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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  October 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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thanks for joining us... i'm denise valdez. ((dave courvoisier)) >> and i'm dave courvosier. months of prepwork is finally wrapping up ahead of wednesday's debate. christianne klein is out at unlv's thomas and mack center to tell us about how the school is getting ready... christianne. ((christianne klein)) (( )) ((christianne klein))
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while all of the last minute preparations are underway here at the thomas and mack... governor brian sandoval essentially proclaimed today a new beginning for southern nevada's economy. governor sandoval signed senate bill one into law today... which authorizes a hotel room tax increase to fund 750 million dollars of the 1.9 million
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and the nfl would foot the rest of the bill... assuming nfl owners approve the team's relocation bid in january. while the large public sum has been controversial to put it mildly... the other part of that bill hasn't been too controversial. a separate room tax increase will contribute 400-million dollars to an expansion of the convention center... something both lvcva ceo rossi ralenkotter and construction union leader tommy white say is long overdue.: ((rossi ralenkotter/, for las vegas, and it's going to keep us competitive for years and years to come." butted to; tommy white/labor union leader: "the emotions that were flying through those rooms, and tears coming down grown men's faces, asking 'please just put us back to work,' i mean this is a big day for all construction workers." )) ((patrick walker)) >> also signed into law today... assembly bill one... which allows the clark county commission to raise the sales tax by a tenth of a percent to fund the hiring of an additional 300-plus officers -- 66 of which would be strictly for the las vegas strip. ((patrick walker))
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what a banner day for u-n-l-v... ((christianne klein)) >> ((dave courvoisier)) tomorrow is the last day
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to register to vote. an estimated 200-thousand new voters have already signed up this year alone... bringing the total to more than one-million citizens in clark county. in fact, it's the first time in county history the voter registration number has been that high. but as karen castro found out, many voters are still undecided on some key issues and races. ((karen castro)) the general election is four weeks away...
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of ballot measures including question one. ((edgar kitt - voter: the background check i think is important. i'm up in the air on that.)) ((karen castro)) meanwhile, edgar kitt's wife, myla, is reading up on the judges running this election. ((myla kitt - voter: that's important because some of our judges, we really have to look at what they're doing and how they're prosecuting people or not.)) ((karen castro)) when it comes to the bid for the white house, voter john wright is not happy about the choices. ((john wright - voter: i dont like trumi i was going for bernie sanders. he didn't make it in.)) ((karen castro)) voter insecurities may be put to rest this week.. clark county registrar of voters joe gloria says his office will begin mailing out sample ballots. ((joe gloria - registrar of voters, clark county: this is a swing state in nevada, it's in the news every single day when the president is on the ballot. voters should be excited about their local races as well, there are people who make decisions that are critical to their daily lives.)) ((karen castro)) for the first time in clark county history, there are more than one million registered voters. almost 434-thousand are democrat...
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and just more than 216-thousand are nonpartisan. ((joe gloria - registrar of voters, clark county: we do have quite a few people who are going non-partisan, that's a little bit of a trend i guess you can say.)) ((karen castro)) a trend that may just be the deciding factor on who will be the next president of the united states. ((john wright - voter: i think hillary clinton has her people. i think donald trump has his people. the people that's on the fence, they're going to make the difference in the vote edgar kitt - voter: definitely think the presidential race is the most important in my estimation.)) ((karen castro)) karen castro, 8 news now. and just released cbs news poll shows's hillary's clinton lead over donald trump growing nationally. it has now widened to 9 points in the four way race. also 82 percent of voters said this campaign is more negative than previous ones.. the highest ever recorded in cbs news polls./// ((dave courvoisier)) and remember we are your local election headquarters throughout the rest of the campaign season. you can stay up to date on las vegas now dot com.. and right here on channel 8./// ((denise valdez))
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approaching 90 degrees once again this week... katie boer is here to tell us when... katie... ((katie boer)) good afternoon...a beautiful day around the valley with winds finally calming down after a very gusty weekend! we saw plenty of wind advisories and even a high wind warning over the weekend -- those have been allowed to ei right now current conditions out at mccarran show temps nice and mild but still warm in the upper 70s and low 80s. we still have a couple locations remaining gusty like red rock, mt. charleston, jean and boulder city. .............. looking ahead we are looking at a fire weather watch for mid this week when winds will increase once more and relative humidities drop down to 5-10%. ............... your evening planner shows
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through 7pm, mid 70s by 9 o'clock, 70 degrees by 11pm and early tomorrow morning waking up with temps. in the mid 60s. ((dave courvoisier)) the man accused of shooting at cars on the i-15 near sahara on saturday... could be in court tomorrow morg donahue of north las vegas was killed by one of those shots. donahue's husband thomas was also shot... but his injuries are not life threatening. at least two other vehicles were struck.. but no one in those vehicles was hurt. 29- year- old kenneth mcdonald is in jail on a murder charge for the shootings. he could make an initial court appearance tomorrow.. and more charges are expected to be filed. mcdonald was arrested at a c-v-s near windmill and las vegas boulevard... on saturday after a stand off. an arrest report says
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pharmacy with two handguns... pulling his pants down.. and telling an employee to perform a sex act on him. she pushed him away and said police would be arriving any minute. he told police he had smoked mairjuana earlier in the day.. but denied smoking pcp... and also denied being involved in the shootings./// ((denise valdez)) a local mother is facing charges... after her 4- year- old daughter was shot while her kids were playing with a gun. . this happened sunday at a home near craig and lamb. 30 faces a charge of child neglect with substantial bodily harm. police say she left the gun on a chair in a bedroom where kids were palying... and the firearm went off.. striking the girl in the chin and neck area. the toddler is in the hospital... in critical... but stable condition./// ((dave courvoisier)) the national high school graduation rate has reached an all time high. a new reports from the white house says it now tops 83% . and the report shows progress for all the reported groups of students. black.. hispanic..
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between their graduation rates and those of white students. nevada's rate also improved.. but we still rank third to last in the country... just ahead of new mexico and washington d-c./// ((denise valdez)) dealing with dating violence: ((io: i had to go to therapy because i started going through depression and anxiety )) ((denise valdez)) >> just how few teens report abusive relationships.. and the fastest growing type of relationship abuse... news music voice over: "you're watching the valley's news leader wi
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kind of abuse in their romantic relationships. that includes verbal.. emotional... and physical abuse. and there is a newer type called technological abuse. but many parents don't know to warn thier teenagers about it. marlie hall has the story: india ortega started dating in high school. at 14 years old, she was excited to be in what she calleda ( india ortega / abuse survivor) he was an upper classman, he played sports it didn't take long for the butterflies to fade. we would argue a lot, he would raise his voice at me when she tried to break up with him, he posted nude pictures of her on social media. i couldn't do anything but cry mh: how did you deal with that? (reversal cam) io: i had to go to therapy because i started going
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relationship abuse among teens known as technological abuse. stephanie nilva of teen violence prevention organization 'day one' says =half= the people ages 14 to 24 have experienced it. ( stephanie nilva / executive director of day one) young people are now subject to stalking, sexual harassment, disclosure of private pictures, constant texting, where are you, who are you with, where are you going? india's mother didn't know what was going on for more than a year. relationship and pursue legal action. ( stephanie cook / india's mom) have an open relationship. talk to your children // if you feel that something is going on, keep questioning it. i'm excited to meet new people now 18, india is older, wiser and off to college. i have my days where i still have anxiety, but i have to reassure myself all of that's done. you are moving on to bigger and better things. and she's sharing her story with younger teens to try to keep them out of harm's way.
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((denise valdez)) >> as many as 60 percent of young people who are in an abusive relationship don't tell anyone about the abuse. and as few as three percent report it to an authority./// ((dave courvoisier)) rainfall over the weekend helped firefighters get a handle on a wildfire destroyed 22 homes and 17 other buildings. the "little fire" is burning north of carson city in the washoe valley. the fire has charred more than 5 square miles.. and containment was 55% today. evacuated.. and have not yet been able to re-enter the area. while three days of rain helped get the flames under control... there is now some danger of flooding from it. katie... that is how weather works sometimes right.. with the good comes the bad...
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((denise valdez)) >> the raiders owner had a big smile today ((jon tritsch)) >> the davis family dream has been to bring a team to vegas mark davis tells us why the raiders are committed to their marriage with this city and a rebel had an award winning homecoming in hawaii..we'll be right back
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition
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want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were lled "apps" and i learned there's always a smart solution. as president of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. in congress, i'll work with democrats and republicans
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create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can find smart solutions... even in washington. the desert is where bad guys go when they want to make evidence disappear. but hiding the evidence won't help danny tarkanian. sure, he can bury all those property taxes he skipped out on for years... ...or all those fake charities he helped set up... ...or the scams against seniors he formed...
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just a con man who can't bury the truth. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. if the raiders and the stadium have a marriage..mark davis renewed his vow to vegas today.. the oakland owner says there is still work to get done but the
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engaged in conversations last year and now the raiders are prepared to be happily ever after in las vegas.. 22 of the nfl owners still need to approve the move.. but davis said he gave brian sandoval his word..and he's not afraid of commitment (mark davis/owner: "the first time we met, i looked him in the eye and told him we aren't using you for leverage or anything else. i've never used a city for leverage in these types of situations. so if he came through, i was going to do everything i can. it's a huge day. it's a big day. our fans travel tremendously. so it's going to be exciting.") (jon tritsch) getting the raiders to vegas is a global effort..the movement started in ed to carson city..and will now open dialogue in houston tomorrow for the nfl owner's meetings. that's where we find sports director chris maathuis..he's at mission control with our coverage (chris maathuis) (jon tritsch) the fan's choice game of the week is looking for a home this friday
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facebook page between 3 games do you want the two undefeated teams..sierra vista at durango..
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we will be right back. from game of the the mountain west defensive player of the week..unlv's tau lotulelei was honored in his home state after forcing a game changing fumble late in the 4th quarter against hawaii.. lotulelei who is from maui, also recorded 1.5 sacks and 7 tackles in the rebels 41-38 win over hawaii ((paul joncich))
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