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tv   8 News Now at 430 AM  CBS  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > thanks for joining us, i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) and i'm brian loftus. the henderson police department just launched a new app... that will help keep you connected to what's going on around the community. ((kirsten joyce)) there are 12 features including information about court, traffic, pets, community events, the detention center... and reporting crime: ((karen thompson it's important to stay connected to the police department because i think once you do then you also understand how hard the job is but you also understand what they do to protect you as a citizen )) ((kirsten joyce)) the app can be found in the app store for free... as h-p-d or henderson police department. /// ((brian loftus)) > governor brian sandoval says he's not interested in justice scalia's seat. sandoval issued a statement... saying he notified the white house that he does not wish to be considered -- at this time -- for a possible nomination to the nation's highest court.
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possible candidate... to fill the void left by justice antonin scalia's death. sandoval says he was grateful to have been mentioned. president obama has not yet sent a nomination to the senate. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > former heavyweight boxing champion mike tyson returns to the strip in early march. he's reviving his one-man show, "the undisputed truth". the show debuted in las vegas four years ago, found success on broadway and toured the world. in his show, tyson tells the story of his roller coaster life.. and doesn't pull any punches. one of the people who has touched his life is businessman donald trump.. now running for president. tyson is a muslim, but he told the i-team's george knapp that he is pulling for trump to win, in spite of his campaign promise to ban muslims from entering the u- s: mike tyson/star of the undisputed truth: yeah 100%. 100%. george knapp: do you get any i get grief from everybody. everybody. you know, listen, listen if
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are they here? you know that's just the truth. this is the strongest country in the world. this is the most, should be, listen it's tougher to get into canada than to get into america, and it's tougher to get into mexico than it is to get into america, and that's just the reality.)) ((kirsten joyce)) tyson says he's a changed man since the days when he ruled the boxing world. he's busier than ever, with movie projects, a tv series, and the one man show which opens at the mgm in early march. he spoke to the i-team about redemption, his turbulent history, even about ufo's. george's report will air tonight on 8 news now at 5 pm./// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk another mild morning...
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the valley and eventually the 40s. .......... clear skies all night. it's been calm and will stay that way through the day. .... the air is also staying so dry and that will continue even with some high clouds moving in through the weekend. .......... temps will increase a little more today - highs in the upper 70s. that is more than ten degrees above normal... then near 80 by the weekend./// ((sherry swensk))
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traffic with demetria!> demetria obilor the crash blocking the southbound i-15 exit to 215 east and las vegas boulevard is back open. no delays in the area. the stephanie street bridge
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that's why your dealing with cones on the freeway, by the russell and galleria interchanges. < > < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > a father and recovering this morning... after being hit while crossing the road. this happened near lamb and charleston. investigators say the driver was speeding through a school zone... when he crashed into the father... who was pushing his daughter in a stroller. police say the man and his child were not in a crosswalk... but also believe both parties are at fault. they were taken to the hospital where they're expected to be okay: ((st. richard strader/metro police: "that's good news i am happy about that...because that's something i dont' do do very often.")) ((james valarde/witness ed crash: "i am at ease knowing baby survived.")) ((brian loftus)) the driver is facing charges, including a d-u-i. police have not said if they will cite the father... for crossing outside a
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((kirsten joyce)) > we all know how expensive it is to head out to the strip for dinner or drinks... ((brian loftus)) comediens weigh in on the "las vegas experience.... ((kirsten joyce)) > plus... a dad has taken it into his own hands... to make family board game nights more fun. what game he has created... that's becoming so popular. ///
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((kirsten joyce)) > every las vegas local knows you're going to pay a little more for food and drinks on the strip. ((brian loftus)) but how much is too much.. when it comes to the prices they charge? paul joncich says one local comedian finds the prices so' s laughable. < club doorman: "look, the only way you guys are getting in is vip bottle service." actor: "i got that, no this is on us. 18. okay here's my friend ten and five, one, two, 3, and one for your warmth and hospitality." doorman: "18 hundred!" actor: "18 hundred what?" doorman :"18 hundred dollars.!" ((paul joncich)) this scene from the movie last vegas says it all.. anyone who remembers old vegas is stunned by today's prices on the strip. and sometimes it seems they
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$16.95 for a shrimp cocktail at mon ami gabi. $19 dollars for a hamburger at gordon ramsay pub $36 dollars for fried chicken and waffles at yardbird. restaurants and clubs aren't the game.. ((11:27:29 brent mukai/local comedian: "i'm from hawaii so we took trips when i was a kids and we went to the m & m store and i remember thinking, oh my god, these m & m's are so expensive.")) ((paul joncich)) brent mukai is a local comedian who makes fun of outrageous prices on the strip....and the people who pay them. ((11:31:42 brent mukai/comedian: "you're paying almost to feel really good about yourself. and people are willing to spend it because they want to feel that way, they want to feel like a baller and come to vegas and be the guy throwing off $100 bills and women are just hanging on him lotioning him up....11:31:32:02 that's the vegas....thing that people want.")) ((paul joncich)) he's describing what the industry calls "the vegas experience." judging by our record number of visitors, it's something many are willing to pay for.
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are we in danger of turning people off by outrageously high prices? (("11:23 paul hobson/stratos phere hotel: "we try to scratch that itch any way we can")) ((paul joncich)) say hello to paul hobson. the general manager of the stratosphere. the one behind a campaign making fun of what las vegas has become. ((actor: "look, i appreciate a good cocktail but i don't need lavender blossom bitters and ice chipped from an alaskan glacier, or a pickled kale garnish when i order one. sometimes i just want a drink.")) ((paul joncich)) hobson is marketing the strat to people who prefer old vegas. ((11:21;37 paul hobson/stratop here hotel: "and that ordinary person is who we are trying to make feel comfortable's like hey man there's a place in las vegas for you too.")) ((paul joncich)) instead of 12 dollar beers, the strat offers six dollar beers. still not cheap, but it's a start, and hobson says it seems to be working. ((11:22;09 hobson: "we're just hearing a lot of amens....")) ((paul joncich)) meanwhile, for those who prefer vip bottle service, there will always be plenty of places on the strip to get it....and comedians making fun of it. ((11:32:55 brent mukai/comedian:
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table, come sit and dine and feast on my cranberry juice and the quarter bottle of sky vodka i have left, you know, but that's what people come for.)) ((paul joncich)) here's where it stops being funny. according to a unlv economist, 18-hundred dollars for vip bottle service is not outrageous if people are willing to pay for it. in other words, don't expect the prices to come down anytime soon. what's the most outrageous price you've paid on the strip, go to our facebook page to tells us you story. i'm paul joncich, back to you. > ((kirsten joyce)) > one small town in oregon has put the likes of spa treatment and beer.... together. ((brian loftus)) why people say this new "beer spa"... is helping them with their aches
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obilor)) > a small town in oregon has opened up america's very first "beer spa". as wanda moore explains... luxury has taken itself to new heights. beer ... spa ... put the two together and you get ... (sally champa/owner, hop in the spa) "you're going to soak in a proprietary blend of beer, hops, barley." it's more than just soaking in beer.... a bath in brew... is good for you! (sally champa/owner, hop in the spa) "it's great for insomnia, relaxation." pain and aches? just hop in the spa (mike boyle/hop in the spa) "i used it and my pains went away and i slept great." it all started after mike boyle got into a car accident (mike boyle/hop in the spa) "car rolled three or four times." he went to sally champa for a message and when he experienced a beer spa in europe...he knew the industry was hop-ping. (mike boyle/hop in the spa)"one day we talked about this and it just happened that i said: 'let's hop into the spa business." and boyle doesn't
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in the spa) "i didn't drink beer until three months ago." after only a week in business... (sally champa/owner, hop in the spa) "the phone is ringing off the hook." they're already expanding. (mike boyle/hop in the spa)"hop in the garden which will be our beer garden and then hop in cup which will be a new coffee that has hops in it." for those hoping to get tipsy off the tub ...we have to be brew-tally honest "you will not get drunk soaking in beer." but the owners will maae you hop- timisitc (mike boyle/hop in the spa) "hoptimism is that every day you wake you- you know there's going to be great beer available." in that case...central oregon will always see the glass and tub half full.
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look at today's weather. sherry swensk a nice weekend in the city is coming... and to clean up around the yard... have a bbq... relax with the family... ride bikes. ................. the eastern u.s. gets just a brief break from snow and severe weather this
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before another pattern sets up next week for a return of cold to the midwest... and springlike thunderstorms to the plains, the south and the east coast. ................. another mild morning... temps dropping to the 50s around the valley and eventually the 40s. .......... clear skies all night. the stars out and the moon was rising with jupiter above it... just beautiful. .... the air is staying so dry and that will continue even with some high clouds moving in through the weekend. .......... temps will increase a little more today - highs in the upper 70s. then near 80 by the weekend.///
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demetria obilor
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> that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((brian loftus)) > a new family game has hit the toy market... and it's flying off the shelves! ((kirsten joyce)) it's not designed by any known game maker... but instead, it was created by one dad... who was inspired by his kids. darren kisgen says he wanted to create something he couldn't
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so he made "dragonwood". it combines elements of poker, rummy, and fantasy. kisgen says the game is sold all around the world... and was a huge hit over the holidays. he also says the best family time... is when you're playing board games. /// ((brian loftus)) > a unicorn leads authorities on an hours-long chase. ((kirsten joyce)) coming up at five...why there was a unicorn in one california
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in the southwest part of the valley... are now concerned after they caught on camera... a small group of people trying to get into cars. this is video provided to 8 news now by a resident. in the video... the small group appears to be rummaging through cars. the homeowners we spoke with say... they're not aware if anything was stolen... but they're worried after what they saw: ((jeff sarachman/resid ent "it looked like they had it down. this wasn't their first time doing it. you could tell. i mean, it looked like they had their system down, with the guy driving and the guy like i think you could see his head come out of the sun roof looking out and one guy on either side running and just hitting it pretty fast." )) ((brian loftus)) jeff sarachman tells us... he and his family were home when this happened. he says it's unfortunate you can't make out the license plate...
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neighbor... guys. call crime stoppers. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > a 5-year-old from afghanistan went viral on social media... after recreating his favorite jersey... out of a striped plastic bag and a marker. now.... he has the real one to wear. argentinian soccer player lionel messi... saw the story, and signed not one, but two jerseys for him. unicef surprised him yesterday with the jerseys. the soccer player says... he believes in transforming the power of sport for children.. and has plans in the works to meet the little boy, in the near future. ///
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brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) and i'm brian loftus. g-o-p- presidential candidates battled it out on the debate stage last night. ((kirsten joyce)) scott mclean
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and how donald trump's rivals are making a final push before super tuesday.... scott? this guy's a choke artist and this guy's a liar donald trump took incoming fire for much of the thursday night debate. marco rubio had been avoiding strong attacks against the republican front runner for months. but on the stage in houston...that all changed. if he hadn't inherited 200 million dollars you know where donald trump would be right now selling watches in manhattan... all changed. if he hadn't inherited 200 million dollars you know where donald trump would be right now selling watches in manhattan... this was the final debate before almost 600 delegates go up for grabs on super tuesday. trump's other main rival ted cruz also went on the offensive against the billionaire....tur ning a five man debate into a 3 man argument.... everytime anyone points at


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