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tv   8 News Now At 3pm  CBS  November 8, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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election day. ((dave courvoisier)) americans have been preparing for this day for more than a year, and now election day is here! thanks for joining us on 8 news now - your local election headquarters. i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez. it could be a marathon night -- as millions of people head to the polls. there have been many developments on the campaign trail. we have team coverage from polling locations around the valley and the campg the aisle in new york. ((dave courvoisier)) >> lets first send it to weijia jiang who joins us live from hillary clinton's campaign headquarters in new york. ((weijia jiang)) the long, contentious presidential race draws to a close today as voters finally get their say at the polls. the candidates themselves voted in new york, where they'll watch the results roll in tonight.
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if he will contest the election results? ((jamie yuccas))
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challenged votes. donald trump's campaign filed a lawsuit against the clark county registrar of voters. anchor christianne klein has been looking into the lawsuit and joins us with an update. ((christianne klein)) >> judge gloria sturman denied the trump campaign's directing the clark county registrar of voters joe gloria to preserve names of poll workers and separate ballots from early voters in four voting sites. this is one of those polling sites in dispute.. cardenas market.. the trump campaign alleges that polls were kept open past closing on the last day of early voting and that they believe people were allowed to vote that were not in line when polls were supposed to close earlier in the evening. judge sturman was firm.. saying she found it disturbing that
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to harassment and ridicule- saying they are just doing their civic duty.. she also said the trump campaign failed to exhaust their administrative remedy.. essentially saying the next step was to inform the secretary of state of any issue- not bring the matter to court.. trump campaign attorneys argued that they wanted the court to issue an order to preserve all records- including time of votes to challenge any votes posted after 8 pm.. and polls workers identities.. ((brian hardy/trump campaign attorney// judge gloria sturman/district court- clark county it all hao at it. if the secretary of state comes back and says no i don't find there are any violations and we want to challenge that we have a right to do that.. but we can't do that if we don't have evidence.. judge: right but it's got to follow proper proceedure.. aren't we missing like 7 steps in this whole process and there's no notice to the secretary of state or anyone else in this election violation report that they're being challenged.. there's somebody who says they saw catherin cortez masto hand something to someone at the polling place in violation of the laws.. why didn't she get notice? lawyer: cause it has nothing to do with them..
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((christianne klein)) >> a spokesman for clark county says the county already preserves its early-voting records as required by state law- and that on friday, most if not all of the county's early voting locations had lines of voters when their scheduled closing time passed. they say as has been our practice for many, many years... those early voting locations continued processing voters until the lines were gone. ((denise valdez)) huge here in nevada -- more than 500 thousand cast their ballots. so it's no surprise it's been a busy election day at polls across the valley. it's been smooth -- but the process means patience for the thousands who hit the polls during the rush this morning. we have team coverage on election day turnout -- katie boer is is at canarelli middle school. but first lets go to karen castro who's at keller middle school where they're expecting another round of crowds once people get off work. karen? ((karen castro))
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little quiet inside but i'm told there was a rush of voters this morning and they expect another rush later this evening. we want to show you video of some early birds. voters at elizondo and cheyenne high schools showed up to vote bright and early to avoid the crowds. many voters started lining up before the polls even opened at seven this morning. here's what they had to say about casting their ballots. ((edward walker - voter: i missed early voting and i just wanted to be one of the first to get in and get out. cindy jones - voter: today is anothr being recorded because the opportunity and the sacrifice that have been made for us to vote is something that i will always want to continue. casey davis - first time voter: it was cool to get to experience something, you know, that everybody does every election and finally get to part take it in it myself as an adult.)) ((karen castro)) >> back at keller middle school, there are 6 precincts with an estimated 57-hundred voters. we're told about 1,000 have shown
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must vote at your designated polling location. that information is on your sample ballot. you can also log onto the clark county website to find it. ((karen castro)) polls close at 7. as long as you're in line by at ime y w [technical difficulties]. remember, polls close at 7:00 this evening. we're told as long as you're in line you will be able to cast your ballot. let's check in with katie, how is it going over there? >> reporter: so good so far. we're here in southwest las vegas at a middle school where voters have been streaming in slowly but surely. it has been fairly slow for us, voters have been able to get in, vote, and come out in about 3 minutes. we have been timing them. just got an update, as of 3:00 p.m., so far, just over 1150 people have voted so far. we talked to the clark county election officials who are expecting a big turnout today. election day.
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early voting turnout which broke 2012 early voting record. we were at a another polling locations, liberty high school. they had a longer line. many folks were there before heading to work. they told us waking up a few hours early to conduct their civic duty was worth it. >> both sides are so different, so it really kind of have to peculiar one, and make sure it's >> reporter: most voters that we spoke to told us they had a pretty good experience as far as here. a little bit of a line has been developing. we have talking to team leaders who told us it was busier, a lull and now things are pecking back up. however, again, you can get in and out in about 5 minutes or so. reporting live from southwest las vegas, back inside to you. >> anchor: thank you very much. we had dozens of viewers tell us about their experience at the
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it took 15 minutes for everything, and everybody was very kind. and then very from chris. very organized. people in charge had lines crossing each other with people's back against voting machines. people were in the process of voting. amber writes i was in and out in ten to 15 minutes, centennial high school. i came prepared with my voter's guide. the staff was very polite and then robin is next. white thurmond middle school, henderson, 7:30, in and out, 15 minutes. very helpful and efficient staff. no protesters, no pickets or hecklers. finally melissa, we voted at silver rado high school. 0 lines. in and out no problem. let us know how your voting experience went. facebook page is always on. >> reporter: nice, warm today
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83 degrees outside right now. nice and seasonally warm. not only that. actually ties the warm high for the day today set back in 1950. that was a record. wednesday, calm, of course, 3 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. keeping the temperatures going also for another day for tomorrow as we get back into the 80s and also near record temperatures. evening plans, headed out, looking g66 at 1:00. morning startis at 65, skies, winds on the calm side. how long will this warming trend continue? all the details in just under ten minutes. back over to you. >> anchor: thanks a rot. keep it right now, location coverage doesn't stop here. >> patrick walker joins us with a break down, the impact this election could have in southern
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this is 8 news now at four. ((patrick walker)) ((patrick walker)) let's talk about some of the >> well, taking a live look, polling locations still open across the country. the first polls are closing in bouts 15 minutes on the east coast. then the bulk closing at 4:00, of course, as those results come in. we'll bring them to you all afternoon and all evening. i'm patrick, along with steve. i just want to talk without the
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i think the first one, remember over the weekend there was the whole dust up about people in line to early vote, being allowed to vote past the closing of the polls. it was donald trump mentioning it, michael mcdonald. that came to a head going to court today. >> the state law is clear. if somebody is in line at the time the polls are supposed to close, the scheduled closing time, that person can stay in line and vote. so i think the question that they're raising here is were there people in line -- w into line after that scheduled closing time, and if those people did, are the votes valid. i think that's what the trump campaign was talking about, although this court hearing today asking the judge to preserve the names of the poll workers, just in case they need to be interrogated for the future lawsuit, i think was kind of amusing and the judge found it a little bit offensive. so they didn't really get anything out of that.
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requires. >> we saw a record number of early voters, by voter number, actual participation this year. 133,000 voters, additionally hit the polls today. here they're open until 7:00. that's 9% of the electorate. when you add that to 51%, what do you make of what we could see? >> yeah, i was anticipating more because in the last 2 presidential elections we had 80% of the voters turn out. we may not number. we'll see. if we did, we'd need about 400,000 people to vote at a. and doesn't look like so far based on the numbers that we see there the secretary of state we'll get there. >> we were looking at 2:00. we'll see what happens from 3-7, could be the big rush before the polls close, getting off work. well, big races tonight. obviously, the president, congressional district, u.s. senate. what else are you watching? what are some of the themes we'll see?
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protection -- kidding. obviously, the senate race, but i think if you get -- when you get into the state legislature, there is about 3 senate district. there is one in henderson, solarland, but i'll be watching, those will determine who controls the senate. whether democratics are in charge or not. and then, of course, a handful of assembly seats determined who controls the assembly. >> one seat is split. if a libertarian is e lected that could be very interesting. we'll watch that all evening. we'll have analysis as well so you want to keep it rye here on 8 news now for national and local election coverage. >> we started off mild this morning, mild night for elections. not much wind at all, looking
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palm trees. we could beat the record today, cooler veterans day, then weekend looking at the 70. s. still above average into the weekend and stretching into next week. outside right now, [technical difficulties]. 84 for you, henderson, 81. green valley, 81. southwest part of the valley, mountai 3:00. 81 world city. death valley, about 89, close to 90. cool conditions for much of the pacific northwest. it's 69 degrees, they broke the record in st. louis seattle with 64. mild, mild conditions from boise to seattle. chicago, 5t look at new york, 6.
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unseasonably mild temperatures. outside we have clear skies here. there are showers pushing in, high pressure in charge over us a big ridge stretching all the way up into vancouver. that's why we have dry conditions there as well. above average temperatures. that high stays in place one more day, then bounces a little toward the east as we head into the second half of the week. that will allow cooler temperatures to move in. we're still talking the high of 70s as we the forecast, 60 degrees. clear, comfortable. light winds, still above average for overnight lows. high again jumping up to 80 degrees. coming close to the record, 82 set back in 1978. we don't think we're going to reach it. we'll come close. warm and sunny for tomorrow. mount charleston, high of 60. chilly start in the 30s tore the morning. extended forecast, like we said, cooling things off as we head into veterantis at that and thursday. high 70s.
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mid 70s, more clouds. 77, 76 for the start of the week next week. the very latest, dave and denise, back over to you. >> anchor: all right. it's down to the wire as voters continue to cast their ballots for america's next president. >> we have teams bringing you live coverage from the latest in the polls. remember, we are your local election head quarries. our special coverage begins at 4:25. >> we have you covered on the goingos, twitter or facebook.
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nort stba >> anchor: let's look at a polling place in another part of the country, this is north township in washington county, pennsylvania. like the rest of us americans they're showing up at the polls tonight in the after-hours, after work. getting close to their downtime. 8 news is your local election headquarters. we have been monitoring how things are going all around the valley. let's go to karen. >> reporter: things are moving along just fine at keller middle school. we've seen voters in and out within 10, 15 minutes. we've been told about 1,000
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killer middle school to cast -- keller middle school to cast their ballots. they expect another rush so they anticipate more voters behind me. as of right nowtious -- now, there is no wait. for now, let's check in with katie who is at another polling location. >> reporter: having some problems hearing from katie. what w rush early morning, steady stream people in and out, 10 or 15 minutes a couple pockets where they didn't feel the staff was very friendly. other than that, not too bad. >> no school day, too. a lot of polling places are in school. in the name of election day, places are offering a few steals and deals. marcos pizza doing an a promotion. go to their website, vote for their pizza and you'll get a
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earlier today the website was down but it's fixed. >> a right of passage. other places, 711 offering up a free cup of joe you might need. a long night. fire house subs, giving away a free soft drink. there were reports that chrispy cream was not participating but we've been told now that the excaliber and harman center locations are giving donuts, if you have your voted sticker. >> cbs news has coverage >> here is a viewer's guide, it runs until 11:00 tonight. there will be a special election update starting at 4:00, and they will air through 10:00, and, of course, cbs coverage and updates subject to change depending how 2 evening goes. >> our next full news cast is at 11:00 p.m. we urge you to stay with us.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: now it's up to you. >> go vote. >> pelley: tonight, americans have the final word of campaign 2016 as they choose the next president of the united states. >> i feel fantastic. very optimistic. i'm praying. >> pelley: the their ballots. >> i'm so happy. >> tough decision. >> pelley: it's election day in america. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: it's the first tuesday after the first monday of november, and the last hours of the last day of voting. for the next president of the united states.


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