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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  October 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it's do or die for an nfl stadium in las vegas -- which way will state lawmakers vote? the late night developments from the special session in carson city. ((christianne klein)) >> a military veteran takes his own life... so why couldn't the v-a hospital help him? (( "what could i have done?" )) ((christianne klein)) >> the complicated situation when it comes to helping our vets... and this family's quest to help others. ((tedd florendo)) >>a windy end to the workweek. how long the gusty & dusty winds will whip around coming up on the valleys news leader
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secure the votes but a bombshell regarding more posible funding for road projects needed that may be holding up assembly members from heading back to the chamber to cast their vote. ((chris maathuis)) >> lombardo/clark county: "this stands on it's own. with the expansion of the convention center and the
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doesn't equate to that population so the raiders is incumbent upon them to provide private security and also hire police officers per nrs to police the event " )) (( sean stewart: "generally i think we're a little down in the weeds with some of the details of what the governing body is going to look like, but yes, i think they're starting to understand how many jobs are at stake and what they're going to do for las vegas."
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creation, it's also important for us to stay competitive in the market place. whether it's the stadium, which will help us bring in more special events, when you add in the nfl brand, the raiders, unlv and us, that's a winning combination. and our facility will be able to attract more conventions and so we'll stay competitive for the next 25-30 years. las vegas always reinvents itself. this is the perfect way to do it." )) ((mauricio marin)) >> ((chris maathuis)) >>
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suicide and his family is angry that more wasn't done to save his life. ((dave courvoisier)) >> staff sergeant david archuleta killed himself last week. his family talked to us tonight ... with a powerful message for others. shakala alvaranga is live in the studio to share their story. >> nomatter what it's a heartbreaking story dave and christianne, archuleta served in the u.s. army for 22 years. he leaves behind four children. and as a mother prepares to bury her son, she can't help but wonder if he'd still be alive today .... if he had received the care he desperately needed. (("the closet door was open and i said what's the closet door doing open? and i just peaked around and that's when i found him..." )) ((shakala alvaranga))
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was 47 years old when he shot himself. (("david to me was always the strong one and the hero and the big brother who always protected me...")) ((shakala alvaranga)) he enlisted in the army when he was just 18 years old. a 22 year veteran, david served in the national guard and the gulf war. (("he said mom you have no idea what i've been through, what i've seen, what i've done, and that is something that i will never ever talk to you or anybody about.")) ((shakala alvaranga)) suffered from p-t-s-d so they sought help at the v-a hospital. (("he definitely needed some extreme help and care and i don't think he got it. i think the va failed him. i think we failed him.")) ((shakala alvaranga)) kimberly says david was in and out of the hospital for months. we brought their concerns to the chief of staff tonight. (("a million times you ask yourself: what did i do?
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the problem they say... david didn't want help. (("i think david was living with so much guilt in his life and the things that had happened and transpired, that i i think he felt he was not worthy of help.")) ((shakala alvaranga)) the v-a hospital offers psychiatric treatment and support services. but the patient has to say they need help. david ... didn't. (("this is the challenge of keeping anyone at any length of time. they have civil rights." "one suicide is too many. one suicide from a veteri zero.)) ((shakala alvaranga)) still, the archuleta's hope more can be done for other families... (("we just lost our dad not even a year ago. so its been very tough..." "he always had his dad. i think that was another factor." )) ((shakala alvaranga)) even if it's too late ... for theirs. ((shakala alvaranga)) >> any time a patient commits suicide, the v-a launches an independent review. meanwhile, the archuletta's say they plan to bury david monday.
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ways our vets can seek out help if they need it? ((shakala alvaranga)) >> the v-a encourages vets to enroll for care... and there's a hotline they can call any time if they need to talk... that number is 1-800-273-talk. /// ((christianne klein)) family, friends, and colleagues of fallen north las vegas firefighter, captain yaphet miller, paid their respects today. captain miller was laid to rest today after his death last week. he fell ill after fighting a washington in september, but an official cause of death has not yet been determined. the 22-year veteran of the department was remembered fondly: (( sergio reynoso / north las vegas fire dept.: "he was a strong man, a great captain a great leader. he's well respected within the department and the fire service as a whole." )) ((christianne klein)) >> eight years ago captain miller saved a toddler in a fire. he leaves behind a wife and two
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you're taking a live look outside... another warm night, tedd... it's quiet but those winds are supposed to pick up again right? ((tedd florendo)) warm again today with some cloud cover mixed with sunshine. winds stay mainly a light breeze today prior to the bigger wind arrival tomorrow. humidity remains dry and desert-like again. we're s expect the temps to drop a little by the weekend with those winds and storms staying to the north. ................................ ... ........... hour by hour shows temps staying mild again tonight as we stay clear through the night temps in the 80's then 70's. tomorrow expect some high clouds mixed with sunshine and winds increase by midday and stronger later in the day.
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night around 11:15. the chase went across the valley to the northwest... where police say the man displayed a gun on 215 near hualapai and north forth apache. officers shot the man dead on the scene. a gun was recovered. the suspect's name has not yet been released./// ((dave courvoisier)) and metro police are seeking information in a murder this morning. around 6:00 to men got in an argument at a chevron off lake mead and hollywood. one man was shot several times... vehicle. metro believes this could be gang-related. you can remain anonymous when you call crime stoppers./// ((christianne klein)) a defiant donald trump is vigorously denying he's had inappropriate contact with a growing list of accusers tonight. five women have now come forward. trump says... they're lying. on the campaign trail today trump denounced the claims as "totally and absolutely false". a threat by trump to sue the new york times for an article taking accounts from two
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paper telling trump they'll be happy to meet him in court. hillary clinton told her supporters she's disturbed by these new allegations: (( hillary clinton / d-presidential nominee: "it makes you want to turn off the news. it makes you want to unplug the internet or just look at cat gifs." )) ((christianne klein)) >> as for clinton, she's still dealing with revelations coming from stolen emails that belonged to her campaign manager. in one, robby mook called new york city mayor bill de blasio a terrorist for tweeting something positive about bernie sande. democratic party's nominee./// ((christianne klein)) don't forget... 8 news now and univision are hosting a senate debate tomorrow night. congressman joe heck and former nevada attorney general catherine cortez masto will go toe-to-toe over the issues right here on channel 8. debate coverage starts at 7:00./// ((christianne klein)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the races that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com.///
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foster children on most any given day. the adoption exchange works with d-f-s to get that number reduced... and tonight they celebrated 67 adoptions at the annual "heart gallery" event at madame tussauds in the venetian. the professional portraits of area foster children were on display for prospective adoptive parents... many of those children have also appeared on wednesday's child... seeking adoption./// ((dave courvoisier)) a nail-biter in our nation's capital... nationals took the dodgers to the brink... and it came to a staredown with cy young-winner clayton kershaw. jon tritsch has sports coming up. ((christianne klein)) >> and a man's body discovered inside a car in moapa... was it murder? or did his roommates panic in a bad situation? that story... next.///
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the desert is where bad guys go when they want to make evidence disappear. but hiding the evidence won't help danny tarkanian. sure, he can bury all those property taxes he skipped out on for years... ...or all those fake charities he helped set up... ...or the scams against seniors he formed... or the $17 million judgment he never paid. ust a con man who can't bury the truth.
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((christianne klein)) >> a young utah man's body was found hidden in the backseat of a stolen car. matt mcdonald has the details. bryce lowrys smiling face beams from the stands at a university of utah football game. (brandi johns, family friend) "he's super fun. he even bigfoot costume. just the fun uncle, just the kids loved him and whenever he walked in the room everyone went running for uncle bryce." investigators believe bryce died sometime between october 2nd and the 5th. but they aren't really sure... because of what happened after his death. on this west jordan street...outside this apartment... cherie ann clark told police bryce overdosed. next...court documents reveal clark and a friend '...wrapped bryces body in a sheet and a sleeping bag...' bryce's family had reported him missing and his car
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nevada, with cherie ann clark and joshua lee zobel inside... in the back seat they had'...placed a large amount of her personal property on top of bryce, concealing his body.' clark and zobel were arrested. (brandi johns, family friend) "he wouldn't want people to worry about what happened to him, he'd want people to remember him for the person that he is." brandi says she knew bryce struggled with substance abuse...but she says he never struggled to show his family that he loved them. (brandi johns, family friend) "the famy two days before they had a really big family event on sunday and they were able to make some great memories, so we're all just trying to cling to the good memories of his life." ((christianne klein)) >> that was matt mcdonald reporting. an autopsy is being done to determine lowry's official cause of death. the two people arrested face charges of theft by receiving property, abuse or desecration of a human body and obstruction of justice./// ((dave courvoisier))
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graduation rate increased 2.6% for the graduating class of 2016. it's now up to 74% . c-c-s-d says that's an increase of 15% in the last five years. 20-16 is the district's largest graduating class... with more than 17-thousand students earning their degrees./// ((dave courvoisier)) you can win a prize and help raise money for animal shelters in southern nevada... by dressing up your pet on saturday. the "family, fur and fun festival" is at exploration park in mountain's edge on buffalo. contests to raise money, plus games for everyone. the event runs from 10 to 3./// ((dave courvoisier)) if you love the beatles... you can watch "the beatles love" for free. starting tomorrow, every friday and sunday you can watch show rehearsals at no cost. rehearsals are at 4:15 and 4:45 on fridays... and 3:00 and 3:30 on sundays at the mirage./// ((tedd florendo)) ((( more clouds today mixed
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as temperatures warmed up above average again. looking close to 90 degrees with puts us nearly 10 degrees above average for this time of year. rain chances remain slim at this point as well even mohave county as instability remains weak right now. ................................ ... .............. temperatures around the region warmed to low 90's for the east part of the valley where we remained the warmest due to low elevation. west side cooler in the high 80's; even cooler
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today. many neighborhoods remained above average for our highs and will stay that way through the next few days. ..... .............................. ................... regional temps also remained extra warm from mesquite all the way down to laughlin as we jumped the 90's through plenty of neighbohroods. we're expecting many locales to stay that way for a few days before we see some changes late week with wind first then slightly cooler temps heading to slight shower chances could return next week. .............. ..................... ................ radar showing high clouds moving through the region ahead of a trough but showers have been limited around the region. even conditions are quiter in mohave county where we did antcipate thunderstorm development and even that remains low for now. we're expecting a slight increase in wind today with wind decreasing a little tomorrow. ................................ ... ................. here's the forecast. tonight expect a low near 70 and
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skies. slight breezes through the evening but lighter winds by late and overnight. tomorrow expect a high of 89 degrees and staying above average again. clouds clear more tomorrow as we heat up again. ................................ ... ................... extended forecast shows mostly sunny to sunny skies all week. temps remain above average through the workweek, but do drop slightly by late week. we'll begin to see some breezy winds develop late week as well, but we still remain dry with slight shower chances returning early next week. we'll have another weather update coming up in a few ((dave courvoisier)) election season isn't the only thing heating up in washington ((christianne klein)) >>playoff baseball was full of drama tonight ((jon tritsch)) >> who wan a piece of the bs. ok all 9 innis to find t.. plus the rebels are on a work trip to the islands..we have a unique look on the game and a coaching legend gives his take on vegas as a pro sports town..all that coming up in sports ((jon tritsch)) politics can take a break..they
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the desert is where bad guys go when they want to make evidence disappear. but hiding the evidence won't help danny tarkanian. sure, he can bury all those property taxes he skipped out on for years... ...or all those fake charities he helped set up... ...or the scams against seniors he formed... or the $17 million judgment he never paid. he can try, but he can't make his record disappear.
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two billionaires, spending millions to buy a senate seat for joe heck. smearing catherine cortez masto with ads called "bogus," "highly misleading," and "false." as attorney general, it's cortez masto who held banks accountable and helped nevada homeowners. and governor sandoval praised cortez masto's dedication to fighting sex trafficking. don't let joe heck's billionaires fool you. catherine cortez masto i'm catherine cortez masto
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were lled "apps" and i learned there's always a smart solution. as president of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. in congress, i'll work with democrats and republicans to make all of nevada a leader in solar, to improve our schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can . nation's capital..
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won one since ronald reagan was in washington..who's campaign wants to take on the cubs in the nlcs there are all of your congressman..all on the same side for once.. washington strikes early.. but here comes the dodgers..joc pederson.. ties the game.. dodgers need more scoring..justin turner.. overdrive..fence tag in center field..2 runs score.. turner enthusiastic about his triple.. bottom of the ninth.. the clayton kershaw for his first ever a gunslinger walking into a saloon..he saves the day...4-3 dodgers advance to the nlcs to play the cubs ((jon tritsch)) on saturday two success starved schools say hello in aloha stadium..hawaii and unlv's game may be full of suspense.. but we preview the showdown by having a little fun and with an assist from coaches tony sanchez and nick rolovich the win against fresno was one big highlight clip..but the
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to find victory on this tropical trip (tony sanchez/coach: "from one week to another it's amazing how things can flip." they found out against the aztecs.. offense isn't as easy as they thought because they (tony sanchez/coach: "we got to figure it out the quarterback spot." a 7 point performance..put it in the past.. but there is no doubt.. (tony sanchez/coach: "we got to figure that out fast." unlv is counting on the land of volcanos to erupt with flare (tony sanchez/coach: "see what we can do to add a little more explosion over there.") the rebels last voyage to hawaii was exciting and then it fell "these guys don't have much to do with that.") the rainbow warriors are 2-0 in the mountain west..but many wonder if they are for real (nick rolovich/coach: "maybe it helps with our confidence but other than that it's not a big deal.") sure the beat unr and san jose state.. but there is nothing intimidating about the guys in green the margin is as thin as there has ever been.. the rebels must find it from within ((jon tritsch)) the raiders are fans are hopeful and city
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but what would an nfl franchise really mean for those already involved in the local sports scene? hall of fame college basketball coach steve fisher has strong feelings steve fisher has nearly 500 wins at the university of michigan in the shadow of detroit...and san diego state....his teams have shared the same fan base as professional hockey..basketb and baseball and he's convinced there can not be too much of good thing when it comes to a passionate sports town.. (steve fisher/aztecs coach: "vegas is like none other in the country. i think it would be immensely good for the cities to have another pro team, you're going excitement of sports in this town. it's fun. it adds to the growth of this sport.") ((dave courvoisier)) our strange stories for
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he's divisive and dangerous. "uh, i don't know what i said. uh... i don't remember." said he'll do whatever trump wants him to do. hardy even said people with disabilities are a drain on society and that seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government. donald trump and congressman hardy -- divisive and dangerous.
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((tedd florendo)) hurricane matthew unearthed a car that may have been buried under sand dunes near jacksonville -- for decades! the wheels and glass became visible after matthew get this -- the car may have been buried since hurricane dora in 1964. it appears to be a ford or a g-m. no one knows for sure./// ((dave courvoisier)) a gorilla at the london zoo is apparently smarter than his captors... because he found a way out of his enclosure today. the zoo had to be put on lockdown as armed officers walked the grounds in search of the 18 year-old silverback "kumbuka". he was found and put down by a tranquilizer dart.
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out kumbuka's houdini act./// ((christianne klein)) is a ghost ship haunting the great lakes? a hazy blur in michigan's lake superior has people talking... after video appeared online. a photographer was filming a rainbow when the so-called ghost ship appeared. it vanished after about half an hour... no one has confirmed if it was real or where it went./// ((dave courvoisier)) that's all for us live at eleven. ((christianne klein)) >> thla stephen colbert is next with bruce springsteen. we'll see you back here tomorrow night.///
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> announcer: it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes bruce springsteen. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! hey, everybody! whooo! thank you, joseph. >> jon: hey! i know.


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