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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  September 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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thanks for joining us, i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and i'm kirsten joyce. labor day plans and travels may be affected for the east coast.. as they continue to closely monitor tropical storm hermine. ((brian loftus)) >> many are being warned that the storm could bring coastal flooding, dangerous rip currents, and beach erosio this morning with the latest. the unofficial end to summer vacation will end in a wet, windy mess for many
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(bob banick, ocean city, md) it's a shame because we were looking forward to a good weekend the national weather service is calling for maximum sustained winds of 70 mph, and even higher gusts, in parts of long island and massachusetts. combined with rain and surging tides... treacherous conditions are possible. officials are taking no chances (gov. dannel malloy, connecticut): there is a possibility that there could - i repeat could - be significant challenges, but not limited to loss of power, flooding, and transportation issues the storm caused significant damage latea made landfall as a hurricane in florida, eventually making its way through the carolinas (minerva campbell, new hanover co., nc resident) i saw my grille get pushed across the porch, then i seen my trampoline go over the porch and that's when i knew i had to shut that door new jersey governor chris christie said sunday he believes his state will dodge a bullet... but still urges caution. (gov, chris christie, new jersey): the current models are showing moderate flooding at worst...
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careful, listen to your - to your life guards." but for residents along the northeast coast bracing for the worst... this slow-moving storm will still pack a punch -- with life-threatening flooding still a possibility. brian loftus >> so far, flights heading to the east coast from mccarran... are on time this morning. but if you're traveling by car... the roads could be packed. kirsten joyce >> the people at trip advisor
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their bags and headed home todayy 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live above the i-15 with what you can expect if you're hitting the roads today. good morning michael? ((michael stevens)) >> brian, kirsten... it's expected to be a very busy day on our roads. trip advisor says survey's show over 60-percent of people planned to drove to their labor day destinations this year... and if those numbers hold true i-15 could be packed? in order to keep everyone safe on our roads... a number of law enforcement agencies have been teaming up all weekend to target heavily populated areas such as the i-15 corridor between california and las vegas. listen to these numbers... on average, about 45-thousand people drive this stretch per day... adding up to about 16-million cars per year. with this stretch being one of the
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california highway patrol have been joining forces cracking down on drivers not following the rules of the road this labor day weekend: ((trooper jason buratczuk // nevada highway patrol: last year we had three fatal's on labor day weekend, just in las vegas alone -- which even on fatal is unacceptable. but three that's just too much so this weekend we're all going to work together and make this road as safe as possible.)) ((michael stevens)) >> the agencies taking part are focusing on speeders... impaired and distracted drer their seat belts. if you are headed out today... the best piece of advice -- as always is to leave early and give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go. brian, kirsten? ((kirsten joyce)) >> michael, if drivers see someone driving erratically... there are a few options for calling... ((michael stevens)) >> kirsten, you can either dial star n-h-p... or dial 9-1-1 to get a hold of a dispatcher.
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((demetria obilor)) right now, i'm seeing a steady stream of traffic at state line if you'll be on your way to the
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things look like at russell and paradise. no delays getting into mccarran right now. no major crashes on our freeways back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) right now.. we want to get a check on your forecast. ((brian loftus)) >> sherry swensk is here with that. ((sherry swensk)) a very mild labor d
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............ an air quality advisory is still in effect for those who are
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............. winds will be most westerly... winds will be most westerly... from the northwest at times to help keep the cooler air filtering into southern nevada. ............ right now we are down to 60s in some neighborhoods. it feels terrific outside. ............. almost a fall snap for the valley. this won't last but a couple of days as things heat up again by the end of the week. ((sherry swensk))
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two children swapped on different flights... the worry one mother went through.. after she waited hours to see r son. kirsten joyce)) pl -- us 95 clo to effect tomorrow. demetria explains why and shows you how to get around them, in "what's driving you crazy?" ((brian loftus)) >> and, the puck is ready to drop at t-mobile arena! which hockey teams are about to hit the ice, right here in las vegas for preseason.. coming up.. on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader. /// ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus, kirsten joyce, sherri swensk and
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this is 8 news now good day)) ((kirsten joyce)) today, the burning man festival wraps up.. after a week out in the black rock desert. on saturday, the high- point of the festival took place.. where thousands watched this year's man burn... standing at nearly 80-feet tall.
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where people put notes and other mementos. this year's festival brought in 70- thousand people to nevada. /// ((brian loftus)) hockey fans will get to see their favorite teams skate on the ice... right here in las vegas. the l-a kings will be playing at the t-mobile arena in about a month. they'll be playing two preseason games on october 7th and 8th... against the dallas stars and colorado avalanche. both games start at 7-30pm... and tickets are still on sale if you're interested. this will be the first n-h-l game to take /// sherry how's the weather today? ((sherry swensk)) ((sherry swensk))
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and that makes the mornings ................... lows dropping in the 70s and 60s this morning... ....................... our air cleared up a lot when the winds kicked in yesterday - and there was blue sky again.
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let's get to hermine - this storm has really caused a lot of damage and headaches for the southeast and east coast. ......... cooler than normal temps for us through our labor day. temps in the low 90s today. then hotter 100s return by the weekend. ((sherry swensk))
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((brian loftus)) l-a-x airport faced l-a-x airport faced another security threat.. for the second week in a row. a police officer noticed something suspicious about a vehicle out it was stolen from louisiana. three people were questioned and later let go.. but one person was arrested. by the confusion of the situation, some travelers pushed their way through t-s-a.. while some ended up on the tarmac for safety. because of the chaos, police made travelers go back and get screened. last week, people mistook loud bangs at the airport for gunshots.. causing a large evacuation. /// ((kirsten joyce)) a passport mix-up with jetblue sent two five-year-old boys... on two different flights.
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the dominican republic. she made sure her son was back safe... paying an extra 100- dollars so he could be accompanied by a flight attendant.. since he was traveling by himself. she says three hours passed before jetblue realized.. her son was on a different flight: (( "she goes to see him. it's not him. for 3 hours she believes her son may be kidnapped." )) ((kirsten joyce)) >> the family wants investigators to look into assigned the five-year-old... and how the boys' passports were switched. jetblue has apologized for the incident.. and offered them two-thousand dollars in future flighte vouchers... but the family did not take the offer. /// let's get a check of the roads with demetria. /// let's send it over to demetria
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((demetria obilor)) crash reported on southbound i-15 and cheyenne. watch out for a crash on the west side at fort apache and spring mountain and on the east side at desert inn and swenson. project neon at charleston and grand central parkway. head to ndot project neon dot com for more information.
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canonization of mother teresa. about 120- thousand people came to the vatican to see the ceremony. mother teresa was known as the "saint of the gutters". pope francis praised her dedication.. and noted she defended human life, the unborn... the abandoned and discarded. she died in 1997 at the age of 87. /// ((kirsten joyce)) in mexico, a service took place for the late mexican singer juan gabriel. city coun proposed building a statue of the singer. the mayor of juarez says.. it was gabriel's wish for his remains to be kept in his home. his ashes arrived on saturday.. where a mass and tribute concert took place. gabriel died at his california home... he was 66-years-old. /// ((brian loftus)) coming up next on 8 news now good day... get results or get your money back! ((kirsten joyce)) >> what some gyms are offering... if all that hard work doesn't pay off. /// ((brian loftus))
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i'm catherine cortez masto
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ons in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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we know it sometimes be tough to get yourself motivated... and go to the gym. ((kirsten joyce)) >> but now some trainers are offering money back guarantee... if you don't get in shape. jill wagner explains. at this manhattan gym... if you don't get into shape-- you get your money back. at first, rob finn thought it was too good to be true. (rob finn/halevy life client) "i thought there had to be hundreds of loopholes so that refunds would never be a possibility." but he gave it a shot... it's been four months... and he's lost thirty pounds. jeff halevy is the ow and came up with the idea of a fitness guarantee. jeff halevy/owner, halevy life "so i wanted to figure out a way that we could really make people feel safe and certain and know that they were in good hands" (jill wagner/cbs news/new york) the fitness guarantee is based on five criteria... strength, fat and muscle mass, flexibility and cardio-- not weight loss. on day one, members get into this hydro static tank--- it measures body composition.
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"if are members haven't improved in at least 3 out of these 5 areas in their first 90 days, we give them all of their money back, all of their membership dues." a handful of gyms across the country are offering moneyback guarantees to attract customers but david jack from men's health magazine says make sure you read the fine print. (david jack/men's health contributor) "you have to be careful with 100% money back guarantees, you have to know who you're going into business with, what their track history is, what the 100% guarantee entails." finn works in accounting and likes seeing (rob finn/halevy life client) "the numbers are actually good." and with this investment--- he's very happy--- 'not' to get his money back. in new york, jill wagner, cbs news . suggested tag: the fitness guarantee program was introduced at the end of 2014. halevy says, so far, no one has gotten their money back. ((kirsten joyce)) >> the fitness guarantee program was introduced at the end of 2014. halevy says, so far.. no one has gotten their money back. /// demetria obilor early tomorrow morning,
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northbound us 95 will close down through november 15. ndot says the closure is needed to make room for a hov flyover that will connect us 95 and i-15. this closure is part of project neon, the state's nearly $1 billion solution to the spaghetti bowl. you can use rancho to get to northbound us 95 as an alternate. tomorrow night, the southbound 95 ext close again. ndot reopened the off-ramp just for the labor day holiday. you can either exit at mlk and use bonanza to connect to rancho, or get off the freeway early and exit at valley view. from there, you can use alta or washington to get to rancho. what's driving you crazy? remember, you can write me at. traffic 8 at las vegas now dot com.
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effect for much of the valley. sherry explains when the advisory will be lifted. ((brian loftus)) >> plus -- some are hitting the roads for labor day.. but others are sticking around. where people in the valley are getting their last- minute summer fix. grill. the harsh chemicals you could be exposed to.. ((brian loftus)) >> 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) brian loftus good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm brian loftus. kirsten joyce >> and i'm kirsten joyce. sherry swensk >> and i'm sherry swensk.
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labor day. ........... mother nature working hard on this holiday to cool us down in the desert. ............. there this morning and there are still some breezes around. they will generally be out of the west today. ................
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clark county has issued the air advisory through today. ............. the cooler air filtering in behind a cold front over the weekend broke down those hot triple digits from last week. ............. brian loftus >> on this labor day... more than 100-thousand people are expected to head to the lake to boat, swim, or just say goodbye to summer. kirsten joyce >> 8 news now reporter michael stevens is live this morning... with what's expected. good morning michael? ((michael stevens)) >> brian, kirsten... if you're not one of the thousands hitting the roads like
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holiday might be another option. the people over at lake mead say labor day weekend sees some of their biggest crowds of the year... but not quite as many people as memorial day weekend. the mass of people generates a need for extra security. in years past, lake mead rangers stepped up patrols teaming up with metro police and coast guard to keep people safe. if you do plan on getting in the water... the people who work at lake mead say it's important to know how to swim before jumping in: ((mark sappington // natural resources program manager: we unfortunately do have drowg result of people misjudging distances to things. and they think they can swim out to that item they tire they fatigue and they unfortunately sometimes do drown.)) ((michael stevens)) >> because lake conditions can change in an instant, rangers recommend always wearing a life jacket while swimming. ... they say if you don't have one there are loaner stations. if you do have a boat... you should keep some things in mind as well. the people at lake mead say it's important to check storm warning flags at marinas. if you are caught in a storm...
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if the only place you're headed is the roads a little later on today... leave early... because you're definitely not going to be alone. ((brian loftus)) >> ((michael stevens)) >> let's take a look on let's take a look on the roads with demetria this may be the car involved in the crash that nhp reported earlier. it's not slowing you down at all. traffic over on the west side is pretty quiet. this is 215 right
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police custody friday morning.. after police say he turned the handcuffs until he broke free... while a detective was out of the room. perez allegedly stole a car and fled the area. he's being accused for killing a man back on august 27th. police say he is armed and dangerous... if you know of his whereabouts, call crimestoppers. /// ((kirsten joyce)) if you've ever had a question you wanted to ask someone in law enforcement... we're asking sheriff joe lombardo questions from the viewers every wednesday... during our segment, morning cup of joe. to submit a question... just go to las vegas now dot com... and look for the "don't miss" section. you can find out if your question was chosen.. every wednesday between 6:30 and 7 a-m./// ((kirsten joyce)) sony is bringing back a throwback favorite... ((brian loftus)) >> how much the new walkman is going for... next on the valley's news leader. /// ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus, kirsten joyce, sherri swensk and demetria obilor.
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december last year. 14 americans are killed in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it....
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y pac is responsible for the content of this ad. i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk.
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to prove how authentic my new brewhouse bacon burger is i'm going undercover, at an actual brewhouse. it's awesome. amazing! what if i told you, you are eating a jack's brewhouse bacon burger from jack in the box. not this one. absolutely lying. and what if i told you... that i'm jack. whaaaat?!! no way! no! didn't see that coming, did you? porter ale cheese sauce, grilled onions, and bacon on a artisan potato bun.
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((brian loftus)) jackie chan... will receive an honorary academy award. the academy says chan is being honored for his "distinctive international career".. and for being a "true pioneer". the 62-year-old has starred in more than 30 martial arts films. in a statement, chan says he is grateful for being the first chinese actor to receive the honor. /// ((demetria obilor)) trending now... the walkman was pretty popular
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a comeback. sony is bringing back its walkman for a hefty price... 32- hundred dollars! the company says it's meant for high tech junkies.. who really have a thing for super clean sound. it's all digital by the way... so no cassettes needed. it's as bulky as the original ipod... but has some major upgrades to the hardware. a lot of the wiring is gold and copper... and it's plated in real gold./// sherry how's the weather today?
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.............. the lowest temps for the week come today with low 90s. and then a steady climb through the week back to 100s by the weekend. ........... the west for the first half of the week... then the tropical remnants of newton way down off the mexico coast will eventually make their way up into the desert.
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stay east of us into arizona with possible thunderstorms there later in the week. ............ not a bad day across the desert southwest. ((sherry swensk)) back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) labor day weekend is one grill fired up.. one last time. ((brian loftus)) >> grilling is a staple of the summer season... but it may expose you to chemicals linked to cancer. don champion reports. "it's just something about that grill that makes it nice" marc wilson is celebrating his wife's birthday with a barbecue. (marc wilson/griller)
5:45 am
meat, i think" it may be tasty, but grilling too much may be bad for your health. oncologist atisha manhas says - chemicals that form when meat, poultry and fish are cooked at high temperatures and smoke from fat that drips and burns on the grill have both been linked to colon, pancreatic and breast cancer. (dr. atisha manhas/methodist dallas medical center) some studies have shown that people who consume meats that have been grilled on for cancer. there are some things you can do to reduce your risk start with a clean grill, and cook foods at lower temperatures for a longer time. (dr. atisha manhas/methodist dallas medical center) "we also recommend marinating meats because marinating the meats increases the moisture and that will decrease the formation of the chemicals marc wilson and his wife try to keep that advice in mind whenever they grill. (chelle wilson/griller) "every day there's something new- there's a new risk to look out for, so you just try to do the best you can.
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everything" experts say a gas grill is safer because they cook more evenly, and fruits and vegetables can be grilled with no health risk. don champion, cbs news, dallas. let's take a look on the roads with demetria. /// let's send it over to demetria for a check of traffic./// ((demetria obilor)) traffic is light in the spaghetti bowl right now along i-15 at us 95. typically, we'd see a lot of traffc in this area, but it's
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warm springs and spencer as part of the county's paradise whitney interceptor pipeline. use eastern instead. the money he hopes to raise for one national chairty.. coming up next on 8 news now good day.. the valley's news leader./// ((brian loftus)) a company in
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switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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((kirsten joyce)) >> north american manufacturing has been working on the flag for the last six months. when it's done, it will be 40-and-a-half feet long.. by 90-and-a-half feet wide. the company hopes to have the new flag in pennsylvania later this year. it's going to take two cranes to lift the flag up... weighing in at 400 pounds. /// ((brian loftus)) a north carolina man is golfing for 24- hours... all to help families of fallen soldiers. jimmy mcmullen actually took a break from golfing... and took an oath to protect and serve. give back to the families of those.. who put their lives on the line for our country: (( jimmy mcmullen/golfing for 24 hours: "there's so many great veterans who are police officers right now." : - "what the police do and what the military do is just unbelievable to me." )) ((brian loftus)) >> the money raised will go to the folds of honor national charity... so that children of fallen and injured soldiers can go to school. mcmullen hopes to donate five- thousand dollars to the foundation. golf courses across the country are also raising money for the charity. /// ((kirsten joyce))
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forecast. ((brian loftus)) >> sherry swensk is here with that. ((sherry swensk)) a really mild labor day for us... with highs well below normal... cooler, too. highs today in the low 90... sunrise getting later and the sun is gone well before 7 p.m. ................... lows dropping in the 70s and 60s this morning...
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the winds kicked in yesterday - and there was blue sky again. ................. cooler than normal temps for us through our labor day. temps in the low 90s today. then hotter 100s return by the weekend. ((sherry swensk)) seven states felt the 5-point-6 earthquake that rattled oklahoma. from illinois.. all the way to arizona . the earthquake happened saturday morning.. in the area where regulators stepped in to limit wastewater disposal. there were no serious injuries reported...and it did not stop one newlywed couple from getting
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so we were just upstairs and it all started shaking and we were just like 'oh dear, what's happening', there was an earthquake and then we were like 'we'll take it as good luck from today'. yeah! (laughs) (groom): "yeah! (laughs). as she said." )) ((kirsten joyce)) oklahoma governor mary fallin says about 35 underground disposal wells in the state need to be shut down. the state has seen an increase in earthquakes.. linked to underground disposal and natural gas production. /// ((brian loftus)) a special tribute was held for the young boy.. who was killed in an alligator attack at disney. friends, family, and the community celebrated what would have been lane grave's 3rd birthday. they released blue balloons to honor the toddler: (( melissa graves/ mother:"anyone that knows me knows that i don't like to speak but my baby i owe it to him to honor him. so his mommy needed to say happy birthday laney. you're in our hearts today and every second of every other day." ))
5:55 am
family was on vacation at disney.. when lane was grabbed by an alligator near a lagoon. his father tried to pry his son from the animal.. but the gator pulled him into the water. investigators did not charge the family. since the accident, warning signs have gone up around the lagoon. /// let's take a look on the roads with demetria. /// ((demetria obilor)) and jones. it's not slowing you down though. if you're heading back to california this morning, here's
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you'll have some company out there, but things aren't really slow right now. traffic is clear along the south beltway. no slow downs to mccarran right now.
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we get your questions answered in mondays with the mayors. those stories and more.. coming up on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader./// ((brian loftus))
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it was doggie destiny
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of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
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hundreds of thousands heading to the valley for labor day ... and that means.... they'll be heading out today... how you can stay safe if you're hitting the road. ((kirsten joyce)) >> plus... it's still summer .. but it's feeling more like fall! how long this cooler weather will last in sherry's forecast. ((brian loftus)) >> and... an nhl team playing at tmobile when you can see the la kings hit the ice. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts right now./// ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) ((brian loftus)) thanks for waking up with us on 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader. i'm brian loftus. ((kirsten joyce)) >> and i'm kirsten joyce. most of you are off work today, but it was a very busy weekend in the valley ((brian loftus)) >> more than 300- thousand came to las vegas for the long labor day weekend..... and that means ...


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