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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  September 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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rate is nearly double the national rate according to the nevada coalition for suicide prevention. one counselor we spoke with today says it's crucial to talk with teens that may be struggling with problems---and let them know things do get better. ((stefanie kruger/mother: "by the time we realized that something was wrong she was already gone.")) ((mauricio marin)) what should be a fun three day holiday weekend has turned to tragedy for stefanie kruger. her daughter 13-year old maria kruger jumped to her death from a parking structure thursday. ((stefanie kruger/mothe baby" )) ((mauricio marin)) the teen's family says she was bullied. ((ron lawrence/community counseling center: 'if it is bullying what happens to a child it's of course the feelings are devastating to be depicted as less than some other child for some reason" )) ((mauricio marin)) ron lawrence with community counseling center of southern nevada has helped many patients who thought about taking their own life. ((ron lawrence/community counseling center: "the feeling in the child is usually like this is it. this is forever this is the way my life is going to be." )) ((mauricio marin))
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let them know there is hope. ((ron lawrence/community counseling center: 'this is not always going to be is very important and to even start creating dreams of the future and how things can change and how they can be different and be a part of that process." )) ((mauricio marin)) for stefanie---she's heartbroken...wi shing she could have done more. ((stefanie kruger/mother: "i would have moved her from that school if i had thought for one second she was that unhappy. i would have done anything for her." )) ((mauricio marin)) lawrence says keeping an open conversation with kids can help parents get a better insight dealing with. ((ron lawrence/community counseling center: "it' can be done very casually. it's kind of like what's everybody doing and then eventually you get to this place of how's everybody feeling?" )) ((mauricio marin)) as stefanie is comforted by her own mother---she urges other parents to reach out to their own chidlren. ((stefanie kruger/mother: "any parents out there you hug your kids as hard as you can don't let them pull away from you." )) ((mauricio marin)) >> the nevada coalition for suicide prevention says talking about the topic does not cause
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how they're feeling...often times that can make a huge difference. sharie? ((sharie johnson)) >> what's the school district's policy on bullying? ((mauricio marin)) >> c-c-s-d leaders say they take bullying very serioulsy. and urge students to report it. on our valley roads as more than 300-thousand ((sharie johnson)) it's going to be a busy weekend weekend on our valley roads as more than 300-thousand people are expected to file in for labor day weekend. you're taking a live shot of i-15 near spring moutain where it looks pretty clear at this 5 o'clock hour. police in the valley are beefing up patrol to focus on speeders and distracted drivers. ((sharie johnson)) so what can we expect weatherwise for this 3day weekend? katie boer is e weathernter wi katie boer))oevening ae... lots to talk about weather wise because it's a big weekendndr s day or this evening or nye unty. this red flag warning is m tonight. .............. let's look ahead to labor day -- look for a dry and sunny day
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about 7 degrees below normal. ............... now we talked about those breezes associated with the red flag warning -- but you don't have to be in just those areas to see some gusty winds tonight -- here in las vegas, gusts up to near 30mph expected this evening. here's your evening planner... look for temps. at 7pm around the mid 90s, by 9, upper 80s...right around 11 tonight mid 80s expected. ............... ((sharie johnson)) two officers with the fresno county sheriff's department were shot and injured this morning at the county jail. they were responding to an active shooter in the main lobby when they were wounded. the officers, a male and a
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hospital for treatment - their conditions are not known. it's not clear what prompted the shooting -- but one suspect is in custody./// ((sharie johnson)) 8 news now has learned the identity of the 19 year-old believed to be involved in an accidental shooting. this happened thursday night near lake mead boulevard and m-l-k. metro police found javante stockyard near the basketball courts suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital where he died. police tell us after after talking with witnesses they accident. charges will be considered by the clark county district attorney in coordination with detectives./// ((sharie johnson)) earlier this week we told about the concerns from residents in the southwest valley. it's over loud construction blasting from crews as they level off the mountain to expand 'highland hills. reporter brittany edney shows what one resident found this morning that's promted even more concerns. ((brittany edney)) not only are nearby homeowners
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caused by the construction blasting but now they're worried about their safety... one resident made a startling discovery earlier today along the site. he gave us photos which shows a string of yellow and green wires that lead to a connector joining a red chord which appears to go underground. neighbors say they're scared something could accidently go wrong as the site isn't secure and a lot of foot traffic comes through this area. we reach out to the company behind the blasting--- wesco--- earlier this week... the contact person there told us i reached back out to him today via calls and emails and still haven't heard anything back. residents say they're disappointed in the company's response so far. ((howard mccarley, concerned neighbor "they've been contacted, they were sent copies of the video showing the the blast string and the chords, and they did not respond to it. i know that there's been a couple of attempts to contac them and just been getting voicemail partly i guess because it's labor day weekend." mccarley says metro was out here earlier today and tells me that they said they would refer the concern to the fire
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agencies to follow up on those calls. ((brittany edney)) neighbors told me they were recently notified that there would be another 4-6 weeks of blasting which will resume sometime after the holiday weekend. brittany edney, 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) according to commissioner susan brager... blasting in the area is on hold. she plans to meet with all those involved this coming tuesday. ((sharie johnson)) this friday we should know the fate of clark county and the plan to reorganize. if 12 lawmakers that form the legislative council have their way in one week, expect these changes by next fall: each c-c-s-d school governs itself. each principal decides hiring and funding, with a team of teachers, staff and parents. and associate superintendents will oversee 25 schools, answering to the district superintendent. ((senator michael roberson this is more about shifting funds from central admin. to the schools. for the 1st time atleast 80
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will go directly to the schools and after the 1st year it will be atleast 85 percent )) ((sharie johnson)) >> ccsd trustees say they're concerned about equal opportunities for all. advocates argue title one schools will get more money. this transformation would be in place august of next year./// ((sharie johnson)) do you pay your bills online? if so there are some changes on the horizon. consumer advocate micheller what you need to know to make sure your payment goes through on time./// you're watching the valley's news leader...with sharie johnson, katie boer & jon
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((sharie johnson)) got a problem? tell michelle ..
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and today... she's helping everyone who pays bills online... because some changes are on the way to how quickly those get paid. ((michelle mortensen)) nowdays just about everyone pays their bills online. generally paying your bills online is fast and secure .. however .. scheduling payments through your bank can sometimes cause delays. hence the question i got from ron goldberg recently. ... michelle ... i've finally decided to pay my bills online through my bank. it's been an easy transition but why does the bank take my money out of my account rigth away ... but then take 2 to 3 days to credit it to the payee. amazing question. this has been a point of contention for many people for a long time. in this digital world .. shouldn't the payments be creditied to an account instantly?? it should .. and it soon will.
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run through something called the a-c-h network ... it stands for automated clearing house. it basically moves money from one account to another . each year it moves more than 40 trillion dollars and nearly 23 billion electronic financial transactions. and it's one of the largest and safest payment systems in the world. and it gets that reputation ... but takeing it's time with the transfers ... eliminating fraud and mistakes. but the federal reserve has approved a same-day ach payments rule that is set to go into effect in september 2016. so soon -- online bill pay will be faster for ron .. and all of us who use it. ((sharie johnson)) tropical storm hermine is heading north this weekend. how soon it's expected to hit
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and towering waves that are coming with it./// "now, live...this is 8
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two people are dead and
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moves up the east coast from florida. hermine hit florida as a category one hurricane and is now a tropical storm. however it could regain hurricane strength as it moves north over open water. the storm is predicted to hit the jersey shore sunday night and is already creating high waves and dangerous conditions . residents along the coast in new york and new jersey are getting ready for what could be a lengthy and damaging storm. (((lucas fogerty/lifeguard, seaside heights, nj) "we'll have 60mph winds and 10 to 15 foot waves so g basically just one big washing machine." )) ((sharie johnson)) hermine is not predicted to be anywhere near hurricane sandy's severity, but the storm could stick around for a couple of days- intensifying possible flooding and beach erosion./// ((sharie johnson))
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good evening sharie... lots to talk about weather wise because it's a big weekend and for some you might be impacted by this red flag warning if youre this evening or nye county. this red flag warning is in effect for very low humidity and gusty winds through 11pm tonight. .............. let's look ahead to labor day -- look for a dry and sunny day with light breezes and high temps. about 7 degrees below normal. ...............
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flag warning -- but you don't have to be in just those areas to see some gusty winds tonight -- here in las vegas, gusts up to near 30mph expected this evening. here's your evening planner... look for temps. at 7pm around the mid 90s, by 9, upper 80s...right around 11 tonight mid 80s expected. ............... right now the activity on the radar is mainly to the ne of us -- a sever thunderstorm warning was in place earlier this afternoon for portions of sw utah -- that has since been allowto while the next few days look dry and sunny...forecast models show plenty of uncertainty for the late part of next week.... it's dependent on the track of a tropical cyclone forecast to develop near the baja penninsula. ................. for now however... the big
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the next few days.... sunday and monday trending 7 to 8 degrees below average. we'll climb a little more into the mid 90s mid week. by friday, look for temps. in the upper 90s.
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and now the walkman could be making somewhat of a comeback. sony is bringing back it's "walkman" for... get this... 32-hundred dollars! the company says it's meant for high tech junkies who really have a thing for super clean sound. it's all digital by the way... so no cassettes needed. it's as bulky as the original ipod... but has some serious upgrades to the hardware. a lot of the wiring and it's plated in real gold./// ((sharie johnson)) it's the opening weekend of college football we've got the sights and sounds--not to mention the upsets from a dramatic first saturday on the gridiron.///
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being back... you haven't moved from your couch in 7 hours.. your wife and kids consider you missing and your dog thinks you're dead..but you're not alone.. there are a lot of people embracing fall saturdays just like you we begin with a week one shocker.. #3 lsu playing wisconsin in green bay.. tigers down 13-7 in the 3rd
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dural.. touchdown.. lsu leads.. late 4th quarter.. the badgers seizing momentum..rafael gaglione from 47 yards out.. good..16-14.. lsu's last chance.. and brandon harris throws an interception.. unranked wisconsin wins 16-14 and then do the lambeau leap to celebrate unlv's next opponent ucla on the road at texas a&m aggies take the commanding 24-9 lead when trevor knight hits a 40 yard strike.. but here come the bruins.. josh a contorting kenneth walker..and ucla forces the game into overtime.. 4th down.. knight.. keeps it.. touchdown.. bruins need to answer.. but they can't..
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sooner field goal that will keep the entire state sleepless this week.. the 53 yard boot is short.. the cougars can return it.. brandon wilson with his heels on the back line of the endzone.. ignites.. 109 yard return.. h-town..upsets the #3 team in the land..33-23 thanks to the kick six you may say it was merely jackson state..but unlv scored touchdowns on their first six drives..i don't care of they are la accomplishment.. even more's their first opening win since 2009 life is sweet at 1-0... unlv is experiencing it for the first time in 7 years and 3 coaching staffs..the rebels beat jackson state 63-13 and carry unprecedented momentum into their showdown with ucla next week (tony sanchez/coach: "everybody's busting their tale, working hard, going through spring ball and these tough physical camps and if you go out there and have that success it's such a relief. it's not complacency. it's so great to get that gratification in week one after
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pill to swallow. i know one thing, we feel a whole lot better than we did a year ago.") when you're the number one team in the don't just take a knee and head into the locker gorman airs it out.. how about a hail mary full of six.. tate martell to the leaping brevin jordan.. and the gaels seize momentum and beat powerhouse cocoa high school..46-10 september is pediatric cancer awareness month.. because it is the most fatal disease in young people..but not for 9 year old austin gallagher..2 time cancer survivor..takes the mound and throws a first pitch about strength..the young man has also raised $20,000 for the cause ((sharie johnson)) that's it for us.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants. an e-commerce blogger from chicago, illinois... a proposal writer from nashville, tennessee... ...and our returning champion, a stay-at-home dad and graduate student from columbia, maryland... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek!


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