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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  October 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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strategy would be for comprehensive immigration reform." )) ((dave courvoisier)) right now at 11... the first and only senate debate... only on 8. we break down the candidates' performances before you cast your vote. ((christianne klein)) >> moving forward with an nfl stadium -- but las vegas doesn't have a team yet. what stands in the way of a raider nation relocation. ((katie boer)) >> winds have sparked a red flag warning across the valley. we're taking a look at when winds die down and a look ahead at your weekend forecast. just ahead on the valley's news leader./// masto: "well, congressman heck's already done it. he voted to shut down the government and continued with the sequestration, so i don't know why he's raising his hand." joe heck: "well, there was never a vote to shut down the government." )) ((dave courvoisier)) pointed, often contentious... congressman joe heck and former nevada attorney general catherine cortez masto weren't afraid to go right at each other in their only debate. thanks for joining us live at 11... i'm dave courvoisier. ((christianne klein)) >> and i'm christianne klein. the candidates to replace
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what is shaping up to be a very close election. ((dave courvoisier)) >> you just heard some back-and-forth over a potential government shutdown... the two also sparred over immigration, supreme court nominees, rising costs of healthcare... refugees and gun background checks. ((christianne klein)) >> on that last issue, the two could not have differed more. we are making all of these clips available to you on our website so you can watch them in their entirety. ((dave courvoisier)) our moderators for tonight's debate were 8 news now anchor denise valdez, univision anchor -t politics now co-host steve sebelius. ((christianne klein)) >> after the debate they broke down some of their more memorable moments from the hour: (( denise valdez: "coming right out of the gate when steve went after congressman heck for 'why did it take so long for to withdraw your support from trump' -- let me tell you, she wasted no time going after him on that." steve sebelius: "yeah, absolutely, that was obviously going to be one of her main lines off attack all night, it was definitely advantage for her because he waited so long. there were so many things that he had said up until now. it does look like political opportunism and she really tried to exploit that."
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tsi-tsi-ki had the tough job of trying to nail down some real specifics, we didn't really get there did we?" tsi-tsi-ki: "such a broad subject, we're talking about immigration. and the interesting part of this is they both are for a path to citizenship, they both are for securing the border and they spoke in a different voice when doing that. cortez masto said her grandfather was an immigrant. he said he had relatives that were from italy that were immigrants. however, she focused more on bringing people out of the shadows while we gotta fix the legal system on immigration laws, so it was interesting." denise valdez: "they both personalized that one a little bit. another one we had trouble getting a clear answer -- we were trying to get a dollar figure from them about how much you would raise taxes on the wealthiest americans. neither of them would really commit to a dollar figure, they said it was something they would have to do when they were elected and work with other people across the aisle, that sort of thing. there was an interesting moment, it was unexpected for us -- steve you
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them to raise their hands about government shutdown -- they both raised their hands." steve sebelius: "yeah they both raised their hand. i was wondering if congressman heck would raise his hand. what he was trying to say was he didn't take a specific vote to shut down the government. there was no vote to formally do that, although the votes that he did take led to a government shutdown and that's the point that i think catherine cortez masto came back to almost immediately. and in her candidate to candidate question she brought that up as well." )) ((christianne klein)) immediately after the debate our own shakala alvaranga tracked down the candidates backstage to see how they felt about their performances. shakala joins us live from canyon springs high school with more. shakala? ((shakala alvaranga)) >> christianne, both of the candidates were very content with how the debate went tonight. they understood what was at stake and the importance of tonight's debate -- we asked dr. joe heck and catherine cortez
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the former nevada state attorney had to say: (( "i will be standing up to the interest of the people of the state of nevada and he is going to be standing up for special interests." "born and raised in the state, getting around and talking to the voters, i want them to know that i know what it's like to work hard and i know the struggles that they're dealing with. it's our voices that we are going to take to washington.")) ((shakala alvaranga)) >> congressman joe heck's campaign said heck had several big moments of the night, they called him the clear winne call out cortez masto for her allegations. (( "the difference is real world experience and tackling those tough issues and the demonstrative record of being able to identify a problem, come up with a solution, and then get that bill passed in a bipartisan way." "we've traveled around the state and asked people what are the issues most important to them, jobs in the economy, national security, health care and education.)) ((shakala alvaranga)) >> cortez masto's campaign called heck's speech quote
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proved herself to be a problem solver tonight. reporting live shakala alvaranga 8 news now. /// ((dave courvoisier)) it will be interesting to see how this debate sways poll numbers, if at all. an exclusive poll for 8 news now conducted between october 10-th and the 13-th showed cortez masto with a narrow lead over congressman heck. we spoke with the pollster who compiled the numbers. brittany edney joins us live with the newsroom with more on the methodology. brittany? >> dave, this poll was conducted by j-m-c analytics and polling... it shows cortez masto with 40-percent of support among likely voters to heck's 35-percent. the margin of error is four percent. john couvillon orchestrated the poll and told us what stood out to him: (( john couvillon / jmc analytics and polling: "you know, the thing that i found interesting was the fact that joe heck's numbers have dropped, because what has happened since his criticism of donald trump, those who are supporting donald trump are not sticking by him to the same extent that cortez masto's supporters coming from the clinton supporters.
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trump people is costing joe heck approximately the margin by which he is behind cortez masto." )) ((brittany edney)) >> a random sample of 600 respondents was chosen from nevada voter rolls. j-m-c analytics polled a breakdown of likely voters with a breakdown by race, party, gender and so forth that's representative of state demographics. while cortez masto is leading in this pol she's a sure thing to win by any means: (( john couvillon / jmc analytics and polling: "while clinton and cortez masto are leading in the poll, the thing that's crucial to understand here is that their margin of victory, so to speak, is dependent on occasional and non-voters. while they turned out heavily and turned nevada blue in 2008 and 2012, it's not at all certain if that will repeat itself in 2016 and if it does not, the chance that both of those democrats would carry the state is not a certainty."
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>> 16-percent of respondents were undecided... so we'll see if tonight's debate helped or hurt either candidate more than the other. live in the newsroom, brittany edney... 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) thank you, brittany. like you said, those undecided voters could be the difference in this election. we invited several of them to watch the debate with us tonight. patrick walker shows us who impressed them: ((patrick: well we are checking in with our panel of undecided voters coming in. everybody was undecided coming in tonight.. right... masto and joe heck.. a show of hands, who has made a decision.. it's ok. so a couple of undecided.. so who is voting for joe heck? that would be one, two, three out.. so 10 votes for joe heck. masto? one over here, so i want to start with you mark.. why did you want to go with masto? (mark) i think she is more grounded on the nevada issues,
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(patrick) all right cathy, i want to check in with you, who do you think won tonight? (cathy) i think joe heck did because he stayed on topic. he didn't go on the attack of his opponent and deflect the question by attacking his opponent. he had very concise ideas and he had a plan and he stuck to it. (patrick) well we wanted to ask the panel about what they heard and didn't hear. heard about gun control, who thought they heard everything they wanted to hear? what specifically rang out to you about guns or otherwise? (voter) joe heck is who i stand what specifically rang out to you about guns or otherwise? (voter) joe heck is who i stand for when it comes to the gun issue.
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and it's ridiculous to put people on a list with no due process with no real reason to get off the list or to get on the list. keeping guns out of their hands isn't really an issue because like he said.. there's only a 1,000 people on that list. law abiding citizens aren't the problems, criminals problems. so i stand behind joe heck. he's rated positive with the nra and i think we should all take that into consideration. (patrick) this debate was the only one between the candidates and there was a lot we heard. but there were things we didn't hear. who wanted to hear more? i want to come over to you wanda, what didn't you hear tonight
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could be a doctor but yet vote 8 times to defund healthcare. my background is in healthcare. there are so many issues about women's healthcare. it's more than just abortion.)) healthcare. there are so many issues about women's healthcare. it's more than just abortion.)) we've posted a poll for you on our facebook page... we want to know who you think was more impressive tonight. right now our viewers are giving an edge to cortez masto. your comments are also welcome... head on over to facebook dot com slash 8 news now to participate./// ((dave courvoisier)) now, there was a lot that happened in the hour-long debate. ((christianne klein)) >> we want to make sure you know exactly where the candidates stand.
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answers... and we'll post the complete debate there as well. just head over to las vegas now dot com./// ((christianne klein)) taking a quick look at the presidential race today... donald trump again insisted today that he did not act inappropriately toward female accusers who have stepped forward this week. two more accusers surfaced today, including a contestant on trump's reality show "the apprentice" in 2006. she claims trump forced himself upon her and kissed her open-mouthed. another woman claims trump reached up h through her underwear. trump says, 'not true': (( donald trump / r-presidential nominee: "i am a victim of one of the great political smear campaigns in the history of our country." )) ((christianne klein)) >> hillary clinton claims she takes no satisfaction in trump's new troubles... saying they hurt our country. the two will face off for the third and final time at unlv on wednesday./// ((christianne klein)) 8 news now is your local
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on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) it sure looks like las vegas is getting an nfl stadium. all it takes is a stroke of the pen from governor sandoval... so what's after that? 8 news now takes a closer look. ((christianne klein)) >> our game of the week takes us to liberty high... jon tritsch is just ahead in sports./// and no longer just a red flag warning... a wind advisory now also in affect for portions of southern nevada--i'll have details in my extended forecast.
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an nfl stadium and possible future home of the las vegas raiders is a signature away from becoming reality. ((dave courvoisier)) >> governor sandoval has final say on the plan for a nearly two-billion dollar stadium on monday... after a week-long special legislative session gave it the go-ahead. ((christianne klein)) >> the vote passed by the narrowest margin possible. reporter mauricio marin and sports director chris maathuis have team coverage from carson city. mauricio: some are calling it one of the biggest plays ever made in nevada history. ultimately lm but the decision didn't come without controversy. vo: assemblymembers heard from both sides of the argument before casting their vote. ultimately it came down to 28 yes votes and 13 no's....barely getting the two-thirds vote required. a lot of issues held up the vote including a controversial n-dot roads report that suggested possibly giving preference to construction projects near the stadium over other work around the valley. those who voted for the stadium plan say it will help generate thousands of jobs. another winner in all of this is the las vegas convention center which is getting over
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from this hotel tax increase to start expanding on the land where the riviera once stood. mo: of course many folks just want to see a pro football game in their own back yard. ((christianne klein)) >> two potential stadium sites are being considered --
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considered -- the bali hai golf course and a plot near russell road, west of i-15. more than one-point-two billion dollars in road projects are needed to accommodate a stadium./// ((dave courvoisier)) 22 homes upstate have been destroyed and at least two-thousand acres are blackened as crews work to contain the little valley fire in washoe
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spread quickly due to heavy winds. area schools are closed and many homes are without electricity as firefighters work to control the blaze. governor sandoval has declared a local emergency./// ((katie boer))
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clark and southern nye county, spring mountains, red rock effect from 2 pm saturday to 11 am pdt monday. timing...gusty winds will continue throughout the period...peaking in intensity saturday afternoon and evening and again sunday afternoon and sunday night. winds...southwest 25 to 35 mph gusts to 55 mph. ........................ right now: strongest winds are near mt. of 215. winds will be gustier saturday and sunday -- highest gusts = aprx 35mph, not much more than that -- staying below advisory criteria (for now) ...................... looking ahead we'll see temps. in the low 70s by 6am tomorrow morning, mid 70s by 9am -- winds o the "calmer" side until at least 11am or noon... picking up after that and especially peaking between 2-7pm with gusts between 34-37mph for
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spots are 10 degrees above that today. highs will remain above average through sunday, dropping down to seasonal levels by monday. temps. return to more seasonal levels in low to mid 80s monday through most of next week. .................... entire extended forecast remains dry--biggest impact now-sunday will be: winds. temps. return to more seasonal levels in low to mid 80s monday through most of next week. today: low to mid 90s, tonight: 71, saturday: 88 & breezy, sunday: 85 & breezy, monday: 81, tuesday: 84 ((dave courvoisier))
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the rivalry was heating up henderson henderson ((christianne klein)) >> our game of the week was full of red and blue ((jon tritsch)) >> and then it became black and blue.. it was a bruising..phyiscal game between coronado and liberty we've got all the hits.. collisions..and toughness coming up in sports ((jon tritsch))
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the desert is where bad guys go when they want to make evidence disappear. but hiding the evidence won't help danny tarkanian. sure, he can bury all those property taxes he skipped out on for years... ...or all those fake charities he helped set up... ...or the scams against seniors he formed... or the $17 million judgment he never paid. . danny tarkanian: just a con man who can't bury the truth.
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life..liberty high..and the pursuit of blowouts.. the most dominant public school program in the state welcomed their next door neighbor, coronado to their house for a henderson showdown and our fan's choice game of the week at liberty..the tenacity and intensity starts ten years the little patriot will look like this guy and makes plays like crishaun lappin.. from chrishaun to kishon.. liberty puts points on the board.. kishon pitts punching it in..14-0 can not run away from damanhy whittle.. reaching around the blocking back to make the tackle..savage behavior from one of the best players in the city.. liberty's offense having to grind it out more than they expected...coron ado's defense making life difficult.. de'angelo bottley.. interception.. he had two on the day.. cougars had 4 as a team... but coronado could never capitalize.. meanwhile. liberty had bryson delacruz..summe rsaulting for six....warm up the liberty victory bell
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away..35-6.. liberty stays perfect in nevada and wants more than just a ho-hum 29 point win (crishaun lappin/liberty: "i think it's good for the defense. but honestly, we could have played way, way, way better. i think we played down to coronado's level. we should have been way better." damanhy whittle/liberty: "defense is really aggressive and we enjoy hitting. we just wanted to come out and play with focus. our team this week was off and on. but we are going to be dialed in this week. i'll make sure of it. we are going to be dialed in this week.") we're back right after this./// ((christianne klein)) a big get for the late we're back right after this.///
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ez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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rosen and i approved this message. man: the tea party republicans in congress want to cut social security. woman: and danny tarkanian wants to join them. man: he is proud to call himself a "tea party radical." man: he wants to privatize social security... woman: ...just like them. woman: risking social security benefits on wall street. man: danny tarkanian would raise the retirement age... woman: just like the tea party republicans in congress. man: they would take away what we've paid for out of every paycheck. man:that's "tea party radical" for ya'. the president will be on monday's episode, according to
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science and technology conference. he last appeared on the late show in february for a super bowl sketch./// ((dave courvoisier)) we want to tell you about tonight's lineup changes due to the debate. macgyver will air after the late late show with james corden ... from 1:37 to 2:37. jeopardy starts at 3:07... followed by wheel of fortune just after 3:30. if you aren't staying up... be wheel of fortune just after 3:30. if you aren't staying up... be sure to set your d-v-r!/// ((dave courvoisier)) that's all for us live at eleven. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next with chris pratt. have a great weekend!/// news
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>> stephen: hey, honey. yeah, i'll be home for dinner. we've got a great show-- chris pratt, scott bakula, and something called frederik the great, the world's most handsome horse. how handsome could a horse be? ? tonight i celebrate my love for you. >> stephen: tell you what, i might be late tonight. ? it seems the magic-- >> it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! tonight, stephen welcomes chris pratt, scott bakula and frederik


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