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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  September 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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work on shifting lanes to the east as they get ready to tear down this bridge portion of the ramp in a week. forcing drivers to find other ways to get around this normally busy portion of the freeway. some drivers are glad to finally see work getting started on project neon--saying it's the spaghetti bowl has been a real mess to deal with. ((david dawn/driver: "the backup and actually if you haven't been through it much you can easily miss your turn. they come up quick and there's so many lanes as to where you can ((mauricio marin)) >> we spent the day looking at the work is affecting travel flow in the area. there was some slow down on 95 southbound with orange cones blocking off lanes. there's signs with detours for drivers....having them take 15-northbound from the 95 south. then exiting d-street and than returing onto the 15-south. but some didn't want to deal with the extra commute they've been taking alternate routes...exiting rancho drive
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15....causing some extra traffic on surface streets n-dot says they're confident they'll have the ramp re-opened by 10 tomorrow morning. (( tony illia/ndot: "we are confident we have been planning and preparing for it and we're ready to do it. we find this creates the least amount of public impact while still getting the job done and making the necessary improvements.")) ((mauricio marin)) >> this is just the start to even project neon which will widen the interstate 15 from the spaghetti bowl to sahara avenue. so n-dot asks for drivers patience. the project is expected to be completed by the summer of 20-19. ((mauricio marin)) >> once again---the ramp is scheduled to re-open tomorrow at 10 in the morning. when it out for new traffic patterns. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now. ((sharie johnson))'s all the work going to benefit drivers? ((mauricio marin)) >> there's a few things that
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area. n-dot says it should help reduce traffic by nearly 30-percent. and new traffic patterns should make it safer to prevent accidents because it will cut back on drivers having to weave in and out of lanes. back to you./// ((sharie johnson)) what started as a possible barricade situation ended with one man in custody. reporter brittany edne outside tamarus park apartments. ((brittany edney)) investigators tell us a call came in around noon about a family dispute between a man and a woman. metro says the man possibly threatened a female with a knife. when police couldn't make contact with the man-- that's when swat came out. (("i didn't hurt nobody, i got one eye, i'm blind in one eye, how could i anybody? )) ((brittany edney)) and our cameras were rolling
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him on the perimeter that happened right after swat went inside the apartment and cleared the scene. dozens of responders helped with the situation including metro officiers, swat and negotiators. . neighbors returning home say they were shocked to see all the vehicles and man power surrounding the complex. ((laura o'sullivan, neighbor "oh my god, what's going on. i hope that everythings ok. i figured i'd be able to come home. i mean how man people work for the police department? it's crazy." )) ((brittany edney)) metro also tells us that when they first arrived on scene, they complex just as to take extra precaution. no one was injured in today's incident... and there's still no word yet on the exact charges that the man arrested is facing. brittany edney 8 news now.// ((sharie johnson)) metro tells us the woman involved is safe and was not injured but was around 8 months pregnant. so she was transported for medical care as a precaution. ((sharie johnson)) police are investigating
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the first happened at the intersection of tropicana and koval just before 10. witnesses told police a b-m-w heading west crashed into kia that was stopped at a red light. the b-m-w then crashed into another car making a turn causing a two car chain reaction crash. the 40 year old male driver of the b-m-w was not wearing a seat belt and died at the scene. several occupants in the other cars were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. before one a-m near owens and eastern. witnesses say a 23 year old motorcyclist was speeding and riding "wheelies" before his bike overturned throwing the rider onto the street. he was taken to u-m-c where he later died./// ((sharie johnson)) the summer weather is still going strong in the valley this weekend. katie boer is in the weather center with a look a the chances of rain mixing things up in the valley. ((katie boer)) good evening! a warm, but
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temperatures as we count down the final few days of summer before fall arrives late next week. ................... taking a look outside -- really a gorgeous day all across clark county. lots of blue sky and sunshine--winds have been nice and calm, but temps. are above evening. ..................... lets take a look at those current temperatures... mid 90s for most spots--i've even seen a few low 100s in our warmer neighborhoods. .................... how about the rest of your night? let's look ahead at the evening planner... look for clear and very warm conditions through about 7pm in the low 90s, by 9pm we'll dip into the upper 80s...low 80s by 11pm tonight. .................... we'll talk more about your extended forecast-- including a chance for thunderstorms next week in my extended forecast.
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pick-up game of basketball this weekend. officers teamed up with members of the community for a 3 on 3 tournament earlier today. it's all part of their safe neighborhood initiative. it's a chance for kids around the valley to take part in a friendly competition and encourage positive interaction with law enforcement. (( rosalio velasquez organizer "my boys you know we live in a low budget area kinda low and they have like a lot of activity of bad stuff going on but when the police reach out to the kids it gives them inspiration to feel good about the police you know that they are reaching to us you know they forget about us people in the low icome area it was really good" )) ((sharie johnson)) this is the 4th year the 3 on 3 tournament has been held in the valley and organizers are hoping to hold more in the furutre./// ((sharie johnson)) an online scam is targeting you where you work. michelle mortensen explains what you may want to double check-- if you recently recived an email from your boss./// you're watching the
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tritsch. what kind of person would misuse the topic of rape in a political campaign? joe heck, that's who. the truth is, as attorney general,
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led the fight against crimes like sexual assault and worked with republicans and democrats to make sure rape kits were administered for victims. but in washington, congressman joe heck voted against funding for rape kits. joe heck. lying about rape. part of the problem in washington. i'm catherine cortez masto
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((sharie johnson)) before you answer that next email from your boss.. you'll want to listen up. consumer advocate michelle mortensen says company... and you could be to blame. ((michelle mortensen)) well, if i've said it once ... i've said it a million times. scammers are clever ... and their latest trick could cost you your job. ((michelle mortensen)) every day is octoberfest ... at the german club of nevada ... ((michelle mortensen)) but the party almost stopped
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profits and clubs across the nation. it's known as the boss scam ... and this is why... ((ingrid: i recieved an email from president steve ... )) ((michelle mortensen)) it started with an email ... like many scams do. it appeared to have been sent from the club presdient to ingrid stewart the club treasurer ((ingrid: he said you need to help me transfer some money. )) ((michelle mortensen)) not even an odd request .. according to ingrid as they had just finished a parking lot addition and needed to pay close to 7 grand for the job ... so when the email asked for 6900 ((ingrid: there were no warning bells ... )) ((michelle mortensen)) but a twist of fate saved ingrid from making the transfer. by chance she got a text from the real president and leanred it was all a scam. ((michelle: we're you impressed how detailed they were? ingrid: i was totally impressed? )) ((michelle mortensen)) hindsight being 20 -20 ... ingrid figured out how the scammer s targeted her. the club kept all of their finacials ... along with board members names,
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easy to spoof the information. the club has since made lots of changes to their site to protect themselves from scammers ... and keep the party going. ((michelle mortensen)) according to the f-b-i ... these fake boss email scams have cost companies about 3 billion bucks since october 2013. so how can you protect yourself andyour company? first -- if you get an email from your boss asking youto pay a bill or tansfer money .. call them to confirm it. or awkward language ... signs it make have been translated poorly from another language. and third ... hit reply and see if a different email pops up. if it does ... that's a good sign it's a scam. i'm michelle mortensen./// ((sharie johnson)) >> if you have a consumer problem you'd like michelle to look into.. call the 8 on your side hotline at (702) 650-1907./// ((sharie johnson)) there is a push happening this weekend to unite our
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march in the valley and how it's opening a conversation to help people speak out against violence in their neighborhood./// ((sharie johnson))
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this happened on state road 168 near moapa. police say a passerby drove up to the crash and reported it. it's unclear what cuased the crash. we will keep you updated as we learn more details./// ((sharie johnson)) promoting peace within the community. that's the message behind a day of non-violence campaign this weekend. across the country activists are uniting for a demonstratn communities affected by gang violence. here in the valley activists marched down maryland parkway from harmon to molasky park. the walk was capped off with a non-violence rally at the park. (( carmella gadsen community organizer "today's focus is violence done to others but also violence done to the self so including but not limited to substance abuse alcohol abuse drug abuse sexual assault suicide domestic violence, gang violence and of course police brutality is in the conversation as well" ))
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for the national day of non-violence. the overall goal is to give community members knowledge on the resources available to them to help curb violence./// ((sharie johnson)) ((katie boer)) good evening! a warm, but gorgeous weekend kicked off today with some toasty temperatures as we count down the final few days of summer before fall arrives late next week. ................... taking a look outside -- really
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county. lots of blue sky and sunshine--winds have been nice and calm, but temps. are above average this afternoon and early evening. ..................... lets take a look at those current temperatures... mid 90s for most spots--i've even seen a few low 100s in our warmer neighborhoods. how about the rest of your night? let's look ahead at the evening planner... look for clear and very warm conditions through about 7pm in the low 90s, by 9pm we'll dip into the upper 80s...low 80s by 11pm tonight.
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fairly quiet right now but an upper level low is developing off the calfornia coast -- that will give us a slight chance of storms after 11pm monday through mainly tuesday--but possibly wednesday as well. ................... your extended forecast shows the t tuesday--down to the upper 80s!. ((sharie johnson))
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this weekend. thousands of people turned out on day one of the weekend event. the festival is put on by the st. john the baptist greek orthadox church. all the food vendors are all members of the church--not outside restaurants. if you'd like to check out the event-- it's open until 11pm tonight and tomorrow from noon the 10pm./// ((sharie johnson)) the rebels went on a mission
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as well as a recap of a wild day in college football and coming up tonight at 11... there's more trouble ahead for banking giant wells fargo after getting slapped with their first lawsuit here in the west. you're watching the valley's news leader.///
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opponents.. the rebels on the road looking to chase the chipewas out of town coach tony sanchez..3 wins in 2015.. looking for number 2 already this year... rebs special teams..aaron borg the block.. charles williams the recovery in the endzone for the touchdown.. central michigan regrouped.. cooper rush..fires to jesse kroll..touchdow n. cooper rush..rebels hope to never hear his name again...back of the endzone to mark champman..14-7.. but here comes lexington lightning thomas.. the
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he went over 100 yards for his second straight week.. unlv staying on the attack..johnny stanton to darren woods.. 21-14 rebels.. super cooper rush can pass..and unlv can't defend today..receiver mark chapman in a different area code than any defensive back.. more central michigan passing attack..air chippewa was in full force.. rush to cory willis.. and the rebels had no answer..cory willis blazing a trail through unlv's defense.. quarterback cooper rush threw for 352 yards and 6 touchdowns.. 44-21 chippewas improve to 3-0..unlv drops to 1-2 third week of college football and no one is safe.. not you alabama..not you iowa against division one aa north dakota state..and especially not
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team in the land with ease.. lamar jackson..part quarterback/ part superhero the heisman trophy frontrunner decimated the seminoles with his legs and his arm.. jackson threw for 216 yards and a touchdown..and ran for another 140 and 4 touchdowns.. florida state was boat raced in louisville.. 63-20 division i-aa north dakota state looking for the biggest win in program history..the bison score late but go for 2 and fail.. trailing by 1.. the buzzer with a 37 yard game winning field goal..23-21..ndsu shocks #3 iowa on the road ((sharie johnson)) that's it for us. we'll see you again for 8 news
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a librarian from wilmington, north carolina... and our returning champion -- a law student originally from birmingham, alabama... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen.


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