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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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fire in 2 hours. nobody was hurt. clearwater paper corporation is based out of spokane, washington but they do their manufacturing and shipping here in north las vegas.. one of their representatives tells me they believe this started from the paper machine. right's still too early to say or calculate damage estimates.... but investigators say they should have that information later today. ((nia wong)) >> as for traffic in this area. the road is (open/closed) on 5th between losee and alexander. reporting liven nia wong 8 news now.// ((brian loftus)) police say an ongoing disagreement led to a deadly shooting sunday at a mobile home park near harmon and decatur. police arrested 67-year old peter caris for the murder that happened near decatur and harmon. witnesses told police the victim came to caris' house and they were arguing before shots were fired. metro also says the victim was also armed with a gun and was shot several times. one suspect was taken into custody. the name of the victim has not
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president elect donald trump sat down with 60 minutes for a wide ranging interview yesterday. it was the first interview since winning the election. craig boswell is at the white house with details on trump's plans.. and how he is filling out his staff.
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called construction." but that doesn't mean he's going soft on immigration. ( president-elect trump) "people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, we have a lot of these people, probably two million, it could be even three million, we are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate." it's an idea that has some support in congress. ( rep. kevin mccarthy/(r) california) "somebody who has broken a major felony, do you still want them inside the country when they broke the law to come here in the first place?" ( craig boswell/cbs news/the white house) running the white house for president-elect trump will . mr. trump has selected e r-n-cairmah ose ties toongreional aders suca his white house chief rategtnd senior counselor. e former ceo of brtbart news s criticized f ing thebsite as m personally offended that youthi" for the nationwe protests ainst him...onald trump has got and thahe plans to bring thecou aig boswell, cbs news, eite hou. > ((brian loftus)) > a "not mpresident' otest happen on the l vegas str authorities say nearly a thousand protesters walked from the linq to trump towers. metro says they arrested 7
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protesters said their message wasn't directly focused on being anti-trump but rather pro-safety, and supportive of the l-g-b-t-q community, women, and minorities./// ((brian loftus)) taco bell is going big on the las vegas strip. the fast food company known for it's crunchy tacos and bean burritos is opening a flagship restaurant today on las vegas boulevard and harmon. that's where we find 8 news now's mauricio marin live. so what time are they opening the doors? >> they're still a few hours away from opening up the first ever taco bell cantina. just a few last minute touches to take care of but they say it'll be worth the wait once they open at ten tonight. let me show you what's really unique about this location.
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adult beverages all in one spot now with this freeze tap wall. >> the wall has 8 different flavors of frozen drinks that can be mixed with a variety of different types of alcohol. this taco bell cantina even has beer on tap for people coming in for some good food and a good time. that's something folks with taco bell say they worked hard on--creating a vibe just right for this spot on the strip. the two story restaurant has vip booths, a spot for guest d-j's and a lounge area to offer up a casual yet upscale feel to it. taco bell is also offering up different types of fd. tacos and burritos. but they're also introducing shareable tapas-style foods. why did they chose las vegas for their first flagship restaurant---well why else...because of what las vegas does best. ((matt prince/taco bell:"oh absolutely. you look at all the places that have an amazing tourist destination spot and las vegas is one of them. we think of this as a destination location and what better place than las vegas.")) ((mauricio marin)) >> today's opening of the las vegas taco bell cantina also
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haven't changed in 25 years. ((mauricio marin)) >> also something different---when you order here you'll be able to see them making your food through this glass. taco bell folks say they're working to make it an open kitchen design. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((brian loftus)) the earth is feeling the full effects of the super-moon today. it is the but it is also bringing some unwelcome side effects with it: (( (tiffany troxler, fiu sea level solutions center director: that additional gravitational pull has caused our high tides to be a little bit higher than they would have been without that supermoon.)) ((brian loftus)) >> in fort lauderdale, florida... the seasonal king tides are swamping storefronts and submerging city streets... but scientists say the super moon is making it even worse. when that is combined with already rising sea levels...
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the city is now spending at least 400 million dollars trying to keep the tourist mecca....higher and drier./// ((brian loftus)) we have been seeing a lot of pictures of the supermoon sherry... how much bigger is it? ((sherry swensk)) skies were clear and perfect for seeing the big bright moon. .................. and that moon won't appear as big or as close to the earth again ................ and it's not the only super moon of the year... we're having 6 this year - and they can be
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it's when the moon's orbit comes within 225,000 miles of earth. we had three in the spring... and three at the end of the year. ............ temps dropping to the chilly 50s this morning and rising to the warmer 70s through the afternoon with plenty of sunshine. ............... enjoy these warmer days because they are coming to a quick as a cold system blows into the desert. ............... highs will tumble to normal and below - so find the jackets and sweaters./// ((brian loftus)) tens of thousands of runners from all around the world hit the strip and downtown las vegas last night .. for the annual rock n roll marathon. mike wardian took first place ... crossing the finish line in 2 hours .. 38 minutes and 4 seconds! not only did he win... he also channeled elvis presley during his 26 point 2 mile run. wardian set a new guinness world
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elvis./// ((brian loftus)) tracking down a murderer. the video police say shows a main suspect in a home invasion homicide... and the man they say is his partner... next on 8 news now, the valley's
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((brian loftus)) police have made one arrest in a murder case.. but are looking for a second suspect. 18-year-old cody sullivan facing charges of murder.. burglary... robbery.. andc a larceny call. this video shows sullivan and another man, outside a home invasion near torrey pines and twain on november fifth. police say they walked into a home.. shot another man over a drug related dispute.. then left. if you have any information about the second suspect.. call crimestoppers./// ((brian loftus)) a man died while trying to cross the interstate on foot last night. he was hit by a van on i-15 near cheyenne.
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van... a woman in her 50's... was not impaired, and is not expected to face charges. now troopers are trying to figure out why he was walking on i-15 in the first place: (( ((trooper angie wolff, nevada highway patrol )) " it's unfortunate and only the pedestrian on the roadway knows why they're on the roadway, if it's impairment, if it's carelessness, not using a crosswalk. being out on the highway, i don't know how to explain that.")) ((brian loftus)) >> southbound lanes on the i-15 were shut down for several investigated./// ((brian loftus)) more powerful aftershocks. new zealand continues to be rocked by tremors one day after a strong earthquake. their efforts to assess the damage... and our beautiful weather continues here in the valley. when we may see some winds roll into the valley... still ahead on 8 news now, ((you're watching 8 news now at noon.))
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zealand today after a strong 7 point 8 magnitude earthquake rocked the country yesterday: (( just standing up it
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and it threw us against the window, nearly smashed the window. -reporter: it was that violent? murray: oh yeah, could barely stand up.)) ((brian loftus)) two people were killed by the powerful quake. it cracked roads and demolished homes and businesses. the power tremors also triggered landslides. the head of new zealand's civil defense force says a navy ship is on the way to help ferry people who are trapped on an isolated island to safety./// ((sherry swensk))
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and great views of the supermoon which was super bright and fuller than ever overnight. .......... temps in the 70s over the weekend and will finish there again today with plenty of sunshine. .................... but get ready for much cooler 60s later this week.
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down... and then temps will drop fairly drastically behind a cold front. ............ this will be the weather changer to finally shake up the extra weeks now. highs tumble to the low 60s and overnight lows into the very chilly 40s. ................. the big cold air is coming from the gulf of alaska and dropping through the pacific northwest into the desert. it will take a few days to get back to normal.///
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cryotherapy is fast becoming the treatment of choice for pro athletes, like lebron james and kobe bryant. they are looking to recover from intense training. but it is also becoming more widely available to every day sufferers of chronic pain and those looking for faster healing after injury. martie salt has the cold, hard details treatment. twenty-nine- year-old jermaine taylor dribbled and scored his way to the n-b-a. but a knee injury had him sidelined very early in his career. jermaine taylor : "second game of the season, i did a move and came down, landed on my leg wrong." wanting to get back in the game as soon as possible, taylor went to lorrie jago a licensed practical nurse and expert in cryotherapy.
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"cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold temperatures to stimulate healing throughout your body." a person is placed in a special chamber with temperatures as low as negative 240 degrees fahrenheit, for three minutes sessions. lorrie jago: "this triggers a reaction in your nervous system, your sensory receptors in your skin sends signals to your brain that you are in trouble. this sets off a whole chain of events inside your nervous system that go to healing." but the healing process? more research is needed to answer that question, but taylor says it's working for him. jermaine taylor:"it's just three minutes of being uncomfortable, but as soon as you get out, you feel the relief right away." getting taylor back to the game that he has loved, for more than twenty years. i'm martie salt, reporting. ((brian loftus)) recent studies on athletes under the age of 35
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may not speed the healing process significantly. jago says the treatment is also beneficial for those suffering from arthritis, but will not be good for those with heart conditions or women who are pregnant since it is too much of a stressor on the body. cryotherapy is not covered by insurance. we will be right back./// ((you're watching 8
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o dollar copay for specialist visits and a zero dollar copay for hospital stays as well. i wanted a plan that's been here as long as we have. senior dimensions is one of the longest-standing local medicare advantage plans in nevada, and our plan offers many tier one preferred generic drugs for a zero dollar copay at most local neighborhood pharmacies. i like that i have plenty of doctors and specialists to choose from. senior dimensions offers a broad network of local providers including southwest medical associates, one of the largest it's what i want. and she gets what she wants! don't wait! call now! ((brian loftus)) oreo announces they are
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america. the cookie maker teamed up with european chocolate company milka. they will be offering "milka oreo chocolate candy bar" and "milka oreo big crunch chocolate candy bar." the first one has bits of oreo cookies in a middle layer of vanilla cream filling. the second will be a giant candy bar meant for sharing./// live at noon.. the valley's news leader. remember that 8 news now is always available at las vegas now dot com, facebook and
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? [ applause ] >> ridge: you're proud of >> quinn: well, it's your design. you pulled it from the show. i just wanted the whole world to see it. >> ridge: yeah, you're full of it. >> quinn: i love you, too, ridge. now smile for our guests. >> ridge: oh, i'm smiling. >> wyatt: we did it! >> ivy: i know! what a show! >> steffy: never ceases to amaze. i'll give her that. but we don't know anything until we see orders. and the buyers seemed confused about the jewelry pass. they're applauding because of my father's designs. >> wyatt: and the woman wearing it. >> ivy: which you were supposed


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