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wounds after he says shots were fired out of a car....he was center. we don't know if this shooting was random or if the victim was targeted..... i talked with a seventeen year old who lives here....he says he helped the victim who ran down the street.....after he was shot. today's string of violence began around 3:00 this afternoon at a home near twain and boulder. property managers received word that someone was in a house that wasn't supposed to be there. a man and a woman who live in the home went to investigate and found an unknown man in his twenties in the home... there was a fight... police say the homeowner was times. that's when the property manager shot the suspect. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. detectives are working to confirm if this was an act of self defense. the property manager did have a concealed carry permit. the suspect's name has not been released. then around 6:00 this evening there was a shooting near cambridge and twain... i'm told the victim was standing near a vehicle when he was
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cambridge toward dumont....that's why there was a large area blocked off in front of the boys and girls club for the investigation. he was taken to sunrise hospital. shooting. and then just before eight p- m.....metro police confirm to us that a man was shot at a room in the suites on boulder highway... he was shot in the leg -- and this appears to be a domestic incident. and the victim and the suspect know each other... ((vanessa murphy)) so four shootings we've learned about in the valley tonight. one deadly. if you have any information, you are urged to call police. news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) and vanessa, this year is off to a bad start for shootings anyway. dave. as a matter of fact, we were on assignment earlier today last night involving an apartment security guard. metro has already investigated 26 homicides this year. back to you./// ((paula francis)) > a father and
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hospital tonight after being hit while crossing the road... and police say there's blame to go around on both sides. the man and his child were not in a crosswalk when they were struck... and police say the driver was impaired and speeding. patranya bhoolsuwan is live near lamb and colorado avenue with more, plus a disturbing trend when it comes to reckless driving. patranya? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) the little girl who was hit on this very street earlier today... is only 18 months old. given the crash scene, officers were surprised that no one died: < ((james valarde/witness ed crash: 'from the curb you can see where he was bleeding, he was bleeding pretty bad.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) security guard james valarde was among the first on scene when according to police this black scion hit a father and his young daughter making their way across lamb boulevard. ((james valarde/witness ed crash: "i saw the baby on the ground she was covered in blood.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) investigators say the suspected driver was speeding through an active school zone...when he crashed
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old little girl he was pushing in this stroller. according to police, the driver ((st. richard strader/metro police: "impaired driving should not be an option right now.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) this crash comes as a new report by triple a shows risky behavior behind the wheel is common among nevada drivers. more than half reported going 15 miles per hour over the speed limit on the freeway. and 1 in 8 say they get in the car when they had too much to drink. but police say pedestrians can also be reckless. sgt. strader says the father who was hit apparently knew the risk of trying to cross the street outside of a marked crosswalk. ((sgt. richard strader/metro police; "one of the witnesses talked to the father, asked him about crossing here and he said i wouldn't do it and he did it anyway.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) police say the suspected impaired driver failed his field sobriety test. the father and daughter were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. ((st. richard strader/metro police: "that's good news i am happy about that...because that's something i dont' do do very often.")) ((james valarde/witness ed crash: "i am
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survived.")) > ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) the driver in this case expected to face a number of charges including felony dui. no word yet if the father will be cited for crossing outside the crosswalk. reporting live patranya bhoolsuwan 8 news now.// ((paula francis)) patranya, what other bad driving trends did you learn about? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) according to triple-a... distracted driving is big ... 2 in 3 drivers report talking on their cell phone while behind the wheel and 42 percent admit to reading email and messages. 1 in 5 report driving without a seatbelt just in the last month. back to you.// ((dave courvoisier)) > taking a look outside right now... a comfortable night across the valley and warmer than we've been... tedd florendo is here with a first check of your weather./// ((tedd florendo)) cool 60's outside after a mild day back in
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winds remain calm thankfully and we're certainily warmer than we were yesterday at this time. ............................... ...... windcast shows for the most part light winds to light breezes throughout the region. could see the wind pick up a little again with some higher winds down in laughlin and bullhead city tomorrow. less wind and more calm conditions over the weekend. ............................... ....... hour by hour temps show morning lows dropping closer to 50 this time with not as cold temps as those mid 40's we saw the other day. warming back up to the 60's by midday. music ((paula francis)) > the five republican presidential hopefuls debated in houston, texas tonight... but it turned into a three man show. donald trump, as you'd expect, was at the center of it... flanked by senators marco rubio and ted cruz. this was their final debate
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and rubio started pounding away at the front runner trump: (( (sen. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate) "he hired workers from poland and he had to pay a million dollars or so in a judgment." (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "wrong. that's wrong. totally wrong." (sen. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate) "people can look it up. i'm sure people are googling it right now. trump polish workers, you'll see a million dollars for hiring illegal workers on one of his projects. (applause)" )) ((paula francis)) rubio also took aim at trump over health care ... pressuring him to give details on how he would replace the affordable care act. the two men both accused each other of repeating themselves... then trump called rubio a "choke artist" and cruz a liar. 12 states will vote on super tuesday./// ((paula francis)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters... for everything and anything in this election year... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) > there's been another mass shooting in america. at least four people, including the gunman, are dead. it happened in south-central kansas this afternoon.
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critically. it happened inside excel industries, which makes lawn mower products, and the suspect was an employee. one woman's husband survived the shooting... and she later learned the suspect was their neighbor: (( victim's wife: "i'm just glad i heard my husband's voice, but i won't be happy until i see him in person. you know? i feel like i'm in a nightmare right now, you know? i just can't believe that the guy that shot people up lived right across the street from us." )) ((dave courvoisier)) possible identities of the shooter have been made public online... but law enforcement is yet to confirm. the motive is not known. law enforcement shot the man dead./// ((paula francis)) > caught on camera.... this is video provided to 8 news now by a resident in the southwest valley... showing a small group...driving down a residential neighborhood.... appearing to rummage through cars. homeowners we spoke with say they are not aware of anything being stolen, but they are disturbed by what the video shows: ((jeff sarachman/resid ent "it looked like they had it down. this wasn't their first time doing it.
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i mean, it looked like they had their system down, with the guy driving and the guy like i think you could see his head come out of the sun roof looking out and one guy on either side running and just hitting it pretty fast." )) ((paula francis)) jeff sarachman tells us he and his family were home when this happened around 9:30 last night.... he says it's unfortunate you can't make out the license plate number, but he's hoping showing the video provided by his neighbor could help find these guys. if you have any information, call crime stoppers.// ((dave courvoisier)) > iron mike tyson sits down with the i-team's george knapp... and takes on some questions you've never heard him answer before... that's just ahead. but first, no doubt you've noticed... the price of a night out on the strip is outrageous -- even laughable. paul joncich wants to know... are we near the tipping point? next.///
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vegas local knows you're going to pay a little more for food and drinks on the strip. but how much is too much when it comes to the prices they charge? 8 news now anchor paul joncich says one local comedian finds the prices so outrageous, it's laughable.. < club doorman: "look, the only way you guys are getting in is vip bottle service." actor: "i got that, no this is on us. 18. okay here's my friend ten and
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your warmth and hospitality." doorman: "18 hundred!" actor: "18 hundred what?" doorman :"18 hundred dollars.!" ((paul joncich)) this scene from the movie last vegas says it all.. anyone who remembers old vegas is stunned by today's prices on the strip. and sometimes it seems they charge whatever they want. $16.95 for a shrimp cocktail at mon ami gabi. $19 dollars for a hamburger at gordon ramsay pub $36 dollars for fried chicken and waffles at yardbird. restaurants and clubs aren't the only ones playing the high price game.. ((11:27:29 brent mukai/local comedian: "i'm from hawaii so we took trips when i was a kids and we went to the m & m store and i remember thinking, oh my god, these m & m's are so expensive.")) ((paul joncich)) brent mukai is a local comedian who makes fun of outrageous prices on the strip....and the people who pay them. ((11:31:42 brent mukai/comedian: "you're paying almost to feel really good about yourself. and people are willing to spend it because they want to feel
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a baller and come to vegas and be the guy throwing off $100 bills and women are just hanging on him lotioning him up....11:31:32:02 that's the vegas....thing that people want.")) ((paul joncich)) he's describing what the industry calls "the vegas experience." judging by our record number of visitors, it's something many are willing to pay for. but is there a tipping point? are we in danger of turning people off by outrageously high prices? (("11:23 paul hobson/stratos phere hotel: "we try to scratch that itch any way we can")) ((paul joncich)) say hello to paul hobson. the general manager of the stratosphere. the one behind a campaign making fun of what las vegas has become. ((actor: "look, i appreciate a good cocktail but i don't need lavender blossom bitters and ice chipped from an alaskan glacier, or a pickled kale garnish when i order one. sometimes i just want a drink.")) ((paul joncich)) hobson is marketing the strat to people who prefer old vegas. ((11:21;37 paul hobson/stratop here hotel: "and that ordinary person is who we are trying to make feel comfortable's like hey man there's a place in las vegas for you too.")) ((paul joncich)) instead of 12 dollar
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still not cheap, but it's a start, and hobson says it seems to be working. ((11:22;09 hobson: "we're just hearing a lot of amens....")) ((paul joncich)) meanwhile, for those who prefer vip bottle service, there will always be plenty of places on the strip to get it....and comedians making fun of it. ((11:32:55 brent mukai/comedian: "it's like i'm the king with the table, come sit and dine and feast on my cranberry juice and the quarter bottle of sky vodka i have left, you know, but that's what people come for.)) ((paul joncich)) here's where it stops being funny. according to a unlv economist, 18-hundred dollars for vip bottle service is not outrageous if people are willing to pay for it. in other words, don't expect the prices to come down anytime soon. what's the most outrageous price you've paid on the strip, go to our facebook page to tells us you story.
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((tedd florendo)) ((>weather headlines call for a warm weekend with temps near 80. breezy winds return but not until next week. we'll give you a timeframe of when that will happen. we'll also have an update on your pollen forecast coming up in a just a few minutes. ............................... ............. afternoon temps in the mid 70's today through many valley neighborhoods. high 50's this afternoon and cool up in kyle canyon and temps are expected to drop to cold conditions by morning. cooler in apex this afternoon. temps stayed comfy and above average again. ............................... .................... high 70's late today through many of the regional neighborhoods as well.
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state and warmest late today in laughlin and death valley. ............................... ...................... weekend forecast shows temps in the high 70's again most likely widespread 80 degree plus temps by saturday and some of sunday. more clouds on sunday but still partly sunny to mostly sunny skies expected at times ............................... ..................... now. thing have quieted down with storm weather gone. the warmer weather they had brought the storms, now it's cold enough to snow in the mid-atlantic states. ............................... ................... bouncing over to the west clear northwest. that's something they don't see vitamin d. high pressuren expected to anchor in more this weekend and bring dry conditions and those warmer 80's as it settles
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............................... .................. the warmer weather is going to be killer on the sinuses for all you allergy sufferers. allergy reports shows high readings now of ash, elm and juniper. weeds remain low luckily with mulberry still moderate. ............................... ................... 52 and clear with cool and calm conditions. winds less than 10 mean we stay light and calm for winds. milder overnight though. warmer tomorrow with 77 for the high.more than 10 drs above erage............................ ................. ighborhood by neighborhood mps near 80 for the easpt the valley with mid 70's fore foothills and wtside ofwn.ol 50's for ky 80 on saturday with moreouds on sunday.rtbreezes earlier in the eke but breezier and warmer late week. ng termorecast shows showerancent weekend andssibly a week fr monday. we're now just a day away from seeing what happens to the roberson location of quest academy. officials say the charter school campus will likely close. since we aired this story on monday... parents have been calling us... especially those whose children have special needs. some say they're disappointed in how the situation has been handled. a final decision will be made at a meeting tomorrow at 9 a-m at the grant sawyer building./// music ((paula francis)) > former
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tyson returns to the strip in early march. he's reviving his one-man show, "the undisputed truth". the show debuted in las vegas four years ago, found success on broadway and toured the world. in his show, tyson tells the story of his roller coaster life.. and doesn't pull any punches. one of the people who has touched his life is businessman donald trump.. now running for president. tyson is a muslim, but he told the i-team's george knapp today that he is pulling for trump to win, in spite of his campaign promise to ban muslims from entering the u- s: ((george knapp: you support him? mike tyson/star of the undisputed truth: yeah 100%. 100%. george knapp: do you get any grief from muslims? tyson: i get grief from everybody. my family. everybody. you know, listen, listen if there are bad people here, why are they here? you know that's just the truth. this is the strongest country in the world. this is the most, should be, listen it's tougher to get into canada than to get into america, and it's tougher to get into
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america, and that's just the reality.)) ((paula francis)) tyson says he's a changed man since the days when he ruled the boxing world. he's busier than ever, with movie projects, a tv series, and the one man show which opens at the mgm in early march. he spoke to the i-team about redemption, his turbulent history, even about ufo's. george's report will air tomorrow on 8 news now at 5 pm./// > that does it for 8 news now at eleven. and now we turn it over to another man who's interviewed iron mike... chris maathuis for an 8 news now special sports edition./// ((chris maathuis)) > good evening and welcome to this thursday night sports special. great stuff coming up... turns 20 years old. we'll sit down with the visionary and how his dream plus.. prep hoops... state championships in reno. we'll show ya how the south was won.
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((chris maathuis)) good evening and lets take ya right to the lawler events center in reno hosting the niaa state championships. defending champion gorman playing reno. huskies have an impressive record.. but records don't matter when ya play the gaels. zach collins had a big game... the future gonzaga bulldog knifes his way the glass and scores.. gorman wins big 70-39. in girls hoops... state semi and nationally ranked centennial playing reno and it was no contest. samantha thomas scores 25 points and the lady bulldogs, filled with talent will play in the state final with today's 82-53 win. ((chris maathuis)) the lady patriots because liberty edged bishop manogue 59-53 in the night capper... coronado's magic continues... making the most of its first trip to state beating carson by 10 which sets up tomorrow's final against gorman. ((chris maathuis)) and at findlay prep, the pilots won 120-66 over a varsity team... but the story of the night was unlv interim head coach and former findlay head coach was
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hall of fame. ((todd simon/unlv interim head coach: "more than anything we had the time of our lives: mentoring, educating, teaching, coaching. so many tremendous people here; it was a great night just to bring back some of those memories." (cliff findlay/founde r, findlay prep: "he's a great example of what we are trying to do. he's honest with integrity, great family guy- has three young boys and just does a great job.")) > ((chris maathuis)) still ahead on this sports special... the speedway is celebrating in style. the biggest sports event in nevada is passing a mile- stone with some great history.
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"from 8 news now, this is sports with chris maathuis." ((chris maathuis)) the las vegas motor speedway celebrates it's 20th birthday. the facility has changed the landscape of sports in nevada. reporter ron futrell, who covered the speedway from day one, takes a look at its past and a peek into its future. < richie clyne/lvms developer: "just look around you, this is the greatest thing in the world in las vegas." ron futrell: its hard to argue with richie clyne who had the vision of a superspeedway in las vegas --- prior to this, the stardust speedway on the west side of town was the best las vegas had to offer clyne then brought together casino legends bill bennett and raply englestadt. they put up the cash then he had to find the land --- lots of it.
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owners of all this property i had to go around and buy each one of them quietly --- not letting them know what i was doing. " ron futrell: the speedway held its first race in september 1996 --- 67 thousand people watched the indy racing league =--- then the next year, nascar cup racing came to las vegas. - a short time later the speedway was sold to speedway motor sports. enter chris powell--- who was working for winston motorsports at the time and got a surprise phone call from a friend chris powell/lvms general manager: "he said bruton and smi have just acquired lvms and they're looking for somebody to go out and run the facility and would you be interested. i cannot tell you how shocked i was by it. and it hardly seems like 20 years ago." ron futrell: over the years the speedway has seen a lot of changes, most notably with the neon garage being built here. but the speedway has also been
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them crazy events --- like edc. chris powell: "when i first heard the idea of edc i sort of rolled my eyes. because we get lots of ideas. i just talked to an organization that wasn't to bring the beatles here-- the rolling stones and crazy ideas." ron futrell: the crazy ideas and a lot of racing has brought 4.5 billion dollars into the local economy --- and countless years of enjoyment for local racing fans. chris powell: "we've pleased a lot of people over the years with a lot of great events -- nascar, nhra, the bullring kurt and kyle busch cutting their racing teeth out here." richie clyne: "way past my wildest dreams what chris powell and bruton smith have done out here ---- its fabulous." chris
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run for 17 or so years here=--- and look forward to a lot more." ron futrell: as do the local race fans --- ron futrell reporting 8 sports now. > ((chris maathuis)) the speedway was built 100% with private funds --- no taxpayer dollars were used in the construction of the track --- of course, nascar will be racing out at the speedway in 9 days. ((chris maathuis)) > we are out of time, thanks for watching this thursday night sports special. stephen colbert is next.
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