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tv   Pre Sports 8 News Now  CBS  November 5, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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((sharie johnson)) live shot near torrey pines and twain where homicide detectives are investigating a suspicious death. police say around 2 p-m a man was found with a gunshot wound to the face. ((sharie johnson)) a hot button topic on the ((sharie johnson)) a hot button topic on the ballot that voters will soon decide on is question one. if passed-- would require private guns sales to go through a licensed dealer who would do a
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now live. brittany... the countdown to election day is on. and former congresswoman gabrielle giffords stopped in town today: ((brittany edney)) sharie---while early voting has wrapped up-- candidates alongside ballot measure advocates and opponents are all making that final political push before election day. question one is among the most controversial ballot measures. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords spoke in las vegas today.. she is advocating for voters to pass question one. saying backgrod communities safe. ((gabrielle giffords, former congresswoman "stopping gun violence takes courage, the courage to do what's right. the courage of new ideas. i've seen great courage when my life was on the line. now is the time to come together, be responsible." )) meanwhile the opposition says voters should not pass the measure because not only will it not keep firearms out of the
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of the second amendment. 2:49:24--:38 ((ryan hamilton/ deputy dir., nra-nevadans for freedom )) "i would tell people to do their own investigations and not buy into the authority of someone that has unfortunately been the victim of a crime. the reality is, is that there's evidence out there over the large numbers that doesn't bare out to what gun control advocates will typically tell people." >> both sides agree on one thing... they want guns to stay out of the hands of criminals. but whether this measure will impact that--- is subject of debate. ((brittany edney)) not require a background check for private party gun sales or transfers. right now, it's only required when you go through a licensed gun dealer. sharie./// ((sharie johnson)) early voting in our state wrapped up last night with more than 480 thousand people showing up at the polls. and with election day less than 72 hours away... both sides of the isle are working to drum up support here in the silver state this weekend. in about 30 minutes... donald trump will hold a rally in reno. and earlier today former
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vegas. tomorrow former democratic candidate bernie sanders will make a stop in the valley to campaign for both clinton and senate hopeful... catherine cortez-masto./// ((sharie johnson)) the final weekend of campaigning is featuring some star power mixed with a lot of hot rhetoric as both hillary clinton and donald trump try to get their voters out to the polls tuesday. mark albert is at the white house with more details. "you are a hardy rain." not even a downpour could dampen hillary clinton's enthusiasm as she hit battleground states in the homestretch of the election. (sec. hillary clinton/(d) presidential nominee) "i want to be the president for everybody, everybody who agrees with me, people who don't agree with me, people who vote for me, people who don't vote for me." the rain-soaked rally stood in florida stood stark contrast to the celebrity fueled get out the vote concert in cleveland last night featuring beyonce and jay-z. the mega stars urged the crowd at the free concert to
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same at a concert in philadelphia tonight. donald trump boasted he doesn't have any stars on the campaign trail with him. (donald trump/(r) presidential nominee) "we don't need jay-z to fill up arena's. we' do it the old-fashioned way." (mark albert/cbs news/the white house) trump continues to hammer home a message to his crowds that clinton's email scandal proves she's unfit for the white house. (donald trump/(r) presidential nominee) "take a look at the email mess. hob country? she can't even run an email!" trump is logging a lot of miles on his plane with stops in the critical states of florida, north carolina, nevada and colorado. (donald trump/(r) presidential nominee) "i'm gonna be doing five or six of these everyday. you need energy here, folks. she goes home and she goes to sleep." trump likely needs to win all of these states to win the election. mark albert for cbs news, the white house./// ((sharie johnson)) the associated press
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in the us before she received a work visa to do so. mrs. trump has always maintained she worked legally in the u-s. donald trump has made immigration a key piece of his campaign. don't forget in these final days on the campaign trail 8 new snow is you local election headquarters both on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((katie boer)) a beautiful day across southern and sunshine. our cameras around the city showing very calm and pleasant weather conditions. ................ pleasant fall weather conditions are expected across the region through next week as high pressure over the west keeps temperatures well above average. .................... satellite shows just a few benign cumulus across far eastern mohave county otherwise skies are clear. due to the lack of mixing temperatures are up to 4 degrees lower in parts of las vegas compared to this time yesterday. outside of las vegas, temperatures running right on
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shortwave trough sunday, strong ridge will build in across the region during the rest of the period. little day to day variation in temperatures along with little wind. ((sharie johnson)) giving offenders a second chance to get back on track we tell you where a parole and probation pop up shop is opening it's doors this weekend with the goal to help parolees stay in compliance.. that's coming up on the valley's news leader./// valley's news leader...with
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over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood for access to basic health services and critical cancer screenings. but congressman heck voted to defund planned parenthood and was willing to shut down the government over it. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
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katie boer & jon tritsch. this is 8 news now. ((sharie johnson)) local law enforcement is parterning to give offenders a second chance to straighten out and pave a new path. a pilot program between metro police and parole and probation is in it's third month running. mauricio marin got a first hand look at the iniative. he's live with how this is working to help keep the entire community safer.
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probation set up a pop up shop here at the south-east area command today. it's meant to help people get into compliance with their probation. the program is still in it's early stages but it may be on the path to keeping crime down in the valley. the program is designed to make it easier for felons to check in with parole officers. where they may need to get drug tested, see a counselor or just update home addresses. so far paroln metro police one weekend a month for the past three months to help offenders get back in compliance at the south east area command. in the first two events...153 offenders reported. authorities say the satellite officers allow officers to talk with offenders in their own neighborhood and better track them. ((lt. john liberty/metro police: "it's easier access too. it helps us to make sure the community is safer by keeping a little bit closer tabs on them. where they might have used the excuse that it's too far for them to go across town or i couldn't make my supervision.
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((mauricio marin)) >> one of the big benefits officers hope to get from the program is to deter folks on probation from committing other crimes. it's a proactive approach they would like to see grow and possibly host other pop up shop style reporting centers around the valley. ((mauricio marin)) >> parole and probation offices understand everyone makes mistakes and the big push with this program is to get people back on the right track. reporting live...mauricio marin 8 news now. ((sharie johnson)) types of offenders are being allowed to take part in this special program? ((mauricio marin)) >> a number of people are on probabtion for a variety of reasons. officers tell us they're allowing folks who may have drug convictions to use the program to be in compliance. even violent offenders to keep track of their progress during probation. back to you./// ((sharie johnson)) a new technology set for development in our state could give us an extra kick when it
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leader.. the i-team's george knapp gets an exclusive look on the project that's hoping to bring us one step closer to bringing man to the surface of mars./// ((sharie johnson)) with all of the shenanigans danny tarkanian's pulled in nevada -- helping set up fake charities used to scam nevada seniors, failing to pay thousands in property taxes,
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imagine the shenanigans tarkanian would pull in washington. it's why we can't afford tarkanian in congress, ever.
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next year, a team of top scientists... will hunker down inside a classified facility in the nevada des.. piece of advanced technology. the test will focus on a small nuclear reactor and if it works as planned, it could be a huge step toward putting humans on the red planet. the i-team's george knapp was given the exclusive details. in the hit movie, the martian, stranded astronaut matt damon has one heck of a time surviving
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scientists and engineers think that getting to mars, and establishing a base, will require a better power system than what was shown in the film. patrick mcclure/los alamos national lab: mars is in the air.....we grew up with the apollo program. we really want to make that happen in our lifetime. we think it would be a great contribution to humanity. like his other far-flung team members, los alamos nuclear reactor scientist patrick mcclure is bubbling with enthusiasm about the end uses for the small nuclear reactor his te in the nevada desert in 2017. the reactor is named kilopower. the experiment is dubbed krusty, and yes, its an acronym named for the character in the simpsons tv show. but the goals are all too serious. the experiment will take place in the device assembly facility, daf, a highly secure structure deep inside the nevada national security site. the
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which may not sound like much on earth but could mean life or death out there. mcclure: so we can use it for deep space or the martian surface, and the idea is to build that reactor for future nasa missions. we have a power source that can range in missions, whether that's to the icy moons of jupiter and saturn, or something like encephalus or titan, or to actually provide power on mars, to make fuel, to make oxygen for a return trip. power the habitats that form a permanent base on mars and charge up the rovers that could carry earthlings on martian expeditions. mike houts/nasa marshall space flight center there's no new physics required. no giant mysteries to solve. it's very do-able. mike houts is the nuclear research manager at nasa's marshall flight center, one of two nasa outfits involved in the krusty experiment. in addition to developing nuclear reactors
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technology could act like a turbo-charger for spacecraft bound for mars or beyond. mike houts: the idea behind nuclear thermopropulsion is to try and get the astronauts to mars very quickly. that of course reduces their exposure to galactic cosmic radiation, exposure to microgravity, any of the other hazards associated with deep space travel. houts says the booster engine might need to run only two hours to achieve enough velocity for a quick trip to mars. the surface power systemco the device for krusty, about the size of an oatmeal box, is being built at oakridge lab. the nevada members of the team say hosting the experiment here is a perfect fit. for one, there's no cost to build a new facility,. and two, the nevada test site is where nuclear rocket engines were successfully tested 50 years ago. the site the nerva project still stands. president kennedy championed the project and visited the site a year before he died. darwin morgan/dept.
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happened. you could have nuclear powered rockets taking people to mars by now. that would be the reality of this. mike houts: definitely, in the 2030's, we will have the technology and the capability to go to mars. patrick mcclure: this is exciting stuff. we like it. george knapp 8 news now. ((sharie johnson)) >> the exact date for the experiment isn't set... but we will keep you posted. on our website, we have more information about the krusty project, and a link to an i-team report about ps visit to the nerva project at the nevada test site./// ((sharie johnson)) and don't forget... daylight saving time ends sunday... so you'll need to turn back the clocks around the house. most smartphones will update the time for you. the red cross also wants to remind you that it's a good time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms too. if yours aren't working... just call the southern nevada hotline and someone will install a new one for you at no cost./// ((sharie johnson))
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a beautiful day across southern nevada with plenty of blue sky and sunshine. our cameras calm and pleasant weather conditions. ................ pleasant fall weather conditions are expected across the region through next week as high pressure over the west keeps temperatures well above average. .................... satellite shows just a few benign cumulus across far eastern mohave county otherwise skies are clear.
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lower in parts of las vegas compared to this time yesterday. outside of las vegas, temperatures running right on par with yesterday. ................... after the passage of a weak shortwave trough sunday, strong ridge will build in across the region during the rest of the period. little day to day variation in temperatures along with little wind. ((sharie johnson))
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choice for president... but what about our voters in outer space? up next on the valley's news leader how astronaughts make thier vocie heard thousands of miles away from planet earth.///
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comic book fans definitely won't
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valley comic book festival. graphic novel fans from all around the valley came out to the clark county library today to celebrate comic book culture. the family friendly event was jammed packed with comic book panels featuring artists and writers, along with workshops, live music, and local food trucks. with graphic novels surging in popularity over the past few years... event organizer's tell us the event has been keeping up with the pace. ((pj perez event organizer and mean also the interest in comic books and pop culture and that sort of stuff has really expanded in that same time so i think it's kind of been fortuitous that those two things have kinda come together and it just seems to be growing this year seems to be off the hook right now" )) ((sharie johnson)) >> this was the ninth year of the annual event. and the fun doesn't stop there. if you didn't make it out today there is an after party at the dive bar across the street from the clark county library at 8 o'clock. admission is free... you have to be over 21 to attend.
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it may seem hard to stay grounded when it comes to this year's election. but for astronauts... they literally need to strap in... to place their ballot. in 1997 texas lawmakers put in place voting procedures for astronauts to vote from space. a year before launch astronauts select the elections they want to participate in while in space. then 6 months before the election they are provided with an absentee ballot. in 1997 nasa astronaut david wolf became the first american to vote in space. voting from space is missing out on the highly coveted "i voted sticker"./// ((sharie johnson)) that's it for us. join us again at 8:00 after
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fake charities that preyed on vulnerable seniors... fronts for telemarketing schemes. seniors lost millions from the scams danny tarkanian helped set up. jacky rosen has always led with integrity. in congress, jacky rosen will protect seniors and strengthen social security. and jacky rosen will always be responsible with your tax dollars. jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen
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