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tv   8 News Now Sunday Morning  CBS  November 13, 2016 8:00am-8:30am PST

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((nia wong)) thanks for waking up with us. i'm nia wong.... we have an update to the breaking news that we gave you at 6. a man is in police custody after a three hour barricade with metro and swat officers a barricade was set up near at the bank of america near maryland and tropicana after metro responded to a domestic violence call. nearby parking lot where he wouldn't give himself up. we're told that he was armed with a knife. once swat took over he was arrested a few minutes./// ((nia wong)) two people are dead and one person is fighting for their life after two separate crashes in the valley. the first crash happend last night near michael and sheila. that's where nevada highway patrol says a car ran into a wall leaving one person in critical condition. a few minutes later two cars collided and crashed into an
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ranch...killing two one of the vehicles and injuring another in the second vehicle. police believe the driver in this fatal crash was under the influence./// ((nia wong)) protests against president elect donald trump continue to erupt around the country. for a fourth straight day protesters marched in front of trump tower in new york city. and on the west coast...police in riot gear were sent out to prevent protesters from vandalizing cities. in portland, police say protests there turned into riots....with at least one pers shot in the leg during a confrontration with a driver friday night./// ((nia wong)) the valley saw their own protests...though ours were generally considered peaceful.... last night...hundreds marched on the las vegas strip last night chanting with homemade posters. it started from the linq to trump hotel. overall.. our reporters saw participants obeying police orders to stay on sidewalks and not enter public streets. protesters we spoke to say
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rather pro-safety and supportive of the l-g-b-t-q community, women and minorities. this all comes, as president elect trump vets possible cabinet members for his new administration./// ((nia wong)) it's going to be another sea of neon on the strip. thousands of runners will run the geico rock n roll marathon' for the second day today. it kicked off last night with the brooks rock 'n' roll 5-k at the las vegas festival grounds the strip will be shut down for the run at 2 p-m today. 45- thousand people from around part in today's marathon./// ((nia wong)) whether you plan to join the marathon or just plan to take it easy today. katie boer can tell you what you can expect when you head outside. ((katie boer)) good sunday morning a pleasant, sunny day for the second half of the weekend... here's a look at your sunday planner as we track what you can expect. we'll start mostly
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upper 60s to start. by noon low 70s with a bit more sunshine. we'll see highs tomorrow in the upper 70s, and by 7pm 60 degrees with clear skies./// ((nia wong)) just ahead on 8 news now... valley... (( ok now push forwsrd little bit there you go. kb: uh..
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day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. this is 8 news now." ((nia wong))
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nellis air force base for the veteran's day weekend. the show opened yesterday and continues today. it features displays and their wildly popular aerial demonstrations. this is the largest free event in the state of nevada. katie boer got to take a ride.....ahead of this weekend's big show. ((katie boer)) the thunderbirds are known as high-flying airforce ambassaders--or as i like to call cowboys. here in southern nevada... is comprised of highly experienced f-16 fighter pilots. their job simply stated? .. inspire america's future military. but as i learned-- there's nothing simple about it. ---- from screaching mach-2 speeds.. (( nat pop )) to vertical loops and inverted upside-down fly-bys... (( nap pop)) only the air force's most elite-trained pilots get a shot at showing off their style in this squad. (( nat pop of tbirds flying by to serve as transition
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the specialized 57th --- invited me along for the ride ((quick nat: kb getting her patches: "oh nice" )) but before i can even fly shotgun... hitching a ride inside the cockpit of an f-16 fighting falcon comes with major training. ((nat pop -- just to set the scene from our training -- only 2 sec! )) like squeezing excercises to prevent tunnel vision... ... and breathing techniques... (( it should look something like this so try that for me a couple times chh hoo chhh hooo good, )) .....this "hook maneouver"....a procedure designed to maximize lung capacity while experiencin just one question... (( kb: how often do people pass out? surgeon: very very very seldom )) guess that's good enough for me but first... i need the right equipment. (( "so were going to have you throw this on" :48 )) (( : "i feel like i got chaps on )) (( "i feel like im going up in space here" )) (( : " guys are like the sky cowboys!!" )) despite the current flight suit i'm wearing the crew still needs to size and fit me to a compression g-suit
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kb: snug as a bug in a rug )) pop of lever being reased on suit (( good nat of different buckle for chest harness "abd it locks in like that )) (( crew: you want to kind of wiggle yourself in kb: oh? )) right.... i may look ridiculous, but this vest is designed to help circulate blood from my feet up to my upper body -- that and it will help keep me strapped into the jet. this fighter jet, sitting on the tarmac has my name on it--no really! number 8 in the fleet is piloted by major scott petz -- better known by these guys as "cheetah" --- i'm about to find out why. (( ready to go? kb: yep! petz: alright )) come.... inaudiable as he describes our takeoff :19 )) our "max climb takeoff" seems more like like a space shuttle and can climb 30-thousand feet a minute! (( kb: laughing oh my gosh! holy cow! pilot: we went a long way quickly, huh? kb: oh wow! )) (( "this is the craziest coolest thing i've ever done in my entire life" )) and you think takeoff's crazy? these jets go negative 3 to a whopping 9 g's. nothing to ease you into that quite like making your passenger take over the reins... (( ok now push forwsrd little bit there you go. kb: uh.. oh my god! pilot: alright pull back it like you stole it: )) yeah... i wasn't expecting to fly the
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(( pilot: here we go... here...come...the g's )) in less than a second... my body )) in less than a second... my body feels like it's sucked back into my seat... pilot: remember don't forget to breath okay )) at 9-g's...the gravitational force makes my body feel nine times heavier. (( kb a little calmer: oh my god. pilot: cool huh? kb: that was incredible!! )) that force... ((nat of jet returning to nellis )) and a flight --- i won't soon forget ((nat of loud jet noise as crews are bringing us back in )) (( kb hugging pilot kb: that was amazing thank you so much )) ---- ((katie boer)) okay... i was impressed---but the "ambasaders in blue" don't do these stunts to impress me.
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be at the aviation nation crowd this weekend. ((nia wong)) coming up on the valley's news leader. we've got some fun stories planned for you. it's all happeing after this break... plus ((katie boer)) >> ((good sunday morning! i'm tracking decreasing clouds for the second half of your weekend and some much cooler temperatures on the way... details coming up in my extended forecast./// )) "now, live...this is 8
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((nia wong)) welcome back to the valley's news leader.... clear skies and cool temps are here to stay.... time to send it over to katie boer for your weather now forecast. (( )) ((katie boer)) good sunday morning! i'm tracking very nice conditions to wrap up the second half of your weekend today. here's a look at your weather headlines--our clouds continue to exit off to the se with more sunshine expected da for now though...low for temps above average about 5-10 degrees above average. later this week...much cooler with a major drop in temps. on the way. ................ satellite/radar showing those clouds pushign off to our neighbors to the se. look for clearing skies and more sunhine... at least for now. i am watching a weak disturbance
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that will have an impact on our temperatures. ............... futurecast lookign dry for now -- with again -- limited cloud cover until mid next week. ............... today and tonight -- we stay above average...surpri sunshine for our sunday with high temps in the upper 70s. normal temperatures about 10-degrees cooler. overnight tonight look for lows in the mid 50s--again--we sould be much cooler in te upper 40s. .............
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twitter, instagram--i'd love to see how your celebrating the veterans in your life on this holiday weekend. ............ here's a quick peak at your 7-day forecast... look for upper 70s thr thursday down to 66-degrees. we'll see a few added clouds tuesday and wednesday as a weak disturbance tracks across the region. /// ((nia wong)) thanksgiving and 'self control' are two phrases most people don't like to put together. but just ahead on 8 news now...a dietician joins us this morning to shows us why you might want to hold back before reaching for that second helping on thanksgiving day./// "now, live...this is 8
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((nia wong)) >> welcome back to the valley's news leader. according to the calorie control council.
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thanksgiving day. colleen corey from dignity health tells us how we can avoid falling down this slippery slope. falling down this slippery slope.
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"now, live...this is 8
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for the french....marking the one year anniversary after terrorists killed and injured more than 130 people in paris last year. french president francois hollande attended a memorial ceremony at the concert hall .....a day after british musician sting, performed at the reopening of the bataclan concert hall. according to an official with the music hall....two members of the eagles of death metal showed up to the memorial concert. the group had been performing attacked./// ((nia wong)) a police officer in plainview, texas is the talk of the town, after a video of him dancing at the station was shared on social media. (( cop dancing )) ((nia wong)) >> the video-- taken by a coworker-- shows officer chris abalos-- dancing to "juju on that beat," by arists zay and zayion-- under the label atlantic records...
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a challenge from his 13 year old daughter... that video has been viewed by more than a quarter of a million people... already in just a few days... ((nia wong)) >> that's all the time we have for 8 news now this morning.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation," mr. trump goes the washington and takes a victory lap after the greatest real estate acquisition of them all, the white house. the ultimate outsider begins his transition to the highest office in the land amidst promise and protest. will president-elect trump change washington, or washington change him? will he keep his more controversial campaign promises, or is everything negotiable? >> they're talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would. but certain areas a wall is more appropriate. >> dickerson: we'll get a preview from his first post-election interview that will air tonight on "60 minutes." plus can trump unify the republican party and the nation? >> we are now talking about how we're going to hit the ground running to make sure that we can


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