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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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americans are paying their respects to those who have served our country -- and the festivities continue this evening. ((dave courvoisier)) >> sharie johnson joins us live from the salute the troops welcome dinner at the mirage. hi, sharie. ((sharie johnson)) >> this dinner is part of five days of relaxation for veterans for thier sacrifice of ser look at how many veterans are dining right now with their families... recieving the royal treatment. earlier today...they we're greeted with music, signs and lots of cheers. mgm teamed up with american airlines and the uso to roll out the red carpet... featuring cirque de soliel entertainment among
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force veteran chris agulilera. chris, describe this moment? explain how you we're wounded in the air force. thanks chris, and thank you for your service. 8news now.
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thank you, sharie. tens of thousands turned out to pay their respects in downtown las vegas earlier today. and, boy, did they do it right. the air force flew an f-35 lightning-2 fighter jet over the downtown parade down fourth
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spectators showed up in their red, white and blue -- waving flags -- as more than 120 parade entries inclduing floats, bands, color guards and military vehicles rolled past: ((col. charles mcgee/tuskegee airman, 302nd squadron: even though there was segregation at the time in the timeframe that i served, our service helped dispell some of these biases because of color we couldn't do technical things and it did help bring about a change in the country." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> the te parade was a salute to female veterans. las vegas' veterans day parade is one of the largest in the country. we don't have an official count on today's event, but in past years it has attracted crowds of more than 30-thousand./// ((denise valdez)) well, here we are, november 11-th... and a lot of people are already thinking about christmas. and that might be for good reason... santa claus is coming to town. chief meteorologist tedd florendo is live from town square -- have you caught a glimpse of the big guy in red yet, tedd?
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degrees for november? if so that would tie the record set back in 1950. right now we're close but not quite 80 so it's a wait and see for today's high. light winds and slightly cooler than yesterday at this time. ................................
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good. clear skies and mild through the night. we wake up to more clouds tomorrow but still mild in the morning after dropping to the mid 50's for our morning start and a little chilly. ((dave courvoisier)) more opportunities are opening up for students in an under-served part of the valley. the state has approved a new public charter school in east las vegas giving children access to a better education. 8 news now reporter karen castro takes a closer look at the schos ((ignacio prado executive director, futuro academy: we're actually going to begin first on that side of the retail space.)) ((karen castro)) a shopping center on lamb and washington is being converted into a brand new k-through-8 charter school. ((ignacio prado executive director, futuro academy: this is an elementary campus so these would be upper elementary grades.)) ((karen castro)) ignacio prado is the executive director of futuro academy, which means future in spanish. it's a new charter operator approved by the nevada achievement school district.... a state program bringing better educational opportunities to
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executive director, futuro academy: i would call it opening doors, getting passed those gatekeepers that typically hold our students back here in east las vegas.)) ((karen castro)) the school is set to open next fall with kindergarten and first grade classes. while anyone can apply, prado has been spreading the word in the local community. ((ignacio prado executive director, futuro academy: i think since we're starting a new school, if you could put yourself in the shoes of a parent that needs to make a decision with their now four, five year old about where they're going to spend a year, they're probably likely gonna want to sit down and talk.)) ((karen castro)) prado is sharing his own personal story whih the surrounding neighborhoods. he was an english language learner. after graduating from college, he taught at a school not far form futuro academy to predominantly e-l-l students. ((ignacio prado executive director, futuro academy: fell in love with the cause and i now it's something that we need to work on as a district and i feel like i can contribute between my experience as a teacher but also my experience as a student having struggle to learn english.)) ((karen castro)) with a lot of work ahead, prado is focusing on the future of "futuro academy". ((ignacio prado executive director, futuro academy: success is when kids are on a new life path because
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karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) >> enrollment is not open just yet. however, parents interested can submit an "intent to enroll" form. we have more information on las vegas now dot com./// ((denise valdez)) the southern nevada health district is getting hammered by its own employees because of perceived problems in upper management that might be putting public health at risk. ((dave courvoisier)) >>many of the employee concerns surfaced after 8 news now reports about a drowning incident at a local water park and the failure of the health district to enforce its own rules. george knapp of the i-team is story. ((george knapp)) >>earlier this year, we told the story of 6 year old leland gardner, who visited cowabunga bay water park last year and was forever transformed by the experience. leland was pulled under the water inside that parks wave pool and by the time he was pulled out, he had suffered permanent brain damage. as the i-team uncovered, cowabunga bay had only 3 lifeguards on duty at the wave pool that day, even though the
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environmental health officer jackie reszetar, we were flooded with messages from current and former employees about what its like to work at the health district. one whistleblower spoke only if we promised anonymity: ((health district whistleblower: why i'm like this right now is because there's a lot of fear. it is a fear-run agency and people fear losing their jobs or being targeted. jackie reszetar has severe outburts in meetings. she talks about her own inspectors in front of people that are regulated in the community and humiliates them. >>we obtained an employee survey conducted at the health district last year and read page after page of blistering comments from long time employees who say current management is putting public health at risk, not only in water parks but in many other areas that are supposed to be inspected by the district but where the rules are bent or ignored. ((george knapp)) >>tonight at 11, the latest on
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by the famnily of young leland gardnder and a lot more from the employees of the health district about what's going on inside that operation./// ((denise valdez)) plenty of new faces are headed to washington... one of them is congressional district three winner jacky rosen. she sits down with patrick walker for her first interview since the election... to discuss her plans for congress. ((dave courvoisier)) >> it's weigh-in day for ufc and that means we which is always an experience in itself. chris is just ahead with sports./// news music voice over: "you're watching the valley's news leader with dave courvoisier,
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representatives will be going there for the first time. democrats ruben kihuen and jacky rosen will wear the title of "freshman lawmakers" next january. politics now co-host patrick walker sat down with rosen for her first post-election t-v e ((patrick walker)) a perhaps bittersweet victory for jacky rosen tuesday. the first-time democratic candidate narrowly won her bid for the house of representatives. but she'll be going to capitol hill to represent congressional district 3... as a member of the minority party. ((jacky rosen/(d) congresswoman-elect, cd-3: "it's incredibly humbling as a first-time candidate to realize the immense responsibility, so i'm going to do everything i can to respect the integrety of my community, my constituents, and bring that forward." )) ((patrick walker)) rosen last sat down with us 6 weeks ago.
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with republicans if donald trump were to win the white house and republicans kept the majority on capitol hill. ((jacky rosen/(d) congresswoman-elect, cd-3: "i don't want to live in a world where donald trump is president.")) ((patrick walker)) that has become the reality. but rosen says there is common ground between what a trump administration would want... and what she supports. she says she would support an investment in infrastructure... like roads and bridges... something both trump and hillary clinton support. she also wants to scrap any bad trade deals. ((jacky rosen/(d) congresswoman-elect, cd-3: "any trade deals we get in, we need to be sure that they're strong and support the american worker ((patrick walker)) rosen says she has spoken with current u-s representative joe heck... who opted to run for senate instead of for re-election. she says a transition plan is in place. ((jacky rosen/(d) congresswoman-elect, cd-3: "there's constituents that have services, things that are in the pipeline, we're going to make sure we don't drop the ball and that we have that wonderful transition.")) ((patrick walker)) rosen will take her seat in the u-s house in january. patrick walker... 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) >> you can see more from the interview on "politics now"... sunday at 5-30. and the full interview is on our website...
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santa claus is coming to town... square. and a parade is about to get underway. ((dave courvoisier)) >> let's send it back to tedd... for a look at the festivities and your weekend forecast./// ((tedd florendo))
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nevada?! certainly not feeling like november... more like september as of late. our sky cameras showing clear skies across the region. .............. right now temps across the valley are in the low 80s and some upper 70s -- so very mild into the
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.............. today we climbed to 80-degrees...that's 10 degress above seasonal normal! normal temps. for this time of the year is usually 70 degrees. ............ we'll continue to see our sunny skies for the next couple of days.... strong high pressure will bring persistent mild and dry weather through the period. temperatures will average several degrees above normal. slightly cooler conditions t expected over the weekend and into early next week. ............ tonight look for lows in the upper a little cooler--but still trending warmer than normal for thid time of the year. tomorrow look for temps. in the upper 70s more sunshine. ............. your extended forecast shows temps finally dropping out of the low 80s into the upper 70s through friday. opping out of mid 70s through the weekendand into early next week. ((tedd florendo)) ((dave courvoisier)) it's a busy sports
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for unlv fans. ((denise valdez)) >> football tomorrow and basketball tonight. sports director chris maathuis is live at the thomas & mack for unlv's season opener. ((chris maathuis)) >> it's a season full of question marks. we've got a preview as the rebs tip with south alabama. also... madison square garden is hosting the biggest fight card in ufc history. today was weigh-in day. thousands of runners enjoying the pre race fun in vegas. more coming up next here on channel 8.
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the runnin' rebels open their season tonight against south alabama. it'll be the first of 31 regular season games. tips off tonight at 7. we've talked about it before but only 3 players are back. all new players and coaching
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ufc is hosting its biggest fight card ever as the company holds its first card in new york city. the companys to get into the empire state and now they're in. madison square garden will host tomorrow's card headlined by conor mcgregor and eddie alvarez. after all the talk, they walked the walk and jumped up on the scales... conor is seeking to become the first ufc fighter to hold two belts at the same time. (( )) nats''official weight 154 .5 for the challenger... o154.5 for the champin.. eddie alvarez/champion;"i'm here to rep the beast coast the east coast... the champion ladies and gentleman. conor
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every week... tomorrow night i'm ready to do my thing for my fans who've been supporting me and that it raise the gold and know that i do this every week, ireland stand up, we're about to do it again." ((chris maathuis)) after the weigh in the ufc pulled a little surprise.. greeat platform to introduce ufc 207 in las vegas featuring the icon ronda rousey. she'll fight amanda nunes on 47,000 people will run at this year's rock n roll marathon..many of whom will be competing for a cause greater than themselves. over $2 million will be raised for charity...the leukemia and lymphoma society "team in training" program is a group of runners who go 26.2 miles on behalf of cancer survivors. we caught up with a pair who
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for awareness (doris sousa/runner: "it's special because i can run. i'm doing it for my friend. she's having a hard time through these last 4 years. she's my inspiration to make me run." helena mischcak/cancer survivor: "she's been my support and my guardian angel through all my chemo treatments the last 4 years and training makes me feel happy, that she's working toward my cause, right?") ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now at 6:30 starts in 8 news now at 6:30 starts in about three minutes. ((denise valdez)) >> let's check in with christianne to see what they're working on. ((christianne klein)) dave and denise, donald
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with some names you may recognize... and some you won't. we're getting a better picture of the government he's working to assemble. and a facebook error resulted in masses of their users getting fake death notifications. that's just part of a bad day for the social network... we'll explain next./// news music ((paul joncich)) right now at 6:30...
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continue -- but what will they accomplish? where demonstrators ((christianne klein)) and trump already says "you're fired" -- chris christie gets a demotion on the presidential transition team and another republican is tabbed for the job. ((paul joncich)) plus, millions of facebook users get erroneous death notifications from the social network. how far the embarrassing glitch extended.///


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