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tv   CBS News Campaign 2016  CBS  March 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> we stand together will be victory. >> we will not let the american light go out. we will fight for our constitutional. >> i hope you will stand up for me. i hope you well fight for me. >> everybody i love you, get out and is vote vote vote vote vote! >> pelley: good evening it's ten10:00 in the west, i'm scott pelley. we have a super tuesday and a superteam. norah o'donnell, quijano, actuarial rose, anthony mason. bon schieffer. >> along with more than a third of the delegates needed for democratic nomination. >> pelley: let's have a look
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trump won georgia, alabama, virginia, tennessee, arkansas, massachusetts and vermont. but ted cruz won his home state of texas the biggest delegate prize of the night and neighboring oklahoma. so he survives to fight another day. marco rubio gets his first win in minnesota. >> ton democratic side hillary clinton has won massachusetts, georgia, virginia, alabama, tennessee, arkansas and texas and bernie sanders won his home state of vermont, as well as oklahoma, minnesota and colorado. >> so. >> pelley: so john dickerson what, did we learn tonight? >> bernie sanders got some states, a pretty white electorate, that doesn't suggest that he's going to be able to fix his problem, where african
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role, that he has made inroads. on the republican side, best of all, outcomes for donald trump, he won in a number of states and his competition has enough hope to allows them to survive. question means his competition is split not a single alternative to trump. >> pelley: john dicker son thank you so much. florida is the next big contest. coming up in two weeks. major. >> scott on the biggest night of his career, donald trump did not rent a hall and pack it through supporters. ininstead of, at the mara lago resort, a little bit of presidential news conference.
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critical simple -- criticism, to disavow ku klux klan and other hate groups like those. trump can say he did disavow them and will work with leaders in congress including paul ryan. he did add, ryan better play balm or else. >> i'm going to get along with congress great, and ryan if i don't, he's going to have to pay a big price, okay? we've done something almost nobody thought could be done and i'm very proud of it. i want to leave you with this. i am ounifier. i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify and when we unify there's nobody, nobody that's going to beat us.s. thank you very much, everybody. >>reporter: trump did not declare himself the presumptive
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remaking the gop. and he made it clear that -- trump sees a multican't field ahead as something that works to his advantage because it will divide the anti-trump vote. this turns into a different on march 15th, where the states turn their delegates, winner takes all. owners. >> reggie: glrn start, you have won threeprimaries one caucus state. what does this mean? >> charlie, thank you for having me, it was a terrific night tonight. what we have seen throughout the course of this primary has been a gradually winnowing are contest.
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for those republicans the 65 to 70% of republicans who recognize that donald trump not the best candidate to go head to head with hillary clinton, if we lose to hillary clinton in the general e general election what i hope and believe will happen coming out of this is that we will see reenls unifying and -- republican unifying and coming together, coming together, that the strongest campaign to beat donald trump is our campaign. >> that means you have to get marco rubio out and john kasich out of the race. how do you do that? >> well listen i think every candidate is going to look at the results of this election, reflect and make a decision and for a candidate to go forbid they have to see a path that makes sense for them. they have to see a path that gives them some vinyl option at winning the nomination.
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field is running because they love this country. and what's abundantly clear if we remain divided donald trump's path to the nomination becomes all more likely. i don't think any of us would want to see that. the media would celebrate trump's being the nominee. you'll see the media unload the democrats unload and i think donald trump will be one candidate in america that hillary clinton could peat. the results would be absolutely catastrophic. we would lose the supreme court. >> are senator ted cruz thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> now hillary clinton is looking forward to florida two
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nancy cordes, good evening. >> good evening. hillary clinton didn't just win big in the south, in alabama up to 60 points and those margins are going odrive up the number of delegates she brings home. the upset in massachusetts was the icing on the cake for her. sanders came out and spoke in his home state of vermont and when clinton took the stage she barely mentioned him. she positioned herself as the anti-trump. not mentioning him by name but saying she doesn't want to build walls, she wants to tear down barriers. she says what the country really needs is some love and kindness. >> this country belongs to all of us not just those at the top! (cheering and applause) >> not just the peep who look
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think one way! >> we can disagree on a democracy and that's what a democracy is about. but i hope all of us agree that we are not going to allow billionaires and their superpacs to dry american democracy. >>reporter: sanders took home some trophies of his own. he won in colorado and minnesota and vermont. it would take some sort of major development at this point to change the trajectory of the race. >> pelley: nancy cordes, thank you very much, nancy. we talked to some of the voters as they left the polls, anthony mason and elaine quijano.
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>> for those who said the most important quality was experience, those voters went to hillary clinton by 88%. black voters went to hillary clinton by 83% and women, 65%. for those who said the economy was the most important issue, 63% of those voters went to hillary clinton as well. >> the architect of his success, for those voters who said they wanted an outsider, he ranked 63%. and majority 51%. he won froir% of voters who said they wanted change, and conservatives the biggest percentage there 37%. a less distinguished victory, those who thought he had won the mosten fair campaign, 32% b that didn't seem to hurt him there folks.
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trump put together tonight? >> that's one of the things that republicans have been putting together tonight. this is not the old coalition. high and low end of the income spectrum and also by the way to southern states and also vermont and massachusetts. so he has proved himself to be a new kind of animal in the republican party and washington republicans don't quite know what to do with him yet and there is a real sense of panic. they've got about two weeks for their last ability to stop him before those primaries ton 15th of march. >> pelley: what are their options? >> their option he are to go nuclear, to dump so much advertising and tacks on him that he is incapable of winning in other states and hope that marco rubio or ted cruz wins in those winner take all states, and then they can work on a more
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the problem with that is that you are decimating a person who is getting vote after vote after vote and by the way who is growing in strength because of the irstation and the anger at the very people hatching these plots to undue trump. it is a recipe for chaos and lots of screeches and grinding of gears. >> pelley: when we come back in just a moment, its his party and he is crying. >> my party is going bat (bleep) crazy. if you kill ted cruz ton floor of the senate and the trial was in the senate nobody could convict you. >> pelley: a charlie rose interview with former presidential candidate lindsay graham about the future of the gop when we come back. it's super tuesday on cbs.
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be. >> the republican party has become more dynamic, it's become more diverse. we're taking from the democrats, we're taking from the independents. we have a lot more people. we have a very, very dynamic party and i think we'll be able to unify the party. i hope to be able to get along with everybody, i don't know paul ryan well but i hope to be able to get along with imhad. these are millions and millions and millions, thought a close match, it's too bad that winner doesn't take all, because if winner would take all, we're having a celebration. just a celebration. >> pelley: if that was an olive branch donald trump was offering tonight one form he rival is not accepting it. >> here is charlie rose with an party.
10:16 pm
presidential candidate lindsay graham. welcome senator graham. >> thank you very much for having me. >> is the republican party about to destroy itself? >> i think we're about to lose to the most dishonest politician in america hillary clinton and how could you do that, nominate someone who's crazy? dishonest beats crazy. donald trump is crazy the things he says but congratulations. look what he's done. he invited bill and hillary clinton to his wedding. he called gish lied in george w. bush lied in the iraq war, and the the hispanic community is trying to tell us they want to be republicans but he just won't
10:17 pm
down to 27%, you'll never convince me that donald trump is the answer to the problem we have with hispanics. it will tear the party apart and dwight conservatism and have the third term of barack obama. >> there's no way you seem to be suggesting at the convention or before the convention to stop donald trump from being the nominee? >> short of a major scandal, maybe not, if marco doesn't win florida, and kasich wins ohio, i don't wish an ill i was making a joke about that but we may be in a position to rally around ted cruz, to stop donald trump but i wouldn't recommend that. >> but you say fm we'll have to rally around ted cruz to stop donald trump? >> i can't believe i'm saying that but yes.
10:18 pm
republican voters are saying yes as much as they are to lindsay graham? >> absolutely yes. they see in donald trump the anti-obama a strong man that can't be bought, a successful man that will fix a broken town called washington that doesn't owe anything to anybody. a guy who will tell our enemies get back in line will change america and make it great again. what i see is a demagog, somebody who has solutions that will never work, the dark side of politics that's what i see. we see two different people in donald trump. it's not me or bernie sanders but the independent voter. >> you seem to be saying that hillary clinton will beat donald trump? >> i don't seem to be saying that, i am saying that, like a drum. >> and if that happens, there is
10:19 pm
republican party, do you have the trump wing of the party and the establishment wing of the party? >> here is what i tell people when we lose to hillary. i told you that the immigration issue is killing us. we are doubling down on the problem we have with hispanics. have you ever heard of the statement, too big to fail? we are too stubborn to win. i told you so, please keep beating up on the hispanic community. try to open up the party to conservatism had a will allow us to grow. we'ring lo losing because we are in a demographic death spiral. how many sometimes do you have to lose to understand why you're losing? we're in a demographic death spiral with hispanics and young people and donald trump is not the answer to our problems.
10:20 pm
late to stop him. >> absolutely. >> the fault lies with you and the republican establishment. >> blame that if you want to. all i can say that -- ted cruz says we're losing because we eliminate mitt romney and john roberts, i say we're losing because we're driving away the surfacest growing demographic in america, hispanics, who should be our voters. we come across as really intolerant to young people, that conservatism would really sell to anybody but the public at large, there's a theory as to why we're losing and i believe donald trump is going to get killed with hispanics. he has an 80% approval rating with potential.
10:21 pm
>> pelley: john dickerson, the progressives don't know what to do. >> quickly lindsay graham was disagreeing with ted cruz which gives you some indication of how hard it is with this fantasy scenario to happen where all the republicans who are unhappy with donald trump suddenly get their act together and find some way to undo him. the problem is they are disagreeing with him about the way forward, for party and the way to undo donald trump. so chaos a bit there in the party. >> let's bring in bob schieffer, who is with peggy noonan of the wall street and jarel bouey. >> if you think i've got some answer he, you've come to the wrong place. we are in uncharted waters here. peggy, people in his own party are saying if you put him at the
10:22 pm
>> yes, the people around the party establishment if you will, against donald trump is saying the kind of things sha it's going to be very hard to take back in the next few weeks and months if trump goes forward. on the republican side, there's just a lot of political violence happening. at the same time, i kept noting tonight the turnout in the republican races in these primaries is not only big, it is really, really big. so there's something happening here that's kind of violent. something happening here that's kind of of growing. i don't know if they're deconstructing or reconstructingct or what. but something's going on. o >> is this party coming apart before our eyes jamal? >> i think it is. this disconnect between the
10:23 pm
cuts, entitlements in the ordinary rank and file republicans are actually very uncomfortable with. you have donald trump, we pay attention, justifiably so, his comments on immigration and racial minorities and so on so forth. his economic explain i'm not going to tump social, i'm not -- touch social security, i'm not going to touch medicare. blue collar is 100% what they want to hear. i think washington republicans need to recognize that this is a recognize oning for their governing ideology and they have to do something about it. >> i remember years ago i was watching cbs news correspondent roger mudd and they said roger what is your reaction? he said i don't know i want to
10:24 pm
is the party coming apart, what's going to happen next stay tuned, is all i can say. >> bob, well said, marco rubio finally got on board with a win tonight but he is still fighting for his political life. l how can he expect to win? we'll ask him as super tuesday continues. >> you seem to be saying that hillary clinton will beat donald trump. >> no i don't seem to be saying that, i am saying that like a drum.
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>> we've done something that almost nobody thought could be done. >> instead of building walls we're going to break down barriers. >> the party of lincoln and reagan and the presidency of the united states will never be held by a con artist. >> this super tuesday goes into the history books with big wins for donald trump and hillary clinton but no one else is dropping out. where do we go from here? >> >> pelley: de marco martin is on the desk, de marco.
10:30 pm
more delegates than marco rubio did. donald trump alasted more than 200 more tonight. that extends his lead over rubio and cruz, got 50 more than cruz tonight. big haul for trump. >> for democrats, hillary clinton with a massive lead over sanders. >> right, hillary clinton got more than four times more delegates than bernie sanders did tonight, that propels her much further along towards the nomination. her numbers were big. big wins mean big gains in delegates and that's how it turned our for hillary clinton. >> march 15th, big states are winner take all. >> you see that as a chance to maybe make some gains and try to catch up quickly but there wasn't much that suggest that donald trump has any bumps in the road yes.
10:31 pm
>> pelley: thank you, de marco. donald trump has won in massachusetts, arkansas, alabama, all those areas of the country. >> massachusetts he got 40 alabama 43, there was a ceiling on donald trump, he broke through that ceiling in a couple of places but as he's doing better and building strength within the republican party think about what he's giving hillary clinton if she's the likely democratic nominee? this week members of his party including ryan had to call him out essentially for his not denouncing the kkk. he said that george w. bush lied to get into the iraq war. this stuff is not going to go quietly away in the general election. he has said what would doom
10:32 pm
what will also be used by democrats. >> pelley: norah it seems like a unique coalition that he has put together not at all a traditional republican one. >> no and when you look at the states that trump did very well, those are large turnouts on evangelicals, he did overwhelming well with them. marco rubio did poorly among evangelicals. sometimes marco rubio attends two churches, a protestant and a catholic church. against donald trump, who calls it 2 catherine soy rather than cin.corinthians rather than second corinthians.
10:33 pm
a big delegate hal haul tonight. >> not big chunks of the voting. >> how does trump do with democrats and reenls? >> effectively republicans while they're still registered as democrats he does well usually in that case where with voters at the lower end of the income scale but in the general election pool he has real liabilities. if it's headed to a clinton-trump faceoff, high negatives for both candidates and the trust numbers for both that voters don't trust them, it will be extraordinary that you have voters that feel like this. >> lindsay graham says,
10:34 pm
honesty were the top that people were looking for, 70% felt bernie sanders was more honest, that is a vulnerability that republicans are going to be look at. >> we should look at the diffract side, bernie sanders had an okay night tonight, he predicted he would win in four states, but it may not be enough to propel him towards the nomination. >> >> do we think that the superper tuesday closes it out for michael bloomberg? >> his thinking was if it were a sanders versus trump race, that's what would draw him in. if it looks like a good night or a pass forward for hillaryhi clinton that would be pouring cold water on him. >> 57% of republican voters feel
10:35 pm
he by their own gop politician he. we talk about the discord and the things we heard from lindsay graham and all those things, you see it in that number and you have to wonder how they get past that. >> pelley: experience is a point, marco rubio lost another state that he was desperately hoping to pick up in virginia. charlie rose spoke to rubio tonight. >> senator, good evening tonight. >> good evening charlie. >> senator cruz has now won two more states.t why stay in the race? isn't he a better alternative if your goal is to beat donald trump? >> no, he's not. first of all, we have to understand where we are in this process. all of these states are apportioning out delegates. i'll give you an example, we were down 15 points in virginia,
10:36 pm
trump to a draw there, if it went a few more votes it would probably have gone our way and we would have won. we are competitive across the board in almost every state on the map tonight we'll take home delegates. march 17th these winner take all states, you have to win the state, second place doesn't count for anything. donald trump will never get to 1237 delegates which is what you need for a nominee they are betting us to stay in the race. >> so your strategy to stay in the race and go to the convention and dissent him until you get to the convention? >> well first of all i'll do anything it takes to keep donald trump from being our nominee. anyone who won't condemn the kkk, who won't condemn david duke? there is no place for him in the conservative movement. i ask everyone to go on
10:37 pm
he won his home state and a neighboring state meanwhile we have been competitive across the board and we will leave tonight woo significant number of delegates and a trajectory to win this nomination. >> but donald trump has had a big night and many will say that when you call him a con artist you are criticizing the people who are voting for him. >> well, he's a con artist. i don't deny that there are some people who have been taken by his message. donald trump did not sweep, he lost in oklahoma, we were right in the mix, we were performing very well in arkansas as well, in virginia he was 15 points ahead of me and then we started informing people who he is. this man is a world class con artist, conning people to believe he's fietd fighting for the little guy.
10:38 pm
voters did that signed up for that school, i'm not only the only candidate that can unite the party but i can grow it. go to and join our team. >> despite that you are 20 points behind in your home state of florida with only two weeks to go. >> that's not true. that is one poll, we know that's not true. not true. we're going to win florida i'm confident it especially after tonight. state of virginia in five days we took a 15 or 20-point lead that donald trump had and basically mayored it to nothing. donald trump will not be the republican nominee. >> what is your road map to change florida and win in florida? what do you have to do? >> well i know we know how to win elections in florida and i think what we have to do is remind people what's what is happening with donald trump. i don't deny that up to this point there have been people
10:39 pm
the argument that he is fighting for little guy donald trump has never fought for little guy. he says he's tough on illegal immigration but he hired illegal immigrants to build his trump towers. that's being exposed. you see this in multiple phases, and in the case of virginia is basically tied for the number of delegates. >> but senator he is winning delegates and winning states. winning is what matters here. >> yes but charlie you are to get to 1237 delegates and donald trump isn't in the race to do that. he does not have 1237 delegates. >> if donald trump wins the republican nomination will it split the republican party? >> absolutely. it will split the republican party and the conservative movement.
10:40 pm
of the conservative movement who has repeatedly refused to condemn the ku klux klan. there is no room for someone in the party who won't condemn the ku klux klan, or david duke. if i have to campaign in 50 states and every territory i will do so to ensure that he is not the nominee, that i am. one more point, no one is going to come to us and say get out so we ask rally around donald trump. people are begging us to stay in and fight this man and i will and i urge people to join me at marcorubio sodom. >> thank you for joining us this evening. >> thank you. >> pelley: charlie rose with marco rubio, and our political panel when super tuesday continues on cbs. >> if donald trump wins the republican nomination it will
10:41 pm
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>> at the end of tonight 15 states will have voted, 35 states remain. and let me assure you that we are going to take our fight for economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, for a world of peace, to every one of those states! cleerp. >> bernie sanders vows to fight on. he won four states tonight, hillary clinton took 7. let's go back to anthony meens and elaine quijano. >> with donald trump and hillary clinton having such big nights, we want to hear how their
10:45 pm
they be satisfied if sanders was the nominee, 48 said yes, 49 said no. >> and on the republican side it was more dissatisfaction. nontrump voters were asked would they be satisfied if donald trump was the nominee. three quarters saying no, 22% saying yes. certainly we have heard some of that dissatisfaction expressed by among other people senator lindsey graham. >> thank you very much for that. senator ted cruz won the biggest state up for grabs his home state of texas. he also won the state next door, oklahoma. but is that enough to jump start his campaign?ai let's go to bob schieffer with
10:46 pm
>> in less than an hour we've seen three sitting republican senators, come on and say if this guy's the nominee we're dead in the water. peggy, can republicans who don't want donald trump at the top of this ticket can they stop him? >> well, we're gonna see, and i think there's a very shortt window in which he could possibly be stopped. by a bunch of forces that came together because they hate him more than they hate each other. if they came together, got together all their money, got first class talent to make the case, in spots and in speeches, et cetera, against mr. trump, i think that might be kind of a battering that might have some effect. but it's not certain. and i would wonder if the
10:47 pm
trump could actually get their act together in time to be effective in stopping him. >> and know jamel, i was talking to some establishment leaders earlier tonight before this night unfolded as it did and they were already talking about what we may have to do is somehow prevent him from getting the magic number of delegates to get the nomination and then hope for an open convention. i've never heard leaders of either party say what we really want is an open convention here. could that happen? >> it's possible. you know one of the interesting things is over the past week, these new attacks on donalddo trump kind of going after him triend to undermine him -- trying to undermine him as a strong candidate, it did work, donald trump did make ground in virginia, others did, and given
10:48 pm
entire republican field, it is entirely possible by the time we get to the primaries in michigan and florida these other candidates can make up ground against him. but i do believe the republican leadership thinks they can stopp donald trump be a convention fight, and undiluted once you have taken that step you have told republican voters we are willing to do whatever we can to make sure your choice doesn't end up determining what the party does. that's o-- a schism. >> we heard earlier, lindsey graham say crazy loses to dishonest. on any other election i can remember, anyway, where both candidates, the candidate for the republicans and the candidate from the democrats were both considered dishonest. you know by a large segment of
10:49 pm
is lindsey graham right? does crazy lose to dishonest? >> when i think about, maybe not federal elections but other elections that look like this one, the 2013 vaf gubernatorial race was actually quite close. terry mcauliffe, has his reputation being kind of chaisey and ken cuccinelli who has a reputation for being quite extreme. in that case, who ended up winning. >> thanks soful. this was an especially super tuesday for an american who has been out of town for past year or so.
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>> scott pelleyscott kelly, back on mother earth. >> the men who fell to earth. the soyuz of capsule, spent nearly 340 days in space, a record for an american. his earth bound twin brother, how long stays in space affect the body. 144 million miles, kelly scores the touchdown of the night onht super tuesday. >> from outer space, one of the most fascinating things we just learned from anthony, up 80% is that the trump effect? >> it's the trump effect but the excitement in the race, people
10:54 pm
a lot of interest in the republican race. what strikes me, we have been talking about the establishment and donald trump, this week is donald trump and what he didn't say about the kkk. , they want to take our guy away from us. they were enraged in the first place they thought the establishment was trying to do things they didn't like. now they have that fight anew and i wonder if that changes that dynamic, not about the specific things trump did but their trying to take our cairnt away from us. >> anthony, are we see in the exit poms, half of the electorate wanted an outsiders and they broke for trump, 6 out of 10. >> angry with the federal government this disaffection is deep and wide.
10:55 pm
on cbs this morning, norah charlie and john will be back in just a very few hours. a super tuesday coverage, for anthony,ee lainl, norah i'm scott pelley. i'll see you tomorrow night.ig good night. captioning sponsored by cbs zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac.
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((dave courvoisier)) > now at 11... trump and clinton declare victory: (( "it looks like we could win 6, or 7, or 8, or 9. // what a super tuesday!" )) ((dave courvoisier)) but some late calls have narrowed the gap. the latest results in the race for the white house. ((paula francis)) a family
10:59 pm
ones: (( "he ruined lives of many more people." )) ((paula francis)) what chance their online message has on a sentence... and the man responsible responds from behind bars. ((tedd florendo)) more severe weather in the south... we're getting a first look at damage after a tornado swept through alabama./// music ((dave courvoisier)) > it might be fair to say that two favorites have emerged in the race for president tonight. thanks for joining us, i'm dave courvoisier. ((paula francis)) and i'm paula francis... republican donald trump continues to put his stamp on this campaign.. that's unlike any we've ever seen... and democrat hillary clinton put some more delegates between her and bernie sanders tonight. ((dave courvoisier)) while trump and clinton are ahead... these contests are far from over. craig boswell joins us live from washington d-c with complete coverage. ((craig boswell)) > donald trump and hillary clinton were not expected to win all of the states up for grabs on super
11:00 pm
significant victories. ted cruz and bernie sanders also won multiple states: < ((narr-1)) republican frontrunner donald trump had a super tuesday - with cbs news projecting primary wins in seven states. ((sot trump)) "i think we have done something that no one thought could be done." ((narr-2)) ted cruz nabbed the biggest prize of the night - his homestate of texas - a crucial win for the conservative candidate. cbs news also projects he won oklahoma. ((sot cruz)) "our campaign beats donald trump resoundingly." ((narr-3)) marco rubio picked up the first win of his campaign - with cbs news calling minnesota for the senator. ((standup bridge - craig boswell/cbs news, washington)) a third of republican voters said the most important quality in their candidate is that he shares their values and can bring change. for democrats, it's that they have the right experience. ((narr-4)) cbs news projects hillary clinton won seven states - she now has a third of the delegates needed to clinch the democratic nomination. ((sot clinton)) "our country belongs to everyone - not just


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