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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  September 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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her life this week... how counselors are pushing the message of suicide prevention. ((sharie johnson)) >> and serious concerns for one valley neighborhood. why these red wires have some residents fearing for their safety at home. ((katie boer)) parts of southern nevada under a red flag warning tonight how this could impact your labor day weekend./// "now, live...this is 8 ((sharie johnson)) good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm sharie johnson. a 13-year old las vegas teen who took her own life this week is the latest tragedy many in the community are working to put a stop to. suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for teens in nevada. mauricio marin joins us with more on the effort to stop more young lives from being lost.
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rate of suicide in the country. so far this year---8 kids and teens have taken their life in southern nevada. one counselor we spoke with today says it's crucial to talk with teens that may be struggling with problems---and let them know things do get better. >> 13-year old maria kruger's family is mourning this three day holiday weekend. her mother stefanie wishes she could have done more to have prevented the tragedy. ron lawrence with the community counseling center says kids who may be getting picked on may feel the situation and pain they are dealing with feels like it's ne and that's when some kids may think about hurting themselves. with every patient---he always works to reassure them there is hope. ((ron lawrence/community counseling center: "one of the first things we want to tell them is that this is temporary. what you're seeing is so devastating feelings are important but it's a temporary situation. life changes and that's usually very helpful.")) ((mauricio marin)) >> we reached out to clark
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tell us they take bullying very seriously. and urge students to report it. in fact- there are state laws requiring school administrators to investigate and notify parents about bullying. ((mauricio marin)) many of you have reached out to us about this story on social media.... keli says...this is heartbreaking, but also a reminder it is never too early to talk to our children about suicide, the impact of suicide and the many options available to people who are suffering. i will be having that conversation with my 11-year-old today (who just started middle school). stop bullying each other, the kids won't stop either. where do you think they get it from? my sincere condolences to this family. and gertrude says she sends her thoughts and prayers for this darling angel and her loved ones. ((sharie johnson)) can anyone wanting to help the family reach out to them? ((mauricio marin)) >> as you can imagine they're very devastated. but thank everyone who has sent well-wishes.
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we have a link to it on las-vegas-now- dot-com./// ((sharie johnson)) two people are dead and hundreds of thousands in the dark as tropical storm hermine moves up the east coast from florida. hermine hit florida as a category one hurricane and is now a tropical storm. however it could regain hurricane strength as it moves north over open water. the storm is predicted to hit the jersey shore sunday night and is already creating high residents along the coast in new york and new jersey are getting ready for what could be a lengthy and damaging storm. (((lucas fogerty/lifeguard, seaside heights, nj) "we'll have 60mph winds and 10 to 15 foot waves so it's going to be even worse. basically just one big washing machine." )) ((sharie johnson)) hermine is not predicted to be anywhere near hurricane sandy's severity, but the storm could stick around for a couple of days- intensifying possible
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it's going to be a busy weekend on our valley roads as more than 300-thousand people are expected to file in for labor day weekend. you're taking a live look of i-15 near spring mtn where it looks pretty clear at this 5 o'clock hour. police in the valley are are beefing up patrol to focus on speeders and distracted drivers. ((sharie johnson)) so what can we expect weatherwise for this 3 day weekend? center with a break down: ((katie boer)) good evening sharie... lots to talk about weather wise because it's a big weekend and for some you might be impacted by this red flag warning if youre headed to the mountains today or this evening or nye county. this red flag warning is in effect for very low humidity and gusty winds through 11pm tonight. ..............
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with light breezes and high temps. about 7 degrees below normal. ............... now we talked about those breezes associated with the red flag warning -- but you don't have to be in just those areas to see some gusty winds tonight -- here in las vegas, gusts up to near 30mph expected this evening. here's your evening planner... look for temps. at 7pm around the mid 90s, by 9, upper 80s...right around 11 tonight mid 80s expected. ............... ((sharie johnson)) two officers with the fresno county sheriff's department were the county jail. they were responding to an active shooter in the main lobby when they were wounded. the officers, a male and a female, were taken to the hospital for treatment - their conditions are not known. it's not clear what prompted the shooting -- but one suspect is in custody./// ((sharie johnson)) 8 news now has learned the identity of the 19 year-old believed to be involved in an accidental shooting. this happened thursday night near lake mead boulevard near m-l-k.
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near the basketball court suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital where he died. police tell us after talking with witnesses they believe the shooting was an accident. charges will be considered by the clark county district attorney in coordination with detectives./// ((sharie johnson)) earlier this week we told about the concerns from residents in the southwest valley. it's over loud blasting from crews... as they level off the mountain and this weekend one resident made a startling discovery near the site. reporter brittany edney joins us now live with what he found. ((brittany edney)) we've heard from homeowners nearby who believe the construction blasting is causing damage to their homes... but now... there's even a bigger concern for neighbors--- and that's their safety. this morning a resident shot some video that he feels is extremely scary up on the
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yellow and green wires that lead to a connector joining a red chord which appears to go underground. neighbors say they're scared something could accidently go wrong as the site isn't secure and a lot of foot traffic comes through this area. from dirtbikers, dog walkers, i've seen mountain bikers out here today as well. and the man who shot this video, howard mccarley says he believes those are charges which could be extremely dangerous if connecting to any type of explosive material. "if you get close to this and something would happen, i don't know what the affect would be. also you've got desert oasis high school just down the road, so every morning a bunch of kids are walking to and from school." )) >> mccarley says metro was out here earlier today and tells me that they said they would refer the concern to the fire
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agencies to follow up on those calls. according to commissioner susan brager... blasting in the area is on hold. she plans to meet with all those involved this coming tuesday. ((brittany edney)) neighbors told me theywere recently notified that there would be another 4-6 weeks of blasting which will resume sometime after the holiday weekend. sharie. ((sharie johnson)) the comp they saying about these concerns? ((brittany edney)) >> the contact person for the construction told us earlier in the week "no comment." i reached back out to him today through both calls and e-mail and as of now, still haven't heard anything back. sharie. ((sharie johnson)) this weekend donald trump is reaching out to the african american community. the social injustices he says he's vowing to fix...
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((sharie johnson)) today on the campaign
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to seek support from the african american community... meanwhile hillary clinton is trying to distance herself from the email scandal. craig boswell has the latest from washington. (singing) donald trump clapped his hands while a choir sang gospel music during his visit to an african american church in detroit saturday. he vowed to fix the problems facing the black community across america. (donald trump) i'm here today to learn so that we can together its the first time trump has addressed a large black audience since winning the republican party nomination. the pastor wrapped a special shawl around trump. i've prayed over this. protesters gathered outside with signs saying "no hate in the white house." (please sir, don't do that) security set up barricades and exchanges got heated between trump and hillary clinton supporters. woman: hillary clinton is a liar, she should be in jail. man: guess what. donald trump should be in jail
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investigation of clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. the documents show clinton's memory was spotty when agents showed her classified emails from her personal account. many she didn't remember. clinton didn't "recall receiving any emails she thought should not be on an unclassified system" and repeatedly said she relied on state officials to use their best judgment when handling classified information. clinton's campaign says the materials only prove why the justice deparment decided not to forward. craig boswell, cbs news washington./// ((sharie johnson)) most polls show trumps support among black voters is under 10-percent. don't forget 8 news now is your local election headquarters where we have you covered on all the local races and issues that mater to you both on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((sharie johnson)) just how well does your
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what new research has found that suggests... your four legged friend may understand more than you know./// ((sharie johnson))
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magnitude earthquake rattled
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temblor struck about nine miles south-west of pawnee, oklahoma. it damaged at least one historic building and six other buildings... now uninhabitable. in tulsa things got shaken up for one couple's wedding day. (((bride): "i kind of think it's good luck. so we were just upstairs and it all started shaking and we were just like 'oh dear, what's happening', there was an earthquake and then we were like 'we'll take it as good luck from today'. yeah! (laughs) (groom): "yeah! (laughs). as she said." )) ((sharie johnson)) there hav of serious injuries so far. oklahoma governor mary fallin says about 35 underground disposal wells in the state must be shut down. the earthquake was also felt in kansas, arkansas, missouri, texas, nebraska, and iowa./// ((sharie johnson)) ((katie boer))
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lots to talk about weather wise because it's a big weekend and for some you might be impacted by this red flag warning if youre headed to the mountains today or this evening or nye county. this red flw for very low humidity and gusty winds through 11pm tonight. .............. let's look ahead to labor day -- look for a dry and sunny day with light breezes and high temps. about 7 degrees below normal. ...............
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the red flag warning -- but you don't have to be in just those areas to see some gusty winds tonight -- here in las vegas, gusts up to near 30mph expected this evening. here's your evening planner... look for temps. at 7pm around the mid 90s, by 9, upper 80s...right around 11 tonight mid 80s expected. ............... right now the activity on the radar is mainly to the ne of us -- a sever thunderstorm warning was in place earlier this utah -- that has since been allowed to expire. ................. while the next few days look dry and sunny...forecast models show plenty of uncertainty for the late part of next week.... it's dependent on the track of a tropical cyclone forecast to develop near the baja penninsula. ................. for now however... the big talker is the temperatures. look for highs below average the next few days.... sunday and monday trending 7 to 8 degrees below average.
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the mid 90s mid week. by friday, look for temps. in the upper 90s. ((sharie johnson)) respond to much more than your tone of voice. brain scans confirm that canines can understand most of what you're saying. cbs news correspondent michelle miller has the story from new york. (dog park) "sit?" good girl. ask any dog owner- and they'll tell you their dog usually does what it's told- especially if you say it nicely.
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what's always been assumed one step further- saying they've proved that dogs actually understand a lot more than we think. (lee cannon / dog owner) "the regulars like sit, stand, come here. when we're walking i say wait." the experiment counted on the cooperation of thirteen dogs- a group comprised mainly of border collies and golden retrievers. they were trained to lie still for seven minutes during a functionm- the dogs listened as trainers combined phrases with different intonations. brain scans revealed that - like humans- dogs processed words with the left side of their brains and used the right side to process pitch. (book cover) alexandra horowitz is the author of "being a dog." published by simon and schuster a division of cbs. (mm with horowitz) mm: what did this study teach us that we didn't already
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that there's actually a division in the dog's brain between meaning and sound. so, they're hearing the pitch of what we say but they're also attending at some level to the meaning, especially to familiar words. the results also showed that dogs only recognized praise if both the words and tone were positive. (michelle with horowitz) what this study indicates is that they notice that your intonation is positive but what your saying doesn't quite match up because your behavior happy, rewarding voice. for dog owners like lee cannon, the reward is knowing his four legged friend is one he can talk to....about anything at all. (lee cannon with dog) "i wouldn't be surprised if nancy started talking english to me like every day. i wouldn't be surprised at all. its seems natural. it seems normal critics of this study say a lot more testindg needs to be done before any conclusions are made but a word to the wise, just to be on the safe side, if you talk in that cute little voice, you better
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york./// ((sharie johnson)) you are looking at a world record in the making. "nathan's famous" says it made
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december last year. 14 americans are killed in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac
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"n the longest line of hot dogs ever created on friday. the line ended up stretching more than 950-feet in new york's grand central terminal. it took more than 19-hundred hot dogs to make./// ((sharie johnson)) that's it for us.
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captioning sponsored by cbs obama and putin joining forces? breaking news on a potential groundbreaking deal between the u.s. and russia on the war in syria. also tonight, hermine hammers the east with torrential rains damaging winds and coastal floods. >> it looks like a big mower just came through and mowed down the trees. >> in detroit, protesters greet donald trump as he reaches out to voters at an african-american church. and with the anyone piece in place, this skyscraper is now the tallest building west of the mississippi river.


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