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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  September 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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day. the latest on the hazmat havoc that now has at least one home uninhabitable. and how clark county plans to treat the situation moving forward./// plus... tonight las vegas valley firefighters block off a portion of downtown to pay tribute to the lives lost 15 years ago during the september 11th attacks. and.../// ((katie boer)) "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." (("we care about our students, we care about their families and we want to ensure that when they do return that safety, security and cleaniness is a top priority.")) ((sharie johnson)) students at johnson junior high school will now have 2 days to make up. today the district announced classes will be canceled for
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exposure. that's where we begin tonight. i'm sharie johnson, thanks for joining us. as the investigation continues--- the e-p-a has now upped the amount of mercury discovered on campus. brittany edney is live with what the e-p-a is telling us about about the discovery? ((brittany edney)) >> when the news first broke about the amount discovered... we were told it was no larger than the amount found in a thermometer. this evening we learned that the e-p-a has collected around a inside the school... just to give you an idea, this is how much that looks like.... so just imagine if this was all toxic liquid metal. ((brittany edney)) continued cleanup means no class for students at johnson junior high school on monday. there's still some areas of campus--- specifically the gym-- where crews are making sure all traces of potentially harmful mercury levels are removed. ((randy nattis, epa
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take place, and then they're going to start with reconstruction.")) ((brittany edney)) so far 60 homes have been screened for mercury-- and one of them was deemed unsafe by the local health district. the latest numbers from c-c-s-d show around 800 bags of student belongings and clothing have been screened and cleared for pick-up. ((mike barton, ccsd "we care about our students, we care about their families and we want to ensure that when they do return that safety, security and cleaniness is a top priority." ((brittany edney)) but many felt the district made a mess when they initially responded to the emergency incident. ((debbie kooser, parent "it was a long night, it was mass confusion. a lot of angry parents, it was crazy.")) ((brittany edney)) officials say they aren't contamination... all 7 buses that service the school have been tested and cleared. ((mike barton, ccsd "we know as a district and as a school, we'll debrief on how we can do better. how we can do better for the teachers and the students.")) ((brittany edney)) >> as for when students will head back to class.. the district says they are taking it day by day. but remember, they'll have to make-up 2 of the 3 days missed now--- ccsd says they are looking at election day and the the week before thanksgiving as
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((sharie johnson)) >> do we know yet how the mercury got into the school in the first place? ((brittany edney)) >> well the case is still under investigation but officials say they believe it's likely that it was brought in by a student. sharie. ((sharie johnson)) here's a quick recap of what's happened at the junior high school. wednesday more than 12-hundred teacher found a group playing with mercury. nine students and three teachers tested positive. following the several hours of screening the students and staff at the school--- the e-p-a moved on to screening what was left behind. so far a total of 800 bags and clothes have been screened and cleared for pickup. since the district is still working to determine exactly when the chemical was brought on campus--- they've allowed parents to get
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of the 60 that have been screened--- one has been deemed unsafe to live in. again school is closed tomorrow. this story continues to develop so be sure to stay with 8 news now both on air and online at las-vegas-now- dot-com./// ((sharie johnson)) a homicide suspect is arrested out of state... in connection to a las vegas case. yesterday... metro said they were looking for 22-year-old asa brown... and today he was taken into custody in gilbert, arizona. and tonight... victim in that shooting. investigators say brown got into an argument with jessie bush at an apartment complex near maryland parkway and desert inn friday morning. that argument ended when police say brown shot and killed bush./// ((sharie johnson)) meanwhile... metro is asking for public assistance in identifying this man. he is accused of an attempted armed robbery at a business near east tropicana and south nellis. we're told the man ran into a
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when the employees ran from the robber... the man left without taking any money or merchandise. --- and fortunately the workers got away unharmed. police ask anyone with information to call them at the number located at the bottom of your screen./// ((sharie johnson)) toss to weather ((katie boer))
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30 mph with gusts of 30 to 40 mph. humidity...10 to 15 percent. ..................... right now we're already seeing those breezy to gusty conditions--which will only increase come tuesday. here's a look at current winds--and how about these temps. in the upper 90s and above average today! ..................... here's our can see years ago were felt far beyond new york's borders. tonight hundreds gathered under fremont's viva vision canopy. there were no speeches.... it was just a simple yet poignant tribute to the heros this day. the procession went from freemont and main to the 3rd street stage for a moment of silence. one of the organizers explained why tonight was so important: ((mike tomko, retired
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around, they weren't born yet for 9/11 need to understand what happened that day, what a tragic day it was and how innocent people we're killed just for just for getting up in the morning and going to work that day ")) ((sharie johnson)) >> this event was started back in 2003 as a group of firefighters getting together at the make-shift memorial at new york new york. now... the event has grown over the years. ((sharie johnson)) there's been no word on whether or not hillary clinton will cancel wednesday's rally here in the valley. this aftet leaving a 9-11 event early following a health incident. video posted on social media shows hillary clinton's aides tightly holding on to her, just before she stumbles a couple times getting into her van. she was taken to her daughter's nearby apartment--- and was later spotted leaving. (("i'm feeling great, i'm feeling great." )) ((sharie johnson)) a doctor who examined her says she's suffering from
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the campaign said she will not travel to california tomorrow for her previously scheduled events. ((sharie johnson)) remember we are your local election headquarters keeping you updated on all the races on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((sharie johnson)) the cargo chaos along california's coast is slowly easing over. --- but the stall at sea could still impact your holiday shopping center./// plus... hit at midnight around the valley. the areas you want to avoid ahead of your morning
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valley's news leader...with sharie johnson, katie boer & jon tritsch. this is 8 news now . ." ((sharie johnson)) for nearly two weeks... dozens of cargo ships belonging to hanjin shipping have been stuck at sea after filing for bankruptcy. be allowed to dock and unload at the port of long beach. this follows a new judge's order... protecting the company's assets from being seized in the united states. the cargo aboard the ships are said to be 14 billion dollars in product from companies like samsung, nike and forever 21. and since september is known as the start of the holiday shopping center retailers feel this could impact consumers greatly./// ((sharie johnson))
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freeway ramp closures and a cone zone in the southwest valley will certainly slow you down this week. demetria obilor is in tonight explaining what crews are up to and how to get around it all... at midnight, the northbound 95 ramp to westbound 215 will shut down so crews can do some construction work. the closure will last through five am. expect some slow downs in the area. detours are posted. the mlk on-ramp to northbound 95 is project neon construction. use alternates like rancho to get to the freeway. out in the southwest, the rainbow/russell intersection is slowing you down
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crews work on a widening/flood control project for the county. expect big slow downs in the area as work continues. use alternates like tropicana and jones to get around the delays. i'll keep you updated on these cone zones during my morning see you monday... have a great evening ((sharie johnson)) and as you prepare to
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want to prepare for some high winds. ((katie boer)) >> /// toss to katie for weather ((katie boer))
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((katie boer))
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dry across southern nevada, but day here across clark county! temps pretty toasty though today with a concern for fire danger over the next few days. gh today ..................... a fire weather watch has been issued for early tuesday morning through tuesday evening. a trough of low pressure moving into the region will bring gusty winds along with low relative
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by tuesday. .................... let's break down this watch and what it means.... this will lead to dangerous fire weather across southern nevada and the colorado river valley. timing...winds will increase tuesday morning...peak tuesday afternoon...then begin decreasing tuesday night. wind...south to southwest 20 to 30 mph with gusts of 30 to 40 mph. humidity...10 to 15 percent. ..................... right now we're already seeing those breezy to gusty conditions--which will only increase come tuesday. here's a look at current temps. in the upper 90s and above average today! ..................... here's our can see normal temps are about 96 for today. we passed that late this afternoon. ................... heading into tonight look for mid 70s overnight... with temps. monday about average in the mid 90s.... we'll see a big drop though from
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approaching low pressure system really hikes up our winds and drops temperatures. .................. as for rain... really no threat for now...with most current precip well to the north... even with this trough approaching we should stay dry through the extended forecast. ................ here's your 7-day... we go from upper 90s today to low 90s tomorrow...real ly the big dip comes tuesday like i mentioned... highs down all the way to the upper 80s for tus low 90s with temps starting to climb a bit again by late week. look for those low 90s to linger from thursday in through this next upcoming weekend. ((sharie johnson)) jon joins us now as the sports community unites ((jon tritsch))
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today..we'll look at some of the most poignant sights and we'll also talk to coach marvin menzies..and hear his first tv comments on the rebels star recruit plus we air it out with the best from the week that was..the vegas five countdown will be in stride and on target..sports is next "it's halloween time my frightful fiends, and disneyland is ours!"
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(screams) halloween time at the disneyland resort means there's wicked fun in both parks... and make sure to see the twilight zone tower of terror before it's final check out.
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september 11,2001 finally gave sports fans perspective with the word "hero."... herc makes a game saving tackle but the fire fighter who takes a life saving risk.. it's not the defensive star..but the men and women who defend the stars and stripes it's the opening weekend of nfl games and stadiums were full of passion and patriotism..presi dent bush flipped the coin in dallas as visiting new yorkers were moved to tears.. bengals coach marvin lewis wore an fdny hat as his team took on the new york jets moments of silence filled major league baseball parks as
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colors and players showed unity and resolve by interlocking arms around the flag...america sincerely and solemnly showed it's strength through sports there was plenty of nfl action around the country.. bishop gorman grad demarco murray making his tennessee titans debut.. and he dazzled.. he catches a touchdown pass from marcus mariota in the first quarter and another one in the 4th quarter... he provided the titans only two td's as the vikings win 25-16 the fan's choice game of the week liberty..gorman.. and arbor view and we need your vote again for these three worthy contenders i'll be live at one of these three matchups..go to our 8newsnow facebook page to decide centennial at las vegas high.. faith lutheran at silverado or legacy at coronado.. also we encourage you to send your highlights from this friday's game to pix p-i- x@lasvegasnow. com runnin rebels basketball coach marvin menzies came to unlv with
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belief in the program by out-working the competition in public relations and in recruiting unlv signed star recruit troy baxter jr. out of florida beating out ucla and arizona state..most rosters are complete by the spring..but menzies kept a scholarship and lines of communication open with the 6'8'' high flying power forward..persist ence paid off (marvin menzies/unlv: "it's a huge blessing. i've never signed a kid after school has already started. there is a first time for everything first of all. but to sign someone who has such athleticism and character he has-he's a steal.") the sports world is still spinning and grinning with the opening weekend of the nfl in full swing..but tonight we reflect on the local playmakers and top performers from right here in las vegas wait for it management said jon..we need to
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but seriously..athle tes from 30 different countries performed in one of the most physically grueling competitions i've ever seen..most pole athletes have extensive experience in gymnastics and dance and i'm still in awe (macrana giardini/argentina: "the most difficult for me is doing like amazing tricks with a fluidity and being fluid and flawless.") former liberty high school star kai nacua continues to be a beast for byu.. fumble and intercepted 2 utah passes saturday night.. he had a knockout hit in the third quarter..but was flagged for targeting and was ejected..fair to say he left an impact bishop gorman went on the road and beat california powerhouse st. john bosco on friday.. check out the perfect pass from tate martell and the full speed catch by dorian thompson robinson.. the number one team in the land won their 42nd game in a row the most impressive play of
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back kevin benoza..who refuses to be denied.. how many tackles can one man break? try 6 on this one play.. benoza is a bad man and number one goes to donnel pumphrey..the canyon springs high school product became san diego state's all time leading rusher when he went for 281 yards and 3 touchdowns against cal..donnel passed marshall faulk as the greatest aztec ball carrier ((jon tritsch)) that's it for sports tonight... lets send it back over to
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((sharie johnson)) if pizza is your thing... you may want to make a trip to buenos aires next summer. that's whereo this weekend... 600 plus foodies filled ths streets for the 5-k race. along the way... there are stops for a slice at eight of the city's best pizza shops. at the end... runners vote to crown the new "king of pizzas"./// ((sharie johnson)) thanks for watching 8 news now at 11. 8 news now good day starts at 4-am.
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