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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  March 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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washington. ((brian loftus)) donald trump and marco rubio will also hold super tuesday celebrations in florida tonight./// ((brian loftus) > nevada may get to keep its coveted "first in the west" caucus status. colorado's g-o-p chair says nevada's caucuses went without any major problems... which makes it harder for another state to argue for early voting honors. the turnout for our caucuses doubled over 4- years ago. the nevada secretary of state's office says it has no reports of voter fraud./// ((brian loftus)) > we will be monitoring the super tuesday results as they come in tonight during a special episode of "politics now." it will air at 7:30 pm. and remember... 8 news now is your local election headquarters. you can find information on all things politics, on air and online, at las vegas now dot com./// ((brian loftus)) > an early morning home invasion left one man injured... and a neighborhood shaken. investigators say three armed men and one woman forced their way into a home off blossom ave... in the east side of the valley. 8 news now reporter brittany
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what they say is a growing problem. ((brittany)) four people broke into this home earlier today-- a scary situation people in the well. a few months ago... one neighbor said she became a victim as well ((charlotte espeland, neighbor patio door and walked in. and i chased him out of my house, and across the patio and back over the block wall where he came from, and called the police, and they were fantastic can't always be around... that's why they are turning to each other. (( johnny sanchez, neighbor "we hear anything or see anything suspicious we call eachother for backup.)) ((brittany)) and these homeowners say they're not going to be intimidated. because they will stand up for their homes ((charlotte espeland, neighbor "i comforted him yelling immeadidely who are you what are you doing in my house, and i chased him over the block wall, and the last thing i yelled at him was i'm calling the police now")) ((brittany)) a call, they say, they hope not to make
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brittany edney, 8 news now. ((brian loftus)) one male victim did get hit in the head during the invasion but he was treated on- scene. police have not yet release a description of the four suspects or the vehicle they left the scene in./// ((brian loftus)) > at least 5 people are left without a home.. after a fire at a senior living apartment building. 16 apartments near eastern and flamingo had to be evacuated.. after heavy smoke and fire erupted in a first floor unit. a maintenance man suffered from smoke inhalation when he tried to help before firefighters arrived. as of right now, no word on how much damage the fire caused.. or what started it. the red cross is helping those who were forced out of thier homes./// accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a teenage deal. north las vegas police say 26- year-old jimmy carter kim abducted a 14- year-old from arizona and held her captive for a month. waived his riiht to a preliminary hearing in order to take the deal today. the plea deal would require kim to plead guilty to three counts of sexual assault of a minor assault. kim would serve a minimum of 35 years in prison. he's expected to enter his plea
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we have a crew in the courtroom right now. for a full update.. catch our evening newscasts at 4, 5 and 6 p-m./// ((brian loftus)) we're expecting to learn more about what happened last night... when a police officer... shot a man in the shoulder. it happened just before 8.. near las vegas boulevard and saint rose parkway. investigators say the man was pointing what looked like a gun at passing cars. when officers told him to put it down.. he didn't respond. so they say they were forced to open fire. the man wasn't holding a real gun... it turned out to be a replica. he was taken to u-m-c with non- life threatening injuries. as soon as we know more, we'll update you./// ((brian loftus)) > self driving cars are becoming closer to a reality on the road.. but many people still are not on board with the idea. a survey by triple a found 75 percent of drivers say they wouldn't feel safe in a self driving car. however.. 60 percent say they would like to get some kind of self-driving feature.. such as a automatic braking or self- parking. some advocates argue they would be safer than cars driven by humans.. because they can't get distracted or drive when tired or impaired. ///
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breaks down on the stand. ((erin andrews:"i saw it two seconds and i said oh my god (breaks down)." )) ((brian loftus)) what she's expected to do.. as her lawsuit against her former stalker.. continues in court. > plus.. the fight between apple and the f-b-i heads to capitol hill. the key members of congress.. who will hear both sides testify. ((sherry swensk)) > a really warm start to march... with temps once again reaching for record territory this afternoon. ......... some high clouds will keep coming today... but already at noon we are in the low 70s. .............. the air is staying dry and winds are calm. but breezes will be back and finally another chance for showers this weekend. we'll take a look at the changes coming in your full weather now forecast. stay tuned./// <
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is 8newsnow at noon. ((brian loftus)) > all new at noon. a new grand jury report claims two roman catholic bishops in pennsylvania helped covered up the sexual abuse of hundreds of children by 50 priests... over a 40-year period. the 147 page report was made public today. pennsylvania's attorney genera
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can be prosecuted, because some abusers have died and statutes of limitation have run out. other victims that could seek justice are too traumatized to testify./// ((brian loftus)) > today.. the police officer.. who died on her first day on the job... is being laid to rest. funeral services for 28-year-old ashley guindon will be held in prince william county virginia. police say army sergeant ronald hamilton shot and killed her.. when she.. and two other officers responded to a domestic dispute at his home. police say he also shot and killed his wife. investigators say hamilton admitted to the shooting and faces murder charges./// ((brian loftus)) > jurors are expected to hear more testimony from erin andrews today. she sobbed on the witness stand yesterday. (((: erin andrews:"my naked body was on the front page of the ny post like they had to put bars over my body parts. my girlfriend was calling and telling me she was running around nyc throwing coffee on all the papers because she felt so bad. )) ((brian loftus)) andrews filed a 75 million
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who secretly made nude videos of her and posted them on the internet. she's also suing the owner and manager of a nashville hotel.. where the videos were taken. the hotel blames the stalker./// ((brian loftus)) > apple's phone encryption battle with the f-b-i is headed to capitol hill. the head of the fbi and apple's top lawyer will testify before the house judiciary today. this comes one day after a federal judge rules the government cannot force the tech company to hack a locked iphone in a drug case. the fbi wants apple to unlock the san bernardino shooter's phone. apple says doing so, would create a dangerous precedent./// ((brian loftus)) > scary moments.. on board an allegiant air flight. the reason the plane was forced to land.. here in nevada. and it's a beautiful winter day in southern nevada. sherry swensk tells us when we may start seeing some showers this month.. next.. this month.. next.. < > now nevada's first choice for
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((brian loftus)) > an allegiant air plane headed to washington state.. was forced to divert to nevada. people on flight 170 from mesa arizona said they smelled some sort of electrical odor on board. the flight landed safely in elko yesterday at 4-15 p-m. no one was hurt.. the passengers boarded another flight.. 4 hours later./// ((brian loftus)) > another beautiful morning but kind of cloudy here in las vegas.. and this afternoon and it feels warm already.. right sherry? ((sherry swensk)) it doesn't feel like we have a couple of weeks of winter left, does it? but we do have another cool storm heading our way that will cool us down and bring some rain
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southwest. ............ but today... it feels like spring! the air is dry and emps have been steadily warming up through the morning. i think the high clouds are holding back the temps just a little today. we're slightly behind where we were yesterday at this hour. .............. temps around the valley right now are in the mid to low 70s and humidity down into the teens. the air is so dry so keep yourself hydrated to avoid headaches and muscle cramps... and nose bleeds which i hear some people are experiencing. ............. outside the valley... warmer 80s down in laughlin... otherwise a lot of 70s around most areas. cooler 50s up north. ......... we will reach temps closer to record highs than the normal highs again today. more than fifteen degrees above normal and the mornings are so mild - just dropping to lows in the mild mid to low 50s. .............. so much pollen to sneeze at right now with the warmer conditions just pushing open the ash, elm and pine trees. and then when we get those breezes going this weekend - it's likely going to be a little worse. ........ but there is a chance of some
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weekend and into early next week! the pacific storm heading our way will also bring a cool down with temps much closer to normal again and maybe even cooler. ........... today we switch our sprinkler clocks over to the spring schedule. it's time, too with these warm temps. you get three assigned days to water and sunday is still off limits for an optional watering day. ................ for now we stay dry.... and plenty of high clouds are pouring into the west today... while showers move up north into the california coast and oregon and washington. .. there will be plenty of wind along with this first storm... with hig wind warnings and lake advisories up north... but not for us.... at least not yet. .. cold and snowy winter weather continues to plow across the northern u.s. and the midwest with springlike thunderstorms today across the ohio valley and deep south that could turn severe. ................. look for warm 80s as we start off march, but then breezy winds this weekend with a slight chance of showers come sunday... and a better chance for monday. cooler 60s for a few days next week./// < ((weather toss))> ((brian loftus)) > perfect strangers. .
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((brian loftus)) > perfect strangers. .
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children's rescue. the faint cries.. they heard.. to save them from drowning./// ((today: lucy hale, and this week, morgan freeman, angela bassett, and gerard butler.
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> now nevada's fa u-s navy seal. u.s senior chief special warfare operator edward byers is just the 5th navy seal to receive the medal of honor. back in 2012, byers helped
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held hostage by the taliban in afghanistan. he says it all happened in about 1 minute.. when they went in to rescue the doctor.. the first seal in the room was shot. he managed to take down most of the terrorists.. and jump onto the doctor to save him.. while the rest of his teammates ran in to help. afterwards, byers performed cpr on the navy seal who was shot.. for 40 minutes in an attempt to save him.. but he did not survive./// ((brian loftus)) > five men are being hailed as heroes.. after they rescued two kids from drowning in an arkansas lake. the strangers.. heard the children's faint cries for help.. all the way from their home. hilary hunt has their story. ken shaddox: "i think i heard the father first. it was a deeper voice saying help help," ken shaddox and his sons along with some friends say the voice of 35 year-old derek collins still rings in their heads. ken shaddox: some yelling then eventually cries for help, help help. zack shaddox: and we were able to hear someone say help. it was kind of soft but it was really clear the voice echoing
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enough to make the men to drop what they were doing and hit the water with their boat that's engine wouldn't even start while we were there zack shaddox: "we pulled up to the kids. i reached in and grabbed the little boy pulled him on top. ziah went to get the little girl and bring her to the boat, zack said the kids, four and eight, were in life jackets that kept their heads above the frigid water. a family friend of zack's dove in searching for the kids father. "unfortunately we never saw him when we got out there. he was already under at that point,". both zack and his father ken say they are just glad the two kids were wearing life jackets. the device that ultimately gave the men the ability to save their lives. ken shaddox: i had to pinch myself a time or two, i always have one with me, but i don't always put it on zack shaddox: "you know we forgot to take some of the safety precautions and life jackets are a big deal. without those life jackets those kids wouldn't be here," ((brian loftus)) that was hilary hunt reporting.
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after they were checked out by a local hospital./// ((brian loftus)) > taking a moment.. to give our very own paula francis.. some big recognition (( your heart is with the community of southern nevada and the state of nevada )) ((brian loftus)) the tribute the clark county of commission.. made to paula.. at today's meeting.///
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our very own paula francis.. was honored by the clark county board of comissioners. commisioner steve sisolak gave her the key to the las vegas strip.. and proclamation recognizing her for her outstanding career in journalism. ((steve sisolak/clark co. commissioner: 30:11 paula's career as a broadcast journalist in our community has spanned 31 years, she's not old enough, but it's been 31 years. making her one of the most talented and respected and
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we've ever had in las vegas)) ((brian loftus)) but the commission isn't the only organization honoring paula. the city council just announced tomorrow, mayor carolyn goodman will proclaim may 2nd "paula francis day."/// ((brian loftus)) > that's all for 8 news now live at noon.. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas now dot com, facebook and twitter. have a great afternoon.///
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i wanted him to hear it from me. >> steffy: hey, liam. it's me. i wanted you to know that wyatt proposed to me. i said yes. >> liam: hey. >> quinn: hi. hey! >> liam: how's your finger? >> quinn: oh, it's okay. >> liam: you're glowing. >> quinn: i am. [ giggles ] >> liam: well, don't keep me in suspense. >> katie: did alison tell you that the layout meeting has been postponed? >> bill: she did, which means you are free to have lunch with your husband. i have alison making reservations as we speak. >> katie: oh. okay.


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