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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  September 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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bring it back? plus.... (( mauricio marin/reporter "we're inside henderson hospital getting a sneak peek of their technology that they're going to be using to keep your families healthcare top priority." ))
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((denise valdez)) >> i'm denise valdez. for the first time since an oversight committee approved the n-f-l stadium funding plan.... we're hearing first-hand from the governor. ((paul joncich)) >> the governor weighed in this morning... giving us a better picture of what will be happening leading up to the special session. politics now anchor patrick walker spoke to sandoval at length about the stadium. ((patrick walker)) >> turns out... the governor had quite a bit to say today. much of it... had to do with when the special session will actually happen. sources have told us the governor's office is prepping lawmakers for a monday.. the governor's office issued a statement... saying it would start sometime "between october 7th and october 13th." today... governor sandoval told me there are a number of cinsiderations as to when exactly the date will be... but it would "likely be that week" -- meaning of the 10th. the governor has also been in meetings with stakeholders from the raiders... and the developer... the sands corp. all of that may not matter... however... if the deal dies in the legislature. the biggest question for sandoval today -- does he have the votes to pass it? ((governor brian
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fluid thing, and i'm speaking with legislative leadership, i have not polled or lobbied individual legislators on this, my impression on this is there is a significant amount of support out there for this project.")) ((patrick walker)) >> keep in mind... funding for a convention center expansion is also an item on the table at the upcoming special session. and there's an outside shot an alternative funding source for the education savings account could also make the agenda. the governor re-opened the door to that.. made up his mind whther or not it would be included. that reverses course somewhat from a statement yesterday... when he said he alluded to the issue being taken up in the 2017 regular session. ((patrick walker)) >> sandoval says the session is on schedule... after the clark county commission appointed two temporary legislators today... to fill the vacant seats in the legislature. former democratic assemblywoman stephanie smith and republican kyle stephens join three lawmakers who were
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special session./// ((paul joncich)) >> it's not over. the day after nevada's supreme court put the brakes on the education savings account-- the state's treasurer is still moving forward. esa's allow parents to get reimbursed by the state for their child's education at private schools. speed and looks ahead to what's next. ((sharie johnson)) yesterday the supreme court put an injunction on esa's. they did find the program to be constitutional-- but not the current funding plan. mind you-- over 4,000 families-- totalling over 8,000 students have already enrolled. but the state treasurer says he's moving foward. yesterday he said lawmakers could still find a way to make the voucher program work... with a few changes. and he wants those ammendments to be made in a
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but today-- the governor didn't seem so sure about that: (( gov. sandoval: "well, you know, and again i'm not going to speculate on camera, this is a really serious issue and it's important and unfortunately the treasurer hasn't had an opportunity to, i mean he said this the moment the decision came out, and i think if he were familiar with some of the other details, it might be different." )) >> sandoval said he hasn't decided whether to include esa's as part of the special session, because it's quote "very complicated and complex" >> that means all these families will have to play the waiting with their child's education. will this topic become conversation next month-- and are lawmakers convinced it can work. we'll find out. denise? ((denise valdez)) investigators are having trouble finding answers to how a new jersey train crashed thursday morning killing one person and injuring more than 100 others. the ntsb hasn't been able to remove the front facing cameras
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recordings could be damaged. while crews work to figure out how fast the train was going... others are wondering if a new system called "positive train control" would have prevented it. the technology stops trains when they exceed speed limits -- but it won't be implemented in hoboken for another 2 years./// ((denise valdez)) that technology relies on gps satellites.. radio towers.. and ground sensors to monitor a train's speed and its location. if it detects a train going t unsafely... onboard computers kick in to slow or stop it. the technology is only available on 29% of passenger trains though. the american public transportation association says they are 100 percent committed to "positive train control"... but the final cost of installing it is about 3 and a half billion dollars. that's far more than congress has set aside for it./// ((paul joncich))
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it's doors. and we got an inside look at all the state of the art technology they'll be using to provide quality healthcare to valley patients. it'll be at galleria and gibson... just off the 95. here's what the area looked like a few years ago... this is where cowabunga bay went up... here is where the hospital will be.. and there's even bigger plans for the land surrounding live at the under- construction hospital... with more... mauricio? ((mauricio marin)) >> the countdown is on...31 days until henderson hospital opens to the public with 130 beds for patients. and even more construction is in the works surrounding the hospital including other healthcare facilities. plus new entertainment and retail space. and it's all encompassing henderson hospital that has the latest technology for patients. >>
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ground broke for henderson hospital. ((sam kaufman/ceo, henderson hospital: there's been a tremendous amount of effort. almost 1500 people have gone in to build this hospital." )) ((mauricio marin)) the hospital's chief executive officer sam kaufman gave us an inside look at the work they've been busy with to get the hospital built from the ground up in a part of town where the population keeps growing. ((sam kaufman/ceo, henderson hospital: "i think the henderson community and the las vegas community they need access for healthcare so where we built the hospital we feel that we can really incre whether it's the emergency room, the or, maternity services all of those services." )) ((mauricio marin)) each part of the hospital has new technology to help treat patients. ((sam kaufman/ceo, henderson hospital: "the top floor is the pent house, i like to call it and that's ob services so we've got post pardom beds up there, labor and delivery." )) ((mauricio marin)) on the first floor---is the state of the art emergency room. built in with amenities to keep patients comfortable like the bear paw that lets folks control the temperature in their
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operating room---we got to check out the high resolution monitors that will be used by doctors. plus---something no one else has---indigo lights. ((mauricio marin/reporter: "they look like rave lights but henderson hospital is the first in the country to use them in operating rooms. they're killing germs 24 hours a day." )) ((mauricio marin)) even with all the new gadgets---kaufman says providing great healthcare still comes down to the quality doctors and nurses on staff offer. ((sam kaufman/ceo, henderson hospital: 'it's a beautiful hospital. it's a bright new shiny penny but at the end of the day the way that we deliver care and delivery satisfaction is going to be the mark that we are going to set in t ((mauricio marin)) >> they've already hired about 300 employees including medical staff and administrators. but they're still looking for nurses. and if you want to check out the hospital for yourself---they're having a community open house in a few weeks. we have the details on las-vegas-now- dot-com. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((denise valdez)) we're sending off september with another beautiful day. so tedd florendo went out to enjoy it. he's live at the "pure aloha fall festival" at the silverton...
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tedd florendo ((( dust advisory in effect for sunday through monday as winds expected to get gusty on those specific days especially. gusts up to 40 or more possible on those days along with cooler conditions by sunday and monday as well. we're warm and above average again today with winds light for now. still some cloud forecast. ................................ ... .................... tonight expect temps to stay warm to mild with some clouds around. winds again staying
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expect winds to pick up more tomorrow afternoon as the morning stay mild and tranquil
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after the break./// ((denise valdez))
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results. ((paul joncich)) >> today she's helping a woman who got a great deal on theater tickets ... only to have it taken away. ((michelle mortensen)) finding a great deal online brings many of us a lot of joy. but a word of warning. not every deal ... is a deal. sometimes it can be a simple mistake...
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she told me she bought 6 v-i-p tickets to see deepak chopra at the smith center next month. the deal online was almost too good to be true. each ticket was just 8 bucks ... and that included a meet and greet and a signed copy of his book. after purchasing them though she got an email saying the price was an error .. and she owed them $1,026. she asked me for help ... saying .. shouldn't all sales be final. well, not really. see a pricing error .. which this obvoisly was since these ... can be a nightmare for businesses or ticket agents in this case. the question is are businessesle gally obligated to sell them at the advertised price .... and the answer is no. why? a couple reasons. first .. .mistakes happen. and there's no law requiring
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laws against false or decptive advertising require intent to decieve ... not a mistake. second ... it doesn't qualify as a bait and switch according to the f-t-c ... there has to be intention ... and mistakes are unintentional. third... if the company's website has a terms of service section stating they can cancel order for any reason ... they can. now the good news in yvonne's case ... honor yvonne's tickets in part. she got to keep her amazing seats... she just had to forgoe the v-i-p package with the meet and greet and book signing. all in all ... there mistake ended up being a big win for her. just remember ... anytime you find a great deal ... you can loose it ... if the company claims it was just a mistake. and it often is. i'm michelle mortensen. ((denise valdez)) while we're talking about
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frightdome -- tonight is opening night! the annual event turns the adventuredome at circus circus into one of america's scariest attractions. it's in it's 14th year... and the creators say fans can expect to be more scared than ever before. there are 5 scare zones and 6 haunted houses with various themes like clowns -- and prison. there's even a brand new installation -- that requires you to go through it all alone: (( jason egan//owner, frightdome - i am really trying to haunt people. i want them to stuff. since we have to build these from the ground up i want to include real artifacts. that's why i've taken all the artifacts and put them in this new ouija haunted house. this is gonna be crazy. i've had some of the best illusion builders in the world help us and this is gonna be a killer year. )) ((denise valdez)) >> the other thing we had to ask him... whether the attraction ever scares him. egan says while actors do get him sometimes... knowing every nook and cranny of the place makes it difficult to do so./// ((paul joncich))
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we aren't seeing that kind of flooding here at home. ((denise valdez)) >> in fact... it's been beautiful for the last week. and while summer's over... there's no good reason to turn down a luau. so we sent tedd to the "pure aloha fall festival" to get a look at all the fun.
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well. ................................ ... ............ temps have been close to 90 for the east side of the valley where it's lower in elevation. the ((denise valdez)) up next... it's "paid" paid vacation plan. ((paul joncich)) >> we promise that's not a typo so what does that mean... and how does it work? ((denise valdez)) >> plus... the world's tallest and longest glass bridge... re-opens. coming up tonight at six... the safety concerns that prompted officials to shut it down in the first place. the valley's news leader will be right back./// ((coming up... the latest on campaign 2016.. as a twitter war breaks out between the
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cowboy became a hero the old fashioned way.. coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. ))
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were lled "apps"
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my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. in congress, i'll work with democrats and republicans to make all of nevada a leader in solar, to improve our schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can find smart solutions... even in washington. news now at five.")) ((denise valdez)) one utah company is paying its employees to get out of the office and take a vacation.
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software company bamboo-h-r has a new program called "paid paid vacation." it means that when employees take a vacation... they'll get a 2-thousand dollar reimbursement for costs including hotel stay.. transportation.. and meals. the company's ceo says he feels strongly that personal life doesn't exist to support work life... but vice versa./// by the way..a study released in june says that in 2015....55 percent of americans left vacation days on the table....which translates to days. ((paul joncich)) speaking of vacations... those of you with little ones that need a break.. why hire a babysitter when you can let technology do the work. this is "i-pal"... from chinese startup "avatar mind". it's a child-size... three foot tall robot. it can sing, dance, and play games. the inventors say parents can even watch and chat with their kids remotely... using a smartphone./// ((paul joncich)) before we go...
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before we go... we want to go back out to the pure aloha festival. ((denise valdez)) >> tedds got more on what's it like out there.
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looking cool up in the pacific northwest with warmer temps in the desert southwest. northern tier states cooling off with temps only in the mid 50's for the twin cities and mild for the southern plain states. gorgeous with low humidity for the mid-atlantic staes and warm and muggy in orlando this afternoon. ..................... .............. ................ radar images show showers moving in from the south probably brining some spits of showers this evening to some isolated areas. the bulk of rain coming in from the upper level low will reach us wednesday bringing more scattered showers and t'storm chances.onatemps staying in the olerending on cloud cover. .............................. . ............night expect a lo0 ges with plenty of clouds and light winds. could see a slight chance of ar ol oveit and clouds in the m.tomorrow expect a high of 87 with partly sunny with chances r showers and t'storms and re scattered. ................ ............................... tend recast shows temps stay neh another chance of showers/storm drier by friday with wi creasin for showers returning again next week.
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don't believe... don't believe... don't believe joe heck's attacks. catherine cortez masto has always served with integrity. as a federal prosecutor and attorney general...
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and obama administrations to combat terrorism. as attorney general, she helped reduce crime. that's why she's endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. catherine cortez masto. catherine cortez masto. i trust her to keep us safe. i'm catherine cortez masto,
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captioning sponsored by cbs ? ? ? captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the campaign takes an ugly turn over a beauty queen. a twitter war breaks out over trump's treatment of women. >> who gets up at 3:00 in the morning to engage in a twitterrn attack against a former miss universe? >> pelley: also tonight, aft yet another air strike, tears for the most innocent victims of the syrian civil war. background checks for gun buyers. a new report finds a dangerous flaw. and, a modest cowboy brings law and order to the west. >> i just figured it was the right thing to do, you know? >> pelley: steve hartman on the


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